{{Yuri}}-style lesbian relationships between secondary characters, outside of YuriGenre works, to appeal to the YuriFan base.

Yuri is very popular in Japan, and has a dedicated fanbase. And there are lots of people who think GirlOnGirlIsHot. So even a work that isn't officially Yuri may throw in some girl/girl side couples for {{fanservice}} / fan bait. This may involve anything from canon couple-dom to [[IncompatibleOrientation one-sided]] [[AllLoveIsUnrequited crushes]].

DistaffCounterpart to YaoiGuys. Also see HomoeroticSubtext, for when the creators want plausible deniability, and LesYay, for when the fans have their ShippingGoggles on.

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* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'': Chizuru's very open infatuation with Orihime. Unfortunately for the {{shonen}} audience, her advances are invariably thwarted by the protective Tatsuki, who Chizuru has commented she would also find quite attractive if not for her boyish persona. Regardless of her primary crush, Chizuru has also ogled other female members of her circle of friends, namely {{Moe}} Mahana and Kunieda. She was literally drooling over Rukia at the start of the Bount arc. The closest she's ever gotten with Orihime is grabbing her... considerable assets. This was changed in the anime to hugging Orihime around the lower chest, with her forearms pushing Orihime's breasts up. She also once had a throwaway line in the manga where she declares that Orihime's cuteness is "Giving her an erection." Whereupon she's promptly pervert-stomped by Tatsuki. A doujinshi of Chizuru having a [[{{Hermaphrodite}} relevant daydream]] in class soon began circulating the internet.
* Akane Kasuga from ''Manga/KimagureOrangeRoad''. Though there are hints she's more of a token bisexual.
* B-ko Daitokuji in ''Anime/ProjectAKo'': Possibly unintentional; the director admitted in an interview for the US DVD re-release of the film that he didn't think about how the scene featuring B-ko in a giant bath, thinking about C-ko, could be interpreted. Which is kind of confusing, because it looks to all the world like B-ko is [[ADateWithRosiePalms touching herself]] while thinking about C-ko. Based on the differences between the dubbed and subtitled versions, if it was unintentional it can only be because it's so common in the genre that it got put in without being thought about. The dub takes this aspect of the complicated relationship between A-ko, B-ko, and C-ko out, and makes C-ko seem a bit weird and creepy as a result. Alternately, it isn't so much unintentional as it is a leftover from when the film was supposed to be part of the ''Cream Lemon'' series of erotic films, where indeed B-ko was infatuated with C-ko.
* As always, Creator/{{CLAMP}} provides -
** Tomoyo Daidouji and her famous crush on Sakura in ''Manga/CardcaptorSakura'' is arguably their most iconic example, and Tomoyo's mother was in love with Sakura's mother. Sakura herself has similar feelings around her pretty and helpful female teacher Kahou as she does around her male crush Yukito. Hey, it's CLAMP - and EveryoneIsBi.
** Saya and Tohru, tragic mothers to the tragic protagonists of Manga/{{X 1999}}, were in love prior to their deaths. [[spoiler: Saya even got married and took on Tohru's role of dying while giving birth to the sacred sword in an attempt to save her.]] There is also some subtext between Yuzuriha and Satsuki.
** Souma and Kendappa are madly in love in ''Manga/RGVeda'', and seem to have been a very devoted couple for quite some time. [[spoiler: This does not prevent them from dying horribly in each other's arms after Kendappa is revealed to be TheMole. Oh, CLAMP.]]
** ''Anime/KidouTenshiAngelicLayer'' features subtext between Kaede and Sai.
* Lain and Arisu from ''Anime/SerialExperimentsLain'' seem to be really, really, really fond of each other... sometimes to romantic levels.
* ''Anime/{{K}}'' has the [[ClassRepresentative class president]] with her YesMan/fan-girl of a subordinate constantly gushing over her in the little screentime they have had.
* Kirika and Mireille from ''Anime/{{Noir}}'' are not shown being physically intimate, but they share a bed and by the end of the series are emotionally dependent on each other. Also, Chloe exhibits a rather warped (and mostly frustrated) desire for Kirika.
