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->''"Death cannot stop true love. It can only delay it for a little while."''
-->-- '''Westley''', ''Film/ThePrincessBride''

Fate may have [[StarCrossedLovers kept them apart]], the world may have frowned on their love, and conflict may have wormed itself between them, but they're finally together--too bad they had to die for it to happen.

Together in Death is when a couple is literally or metaphorically reunited in death. They might be buried together, seen together in the afterlife (most often in Heaven or a similar paradise, but ''not'' always), or their corpses discovered embracing one another. It's not necessarily a romantic couple--it can just as easily be a pair of siblings, a parent and child, or a couple of TrueCompanions.

This is a good way to show the couple's devotion to one another, [[YouAreNotAlone even into death]]; it is also a tidy way to show a (lasting) reconciliation. Often forms part of a BittersweetEnding. For the inversion of this trope, see {{Necromantic}}, where devotion to a loved one drives them to bring them back from death.

Compare GhostReunionEnding, ReincarnationRomance, YouAreWorthHell.

'''This is a {{death trope|s}} so spoilers below.'''



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Several times in ''Manga/WolfsRain'':
** Toboe and Quent. "Look after him, old man."
** [[spoiler:Hige and Blue]] as well.
** And [[spoiler:Cheza and Kiba]], but it's only played straight with [[spoiler:Cheza. After she dies, she disintegrates into thousands of flower seeds--and Kiba eventually {{d|yingAlone}}ies [[TearJerker alone]].]]
* Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion from ''Franchise/SailorMoon''.
* Itsuki and Sensui from ''Manga/YuYuHakusho''.
* Cain and Riff from the ''Manga/CountCain'' series by Kaori Yuki.
** Or not... Kaori Yuki herself said she kept that a bit ambiguous, as there is no blood drawn in the scene, to give it a "Count Cain" type of ending.
* In the (somewhat (in?)famous TearJerker) ending of the anime version of ''Manga/ChronoCrusade'', Chrono and Rosette's bodies are found sitting on a bench together, their [[IntertwinedFingers hands clasped]] and [[GoOutWithASmile smiling peacefully]]. They're buried together in a grave with a single headstone. Also, Rosette and Joshua met Chrono when they found him sleeping in the tomb of Mary Magdalene, although that's a bit of a variation since he was actually alive.
* ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'':
** The [[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist 2003 anime]] has a parent and child example in the movie with [[spoiler:Wrath walking into Izumi's arms at the Gate.]]
** This is also invoked with [[spoiler:Trisha Elric and Van Hohenheim]] in the manga and ''Brotherhood.'' [[spoiler:Hohenheim passes away right in front of Trisha's grave. The last manga volume adds an ''omake'' [[http://seiya234.tumblr.com/post/132952955704/fma-forever-fma-omakes-volume-27-final in which Trisha's soul actually greets Hohenheim's]].]]
* [[spoiler:Hansel and Gretel]] from ''Manga/BlackLagoon'', as shown [[spoiler:in the ending of episode 15 -- the only one not to feature the standard Revy ending. Gretel's soul is seen walking barefoot on a beach, and at the end her and Hansel's spirits are standing side by side, watching the sea and holding hands.]].
* ''Manga/FruitsBasket'':
** Katsuya and Kyoko Honda. Katsuya dies of illness several years before Kyouko is fatally struck down by a car... [[spoiler:and when she dies, the last thing she sees is Katsuya's soul, welcoming her into the afterlife.]]
** Rather ironically, [[spoiler:the driver that hit Kyouko with his car... did it ''because he had a heart attack at the steering wheel''. And he dies too. For worse, he's the father of Komaki Nakao, one of Tohru's schoolmates.]]
* Subverted in ''Anime/WeissKreuz'': when Tot is fatally stabbed, Nagi has a telekinetic meltdown which destroys the house they're in and apparently kills him. Seeing the two lying next to one another in the wreckage, Yoji moves Nagi's hand to rest on top of Tot's in a Together in Death pose. After the surviving cast members have left, however, Tot gets up... and in another episode or two, Nagi shows up in perfect health and the incident is never mentioned again.
* ''Manga/BattleRoyale'':
** This happens with Sugimura and his love interest, Kayoko Kotohiki.
** Additionally, one couple (Kazuhiko Yamamoto and Sakura Ogawa) does a double suicide at the start.
** Not to mention [[spoiler:the girls in the lighthouse. Even the one who precipitated the whole awful series of events is there.]]
** As well as Yoshimi Yahagi and Yoji Kuramoto, just seconds after they reconciled.
** Also Shogo Kawada and Keiko.
* In ''Manga/FushigiYuugi'' [[spoiler:Suzuno "Byakko no Miko" Osugi and her Seishi, Tatara, had to wait for ''decades'' to get together, as Tatara's soul was bonded to the [[MacGuffin Shinzaho]]'s resting place and Suzuno died of old age in the Real World. The anime adds a scene in which their souls are reunited on Earth and then depart together to the afterlife in front of Miaka's brother, his best friend, a local taxi driver and Suzuno's grandson.]]
* In the prequel ''Manga/FushigiYuugiGenbuKaiden'', whereas [[spoiler:Uruki and Takiko ultimately had a ReincarnationRomance deal]], the trope is played straight by [[spoiler:their Senshi and TrueCompanions Hikitsu and Tomite, who died almost at the same time fighting against the Kutou Army while Takiko summoned Genbu.]]
* The ''Mazinger'' saga:
** In ''Anime/MazingerZ'', Dr. Hell found the bodies of a man and his lover who had been BuriedAlive together for being caught trying to break their StarCrossedLovers destinies. One half of each body was destroyed, so he stitched them together to create his most loyal supporter -- Baron Ashura.
** In ''Anime/ShinMazinger'', the two halves of Baron Ashura are actually [[spoiler:Tristan and Isolde.]]
* ''Anime/YuGiOh5Ds'':
** Jack tries to do this during his duel with D-Carly by playing a trap card that would cause both of their life points to drop to 0 at the same time. (It was a Shadow Duel, meaning the loser would perish; he was willing to die with her at this point.) She manages to stop him by activating a trap card that causes ''only'' her life points to 0 before Jack can activate his. [[TearJerker Jack wasn't too happy about this turn of events.]]
** This is later played straight with the Godwin brothers, Rex and Rudger, who, after Rex is defeated by the team of Yuusei, Jack, and Crow, walk together into the afterlife.
* Romeo and Juliet in ''Anime/RomeoXJuliet''. Considering it ''is'' based on (no matter how loosely) ''Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet'', it's sort of a ForegoneConclusion from the start.
* At the end of ''Anime/WinterCicada'', Akizuki performs {{seppuku}} so as to no longer be a burden on his lover, Kusaka. Kusaka weeps over him, then performs {{seppuku}} as well.
* ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'':
** Happens in the [[Anime/PokemonLucarioAndTheMysteryOfMew eighth]] ''Pokémon'' movie with [[spoiler:Aaron and Lucario.]]
** Also, in ''Noodles! Roamin' Off!'' when Musashi and Kojiro (Jessie and James) believe they're about to die, they reconcile for an earlier fight and promise that if there is an afterlife, to meet up again there.
* The 7th as there are two of them does this in ''Manga/FutureDiary''. It's also a metaphorical YouAreWorthHell.
* ''LightNovel/AiNoKusabi'' [[spoiler:ends like this for Iason and Riki. For better/worse, they didn't ''have'' to die together. Only Iason was fatally injured after having his legs cut off, but Riki willingly stays by his side to have OneLastSmoke and die with him.]]
* ''Manga/{{Basilisk}}'':
** After [[spoiler:Oboro]] commits suicide both to ''not'' kill [[spoiler:Gennosuke]] and to [[SpannerInTheWorks screw up]] Ofuku's plan, [[spoiler:Gennosuke]] kills himself as well.
** Subverted earlier, when [[DespairEventHorizon a maddened and dying]] [[spoiler:Kagerou]] tries to kill [[spoiler:a severely wounded Gennosuke]] too to invoke the trope, but [[spoiler:Oboro's AntiMagic powers kick in and manages to stop her. Kagerou dies leaning on him instead.]]
* Given a very dark and tragic twist in ''Manga/KingOfThorn'' with the final meeting between [[spoiler:Kasumi and Shizuku]]. One of the two has a chance at living, but wants them both to die together so they can be Together in Death. The second wants the first to take the opportunity to go on living. They argue over it. Tragedy, FreakOut, and TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt ensue.
* Fall and Digree in ''Manga/{{Nora}}''.
* [[spoiler:Marg and Rose]] in ''Anime/GodMars''.
* In the movie version of ''Anime/EurekaSeven'', Eureka claims that she will continue to exist as long as her lover lives or did not forget his memories. This implies Eureka won't ever outlive Renton and will automatically follow Renton in death, regardless of her will when that time comes.
* [[spoiler:Chinkyuu and Ryoufu]] in the ''Manga/IkkiTousen'' manga. The first even lampshades it in her FamousLastWords, which come right before [[spoiler: she crushes her Magatama and pretty much commits suicide.]]
* Inversion/Subversion/SOMETHING: [[spoiler:Nanami and Yuzuru]] in ''Manga/DanceInTheVampireBund'', seeing as [[spoiler:Yuzuru openly welcomed vampirism if it meant he could stay by his beloved Nanami, and seeing her infatuation with her young boy lover, she wasn't about to say no]], making it something more of a Together in '''UN'''death.
* The 'together in the afterlife' variant is used for [[spoiler:Ryuuya and Uruha]] in ''VisualNovel/{{AIR}}''.
* ''Manga/SakuraGari'' has [[spoiler:Souma]] invoke this when [[spoiler:he and Masataka are trapped by Sakurako in a burning warehouse, and he loses hope to survive. In a twist, Masataka manages to save them both.]]
* ''Manga/RurouniKenshin'':
** [[UnholyMatrimony Shishio and Yumi]] plot to take over {{Hell}}. They didn't ''exactly'' die together ([[spoiler:Yumi died in the middle of Shishio's fight with Kenshin, ''stabbed by Shishio himself'' as [[MadLove she knew and wanted him to]], and Shishio himself went the KarmicDeath way few minutes later]], but are reunited in Hell itself. [[spoiler:And soon they're joined by [[EvilGenius Houji]], who had been imprisoned and later committed suicide.]]
** In the (thankfully non-canon) OVA, ''Reflections'' [[spoiler: the lethally ill Kenshin and Kaoru end up dying together under the cherry trees.]]
* In ''Anime/CodeGeass'', the immortal C.C. apparently [[WhoWantsToLiveForever desires]] this outcome with her {{Yandere}} Mao for a while as she tells him to wait for her before giving him a MercyKill and then spends most of the series [[DeathSeeker attempting to ensure her own demise]].
* [[spoiler:Claude, Hannah, and the Macken brothers (Luka ''and'' Alois/Jim) ]] in ''Manga/BlackButler''.
* Subverted in the end of the ''Manga/CardcaptorSakura'' manga, as [[spoiler: Fujitaka does ''not'' need to die to see Nadeshiko again, since being one of the two reincarnations of Clow Reed (the other being Eriol) gives him the power to see her spirit.]]
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'':
** [[PapaWolf Minato]] and [[MamaBear Kushina]] die after [[BattleCouple they protect]] their son and Konoha from the Kyuubi.
** Zabuza is fatally injured after pulling an epic TakingYouWithMe on [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Gato]]. He requests that Kakashi bring him to his BattleButler, Haku - who earlier performed TakingTheBullet for him - and dies with Haku by his side, openly expressing a desire to go to the same afterlife as his one precious person. Kakashi tells Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura that he openly believes this wish was indeed granted. [[spoiler:And confirmed to be the case much later, when Kabuto yanks them out of the afterlife as Edo Tensei zombies. Both they and Kakashi and highly offended by this desecration.]]
** Subverted parent/child example with Kakashi and Sakumo. Kakashi dies during the battle with Pain, and he encounters his father, Sakumo aka the [[AwesomeMcCoolName White Fang]], at the precipice of the afterlife. They have a long conversation, but rather than proceeding to the afterlife, Kakashi is summoned back to the world of the living by Pain reviving everyone. Sakumo is okay with it, however, and says that he'll finally be able to reunite with Kakashi's long-dead MissingMom.
** [[spoiler: Obito and Rin. When Obito/Tobi finally dies, the soul of his [[TheLostLenore Lost Lenore]] Rin comes for him.]]
* Deconstructed in ''VisualNovel/{{Clannad}}'' [[spoiler:Ushio]] dies in [[spoiler:Tomoya]]'s [[DiedInYourArmsTonight arms]] and then he dies soon after from [[DeathByDespair despair]].
