Toopy and Binoo is a Canadian children's television series created by Treehouse TV, Classic Media, and Spectra Animation that centers around an anthropomorphic rat and his best friend, a mute plush cat named Binoo. The original characters were created for the children books collection by French Canadian author Dominique Jolin that was originally titled ''Toupie et Binou''.

Each episode follows playful, nonsensical adventures created out of Toopy and Binoo's imaginations. Toopy is the only character that speaks. For the most part, he provides enthusiastic descriptions of their adventures. Individual segments are approximately five minutes in length, but are frequently grouped together as one thirty minute episode, both on television and DVD releases.


!!This Work Contains the Following Tropes:

* CartoonyTail: Toopy
* HalfDressedCartoonAnimal: Toopy again.
* LivingToys: Binoo
* TheSpeechless: Binoo
* WholesomeCrossdresser: There are a few episodes where Toopy and sometimes Binoo would play dress-up and assume female roles, such as a princess and finding the best dress to wear for a ball. The show doesn't treat this as anything out of the ordinary.
* YouDirtyRat: Averted with Toopy