* ''Anime/SteelAngelKurumi'' features Saki, a female android who because of the circumstances of her activation has a romantic fixation on the titular character, another female android. The sequel series ''Anime/SteelAngelKurumi2'', tops that with what is either an oversized LoveTriangle or a small LoveDodecahedron: Kurumi Mk. II is fixated upon young cellist Nako, who activated her. Nako's friend Uruka also has a crush on her, and out of jealousy activates Saki Mk. II in order to battle Kurumi; Saki, however, ends up pining for both Kurumi and Uruka. Eventually, Nako comes to return Kurumi's feelings.
* Futaba in ''Anime/PuniPuniPoemi'' is both an extreme parody of this character type and a parody of Tomoyo from ''Manga/CardcaptorSakura'', who is an example of this trope herself.
* Chanohata Tamami in ''Manga/{{Mahoraba}}'' admits to Shiratori Ryuushi that she is in love with Aoba Kozue (who is completely oblivious), explaining her mean-spirited attitude.
* In ''Manga/AzumangaDaioh'', Kaorin has an immediately obvious crush on Sakaki that seems one-sided; however, considering Sakaki's addiction to cute things, it's possible that it would be reciprocated (or at least not minded) if she wasn't entirely oblivious. According to the newest manga, Kaorin is either in denial or in denial and in the [[TransparentCloset closet]]. As if we didn't get [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV1zPWQaHYQ&feature=related#t=0m26s the hints.]]
* ''Manga/MermaidMelodyPichiPichiPitch'' has the Black Beauty Sisters...
* ''Anime/StrainStrategicArmoredInfantry'':
** Lavinia and Jessie. They never do get together in the end, or at least it's left open-ended, despite having a ''very'' close encounter due to a misunderstanding. Which is rather strange, since Jessie seemed very responsive, yet she [[ResetButton never brings up the incident again afterward]].
** Also contains some mindbreaking hints at a possible relationship between Sara and her ''doll'' Emily. Things get worse when [[spoiler:we discover that the "doll" actually contains the living brain of an alien girl. Whose race shares a common hive mind. So by acting nice to her, Sara acts nice to a whole goddamn OneGenderRace. Is this someone's weirdest yuri harem fantasy or what?]]
* In ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'', Setsuna serves as Konoka's [[BodyguardCrush protector]], and admits it precludes hooking up with anyone else. Naturally, other characters assume this is a complicated way of saying that they are a romantic couple, or will be. Konoka certainly has no problem being her partner in their ([[AMagicContractComesWithAKiss kissing-activated]]) magical contract. It's pretty much just Setsuna who isn't aware of this. Naturally, when Setsuna proved to be a [[EnsembleDarkhorse popular character]], the overtones became a lot more obvious in the ''Anime/NegimaSecondSeason'' remake, with a more knowingly teasing Konoka and a more flusterable Setsuna, to the point of Setsuna stuck between embarrassment and ogling at Konoka in a swimsuit. Considering that in the early manga [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything the way Setsuna acts around Konoka is exactly the same as someone with a really strong crush]] (complete with blushing and a loss of the ability to speak whenever she's around) makes the [[HoYay subtext]] already quite strong. The original manga slowly builds up the twos relationship more and more to the point that EveryoneCanSeeIt, eventually giving the two a BigDamnKiss. The WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue heavily suggests the two got married in 2017.
* ''Anime/MaiHime'':
** Shizuru and her obsessive love for one of the main characters, Natsuki. Fandom has rewarded this with a series of doujinshi, the tamest of which explore Shizuru's more publishable fantasies. The more extreme, well... let's just say that Shizuru is a very ''imaginative'' individual. One of the [[AllThereInTheManual artbooks]] states that they "find happiness" at Natsuki's graduation. Shizuru's popularity in this series [[AscendedFanon likely led to]] her ''Anime/MaiOtome'' incarnation [[OfficialCouple actually hooking up]] with that universe's Natsuki.
** Speaking of ''Mai-Otome'', there appear to be quite a few of them there, too, since most of the story takes place in the all-girls' Garderobe Academy. Chie, in particular, appears to have out-Chizuru'd ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'''s Chizuru in the "openly flirty" department. Furthermore, the SchizoTech that gives the girls their super powers is destroyed by sperm, and neither condoms nor vasectomies exist.