* ''Anime/MacrossFrontier'' - ''The Wings of Goodbye'' invokes a variation with ('''Warning''': LoveTriangle Ending Spoilers) [[spoiler:Alto and Sheryl. At the end Alto is Missing In Action, and Sheryl is in a coma, but they were each wearing one of the two Fold Quartz earrings that convey feelings and ignore the laws of time and space.]] Later {{Jossed}} by WordOfGod, who claimed utter confusion that people were interpreting the ending this way, and declared that [[spoiler:Alto did find his way back to the Frontier colony and Sheryl did wake up from her coma]], subverting the trope.
* ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'':
** [[spoiler:Kyouko Sakura and Sayaka Miki/Oktavia von Seckendorff]].
** [[spoiler:In the finale, Madoka does this for ''every Magical Girl in the past, present and future''.]]
** ''Manga/PuellaMagiOrikoMagica'' has [[spoiler: Kirika and Oriko. They both die and are apparently reunited in the afterlife.]]
* ''Manga/{{Uzumaki}}'':
** This happens to [[spoiler:Kirie's mother and father and Kirie and Shuichi, respectively.]]
** Given what happens later, we can safely assume this is what happened to the two StarCrossedLovers [[BodyHorror who stretched, twisted and contorted their bodies together like mating snakes]] so their feuding families couldn't separate them before plunging in the lake [[spoiler:[[EldritchLocation hiding the source of the spirals' curse]]]].
* ''Manga/OnePiece'':
** [[spoiler: Gold Roger]] and his lover and mother of his child, [[spoiler: Portgas D. Rouge]], were reunited this way.
** A non-romantic example could be [[spoiler:Whitebeard and Ace]] after being separated for quite some time and were properly "reunited" after their deaths by being buried next to each other. Even more so, [[spoiler: Ace is the child of the aforementioned Rouge and Roger.]]
** In the Dressrosa arc, [[spoiler:should Luffy die in the battle against Doflamingo, Law is fully willing to invoke another non-romantic example and follow him and Corazon in death, as penance for dragging Luffy into what he considers his fight. It's at this point that Law recognizes that Luffy is not just his ally, but his friend]].
* [[spoiler:Alma and Kanda]] in ''Manga/DGrayMan''. Also Bak's parents where [[spoiler: after their deaths by Alma's hands]], For arranges their bodies so that they were leaning towards each other and holding hands.
* ''Anime/GraveOfTheFireflies'' provides a brother/sister example. Two children starve to death in WWII Japan, but their much-happier spirits/ghosts are shown together throughout the film.
* Invoked by [[spoiler:Kriem]] from ''Anime/TigerAndBunny'', who commits suicide to be with [[spoiler:the recently killed Jake Martinez]] after giving a DeathbedConfession.
* ''Anime/{{Windaria}}'':
** [[spoiler:Alan's goal]] is to reunite with his true love in the afterlife. The opening shows his soul bird flying to the place hers went off to.
** Alas this is probably a good example of a {{Macekre}} in which there is no such bittersweet ending. The original ending was a subversion; Izu (Alan) [[spoiler:is given the chance to rejoin Marin/Marlin (Marie) and doesn't have the guts to go through with it, pulling himself back from the edge of the cliff Marin's spirit lead him to at the very last second. This leaves him, the broken betrayer, the only survivor at the end of the film.]]
* In ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'', this trope is conversed, but not actually carried out, after Ranma and Akane eat [[LovePotion Love Mushrooms]] in the anime.
-->'''Ranma:''' Let go of my hand, babe!\\
'''Akane:''' I can't, honey!\\
'''Ranma:''' If you don't, both of us will fall. Now, take this bag and get Ryōga to help you back up the cliff!\\
'''Akane:''' No way. I can't do that to you! We're getting married to each other, aren't we? A married couple should always be together, even when they die. If we can't be together in this life, then at least we'll be together in heaven.
* ''Franchise/{{Gundam}}'':
** [[spoiler: Renda de Baroma and Duker Iq aka the local BattleCouple]], in ''[[Anime/MobileSuitVictoryGundam Victory Gundam]]''. Not only that, but [[spoiler:Odelo, Usso and Marbet have visions of [[BikerBabe Renda]] and [[BadassBiker Duker]] ''actually riding together in a Harley towards the afterlife''.]]
** Cruelly used in ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Gundam 00]]''. [[spoiler: Lichtendahl Tschery dies in a HeroicSacrifice to protect the girl he likes, Christina Sierra. Bad thing, [[SenselessSacrifice it fails]]: after Lichty perishes, we find out that Christina ''has'' been fatally injured by shrapnel anyway. ''Then'' what's left of the Ptolemaios explodes, and their lifeless bodies are destroyed alongside it.]]
* ''Manga/GunslingerGirl''. After the battle at the Turin nuclear power plant, their comrades come across the [[spoiler:Jose/Henrietta]] (SuicidePact) and [[spoiler:Hilshire/Triela]] (LastStand) fratellos like this.
* There are several examples in ''Manga/DetectiveConan'':
** Invoked in one case, where [[spoiler:Ryoichi Takahashi tries to kill himself with a knife after confessing to the murder of Chikako Ikeda in order to join Atsuko, the girl he was in love with (who committed suicide because Chikako stole Atsuko's best script and passed it as hers to make a movie out of it), but he is stopped by Conan with a ShutUpHannibal speech.]]
** Another invoked case: [[spoiler:The SexySecretary Miyuki Hyuuga tries to kill herself to be with her [[StarCrossedLovers star crossed lover]] Hideomi Nagato (who also committed suicide out of guilt for causing the fire that killed her parents, he rescued child!Miyuki after realizing what he did but he got himself badly burned in the process) during her MotiveRant. She had a thermos filled with gasoline and intended to light the thermos with a lighter to [[StuffBlowingUp burn herself to death]], but Conan had already seen the thermos around while snooping so he and Heiji had filled it with water (anime) or emptied (manga)]] This is because [[spoiler: almost at the start of the manga, another SympatheticMurderer ([[DudeLooksLikeALady Seiji Asou]] [[HarmlessLadyDisguise aka Narumi Asai]]) commited suicide after having his cover blown, and judging by some of his pre-death lines he did it half because he thought he had nothing left to live for anymore, and half because he wanted to be reunited with [[LoveMakesYouEvil the murdered family that he commited his crimes for]]. [[MyGreatestFailure Conan/Shinichi could never forgive himself for that]], so he prevented Miyuki from invoking this trope.]]
** In the NonSerialMovie ''The Time Bombed Skyscraper'', [[spoiler: Conan-as-Shinichi has been helping Ran to dismantle a bomb that is about to explode, kill them, and bring down the titular skyscraper. However, the bomb itself has been rigged specially to confuse anyone trying to defuse it, and Conan cannot find out how to go past that. (For worse, Ran's trapped in a small room with the bomb, and Conan-as-Shinichi is stuck at the other side of the door). As [[DarkestHour both of them realise that they're about to die]], Conan-as-Shinichi gently tells Ran to do as she wishes because there's nothing else they can do, and [[http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/File:Vlcsnap-2013-11-09-17h52m15s252.png they will at least die together]].]] Then [[spoiler: it's subverted, as Ran's decision ultimately saves them and everyone in there.]]
* [[spoiler:Seine and Tatsuya]] in ''Manga/HekikaiNoAiON''.
* At the end of Part I of ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'', Erina wants this for her and the mortally wounded Jonathan. Jonathan defies this trope, telling Erina she has to live not only for herself, but for a nearby baby girl [[MamaBear whose mother had just died]] [[HeroicSacrifice while protecting the child]]. Erina honors Jonathan's last wish and escapes the sinking ship with the baby girl. Part II reveals that Erina never remarried [[spoiler:and the baby, her adoptive daughter Elizabeth "Lisa Lisa" Straizo, grows up to marry her and Jonathan's son George and becomes the mother of Joseph Joestar, the hero of Part II]].
* At the end of ''[[Anime/ScienceNinjaTeamGatchaman Gatchaman II]]'', the villain Gel Sadra has sustained a fatal injury from her boss X and makes her way to a cliff, where she gazes upon the beauty of the world and regrets trying to destroy it. Having lost her mother as a consequence of being TheDragon to X, she expresses the wish to be reborn and help the world. However, she hears a voice telling her that Gatchaman can handle protecting the world. With recognizing it as the voice of her mother, Gel Sadra dies, her body shrinking back to her true childhood age. Her spirit then rises from her body and walks off into the sunlight, at her mother's side.
* In ''Manga/HunterXHunter'' at the end of the Chimera Ant arc, the Chimera Ant King Meruem is fatally poisoned by Netero's Rose bomb. He spends his final moments playing games with Komugi, the one opponent he could never defeat and the girl whom he grew to love. Komugi stays with him even after he warns her that the poison will kill her too. They die holding hands together.
* While the original '70s ''Anime/NeoHumanCasshern'' had a relatively upbeat ending, the '90s OVA remake ''Anime/CasshanRobotHunter'' has Tetsuya/Casshern die after sacrificing himself to defeat Braiking Boss. However, his spirit then rises from his body to meet his deceased parents, and the three become a beam of light that helps shut down all the enemy robots.
* In ''Anime/GalaxyExpress999'', many couples commit suicide or chose to join their dead lovers [[WhatMeasureIsANonHuman due]] [[BeingHumanSucks in]] [[CyberneticsEatYourSoul some]] [[TranshumanTreachery way]] [[ImmortalityHurts to]] [[WhoWantsToLiveForever the]] [[{{Cyberpunk}} cyborg culture]] [[{{Dystopia}} of society.]]
* ''Anime/MagicKnightRayearth'' : [[spoiler: Princess Emeraude and Zagato. She summoned the Kights to [[ICannotSelfTerminate kill her and release her from being the Pillar]], he died to keep that from happening, she lost it and fought the Knights herself as the rests of her conscience explain to the girls what happened, and once the Knights strike her down, they have a brief view of their souls in each other's arms; additionally, Esmeraude's FamousLastWords are both her thanks to the Knights, and her telling Zagato that [[StarCrossedLovers they can finally be together]].]]
* ''Anime/RoseOfVersailles'' : [[spoiler: Oscar and Andre. He's shot to death and dies in her arms, she perishes the day after in the Storming of the Bastille.]]
* [[spoiler:Sara and Gackto]] in ''Manga/MermaidMelodyPichiPichiPitch''.
* ''Manga/DeathNote'':
** In the anime, Light is reunited with L after the FinalBattle. (This scene is absent from the manga version.)
--->[[LampshadeHanging "Let's explore the world of nothingness together."]]
** Also, from the same series, Mello is killed ''very'' shortly after his best friend Matt. There are also strong implications that [[spoiler:it was their intention to sacrifice themselves from the start in order to orchestrate Light's death]].
* ''Manga/FairyTail'':
** [[spoiler: Future Lucy and the rest of Future Fairy Tail following the destruction of the Eclipse Gate.]]
* At the very end of ''Anime/TheVisionOfEscaflowne'', [[spoiler: when Hitomi is getting ready to return home, the souls of several dead people dear to the cast are watching over. They appear in this order: Van and Folken's parents Gaoh and Varie, King-Duke Freid and Princess Marlene, Folken himself and the CatGirl twins Nadia and Eria, and Van's ParentalSubstitute Vargas.]]
* The ''{{Hentai}}'' ''Dorei Ichiba'' (English: ''Slave Market'') ends with the main protagonist visualizing himself with his three [[SexSlave sex slaves]] that died in the course of the three episodes, while laying [[HalfTheManHeUsedToBe mortally wounded]] in a battlefield.
* Defied in ''[[Manga/{{Superior}} Superior Cross]]''. Umberto abandoned his wife when she was pregnant due to a deal he made with the townspeople [[DaddyHadAGoodReasonForAbandoningYou to protect their unborn child from]] HalfBreedDiscrimination. Decades later, he meets his granddaughter, [[spoiler:Angelica]], and learns that his wife had died several years ago. At the end of the chapter, he's talking to a painting of his wife and mentions that he'll be with her soon, but finds that he actually wants to keep on living (with her spirit then showing up and telling him that she's fine waiting for him). [[spoiler: He's still alive and well [[TimeSkip four years]] later at Angelica's wedding.]]
* ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha'': According to the tribute manga for the second movie, Precia was reunited with her daughter Alicia in heaven. Rather perplexing since, at the time of her death, she wasn't [[EvilMatriarch the sort]] [[AbusiveParents of person]] you'd expect to go to heaven.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Ralph Dibny, the ComicBook/ElongatedMan, always saw himself more as a detective than a superhero -- and after his wife Sue's murder, it seemed the DCU was determined to make him a ButtMonkey as well. But he got a measure of victory by the end of 52 -- he trapped Felix Faust and the demon Neron in Dr. Fate's tower, while they thought they were tricking him. It cost him his life, but he was reunited with Sue -- and it seemed they were going to spend the afterlife as Topper, instead of Nick and Nora.
