Tony Leung (AKA 梁朝偉 Jyutping: Loeng4 Ciu4 wai5, and sometimes referred to as Tony Leung Chiu-wai to differentiate him from actor Tony Leung Ka-fai) is one of the most famous Chinese actors, equally at ease in romantic stories and {{Wuxia}} swashbucklers.

Born in HongKong in 1962, he starred in a number of TV shows during the second half of the 1980s, and got his cinematic break in 1989 by playing in Creator/HouHsiaoHsien's ''City Of Sadness''. In 1991 he collaborated for the first of many times with director WongKarWai in ''Days Of Being Wild'', in which he co-starred alongside MaggieCheung with whom he had already worked as a TV actor (and would work again on several other occasions); he has stated that he considers Cheung his female alter ego.

He worked with Wong again on ''Ashes Of Time'' in 1993, ''ChungkingExpress'' in 1994, ''Happy Together'' in 1997, ''InTheMoodForLove'' in 2000, ''2046'' in 2004 and ''Film/TheGrandmaster'' in 2012. He has also done another film with Hou, ''FlowersOfShanghai'', and worked with other high-profile directors such as ZhangYimou (''Film/{{Hero}}''), Ang Lee (''LustCaution'') and JohnWoo (''Film/HardBoiled'', ''RedCliff'').

He is not related to KatieLeung.