* Parodied in an episode of ''Anime/TenchiMuyo''. After being cast into a HighSchoolAU, MagicalGirl Sasami shoots the bickering Ayeka and Ryoko with a "beam of friendship". The sequence just gets more suggestive as two begin gazing into each other's eyes, proclaiming their mutual love and admiration, and {{almost kiss}}ing before being cut off by the end of the episode.
* Anna towards Izumi in ''Manga/HeIsMyMaster'', to the point of StalkerWithACrush. Izumi doesn't exactly reciprocate the feelings, but the cast (including Izumi, with [[LiteralGenie promises]]) do use Anna's obsession to their advantage on occasion.
* ''Anime/LuckyStar'':
** Hiyori is a YuriFan / artist, though it's apparently nonsexual for her.
** [[WMG/LuckyStar Some people]] assume that Konata and Kagami, despite the personality clash, may secretly be these. Konata [[RomanticTwoGirlFriendship playfully flirting]] with Kagami and Tsukasa after a ''[[LightNovel/MariaSamaGaMiteru Marimite]]'' session doesn't exactly help her case. Don't forget Kagami's FreudianSlip in the OVA. WordOfGod says either Konata or Kagami has an unrequited crush on the other, without specifying whom. Konata has said she's [[ExactWords not a lesbian]], which implies that she might simply be [[BiTheWay bisexual]].
** Yutaka and Minami are even more blatant, even after you remove all the parts of the show that were viewed through Hiyori's YuriGoggles. Konata remarked on this a couple times, though it's not entirely clear if she's joking or serious.
* Kitagawa from ''Manga/DokiDokiSchoolHours'' has a thing for petite women, which just happens to apply to her teacher - and she is not at all shy about showing her affections.
* Yamada and Satou from ''Manga/KoiKoi7'' like to cheerfully show their affection for each other.
* Rosalie from ''Manga/RoseOfVersailles'' has a huge crush on Lady Oscar.
* Sakura from ''Manga/PenguinMusume Heart'' often shows extreme interest in intimate interactions with some of her female classmates. Sure, she ''is'' absolutely bonkers, but it happens a bit too often to be coincidental. Not to mention that she tries to force Kujira into marrying her in an alternate time line.
* Nina Einstein from ''Anime/CodeGeass'' fits this trope pretty well. After Princess Euphemia stands up for her in a hostage situation, Nina has a huge obsession with her, and even goes as far as to [[spoiler: masturbate against a table with a picture of Euphemia.]] Later, when [[spoiler: Euphemia dies]], Nina goes insane and threatens to [[spoiler: set off a bomb killing herself, Zero, and many innocent bystanders.]] This is promptly used by [[spoiler: Schneizel, Euphemia's half-brother, who takes the still insane Nina in so she builds an even bigger bomb for him...]]
* In ''Manga/IkkiTousen'' there's the Ryoufu Hosen (Lu Bu) and her best friend Chinkyuu Koudai (Chon Gong). Ryoufu is seductive and even brutal, bordering on DepravedBisexual, but shows a [[PetTheDog more human side]] when around the devoted Chinkyuu. [[spoiler: In the manga, they die together when Chinkyuu is raped and both she and Ryoufu rebel against their evil leader, Toutaku (Dong Zhuo). In the anime, Chinkyuu is not only raped but beaten to death; Ryoufu dies [[TakingYouWithMe trying to kill Toutaku and herself]].]] Later, Kan'u Unchou (Guan Yu) is shown to be one of this for her leader and friend, Ryuubi Gentoku (Liu Bei).
* Nene, the ClassRepresentative from ''Manga/{{Hyakko}}'', claims to be bisexual--but she is mostly shown drooling over ''girls''.
* ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex'': Kuroko, who gets concerned at how much [[FoeYay fun]] [[{{Tsundere}} Mikoto]] seems to be having in her [[UnknownRival rivalry]] with Touma. ClingyJealousGirl, too. She's [[LovableSexManiac even]] [[TooKinkyToTorture worse]] in ''Manga/ACertainScientificRailgun''.
* Makina in ''Manga/CorpsePrincess'' once found herself being stalked by a [[{{Gainaxing}} large-breasted]] lesbian schoolgirl who was attracted to death.