* There's a comic book version of the ''Theatre/{{Turandot}}'' opera where this is invoked: [[spoiler: Instead of committing suicide, a maddened and thoroughly broken Liu stabs Prince Calaf to death just as he manages to get through to [[DefrostingIceQueen Princess Turandot]] and is about to give her a TrueLovesKiss. Cradling Calaf's lifeless body, Liu says they will be Together in Death while Turandot remains alone forever, as punishment for her cruelty; she then stabs herself and dies, leaving a sobbing Turandot with her hands empty.]]
* The battery of the [[GreenLantern Star Sapphires]] is built around crystallized remains on Zamaron found this way. They turn out to be the original selves of [[ReincarnationRomance Hawkman and Hawkgirl]].
* ''ComicBook/JudgeDredd'': After the Apocalypse War wiped out half of the Big Meg, a comatose patient remained alive for 8 years because his life support system continued to run as an independent unit after the hospital was destroyed. His wife's body was still sitting at his bedside after she died in the blast, but her ghost remained trapped in the ruins. When Judge Dredd and Psi-Judge Anderson find the patient on a routine check through the area and conclude that they can't take him back due to the years of radiation exposure, they turn off the unit. The couple is then reunited in the afterlife.
* At the close of ''ComicBook/SupermanSuperLeague'', WonderWoman comforts the dying Comicbook/{{Superman}} by telling him that all four of his parents (Jor-El and Lara, Jonathan and Martha Kent) will be there waiting for him when he gets to Heaven.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''Fanfic/DoingItRightThisTime'': Before returning to the past Shinji and Asuka decided to commit suicide together and walked into the ocean holding hands.
* ''Fanfic/TheHillOfSwords'' takes after [[spoiler:VisualNovel/FateStayNight's Realta Nua ending and reunites Saber and Shirou in Avalon in the epilogue]].
* ''Fanfic/HigherLearning'': Defied in episode 48. Shinji and Asuka are running from soldiers that intend to kill them. Shinji tries to get Asuka in her robot, but Asuka is so mind-broken that she does not want to fight. She suggests Shinji to let the soldiers find them and die together because they will be together even in death. Shinji replies that he would rather for them living together and [[CruelToBeKind forces her to snap out of her depression.]]
-->'''Asuka:''' It's okay, Shinji.[...]We'll be together.[...]Shinji... I love you so much. I don't want to leave you. We can go together. I want to be with you when the world ends.
* The ''VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}}'' fanfic, [[http://www.pixiv.net/novel/show.php?id=4438587 13 Sheets Of Letters Without a Stamp or Destination]] takes after Kohaku's route. After [[ForgottenFriendNewFoe SHIKI]] died, Shiki writes a letter ever year on the day of his birthday. Time passes and goes on, until Shiki (whose lifespan is even shorter than a normal human's) feels that his time is coming and decides to kill himself, after ripping all those years of letters. The last scene shows SHIKI greeting him in the afterlife.
-->'''Shiki:''' Happy birthday...
* ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfSpyro'' fanfic ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6842215/1/Passing_The_Torch Passing the Torch]]'' takes place far after the trilogy, with Spyro now in his twilight years, having far outlived everyone he knew and looking forwards to PassingTheTorch to his successor so he can be reunited with them in the afterlife. [[spoiler:In the end, he dies peacefully in his sleep and is greeted by Cynder's spirit who leads him into the afterlife.]]
* ''[[Fanfic/WeightlessMassEffect Weightless]]'' have Mierin and Melanis. After Mierin died, Melanis, who'd already wounded, refused all the medigel Garrus gave her and spent her last day shooting the mercs with Mierin's body by her side.
* In the HungerGames fanfiction ''Fanfic/SomeSemblanceOfMeaning'', when [[spoiler: Vale]] dies and finds herself in the "land without districts," she is reunited with the friends she lost in the Games, such as [[spoiler: Kit, Fen, and Lark]]... and [[spoiler: [[StarCrossedLovers she and Obsidian]] ]] are soon reunited in death, as well, after [[spoiler: the latter dies in an explosion after winning the Games]].
* ''Fanfic/ShadowchasersTorment'' [[spoiler:had an AmbiguousEnding regarding the result of Leorin's battle with the Dread Emperor, but if he was killed as a result, this Trope applies; he is with Rowen in [[WarriorHeaven the Basilica of St. Cuthbert]].]]
* The ''FanFic/PonyPOVSeries'' has [[spoiler: Ranger and Sunset]], who, shortly after announcing their engagement, are both killed while participating in an operation to break up a mega-storm over Caruba. Afterwards, their spirits are shown entering Pony Heaven together, where they're granted their wedding after all.
** And then there's all the G2 couples in ''7 Dreams/Nightmare'', who are all shown reuniting in the afterlife after their various deaths.
* This is the [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming Heartwarmingly]] TearJerker ending of the ''Film/StarTrek'' fic ''Fanfic/WrittenInTheStars'', in which the Prime counterparts of Spock and Fem!Kirk die together. Putting a spin on this trope, they're not just lying together; Spock performs a mind-meld and they die connected.
* In ''FanFic/MegaManReawakened'', after his defeat, Gemini Man joins his other half in death when he shuts down.
* The VideoGame/{{Touhou}} fancomic, [[http://danbooru.donmai.us/pools/778 The End of the Maiden's Illusion]] (Comic is SFW, but some of the ads might not be) shows Marisa waiting in limbo for three years after her own death so that she and Reimu can enter the afterlife together.
* In ''FanFic/TheAssassinationOfTwilightSparkle'', Flash Sentry commits suicide to be with Twilight in the afterlife.
* In the ''Fanfic/EmpathTheLuckiestSmurf'' story "Smurfing In Heaven", Empath wanted to die when he heard his fellow Smurfs have all been killed by the Schliphargons, the series' Expy of ''Franchise/StarTrek'''s Klingons. An angelic version of Smurfette shows up and says that the gods have granted his request, and thus he sees himself as a disembodied spirit who then floats up with Smurfette to the Smurf Village version of Elysium, where he is reunited with all his fellow Smurfs. As it turns out, though, [[spoiler: the "Elysium" that he enters isn't real, having been a magical illusion created by Ares the god of war, and Empath never really died]].
* In ''FanFic/GameOfTouhou'', during the attack on Gengetsu's city, [[spoiler:Tojiko, who was dying from her zombie illness, finally managed to be reunited with a dying Futo as well. After their farewells, Tojiko dug a grave for Futo and then dug a grave for herself besides her.]]
* At the end of ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10709623/1/A-Fallen-Arc-Forever-Fall-Down Forever Fall Down]]'', [[WebAnimation/{{RWBY}} Pyrrha and Jaune]] are killed in a fire because of the wounds they sustained [[MutualKill fighting each other]]. Recognizing that [[BigBad Cinder]] is dead and there's no reason to fight anymore, they hug and confess their love. Pyrrha is content with this, because it means that she can be with her lover without betraying her ideals- something that wouldn't be possible if they lived.
* In ''FanFic/TheNorthRemembers'', [[spoiler:Lady Stoneheart[=/=]Catelyn Stark's]] last words before committing suicide by walking through the Moon Door are [[spoiler:"Oh, Ned..."]]
* After her death of leukemia, in ''Sunshine'', Satsuki is reunited with Ryuuko and they ascend to the afterlife, together.
* In the ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'' fic, [[http://archives.eyrie.org/anime/Ranma/ranma.the-bitter-end.gz "The Bitter End"]], [[spoiler: Ranma and Ukyo]] die together, run through by a katana-wielding [[spoiler:Akane]].
* In the ''Manga/KatekyoHitmanReborn'' fanfiction [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11414403/1/Tradition Tradition]], there was a long lasting Vongola tradition that the remaining guardians of the boss will voluntarily lay down their lives to join their leader in death. Tsuna is appropriately horrified and vowed that he would abolish this tradition. [[spoiler: He doesn't succeed.]]
* In ''FanFic/ThisBites'', Luffy has [[spoiler: Brief and Papa Tearoom bury Baron Omatsuri with his crew,]] stating that he was alone in life but shouldn't have to be alone in death.
* Although [[ForegoneConclusion we know they both survive]], Jim [[InvokedTrope deliberately invokes this trope]] in ''Fanfic/MyLoveHasTwoLives'' by choosing to accompany Spock when he volunteers to inject the red matter. And, rather than just choosing to die at each other’s sides, this happens:
-->The ''Jellyfish'' too had been caught in the singularity's pull, and would not be able to escape.
-->But it was all right. Jim felt a wave of peace wash over him. "Spock," he murmured, and reached out to cup Spock's face with the hand not holding Spock's.
-->"Jim," Spock returned tenderly, his own free hand moving to Jim's face. His fingers stilled on the meld points, and he brought their minds together one final time.
-->They would never separate from this. They would never separate again.
-->Jim had no regrets.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/CorpseBride'', the undead Emily falls in love with Victor, but their AccidentalMarriage isn't legal because of the fact that Emily is dead and Victor alive. In order to validate the marriage, they must repeat the ceremony in the land of the living, and Victor must kill himself during it. Victor, devastated by the loss of his living love, Victoria, accepts this plan and proceeds to go through with the ceremony, [[spoiler:but is stopped before he kills himself by Emily, when she sees poor Victoria spying on them and realizes what she's doing will hurt Victoria the same way she was hurt.]]
* Occurs in ''Disney/ThePrincessAndTheFrog''. [[spoiler:Ray gets to be with his Evangeline, in the end.]]
* [[spoiler:The king and queen of Atlantis]] from ''Disney/AtlantisTheLostEmpire'', who are both last seen as a recently added giant floating stone head and the Atlantean Crystal, respectively, while their son-in-law and daughter become the next king and queen.
* In ''Disney/{{Bolt}}'', when [[spoiler:Bolt couldn't find an exit large enough for Penny]], she insists that Bolt leaves her there. But Bolt chooses to [[spoiler:lie beside her in their potential last moments. [[AvertedTrope Fortunately, they make it.]]]]
* During the song "Worthless" from ''WesternAnimation/TheBraveLittleToaster'', a Texan wedding car and a funeral hearse are both crushed to death at the same time by a Car Crusher at the end of a conveyor belt.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheBookOfLife'':
** Attempted by [[spoiler:Manolo after Maria's apparent death. It fails because she's still alive.]]
** Carlos and Carmen are [[spoiler:reunited following the former's death and seem quite happy together.]]
* In ''ComicBook/WhenTheWindBlows'' despite the {{Downer Ending}} this was the one faint bright spot. [[spoiler:Hilda and Jim died of radiation sickness]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/KuboAndTheTwoStrings'', [[spoiler: Kubo's parents Sariatu and Hanzo]] are finally reunited in death [[spoiler: with their memories and true forms restored.]]
* The ending of the Durch animated short''WesternAnimation/FatherAndDaughter'' appears to be this. A man hugs his little daughter goodbye and commits SuicideBySea, rowing away in a rowboat, never to return. The shallow sea coast is drained and turned into dry land, a Dutch polder. Decades later the girl, now an old woman, finds the boat and lies down in it. She wakes, and sees something. She goes running off, and ages backwards into a young girl again. She runs up to her father, looking as he did all those decades ago, and embraces him. It's implied that they reunited in death.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* {{Discussed}} in ''Film/TheAddamsFamily,'' because of course one of Gomez and Morticia's most romantic scenes is set in the family cemetery.
-->'''Morticia:''' Just think -- someday we'll be buried here, side by side, six feet under, in matching coffins, our lifeless bodies rotting together for all eternity.\\
'''Gomez:''' ''[breathless] Cara mia.''\\
'''Morticia:''' ''Mon sauvage.''
* ''Film/BicentennialMan'': The film ends with Portia shutting down her own life support so she can be reunited with Andrew, who passed away just moments before.
-->'''Portia:''' See you soon...
* ''Film/TheBitterTeaOfGeneralYen'': Yen believes that somewhere in the afterlife, Megan and him can be together as spirits, free from the prejudices that hold them apart. Even in the beginning, he dreams of a place where they're stripped of names, just spirits to love one another, a place where,
--->'''General Yen:''' There isn't a General Yen or Megan Davis, but just you and me.
