A sister company of ImageComics, formed, owned and operated by that company's co-founder, MarkSilvestri. Most well-known for {{Cyberforce}}, ComicBook/{{Witchblade}}, and ComicBook/TheDarkness, as well a line of comics by Creator/JMichaelStraczynski. Has also branched off into movies (the Film/{{Wanted}} movie based on [[ComicBook/{{Wanted}} the comic]] written by Creator/MarkMillar and published through them, as well as [[Film/TheATeam the A-Team movie]]), video games (VideoGame/TheDarkness), and television ([[Series/{{Witchblade}} two]] [[Anime/{{Witchblade}} different]] series based on Witchblade). {{Cyberforce}}, ComicBook/{{Witchblade}}, and ComicBook/TheDarkness form a cohesive [[TheVerse Verse]].