* ''Manga/HidamariSketch'': Natsume is painfully {{tsundere}} for Sae but can't catch a break, being the losing corner of a LoveTriangle. Played up to the hilt in episode 12 of x365 when Sae joins Natsume for lunch, with the latter first getting combative before quieting down. We even get a few MaleGaze shots in that episode; when Natsume watches Sae enter the cafeteria (focusing on her hips), watching her eat (focusing on her lips), and again as Sae walks away... The flowers the spring out of her hair and the LuminescentBlush seem to put it straight into SchoolgirlLesbians territory. The very last episode has her praying at a shrine to become more honest with her feelings. And [[spoiler:guess who wrote that passionate fan letter that Sae got]]?
* Possibly hinted at in the ending credits of ''VisualNovel/{{Shuffle}}'' episode 24, where Lisianthus and [[{{Yandere}} Kaede]] share an [[AccidentalKiss "accidental" kiss]].
* ''VisualNovel/YamiToBoushiToHonNoTabibito'' is about one of these searching time and space for her best friend/adoptive older sister Hatsumi [[spoiler: who turns out to be Eve...yes, that Eve]]. Who [[spoiler: returns her feelings,]] but [[spoiler: can only exist in a given world for 16 years at a time]]. Hatsumi herself is at least bisexual, as [[spoiler: a series of very direct love letters shows.]]
* Yurika Kochikaze in ''LightNovel/{{Akikan}}'' is blatantly lesbian for Najimi.
* Shinobu of ''Manga/NininGaShinobuden'' assuming it isn't just being played for parody.
* ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha'':
** [[MemeticMutation Rainbows]] [[HoYay are straighter]] than Subaru Nakajima.
** ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAs'' has Nanoha and Fate, seemly regular grader students who have an awkward relationship at the beginning of the show. If it's not for all those blushing they do, nobody would find their relationship any more suggestive than being best friends.
*** Although later on [[ThereIsOnlyOneBed they share a bed]] and [[HasTwoMommies raise a daughter together]], so...
* Yume and Yuuki in ''Manga/{{Kanamemo}}'' are established as being very lesbian for each other right out the gate. Even if Yume puts too much [[LethalChef sugar in her cooking]], Yuuki will still eat it. Considering that Yume gave up her sleeping bag to newbie Kana in the first episode, this led to her sharing Yuuki's room, which she had no problem with. Then there's whatever went on in the porta-potty.
* In the AffectionateParody fighting series ''Manga/{{Airmaster}}'', Mina, a ShrinkingViolet with GagBoobs who often finds herself [[DistressedDamsel kidnapped or otherwise in trouble]], is hopelessly in love with [[TheStoic stoic]] HugeSchoolgirl protagonist Maki and is teased rather often about it. Maki doesn't quite know how to react, but she doesn't seem to mind Mina holding onto her arm when they're walking around the city with their friends.
* ''Manga/ToLoveRu'' has Risa and Mio, who both shamelessly love groping girls (and sometimes, molest them outright), but kinda subverted with both. Risa swings between BiTheWay and DepravedBisexual (mostly the former), but her [[TheTease daily interaction]] with Rito and Haruna is especially [[BlackComedyRape unhealthy]]. Mio is rather AmbiguouslyGay due to her lack of Risa's [[MemeticMolester expression]] when doing these. And she has a {{Fetish}} for {{Meido}} {{Cosplay}} with {{Lolicon|AndShotacon}}[=/=]{{Moe}} [[FanserviceWithASmile appeal]]... in a men-oriented cafe.
* ''Anime/HanaukyoMaidTai La Verite''. Yashima Sanae's feelings for her boss Konoe Tsurugi.
* Margot Knight and Malga Naruze in ''LightNovel/HorizonInTheMiddleOfNowhere''. Their official character profiles even list them as 'Lovers'.
* Alielle and Princess Fatora from ''Anime/ElHazardTheMagnificentWorld''. Not only they are lovers but they are also two LovableSexManiac who sexually harass the others girls for fanservice.
* Uzume and Chiho from ''Manga/{{Sekirei}}'' are an absolutely heartbreaking example.
* Ymir towards Krista from ''Manga/AttackOnTitan''. WordOfGod says Ymir's feelings are romantic in nature, though it's still unclear whether Krista likes her that way or if it's just platonic.
* An unnamed female couple is displayed quite prominently as part of the audience on the band's home planet in ''Anime/{{Interstella5555}}''.