* ''Film/{{Titanic|1997}}'':
** It ends with Rose dying and being reunited, not just with Jack, but ''everyone'' who died that fateful night.
** Also noteworthy is Ida Straus, the elderly woman who decides to die with her husband Isidor instead of taking a place on a lifeboat, a course of action that will almost certainly result in her having to live on without him. Their last scene is of them in a bed, holding hands, as the water begins to pour in. This is based in a RealLife example of the trope -- see the bottom of the page.
* The plot of ''Film/{{Cloverfield}}'' revolves around the protagonist, Rob, trying to reach his estranged girlfriend, Beth, during a crisis involving a [[{{Kaiju}} giant monster]] attacking the city. The reunited couple dies after professing their love for one another, in a military bombing aimed at the nearby monster.
* In the final moments of ''Film/SomewhereInTime'' (with Chris Reeve and Jane Seymour), a DownerEnding where the StarCrossedLovers seem to be separated forever and then both die is transformed into a Together in Death BittersweetEnding by showing them meeting and embracing in the afterlife.
* The myth of Katerina and Arturo in the movie ''Film/{{Overboard}}''.
* A good example of the non-romantic variant is probably found in the final scene of ''[[Franchise/StarWars Return of the Jedi]]'', where Anakin Skywalker is shown reunited with his two Jedi mentors, having become [[RedemptionEqualsDeath a benign spirt and part of the Light Side of the Force]].
* The death of Maximus in ''Film/{{Gladiator}}'' (though since the protagonist was dying from poison and internal bleeding, this may or may not have been a hallucination). Also alluded to by Maximus's friend Juba, who assures him that they'll meet again in the next world... but not yet.
* The unnamed young couple in Creator/FritzLang's ''Destiny'', after the young woman accepts fate and (literally) surrenders to Death.
* At the end of ''Film/{{Braveheart}}'', William Wallace sees his wife's ghost throughout his entire torture/death.
* Classic example; ''Film/TheGhostAndMrsMuir''. Lucy Muir and Captain Gregg (the ghost) become closer as he dictates his life story to her, which she then sells to a publisher to make her fortune. Realizing that [[StarCrossedLovers it could never be]], he leaves reluctantly. At the end of the movie, when Lucy dies of old age, Captain Gregg is there to escort her spirit to the afterlife.
* ''Film/TheConstantGardener'' Justin (Ralph Fiennes), after obsessively investigating the murder of his activist wife Tessa(Rachel Weisz), [[spoiler:is about to be murdered on the site where Tessa was previously killed. As he awaits his inevitable death, he is joined by his wife's spirit.]]
* [[spoiler:Flying Snow (Maggie Cheung) and Broken Sword (Tony Leung)]] in ''Film/{{Hero}}''. Made even worse because [[spoiler: she is the one who stabs him to death, as he has betrayed her and others to the King. He dies in her arms as he explains his reasons; he didn't do it out of pure malice, but to show her that he wants peace for the future. She mourns him and then kills herself, joining him. She actually impales herself on her own sword, which is still inside him, so their bodies are left literally stuck together.]]
* The French film ''Film/LoveMeIfYouDare'' (French title ''Jeux d'enfants''). Since our StarCrossedLovers can only be together on a dare, they end up getting themselves [[spoiler: buried in concrete. This way they can share a kiss that will last forever while also giving you nightmares forever]]. It's hard to say how aware they are of the consequences of what they do, though.
** It's also hard to say [[MindScrew whether they died or not,]] because you seem to see a shot of them living to an old age. Is it heaven? But still.
* ''Film/{{Aliens}}'': {{Inverted|Trope}}: [[VasquezAlwaysDies Private Vasquez]] is covering the heroes' retreat, only to end up mortally wounded and crippled, with more bearing down on her. [[EnsignNewbie Lieutenant Gorman]] doubles back to help her, and ends up trapped with her, the both of them [[BetterToDieThanBeKilled huddled together holding a live grenade]]. Catch is, there really wasn't much mutual affection between them, with quite a bit of active animosity towards Gorman from Vasquez.
-->'''Vasquez''' ''[[FamousLastWords You always were an asshole, Gorman.]]''
* In ''Film/TwentyEightDaysLater'', the protagonist returns home to find his parents' partially-decomposed bodies cuddling in their bed and their [[LastWords last message]] [[TearJerker to him]].
* "Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever" we are told in the movie adaptation of ''Film/TheCrow'' in which Eric Draven is murdered along with his [[StuffedIntotheFridge fiancee]] the night before their wedding and comes back from the dead for a RoaringRampageOfRevenge. The theme of the first film, increasingly amplified throughout the subsequent franchise, is that "If two people are truly meant to be together, nothing can keep them apart. Not even death."
* A nonromantic example comes at the end of ''Film/{{Glory}}'' when Colonel Shaw (played by Matthew Broderick) and Denzel Washington's character are buried side-by-side in a mass grave along with the rest of the the all-black 54th Massachusetts Regiment. This was TruthInTelevision, as the Confederate soldiers who put Shaw there intended it as an insult since he was their white commander, but Shaw himself would've been honored by this.
* A non-human example occurs in the film ''Film/{{Rodan}}''. During the climax of the film, the area where the Rodans are nested is being bombarded with an areial assault. The female Rodan falls into a volcano and dies. Unable to bear being without his mate, the male Rodan dives into the volcano with her and dies as well. Fortunately, their offspring survives and later goes on to become an ally of Godzilla.
* The ending of ''Film/EscapeFromThePlanetOfTheApes''. Cornelius is shot and, either dying or already dead, falls from his perch to the deck of the derelict ship he and Zira have been hiding on. Zira, already wounded, crawls over to him and lays down beside him to die.
* Kelly and Katsumi from ''Film/{{Sayonara}}''. The U.S. Air Force is insisting that he come back to America without her, so the two, inspired by a puppet show depicting a traditional star-crossed-lovers/together-in-death story, commit suicide by consuming poison. Creator/MarlonBrando's character finds their bodies when he comes--a little too late--to inform them that the Air Force has decided to allow airmen to take war brides home.
* In ''Bollywood/DilSe'', Meghna is a suicide bomber, and she's all ready to complete her mission. Amar embraces her, and in doing so, sets off the explosives.
* [[spoiler:Allie and Noah]] in ''Film/TheNotebook'' after spending many years being HappilyMarried.
* Implied at the end of ''Film/BramStokersDracula'' as Drac/Vlad is finally forgiven by God. As Mina watches, the vampire curse lifting from her as she gives the final blows. She notices the fresco in the building above her lighting up with a picture of Vlad and Elisabeta (the lover Mina is supposedly reincarnated from) apparently reunited in Heaven.
* ''Film/{{Beetlejuice}}'' has a rare lighthearted approach, where Adam and Barbara Maitland are stuck as ghosts haunting their own home. Even in death, they remain a HappilyMarried couple.
** [[spoiler: Used in a much creepier way later, when Lydia's family attempts to conduce a sèance but accidentally perform an ''exorcism'' instead. We see Adam and Barbara's summoned spirits (in their wedding clothes, no less) progressively drying up and being consumed together... They don't disappear in the end, but only because of Lydia's "PleaseIWillDoAnything" to Beetlejuice himself.]]
* At the end of ''Film/{{Zardoz}}'' Zed and Consuela grow old and die together. In the previous scene most of the Eternals were killed by Exterminators, so they all got to die together and fulfill their dream of being mortal again.
* ''Film/{{Oblivion 2013}}'': [[spoiler:What Julia thinks (and accepts) will happen during the TrojanPrisoner gambit. Jack has other ideas.]]
* A non-romantic example in ''Film/ManOfSteel'': as the gravity field encroaches, [[spoiler:Perry reaches out and holds Jenny's hand instead leaving her to die alone.]]
* ''Film/HarryPotterAndTheDeathlyHallows'': The dead bodies of Remus and Tonks.
* ''Film/EndOfDays''. After Jericho sacrifices himself to stop the Devil from destroying the world by trying to use Jericho's body to rape Christine, he is reunited with his dead wife and child in the afterlife.
* [[spoiler: Caster and his wife in the climax]] of ''Film/{{Transcendence}}''.
* ''Film/{{Pompeii}}'': [[spoiler:Milo and Cassia at the very end. Instead of trying to escape the oncoming ash cloud (they wouldn't have succeeded anyway), they spend their last moments in a passionate kiss. Their magma-encased bodies are still locked in an eternal embrace.]]
* ''Film/TheLastOfTheMohicans'': The film shows Alice and Uncas having sparks throughout. And after Uncas is killed by Magua in the climax with his body falling off the cliff where the fight took place Alice jumps off deliberately. Essentially following him so to speak.
* ''Film/IronMan'': Tony is captured by terrorists and meets fellow captive Ho Yinsen, who says that he has a family and will reunite with them once he's free. As he's dying, Ho clarifies that they're already dead, and he knew that he was never getting out of there alive.
* ''Film/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy'': The idea is brought up by Drax who says he'd be honored to die fighting side by side with his new pals and then says, "And in the end, I will see my wife and daughter." However as they manage to attain victory, this does not come to pass.
* ''Film/{{Haunter}}'': After Lisa saves the latest family from becoming the murderous ghost's new victims, she is reunited with her family in Heaven on her birthday.
* ''Film/DeadRingers'': When the twins reach the nadir of their breakdown, they perform a "surgery" where Beverly effectively eviscerates Elliot. After he realizes what he's done, Beverly makes one final, abortive attempt to connect with his new paramour. He instead decides to join Elliot in death, cradling his brother's body.
* Another non-romantic example: at the end of ''Film/BreakerMorant'', Harry and Peter hold hands as they walk out to face the firing squad.
* ''Film/TheOutlawAndHisWife'': A desperate, starving, grieving Halla wanders out of their SnowedIn cabin and into the blizzard to die. When Eyvind finds her he lies down next to her, and they wind up frozen to death together.
* ''Film/WildTales'' presents a non-romantic example in the ending of the third story. Diego has [[TakingYouWithMe pulled Mario into his car before it explodes]]. When the police come to the site of the explosion, all they can see is two skeletons snuggled together, so they [[MistakenForGay assume they were a couple]].
* ''Film/{{Underground}}'' has a bittersweet ending in which all of the cast has died, yet somehow re-emerge to have a celebration in an idyllic seaside picnic, which breaks off from the land and floats into the ocean, implying that they are all in heaven.
* ''Colorado Territory'' (1949). The outlaw's LoveInterest chooses to go down shooting rather than surrender to the posse. He grabs her hand in a futile attempt to stop her, so both end up HoldingHands as they're shot.
* ''Film/SamuraiRebellion'': Yogoro is cradling Ichi's freshly dead corpse when he is stabbed by the steward's thugs. After he dies while still holding onto her, Isaburo buries them both in a common grave.
* ''Film/RogueOne'': In their last moments, Jyn and Cassian embrace as the blast radius of the Death Star sweeps toward them, secure in the knowledge that their mission succeeded. They disappear together in a blaze of light.
* ''Film/DeepImpact'':
** Sarah's parents choose to share one last kiss as the tidal wave from the asteroid kills them.
** Jenny gives up her place in the Ark for Beth and her daughter, and chooses to spend the end with her estranged father.
%%* ''Film/{{Anthropoid}}'':
%%* ''Film/TheRevenant'':
* In the 1987 Japanese film adaptation of UsefulNotes/{{Hachiko}}'s story, the ending implies that Hachiko and his owner reunited in the afterlife. The 2009 American version also has a similar ending, showing that as Hachi passes away, he finally sees his owner walk out of the train station to reunite with him.
* Nearly every screen version of ''{{Wuthering Heights}}'' shows Heathcliff and Cathy's spirits reunited on the moors at the end – a precedent set by the classic 1939 version, which was originally just going to conclude with a shot of Heathcliff's corpse, but ended up with a more romantic {{Focus Group Ending}} instead. The various TV adaptations also tend to end this way (see under "Live-Action TV").
* ''Film/TheVoid'': In the final scene Daniel and Allison are reunited on the other side after both of them died, but are trapped in an alien landscape staring right at an EldritchAbomination.

* At the end of ''Literature/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame'', they find [[spoiler:Quasimodo]]'s skeleton so intertwined with [[spoiler:Esmeralda]]'s that when they try to remove it, it falls to dust.
* In ''Literature/TheMillOnTheFloss'', [[spoiler:Maggie and her brother]], previously estranged, embrace each other as they drown.
* The fantasy novel ''Literature/BridgeOfBirds'' has no fewer than three couples thus reunited.
* Inversion: ''Literature/TheScarletLetter'' makes its point more poignant by emphasizing the fact that Hester and Dimmesdale's graves, though near each other (and even sharing a single tombstone), were not touching "as if the dust of the two sleepers had no right to mingle".
* Combined with IronicHell in ''Literature/TheDivineComedy''-- the [[YourCheatingHeart illicit lovers]] Paolo and Francesca di Rimini embrace in Hell, but according to the usual interpretation, their union serves as an eternal reminder of their sin rather than a continuation of true love beyond the grave. (She had been married to his brother, who killed them when he caught them in bed together.)
* Really, ''really'' creepy variation in ''[[Literature/SammyKeyes Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy]]''. [[spoiler: Sammy's mother Lana, an actress, fakes an ID so she can claim to be 25. Unfortunately, her new birthdate is the day her boss's wife died. He thinks Lana is the reincarnation of his wife, and he tries to kill both of them so they can be [[ReincarnationRomance reincarnated together]].]]
* [[spoiler:Katherine and Thaddeus Valentine]] in ''Literature/MortalEngines'', [[spoiler:Tom and Hester]] in ''A Darkling Plain''.
* Horlick and Claire Minton from Creator/KurtVonnegut's ''Literature/CatsCradle'' die in this way, falling to their deaths while still holding each other's hand. According to Bokononism, this is especially common with two people in an exclusive karas (aka TrueLove Soulmates); if they don't die together, one will quickly follow the other anyway.
* Two examples in ''[[Literature/HisDarkMaterials The Amber Spyglass]]'': when people die, their daemon dissolves into its component particles, and the person's mind goes to the Underworld, a NothingAfterDeath. Lyra and Will find a way to [[spoiler: let the mind out into the living world, where it also dissolves and allows the person to have the same fate.]] Also, [[spoiler: Balthamos]], having completed his mission, simply loses the will to hold himself together and disintegrates, rejoining him in a way with [[spoiler: Baruch]].
** And [[spoiler:Will and Lyra]] themselves, who couldn't be together in life, but will be able to reunite in the land of the dead.
* In ''[[Literature/{{Outlander}} Dragonfly In Amber]]'', Claire finds a pair of skeletons, almost like the page image, in a cave, and reflects on this trope.
* ''The Story of Edgar Sawtelle'' has two: [[spoiler: as Edgar lies dying, he is greeted by his dead dog Almondine. When he's finally good and dead, he is also reunited with his father, and finds himself able to speak for the first time ever.]]
* In the Discworld novel Discworld/ReaperMan, Ms. Renata Flitworth was engaged to a nice young man. Said man went across the mountain to make his fortune, but never returned. At the end of the book, in a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming, Death himself takes her spirit to an unnoticed spot deep in the mountains. Then, we see his spirit come out, at Death's request. So they get to be together as they fade away.
* ''Franchise/TolkiensLegendarium'':
** Creator/JRRTolkien's [[StarCrossedLovers tragic lovers]] Beren and Lúthien from ''Literature/TheSilmarillion''. They are separated and reunited in death, twice! Special because, being a human and an elf, they would not have had the same fate after death (elves are bound to the world for as long as it lasts whereas humans are fated to leave it forever after a short while), but, through divine intervention, got the one exception. After their first death they were sent back for a short time to live a happy life together, and after their second death Lúthien's spirit was allowed to follow Beren's out of this world, as human souls do.
** Tuor and Idril. Tuor was a mortal Man and Idril a Noldorin Elf. When Tuor grew old, they headed together toward West on their ship Ëarramë. It is claimed Tuor alone of all Men has been accounted to the Elder Kindred whom he loved.
** Aegnor and Andreth are a variant. Andreth died and left the world forever. When Aegnor died, he could not follow her because being an elf, his life is tied to the world's. So he refused reincarnation and decided remaining on the [[TheLifestream Halls of Mandos]] forever because being permanently dead was the closest that he could get to be together in death with Andreth.
** Likewise Arwen in ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'' chose a mortal fate after death in order to be with Aragorn even if she survived him long enough to go to Lothlórien and die on Cerin Amroth where she made her promise in the first place. She also famously is Lúthien's descendant (so is Aragorn) and near-likeness.
** Túrin and his sister Niniel in ''Narn i Hin Húrin''.
** In a less heartwarming example, Denethor ordered himself and Faramir burned in a pyre when he thought the latter had been killed in battle.
* ''Literature/LesMiserables'':
** Eponine plans this for her and Marius but changes her mind to IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy in enough time make to make it a HeroicSacrifice on her part instead.
** Grantaire, who has been passed out drunk through most of his friends' doomed uprising, revives just in time [[HoYay to join Enjolras in front of a firing squad.]] However, this is averted ''after'' they die: Enjolras [[CrucifiedHeroShot dies standing up]] while Grantaire falls at his feet.
* The end of the ''Literature/LastHeraldMageTrilogy'' by Creator/MercedesLackey has Vanyel reunited with Stefan/Tylendel as ghosts. They're still around six hundred years later, too, to provide a handy assist to the modern heroes.
* At the end of ''[[Literature/NightWatch The Day Watch]]'', after Alisa gives her testimony, Igor chooses to dematerialise along with her.
* ''Literature/WutheringHeights''. When Edgar Linton is buried next to Catherine, [[LoveMakesYouCrazy Heathcliff]] takes the opportunity to open her coffin and look at her. He bribes the sexton to ensure that he'll be buried on her other side when he dies and knocks out that side of her coffin so they can be sealed in together. Then he wastes away and starves himself to death, whether with the specific intent of killing himself or just because all he cares about is dying so he can be with Catherine. After his death, various people claim to have seen his ghost with a woman.
* Moia and Gordo in ''[[Literature/{{Indigo}} Troika]]''.
* Literature/{{Harry|Potter}} sees [[StarCrossedLovers Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks]] like this at the end of ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheDeathlyHallows''. [[BabiesEverAfter Their son survives them though]].
* The DeadlyDistantFinale to Jon Cleary's ''The Golden Sabre'' mentions that the male and female leads died in a plane crash several decades after the main events -- holding hands, happy to be together, even in this.
* In a non-romantic example, the DistantFinale of Douglas Reeman's ''HMS Saracen'' reveals that the ship's captain died something like twenty years after the main story. A minor character realizes the probable cause of death was a heart attack brought on by seeing film of ''Saracen'' being used as a target for a missile test, and thinks, ''So even at the end, they were together''.
* In "Not From Detroit" by Creator/JoeRLansdale, an old man ''[[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu beats up Death with a wrench]]'' when Death claims his wife. When Death explains that he can't let her come back to life, the old man asks Death to take him as well since he and his wife wanted to die together. Death agrees and brings back the wife just long enough so that they can die holding hands together. Death is even nice enough to let their souls out during the ride to the afterlife so they listen to tunes on his radio.
* Sadly averted in the case of [[spoiler:[[Literature/TheLegendOfDrizzt Drizz't and Catti-brie]]]]. [[spoiler:Catti-brie]]'s afterlife is a private one, and [[spoiler:Drizz't will not be able to go to her side when he finally dies.]]
* In ''Literature/SeptimusHeap,'' one of the important characters is a ghost named Alther: Formerly a wizard, he now flies around the castle as a ghost. When he was alive, he loved another wizard named Alice Nettles, who also loved him. [[spoiler: Alice [[TakingTheBullet Takes A Bullet]] for Princess Jenna, saving her life but killing Alice. However, Alther joins her new ghost, and sits with her every day for the six months it takes for her ghost to become fully mobile. And they go on to have a very happy death together.]]
* In [[Literature/AuntDimity Aunt Dimity's Good Deed]]'', Dimity tells Lori that she and [[spoiler: her fiancé Robert [=MacLaren=] celebrated their honeymoon in the afterlife]]. This and an unwillingness to meddle in Lori's life are the reasons she gives for her two-year absence.
* The eponymous fern from ''Literature/WhereTheRedFernGrows'' does not appear until the end of the book. [[spoiler: When Big Dan is killed by a cougar, Little Ann loses the will to live and dies as well. They are buried next to each other and the symbolic fern grows near the dogs' graves.]]
* In ''Literature/ThePhantomOfTheOpera'', Erik, who sleeps in a coffin, makes a reference to this trope. He notes to the object of his affections, Christine, that he will "have the coffin enlarged... for later on, when we come to the end of our love."
* ''Literature/ADogOfFlanders'' ends this way. ''All their lives they had been together, and in their deaths they were not divided...''
* In ''Literature/{{Mistborn}}'', [[spoiler: Elend]] is killed in the final battle when he leads an army of men on a suicide mission. [[spoiler: Vin]] attacks [[spoiler: Ruin]] in a way that kills them both, stating that [[spoiler: Elend]] was the only reason she had left to live. The [[spoiler: [[AGodAmI new God]] Sazed]] later tells their friends that he has spoken to them, and they are happy where they are. He even arranges their bodies so [[TearJerker they are holding hands as they lay among flowers.]]
* In the ''Literature/WarriorCats'' novel ''Crookedstar's Promise'', [[spoiler: Mapleshade mocks Crookedstar, telling him that he has lost everything because all his loved ones died. Crookedstar [[Awesome/WarriorCats epically]] tells her off, informing her that now all his loved ones wait for him in [=StarClan=], so when he dies, he'll be with them again.]]
** In another novel, ''Bluestar's Prophecy'', as Bluestar lies dying, her deceased mate Oakheart comes to lead her to [=StarClan=], where she can not only be with him, but with her mother, sister, and kit as well.
** Crowpaw tries to enforce this by committing SuicideByCop in ''Dawn'' so he can be Feathertail again. [[InterruptedSuicide Fortunately Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw stop him]].
** Rather painfully subverted in ''Warriors: Omen of the Stars: The Last Hope''. Spottedleaf made a promise that this would happen with Firestar when he eventually dies; however, shortly before this happens, Spottedleaf is killed DeaderThanDead and undergoes CessationOfExistence.
* In ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' this is Robert's opinion of Rhaegar and Lyanna. He's not pleased about it.
--> Rhaegar won, damn him. I killed him, Ned, I drove the spike right through that black armor into his black heart, and he died at my feet. They made up songs about it. Yet somehow he still won. He has Lyanna now, and I have [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen her]].
* In ''Literature/TheJungleBook'', when Mother and Father Wolf die Mowgli sings their death-song and seals them in their lair.
* In Edgar Pangborn's short story "Tiger Boy", the title character and his friend (lover?) [[spoiler:Bruno]] don't die in each other's arms, but they are taken back to [[spoiler:Bruno]]'s village for burial, the implication being that they'll be buried side by side.
* Vlad Dracula and Elizabeth Bathory in ''Literature/CountAndCountess''.
* At the end of ''Literature/{{Beachwalker}}'', it's heavily implied that [[spoiler: the [[NamelessNarrative Beachwalker and her Starfish]]]] go to the afterlife together, possibly with him escorting her there.
* In the Jeffrey Archer short story "Old Love", from ''A Quiver Full Of Arrows'', when Phillipa, one of a married couple of Oxford doctors, dies of a heart attack, her husband William shoots himself despite no-one having had the nerve to tell him the dreadful news, apparently because he needs to see her and settle their last argument (over a crossword answer). They were serious rivals as undergraduates but admitted their love for each other when they were both contendors for an academic prize, and for the rest of their lives "Legend had it that they were never parted for more than a few hours". *sniffle*
* In ''Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians'', Beckendorf and Silena get this. When Silena dies, she says she won't be reincarnated, and instead goes to Elysium, so she and Beckendorf can be together.
* In ''Literature/TheKaneChronicles'', Julius and Ruby Kane get this. Julius becomes the host of Osiris, god of the dead, and rules over the underworld, with Ruby at his side.
* {{Subverted}} in ''Literature/NumberTheStars.'' [[spoiler:Peter]]'s last wish was that he be buried next to [[spoiler:his dead fiancée Lise]]. Her family wanted to oblige, but he was killed by the Nazis and buried in an unmarked grave.
* At the end of the novel of ''Literature/DoubleIndemnity'', Phyllis and Walter commit suicide together by jumping off the stern of a ship.
* In ''Literature/ThingsFallApart,'' an elder of the Igbo village dies after a long illness. His first wife, whom he had been married to for decades, hears the news and dies the same day.
* In ''Literature/OfBreakableThings'', Alex is reunited with Chase in death.
* "The Ghost of Garden Lounge" from ''Time After Time'', a collection of short stories about time travel, features a jukebox that allows people's consciousness to travel back in time to a particular point in their lives based on a song that was important to them at the time. In the story, a guy named Pete goes back to save his girlfriend Mary from being shot by her ex-husband and ends up getting shot himself. Pete then goes back to save him and the process keeps repeating, until one day the ghost of Mary hitches along for the ride. This time, they both get killed, but it's a happy ending, because their ghosts are happy together in death.
* Implied to case at the end of Literature/SweetPiglet [[spoiler: with the piglet and its master]].