* ''Anime/BodaciousSpacePirates'' gives us Jenny Dolittle and Lynn Lambretta, who keep it on the down-low while Jenny is President of the school's Yacht Club, but are hardly shy about expressing it after Jenny blasts her way out of an ArrangedMarriage and rendezvous with the Bentenmaru.
* Inverted in ''Manga/SakuraTrick''. Of the main cast, Kaede and Yuzu are the only ones who are not obvious SchoolgirlLesbians; at best they are HeterosexualLifePartners, but don't [[FanPreferredCouple tell the fandom that]]. Turns out that HeterosexualLifePartners isn't true because [[spoiler:Kaede confesses to Yuzu near the end of the manga where Yuzu says that she's not prepared yet but this doesn't deter Kaede who just replies that she'll just win Yuzu over during their college days before giving Yuzu a kiss on the cheek.]]
* Watching Kale and Caulifla's interactions in ''Anime/DragonBallSuper'', you could be forgiven for thinking that you're watching a series about "SchoolgirlLesbians" than a Shonen animé. Even if said lesbians are capable of shooting planet busting lasers.
** In episode 102, the Universe 2 fighters Vikal and Sanka are outright confirmed to be in a relationship when the former saves the latter from being eliminated from the tournament.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''Videogame/{{Persona 3}}'':
** Natsuki's friendship toward Fuuka occasionally took on [[PsychoLesbian dangerous levels of obsession]], resulting in the SEES group having to keep her isolated for her own good. Of course, the 'dangerous levels of obsession' was from a Shadow giving her impulses so that she'd be a prime victim, which is why she was isolated. After that incident, the two became extremely close to the point that Natsuki moving out of town was the catalyst for Fuuka's Persona to power up.
** There's quite a bit of teasing between Fuuka and the female MC as well. "You spend a long time with Fuuka." And with Elizabeth. And some with Saori. And Aigis... Just check out the ''[[HoYay/{{Persona3}} Les Yay involving Female MC]]'' section.
** Played completely straight though with an NPC just outside the classroom who has [[StalkerWithACrush a very obvious (and at times disturbing) crush]] on Mitsuru Kirijo.
* ''VideoGame/GrimGrimoire'': [[spoiler:Amoretta and Lillet?]] Yup. It's canon. The [[HoYay hints were there]] from the beginning, though.
* From ''VideoGame/ValkyriaChronicles'', there's Dallas Wyatt, who grew up in a relatively man-free environment until the conscription. She has "[[DoesNotLikeMen Man Hater]]" and "[[LesYay Fancies Women]]" as traits and she is very obviously crushing on main character Alicia Melchiott.
* This happens in the ''VideoGame/RuneFactory'' series. In ''Rune Factory 2'', two twin girls can be ''courted'' and fake proposed to and [[ChildhoodMarriagePromise "married"]]. However, the priest says something about how girls can't get married. This, oddly enough, was left in the English version of the game. However, it had some... [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jat7pav9y5s unusual]] changes.
* Some of the plot of ''Videogame/RuleOfRose'' centers around this, although much less than the reputation would indicate. There's one distinctly romantic friendship in the game, and one unrequited crush, but neither are distinctly sexual in nature; most of the characters aren't even in their teens yet, after all.
* In ''[[Videogame/{{Touhou}} Gensokyo]]'', where almost the entire cast (read: all but one) is made up of girls that look between high-schoolers and downright young girls (depending on who draws them), is this way in fanon. Even if almost all of them are [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld youkai that are much older than they look]].
* Vanille and Fang from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII''. It helps that Fang was originally written as a male character in a relationship with Vanille, but gender-flipped half way through the production when her storyline was set.

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* Seiko Shinohara of ''VisualNovel/CorpseParty'' hides behind her feelings for her best friend Naomi behind a JustJokingJustification, since she knows that Naomi doesn't return her feelings. [[spoiler:After Seiko's death, it can be [[InvokedTrope invoked]] if you [[GuideDangIt correctly]] meet the requirements for a scene in which Seiko appears in Naomi's dream, where she apologizes for their fight and explains that she wants to make up with Naomi before she leaves this world. She has just one request: a kiss. The game gives you the option ([[SarcasmMode Because you're totally going to say no to Seiko's final wish]]) to have Naomi grant her request.]]