* ''Literature/TheGiver'' [[spoiler:implies that he plans to be Released so this will be the case with him and his daughter, Rosemary]].
* There are two variations in ''Academ's Fury'', the second entry of the Literature/CodexAlera:
** Doroga and Amara talk about the dangers they will face during their fight against the Vord. Doroga says that he would be sad to die, since he would leave behind his daughter Kitai, but he is consoled that he would get to reunite with Kitai's mother, who had died years earlier. Later, when things begin to look imminently grim, he laughs and jokes with Amara that it was a good thing they had earlier decided what there was to look forward to.
** At the climax of the book, when their forces are about to be overrun by the Vord, an exhausted Amara asks Bernard to hold her so that they will be together when the end finally comes. [[spoiler:Thankfully, [[SubvertedTrope the Windwolves swoop to the rescue and save them before the Vord can finish wiping out their forces]].]]
* A non-romantic example is mentioned in the {{Novelization}} ''Literature/RevengeOfTheSith''--[[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast General Grievous]] killed two Jedi at the same time so they could watch each other die.
* Literature/TheLittleMatchGirl reunites with her late grandmother in the afterlife. While the girl is getting cold at the streets, she goes burning her matches and daydreaming, and she finally uses all the remaining matches and watches her grandma and it's the latter who carries the girl to heaven.
* "Literature/TheBrideOfCorinth": A young woman who was sent to a monastery against her will, died, and returned as an undead to sleep with a young man reveals that her lover will die, and asks from her mother that they will be burnt on a pyre together.
* When Thistle the gnome is given the offer to become a paladin for his god in ''Literature/SpellsSwordsAndStealth'', he reluctantly accepts but names a single condition: upon his death he goes to the same afterlife as his late wife rather than the afterlife paladins get.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* The [[http://lostpedia.com/wiki/Adam_and_Eve two skeletons]] found in an early ''Series/{{Lost}}'' episode might be an example, but their past and identity is unknown.
** Since the reveal, this may actually count as a subversion since [[spoiler: one has murdered the other]].
** It's revealed in ''Across the Sea'' that Adam and Eve are [[spoiler: an adoptive mother and son. The son killed the mother in a rage and was then transformed into a monster by his brother, leaving his body behind.]]
** Although they're definitely not Adam and Eve, this is played straight in late Season Six with [[spoiler: Sun and Jin]].
** Speaking of ''Lost'', [[spoiler: everyone is reunited in the end, after their lives are over]]. [[TearJerker Sniffle.]]
* A creepy example in the [[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 MST3K]] episode "Film/{{Tormented}}": after the protagonist is HoistByHisOwnPetard, the body of the antagonist is discovered and lain on the beach beside his; her arm automatically wraps itself around him.
* ''Series/TheXFiles'':
** "Field Trip" has a nasty variation on this: a pair of skeletons are found lying in a field. It turns out to be the skeletons of a married couple that were captured by a carnivorous fungus. The organism gave off hallucinogens that made the couple believe that they were [[LotusEaterMachine lying down and cuddling in their own bed.]]
** "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas":
*** The ghosts Maurice and Lyda died via SuicidePact and are together in the afterlife.
*** The ghosts tries to get Mulder and Scully re-enact their deaths. They invoke the illusion of the bodies lying together with corpses that remind Mulder and Scully under the floorboards.
*** It is implied that the ghosts drove other couples to suicide. They were people who lived in their HauntedHouse.
*** Nearly played straight with Mulder and Scully who appear to have shot each other so that they need not to face their lonely lives. However, they recognize that it is a trick and they flee from the house.
** In "The Field Where I Died", it is revealed that Mulder and Scully have been closely tied in previous incarnations already. They were family, TrueCompanions or BandOfBrothers, but never lovers. The memories are revealed through one character's split personality when she channels her various lives, and through Mulder's hypnosis.
* [[spoiler: The Kanzaki siblings]] in ''Series/KamenRiderRyuki''. After rejecting his plans, [[spoiler: Yui manages to convince Shiro to end the Rider War and as a result, a new timeline is created where both are deceased. The final shot of the series hammers this home as it is a photograph of both Yui and Shiro as children in positions similar to the ones they have as adults in the original timeline.]]
* [[spoiler: The Sonozaki family]] in ''Series/KamenRiderDouble''. Even more of a TearJerker because in life they'd grown to hate and manipulate each other, but are seen in the end embracing and wishing [[spoiler: Philip]] well.
** In ''Series/KamenRiderOOO'', [[spoiler:Gamel]]'s last act before [[spoiler:disintegrating into a pile of Medals]] is to lay a lollipop upon [[spoiler:Mezool]]'s last Core Medal as a parting gift to [[spoiler:her. He]] then has a vision of [[spoiler:her smiling and thanking him.]] This could possibly imply that they will be together in some sort of afterlife, since it's later shown that [[spoiler:Ankh gained a human soul because he finally felt fulfilled.]]
* In a ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' tie-in, [[http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/novels/downloads/Heroes_novel_104.pdf two of Sylar's victims]] are depicted this way; one of whom lied in order to protect his love's ability. It's quite a TearJerker too.
* [[Series/BattlestarGalactica2003 "I'll see you on the other side]], [[spoiler: [[Series/BattlestarGalactica2003 Kara]]]]."- [[spoiler: [[TearJerker Sam Anders]]]] (somewhat debatable since it's never actually made clear where Starbucks goes when she vanishes).
* In the season finale of the BBC's ''Series/RobinHood'', Robin [[spoiler:is mortally wounded by a poisoned dagger and stumbles into Sherwood Forest. As he dies, an apparition of Marian appears, and the couple are last seen embracing and laughing in the forest.]]
* In the ''Series/{{Bones}}'' episode "Aliens in a Spaceship," there's a spectacularly sad platonic example. Twin brothers had been sealed in a vat with only 12 hours' worth of air, and there's an unusual amount of blood pooled on the bottom from one of them, caused by a mysterious wound that punctured an artery in his neck. They find out ''how'' it happened easily enough (a pen was used) but it takes until the end of the episode to find out ''why'': [[spoiler: He killed himself [[TearJerker to give his brother the rest of the oxygen]].]]
** Also, in the episode "The Couple in the Cave", with two skeletal remains found (as the title suggests) in a cave. It turns out that [[spoiler:they were pushed from a cliff, with the woman's injuries being far more severe. After getting to the cave, the man could have gone on further to find help and possibly save himself, but he chose to remain with his partner, and she died in his arms before he too succumbed to his injuries.]]
** Another case of this in "The Archeologist in the Cocoon". Remains that are thousands of years old are found, and it's revealed that [[spoiler:they belong to a family (mother, father and daughter). The parents were fatally injured in an attack, and they died together, with their young daughter also laying with them. She remained with them and later starved to death, the remains being found laying together thousands of years later.]]
* ''Series/{{Medium}}'' does an interesting take on this. [[spoiler: The lovers are actually serial killers and one is killed in an accident. When Allison discovers the truth, she tricks the other into getting arrested. After she's executed, their ghosts are reunited. However, he's very mad at her for getting caught so easily and they end up arguing... apparently for eternity.]]
** The SeriesFinale does a TearJerker version. [[spoiler:Joe dies in a plane crash. Alison dies 41 years later, an old grandmother, and ''finally'' gets to see him again. Darn it, got SandInMyEyes again...]]
* The latest version of ''Literature/WutheringHeights'' shows Heathcliff and Cathy together looking down from an upstairs window as Cathy II departs to start her new life.
* [[spoiler: The Sinclair family]] from ''{{Series/Dinosaurs}}''.
* The SpeculativeDocumentary by Animal Planet ''Film/DragonsAFantasyMadeReal'' had the body of the mother dragon and the child dragon in the museum together after it was recovered and studied by the scientists.
* ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'': The alien EnergyBeings Sargon and Thalassa in "Return to Tomorrow".
* ''Series/CrossingJordan'' with a couple that's always arguing about something. Lily and Bug were assigned to their case. The reconstruction has the argument start small(about cat food), slowly mutates into vase throwing, hand-to-hand combat up the stairs, one of them pushing the other over the rails, then falling themselves because of a falling bookshelf. Turns out the book shelf was falling, and they accidentally died from the fall trying to save each other.
* HenpeckedHusband Jack Duckworth's final scene in ''Series/CoronationStreet'' featured the return of Vera Duckworth, who had died two years earlier, and they dance away together.
* ''Series/{{Angel}}'':
** In the series finale, [[spoiler: Illyria shapeshifts into Fred and consoles the dying Wesley that she'll be waiting for him. [[SubvertedTrope She's lying, and he knows it.]]]]
*** At least, that's the official explanation, that Illyria's revival destroyed Fred's soul. But Illyria said it, and no one knows how [[UnreliableNarrator reliable]] she is or if she was lying about that.
*** Subverted for sure (of course) in ''After the Fall'', wherein Wesley is stuck working for the Senior Partners in Hell for all eternity.
** In another episode Angel stakes a female vampire, leaving her longtime lover behind. He's [[DrivenToSuicide willing to die]], but wants to [[TakingYouWithMe take Angel with him]], so he has his heart surgically removed. Apparently this makes a vampire invincible for a short amount of time, but once that time expires they instantly die.
* ''Series/AmericanHorrorStoryMurderHouse'': [[spoiler: The fate of the entire Harmon family. Couple-wise, Ben and Vivien are both finally happy together in death. Tate and Violet might end up this way if she ever comes around to forgiving him. He's willing to wait.]]
* The fate of [[spoiler: Tony and Sally]] on ''Series/{{Misfits}}''. [[spoiler: Technically, it also applies to Simon and Alisha]].
* ''Series/BabylonFive'': Although never outright stated, it is heavily implied that John Sheridan and Delenn found each other again Beyond The Rim, which almost begins to make up for [[spoiler:the eighty years she had to live without him due to his LivingOnBorrowedTime and Minbari generally living longer]].
* ''Series/{{Being Human|UK}}'': [[TearJerker "I have to be with my]] [[spoiler: Nina"]]- [[spoiler: George, in ghost form, moments]] after his death by {{heroic sacrifice}}.
** According to WordOfGod, [[spoiler: Annie and Mitchell]] are this as well.
** Similarly, but more explicitly in ''Series/BeingHumanUS'', [[spoiler: Aidan and Sally]] are this.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'': [[spoiler: Amy and Rory's ultimate fate [[TrappedInThePast (albeit from old age)]].]] It's especially heartwrenching because The Doctor is unable to save or ever see them again.
* A variant in ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'': [[spoiler: Jack and Ianto die from an alien virus within moments of each other]] and the camera zooms out to show their bodies still with their arms around each other. Unfortunately, [[spoiler: [[CameBackWrong Jack can't just stay dead]]]].
* ''Series/AshesToAshes'' is an interesting example of this trope, ''once removed.''
** All of the main characters (excluding Gene) in ''Series/AshesToAshes'' forget of their deaths over time while in Gene's purgatory, so that the purgatory seems to be their actual life.
** Because of this, Chris and Shaz as well as Gene and Alex (eventually) form romantic relationships in purgatory.
** Thus, in the [[TheReveal big reveal]] when the characters progress into heaven, Shaz and Chris are together in heaven and Gene and Alex will eventually be reunited in heaven as well. (when Gene is finished being a Psychopomp.)
* Subverted in ''Series/TwentyFour'': [[spoiler: Michelle Dessler]] and [[spoiler: Tony Almeida]] were both killed off at different points in the fifth season, so there at least was that somewhat consolation for them. Only it turns out a few seasons later that the latter was [[FakingTheDead still alive]], and the resultant death of said spouse has left him crossing the DespairEventHorizon...
* Episode 4x22 from {{Series/The Vampire Diaries}} gives us [[spoiler:Bonnie]] and Jeremy reuniting on the other side, and possibly reconciling. They do hug, and it's a {{Tear Jerker}}.
* ''Series/GreysAnatomy'':
** [[spoiler:Mark and Lexie]]: She dies in the plane crash in the season 8 finale as he's telling her that he loves her. As he's slipping into a coma (he doesn't actually die until after he wakes up the next season), he says "[[spoiler: Lexie]]'s waiting for me... I'll be okay." What makes this moment especially tragic is that they never [[WillTheyOrWontThey got to get back together.]]
** Another example is in the episode "Sledgehammer" with two girls named Jessica and Aliyah who were in love who decided to commit suicide after Jessica's homophobic mother discovers their relationship and to send Jessica to a gay conversion camp. The girls survive and Jessica's mom still intends to send her to the camp until her dad stands up for her when he sees how happy Jessica is with Aliyah.
* ''Series/ForeverKnight'' heavily implied this with Nick and Natalie at the end. Nick can't stop drinking and drains Nat, then is depressed and asks Lacroix to stake him. We only see the stake being raised, followed by CueTheSun, but the implication is obvious.
* The DistantFinale of ''Series/BattlestarGalactica2003'' shows that [[spoiler:Helo and Sharon died and were buried together, along with their daughter Hera]].
* Actually made the subject of a ''joke'' in the reunion movie ''[[Series/TheManyLovesOfDobieGillis Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis]]'', where Dobie's son stars in a musical SchoolPlay version of ''Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet'' with a "happy ending", ie, the couple are reunited in this fashion after offing themselves, complete with a cheery here-we-are-in-heaven production number.
* In "Knight of Shadows", the first-season Halloween episode of ''{{Series/SeaQuestDSV}}'', the crew of the [=SeaQuest=] solve a hundred-year-old murder mystery on a sunken liner, allowing the spirits of the ship's engineer and a passenger to finally reunite. Even better, they forgive the spirit of the ship's Captain (who murdered the engineer out of jealousy), who joins them in the afterlife.
* An episode of ''Series/LegendOfTheSeeker'' starts with Richard reading the story of his predecessor, who is said to have done what he was meant to do, but both him and his [[PowerOfLove Confessor]] (and LoveInterest) were mortally wounded and died in each other's arms. Their wizard buried them together in a tomb. By chance, Richard, Kahlan, and Zedd end up finding that tomb, and the ghost of the wizard (Zedd's predecessor) reveals that he made up the story. In fact, the previous Seeker gave in to temptation and slept with his Confessor, resulting in him being confessed (effectively becoming her love slave, whether she wished it or not). He started acting recklessly, and the wizard convinced her to kill herself for the greater good. However, her death did not release the Seeker, who went insane with grief and slaughtered innocents. The wizard was forced to kill him and take the Sword of Truth. He then bound their spirits to their bodies specifically to prevent this trope from coming true (it's never specified why it's necessary, especially since the Underworld is hardly a pleasant place to be). The two spirits end up possessing Richard and Kahlan in order to make this trope true (sort of), but Zedd manages to remove the spell, and their spirits finally depart together.
* ''Series/JukenSentaiGekiranger'': When Rio pulls off a HeroicSacrifice to try and defeat BigBad Long, Mele, who previously died in his arms protecting the Gekirangers, is waiting for him on the other side, and they walk to the afterlife while HoldingHands.
* ''Series/TheDefenders'': [[spoiler: A valiant attempt by Elektra and Daredevil, but unfortunately this is a comic book adaptation, so DeathIsCheap.]]

* The [=WRock=] band Ministry Of Magic has a song called the Phoenix Lament, the final line of which is "Golden lights are cords for songs of love; something death can not erase."
* Parodic folk singer Les Barker has a song called "Maybe Then I'll Be A Rose", which deconstructs this trope as it appears in English ballads:
-->He lies in St. Mary's kirk and she lies in the choir,\\
And out of her grave grows a rose and out of his a briar.\\\
So at last their souls entwine and now as one are climbing;\\
Ten out of ten for true, true love, nought out of ten for timing.
* Appears in the alternate lyrics to the Hungarian song "Gloomy Sunday," where the singer laments the death of a lover and states an intention of committing suicide to join him/her. Developed its own [[BrownNote urban legend]] and inspired a film.
* Johnny Preston's "Running Bear" (written by the Big Bopper) is a Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet story which ends with Running Bear trying to swim across the river to White Dove. When he gets in trouble she jumps in to save him and both are drowned. "Now they'll always be together in the [[BraidsBeadsAndBuckskins happy hunting ground]]."
* This is the subject of "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" by Music/DeathCabForCutie.
* So many times in Music/SoundHorizon. Specifically, after Marchen's untimely death, we learn the Elisabeth refuses an arranged marriage. Crucified, Elisabeth sees her love as he offers her revenge.
* The song "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2aD5G9B74s Jake + Olive]]" by MacLethal is about his grandparents' love story: how they met in Ireland, and broke up only to reunite in America. After several decades together, Olive died from a lifetime of smoking, and Jake joined her a month later. The music video is a major TearJerker.
* The subject of "Intermission" by Pagan's Mind.
* Milky the Milk Carton (and his strawberry milk carton lover) at the end of the music video for "Coffee and TV" by Music/{{Blur}} (combined with WingedSoulFliesOffAtDeath).
* StarCrossedLovers Feleena and her cowboy lover in Music/MartyRobbins' "El Paso" trilogy. Where the cowboy has [[DiedInYourArmsTonight died in her arms]] after being fatally shot down by a posse for killing her would-be rapist at the end of "El Paso", Feleena feels sad that she can no longer live without him, and so [[DrivenToSuicide she kills herself with his own gun]] at the end of the sequel.
* One of the {{Stupid Statement Dance Mix}}es made out of the {{Lets Play}}er LetsPlay/{{raocow}}'s commentary revolves around this trope to explain the presence of Boo Carousels in ''VideoGame/SuperMarioWorld'' and its hacks. You can hear it [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtIrMW5pCf4 here.]]
* This is what Music/BlueOysterCult's "(Don't Fear) the Reaper" is really about, not a SuicidePact.
* Music/OzzyOsbourne's "See you on the other side".
--> I was down, but now I'm flying\\
Straight across the great divide\\
I know you're crying, but I'll stop you crying\\
When I see you, I see you on the other side
* Quite a few Music/{{Space}} songs qualify, but in particular, 'Me and You Versus the World':
--> Lying there dying in each other's arms\\
Oh, you said to me\\
"Don't worry about a thing, my little sweetheart\\
We're together, we shall never be apart"
* The wax figures of a man and a woman in the video for Music/DaftPunk's ''Instant Crush''. They spend the majority of the time in a museum room staring at each other, but kept apart. Then they're separated in a storage room, but when a fire starts they fall to the ground next to each other and melt together.
* Music/IcedEarth's ''Watching Over Me'' has this as one of its main themes.
--> We shared dreams like all best friends\\
Blood brothers at the age of ten\\
We lived reckless, he paid the price\\
But why? Why did he have to die?\\
It still hurts me to this day\\
Am I selfish for feeling this way?\\
I know he's an angel now\\
Together we'll be someday
* Music/{{Lights}}' "Don't Go Home Without Me"; "going home" being a death euphemism.
* Music/PapaRoach's ''Roses on my Grave'' has this as one of its main themes.
--> It's my redemption\\
Time for redemption\\
It's my redemption\\
Time for redemption\\
I'll see you on the other side\\
I'm waiting on the other side\\
I'll see you on the other side\\
I'm waiting on the other side
* "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa (ft. Charlie Puth), written as a tribute to the late ''Film/TheFastAndTheFurious'' actor Creator/PaulWalker.
-->It's been a long day without you, my friend\\
And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again\\
We've come a long way from where we began\\
Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again\\
When I see you again
* Wickedly averted in the Music/{{Sparks}} song "Here in Heaven". The narrator's girlfriend broke their suicide pact, and now he's stuck in Heaven, bored senseless while waiting for her to die of old age.
* Happens in the Music/Alt-J song "Taro", which tells the story of photojournalist Robert Capa's death in Vietnam, 17 years after his lover, fellow war photographer Gerda Taro, was killed while covering the Spanish Civil War.
-->Le photographe est mort\\
3.1415, alive no longer my amour\\
Faded for home, May of '54\\
Doors open like arms, my love\\
Painless with immense closeness\\
To Capa, to Capa Capa dark after nothing\\
Reunited with his leg\\
And with you, Taro\\

[[folder:Myths and Religion]]
* Non-romantic version in Literature/TheBible: After the death of her husband, Ruth expresses UndyingLoyalty to her mother-in-law, Naomi, and refuses to leave her, even at Naomi's insistence.
-->"Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried."
** Traditionally, the Cave of the Patriarchs in Israel contains four famous couples: Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and Jacob and Leah. {{Subverted}} with Jacob's other wife, Rachel, who suffered DeathByChildbirth near Bethlehem and was buried there. (God is said to have arranged this so that the Jews would pass by her grave when they were exiled to Babylon, allowing her to "see" them and pray for their redemption.)
* In a Greek myth described in ''Literature/TheMetamorphoses'', the poor, elderly couple Baucis and Philemon received two weary travelers with glad hospitality, even though their wealthier neighbors had driven the same travelers off. As it turned out, these travelers were actually [[AngelUnaware Zeus and Hermes]] in disguise. The two gods punished their selfish neighbors by turning the village into a lake, and them into fish, while Baucis and Philemon received their greatest wish: that they should die at the same moment so neither of them had to live widowed. When they did die, [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments they turned into trees, their branches forever intertwined in love]]. (Greek Mythology is big on SacredHospitality; Zeus was the patron of hospitality - and many other social laws - so violating this tradition, either by host or guest, would incur his fury. Those who honored it, however, would be rewarded.)
* Also in Greek Mythology -- the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, Orpheus failed in his attempt to rescue his bride from Hades, and it was only after he died were they finally reunited.
* Forbidden lovers Literature/TristanAndIsolde had a vine and a rose grow on their respective graves, which likewise intertwined.
** The intertwining rose and briar also shows up in "Barbara Allen", Literature/{{Child Ballad|s}} #84. Probably related to Tristan and Isolde, but the internet doesn't seem to know the details of how.
** The same happens in the old Spanish romance poem [[http://www.ciudadseva.com/textos/poesia/esp/anonimo/condeni.htm Romance del Conde Niño]] ("Romance of the Young Count"). [[note]]Link's in Spanish.[[/note]] A [[PrincelyYoungMan young count]] [[ElegantClassicalMusician with a talent for singing]] [[UptownGirl courts a]] [[PrincessClassic princess]] despite her mother's ParentalMarriageVeto; he is executed one night under the Queen's orders, and the princess falls victim to a DeathByDespair at daybreak. When they're buried in a church, his tomb few feet away from hers, a rose and a briar grow from their gravestones. After the evil Queen orders to have them cut down (and the servant who does so can't stop crying TenderTears), a hawk and a dove are born from the plants and they fly away together.
** Also in Literature/{{Child Ballad|s}} "[[http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/eng/child/ch074.htm Fair Margaret and Sweet William]]"
* Pyramis and Thisbe: (Classical Mythology, famously parodied by Creator/{{Shakespeare}} in ''Theatre/AMidsummerNightsDream'') Creator/{{Ovid}} tells us that the fruit of the mulberry bush under which the star-crossed lovers died turned red with their blood, and their ashes rest in a single urn.
* Husband and wife Ceyx and [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcyone Alcyone]] from Myth/GreekMythology. After Ceyx is lost at sea, Alcyone throws herself into the sea, and both are transformed into kingfisher birds by the gods.
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lovers_of_Teruel The Lovers of Teruel]]. According to this Spanish myth, TheOjou Isabel waited for the return of her VictoriousChildhoodFriend Diego, who had left Teruel to search for the fortune and fame he needed to marry her. After several years, Diego returned home... right after she had married [[RomanticFalseLead someone else]]. After a secret last talk, poor Diego ''literally'' [[DroppedABridgeOnHim dropped dead at Isabel's feet]]; the next morning, she showed up in his funeral clad in her wedding dress, and after a LastKiss she also fell dead. They were buried together.
* At first subverted, but ultimately upheld in the Guarani myth explaining Iguazu Falls. Naipi and her lover Taruba ran away so she wouldn't sacrificed to the snake god of the river, M'Boi. M'Boi made a huge waterfall in front of their canoe and turned Taruba into a tree at the top of the falls and Naipi into a rock as she fell to the bottom, thinking that this would be the worst punishment imaginable, to be able to see each other but never touch each other. However, on some days you can see a rainbow from a tree at the top of the falls to a rock at the bottom, and that is Naipi and Taruba's way of being together.
* The famous [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butterfly_Lovers Butterfly Lovers]] from Chinese folklore. They've been compared to Romeo and Juliet. Intelligent and beautiful Zhu Yingtai disguises herself as a man to attend school, where she falls in love with scholar Liang Shanbo. While they become good friends, despite Yingtai's many hints, Shanbo remains an oblivious nerd who doesn't realize Yingtai's true gender until years later. He falls in love with her, but she's been betrothed to another man. Shanbo pines away and dies. On her wedding day, Yingtai throws herself into Shanbo's grave, and both are resurrected as butterflies. It's particularly Asian in that it's not necessarily Together in Death, but together in rebirth.
* In one version of ''Literature/DeirdreOfTheSorrows'', Deirdre and her lover Naoise are buried beside one another and trees grow from their graves to intertwine.
* Myth/NorseMythology:
** Brynhild in ''Literature/PoeticEdda'' and ''Literature/VolsungaSaga'' burns herself on the funeral pyre of Sigurd, the only man that she was willing to marry (but couldn't).
** ''Literature/TheSagaOfArrowOdd'': When Odd brings Hjalmar's corpse to Sweden, his lover princess Ingibjorg drops dead from grief, and Odd has them buried in the same gravemound.
-->''"Since they weren't allowed to while they lived, these two can enjoy each other in death."''

* Appears in "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes.

* Radames and Aida from the opera ''Theatre/{{Aida}}'' are buried ''alive'' in a single tomb.
* In Donizetti's ''Lucia di Lamermoor'', Edgar stabs himself when he learns that Lucia has died.
* In Wagner's ''[[Theatre/DerRingDesNibelungen Götterdämmerung]]'' Brünnhilde immolates herself in Siegfried's funerary pyre.
* Wagner's adaptation of the ''Literature/TristanAndIsolde'' legend is one long exploration of this trope.
* ''Theatre/{{Tosca}}'' throws herself over the wall of the prison after her lover Mario is killed. And in doing so, she calls the name of [[MagnificentBastard Scarpia]], [[FoeYay not her lover.]]
* In ''Theatre/TheFlyingDutchman'', as the Dutchman crosses the DespairEventHorizon and takes off in his cursed ship under the belief that Senta doesn't love him enough to break his curse, she proves him wrong via telling him she'll be faithful to the death and then throwing herself off a cliff to prove it. Her suicide releases his soul [[UndeathAlwaysEnds and those of his sailors]]; at the end, the souls of the Dutchman and Senta are seen ascending to Heaven together.
* Haemon and Antigone in the Greek tragedy ''Theatre/{{Antigone}}''.
* ''Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet'', the modern archetypal StarCrossedLovers.
* Most versions of ''Theatre/SwanLake'' end with some version of this - unable to be together in life, Princess Odette and Prince Siegfried plunge together into the lake to be united in death. In the Matthew Bourne version, when both the Prince and the (possibly imaginary) Swan are dead, the Prince's younger self is seen cradled in the Swan's arms as the ballet ends.
* Attempted by Horatio at the end of ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}'', but his [[HoYay best friend]] Prince Hamlet (who's dying in his arms) stops him before he can drink the rest of the poison. Which makes Horatio a lot luckier than most characters in a Shakespearian tragedy.
* Audrey and Seymour both wind up eaten by the same plant in ''Theatre/LittleShopOfHorrors'', and at the end their heads appear in adjacent pods.
* All of the students in ''Theatre/LesMiserables'' (and actually everyone else who died over the course of the show). When they realized their death that night were certain, they all silently decided to have one last drink together and fight till the end. In the finale, after Valjean's death, his ghost joins Fantine and the other deceased for the closing reprise of "Hear The People Sing".
* Subverted in ''Theatre/TheAddingMachine''. After Zero dies, Daisy appears to him in an Arcadian afterlife, where she suggests that they "can always be together now." He doesn't care for it and [[RefusingParadise decides to leave the place]].
* As listed above, the musical version of ''Theatre/{{Aida}}'' also has Radames and Aida buried alive in a tomb. The musical adds the framing story of their reincarnations finding each other in the modern day.
* At the end of ''25 Saints'', Charlie commits {{self immolation}} while holding his dead [[StarCrossedLovers star-crossed girlfriend]] Sammy.
* ''Theatre/{{Hamilton}}'': Alexander and Eliza's final singing appearances both invoke this trope.
-->'''Alexander:''' My love, take your time. I'll see you on the other side.\\
'''Eliza:''' Oh, I can't wait to see you again. It's only a matter of time.
** In a bittersweet aversion, the end emphasises that Angelica was only buried near, not with, Alexander, symbolising her unrequited and unfulfilled love for him.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''Videogame/GhostTrick'', Yomiel's fiancee tries to invoke this trope by killing herself after Yomiel dies. This is one of the largest causes for Yomiel's StartOfDarkness.
-->''I'm coming for you, Yomiel...''
* While exploring in ''VideoGame/{{BioShock|1}}'', you can find the remains of a couple who committed suicide together lying in their bed. Listening to the nearby audio diary, you find out [[DrivenToSuicide why]]: [[spoiler:their daughter Masha, given up to an orphanage when they could no longer provide for her, has been turned into a Little Sister.]]
* In ''VideoGame/QuestForGloryIV'', when you tell the old man Nikolai that you saw his wife's ghost in the woods at night, he will leave town and try to look for her. The next time you go out into the woods at night, you see them both as ghosts, and they thank you for reuniting them.
* The "In Water" ending of ''VideoGame/SilentHill2''. It's not actually shown, but it is very heavily implied that James [[spoiler:puts his dead wife's body in his car and then drives into Toluca Lake, drowning himself so that they can be together again]].
* A non-romantic example. Aerith reunites with her OldFlame Zack in the Compilation of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'', but there's no indication that they actually get back together. Though its canonical status is ambiguous, the ''Maiden Who Travels the Planet'' novella has Aerith even saying outright that she loves Cloud more and spurns Zack's advances. Similarly, Zack and Angeal in Crisis Core; the former dies reaching up to grasp Angeal's hand.
* Lenne and Shuyin from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX2''. Both got shot to death and died by each other's side. Their spirits did not end up together... [[spoiler:at least, not until Yuna reunites them.]]
* In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXV'', [[spoiler:Lunafreya dies midway into the story, while Noctis [[HeroicSacrifice sacrifices his life in the end]] to thwart her killer, [[BigBad Aardyn Izunia]]'s plans. TheStinger reveals that their souls have reunited in the afterlife, and they fall asleep in each other's arms to seal their eternal love.]]
* Heartbreaking aversion with Aribeth in ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights''. You find her in ''Hordes of the Underdark'', trapped in the betrayer's circle of Hell, being psychologically tortured by her realization that she never really loved Fenthick in life.
* ''[[VideoGame/NeverwinterNights2 Mask of the Betrayer]]'' has an interesting take on this in one of its more bitterweet endings for female [=PCs=]: [[spoiler: If you choose to stay on the Fugue Plane (the underworld, more or less) in order to bind the spirit eater there, FlatEarthAtheist Gann will go as far as pledging his soul to the God of the Dead so that you won't have to be alone there. Neither of you are dead, just in Hell.]]
* Similar example on Creator/BioWare's part was a DummiedOut (but easily restored) female-only ending for ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic''. If the female PlayerCharacter has completed the RomanceSidequest with Carth, but chosen the Dark Side, he shows up at the Star Forge to make a last-ditch plea for you to [[spoiler: turn on Bastila]] and die on the Star Forge with him.
* ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater'': If the player pushes the first-person-view button [[spoiler:after shooting and killing the Boss, Naked Snake will see the ghostly apparitions of the Boss and her old lover, the Sorrow, standing together, watching over him.]] It's probably one of the very few comforts to take in the game's BittersweetEnding.
** ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolidVThePhantomPain'': According to [[WordOfGod developer commentary]], this is what happens to [[spoiler:Venom Snake and Quiet after his death during the [[VideoGame/MetalGear1 Outer Heaven incident]].]]
** ''Webcomic/TheLastDaysOfFoxhound'' goes one step further and occasionally shows The Sorrow and The Boss happily together in the spirit world.
* ''VideoGame/FireEmblem'':
** It has the potential for multiple cases of this if you're not careful with your units, and the writers for the [[KilledOffForReal death quotes]] damn well knew it.
--->'''Matthew:''' Leila...\\
'''Isadora:''' Harken... Where are you? I... I can't see anything...
** A straight example, however, comes from ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemElibe Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword]]'', from the most surprising of places. If the right conditions are fulfilled, the backstory of [[spoiler: BigBad Nergal]] is revealed, [[spoiler:including his romance and marriage to a dragon in the village of Arcadia. After his death in the finale, a still image is shown of the two reunited.]]
** In [[VideoGame/FireEmblemJugdral Genealogy of the Holy War]] [[spoiler:after avenging his father, Seliph meets the ghosts of his parents, Sigurd and Deirdre who are finally together again.]]
* Alice and Decus from ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphoniaDawnOfTheNewWorld''. Though Decus was annoying and Alice was plain evil, you can't help but feel for the pair, especially if you know their backstory.
* Maxim and Selan of the ''VideoGame/{{Lufia}}'' series. In ''[[VideoGame/LufiaAndTheFortressOfDoom Fortress of Doom]]'', it's seen that the couple die side by side at the end of prologue. However, in the prequel ''[[VideoGame/LufiaIIRiseOfTheSinistrals Rise of the Sinistrals]]'', it's revealed that Maxim continues to stop the island from falling on Parcelyte before dying from using too much power.
** In the DS remake, ''[[VideoGame/LufiaCurseOfTheSinistrals Curse of the Sinistrals]]'', Maxim and Selan stop Doom Island from falling and die together. [[spoiler:NewGamePlus [[AvertedTrope averts this]].]]
* The [[spoiler: Bailey Twins, Crystal and Amber]] in ''VideoGame/DeadRising2''. Once [[spoiler: one of them is dead, the other will proceed to stab herself, as she will 'never be complete again'.]]
* In ''VideoGame/TheCurseOfMonkeyIsland'', one of the game's puzzles involves reuniting two dead lovers (a ghost and a skeleton, respectively). When the heartbroken ghost discovers that her lover had never intended to abandon her, their spirits are shown reuniting and then vanishing happily together.
* The ''VideoGame/ShadowHearts'' series contains several examples, especially in its canon endings:
** Most notably, Yuri and Alice. After spending Shadow Hearts: Covenant mourning his dead lover, series hero Yuri tells her spirit that he will soon return to her and never leave again. At the end of the game, he commits suicide by allowing himself to be impaled. In his mind, Alice's soul is seen descending from the sky while his is finally released from its curse. The two souls embrace, and then disappear together.
** Lady and Killer. In ''Shadow Hearts: From the New World'', heartless villain Lady displays her first sign of emotion when the party kills her partner, Killer. After she is defeated in turn, she crawls over to Killer's body and embraces it, whereupon both bodies are lifted into the air, share a tender moment, and then disappear together.
** James and Elaine. In ''Koudelka'', James sacrifices his life to confront the [[CameBackWrong monstrous]] Elaine, screaming, "I have always loved you!" Their bodies are lifted up and consumed by light. As the screen fades to black, you hear Elaine's voice whisper, "Let's go, James. Let's go home. I have such fond memories of those days."
* ''VideoGame/NieR''
** In the second ending, after killing [[spoiler:The Shadowlord/Gestalt Nier]], he appears in a white void with [[spoiler:all the other boss shades and Gestalt Yonah.]]
** [[spoiler:The Masked King]]'s dying words are that he's going to meet with [[spoiler:Fyra]] again.
* In Chapter 4 of ''VideoGame/EternalDarkness'', Chandra is not only killed by a jealous mistress but explicitly cursed to be with a man only in death. She persuades Karim to join her in guarding a MacGuffin indefinitely, then seals the deal with a KissOfDeath.
* The characters of ''VideoGame/TheWalkingDead'' stumble upon a couple lying in a bed who were apparently DrivenToSuicide; both have head wounds and the male is clutching a gun.
* The ''Franchise/MassEffect'' series can play with this: if a Shepard whose love interest, depending on who it was, died in either the first or second game, and they player as Shepard stay loyal to him/her, [[spoiler: Shepard can also wind up dying at the end of either the second or third game.]] ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' really plays this up: [[spoiler: Thane dies in the third game if he survived the second and if a female Shepard romanced him it can be [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] with her saying she'll see him soon. Other squadmates, romance option included, can die if Shepard's Military Strength isn't high enough, and depending on whether they're in his/her squad, it will be right before or after Shepard's own death. Of course, in that case, the galaxy itself is royally screwed, making that scenario one hell of a DownerEnding.]]
* ''VideoGame/FatalFrame'':
** In the "Photograph" ending of the first game, [[spoiler: Kirie reunites with her dead lover. [[CuttingOffTheBranches Too bad it's non-canon]].]]
** The "Shadow Festival" ending of ''Deep Crimson Butterfly'', [[VideoGameRemake remake of the second game]]. [[spoiler: Mio and Mayu get engulfed by the Repentance and their bodies are seen holding hands. [[EpilepticTrees However, some fans interpret their slight movement as a sign they are still alive, which would make this]] YouAreWorthHell.]]
** The third game initially starts out (chronologically speaking) with [[spoiler: Reika being ForcedToWatch [[StarCrossedLover Kaname, her lover, being murdered in front of her, with his dead body lying next to hers]].]] After the events of the game, [[spoiler: Rei places their bodies next to each other while sending them off to the afterlife.]]
** Even more so in the fifth game, since its major themes are suicide and joining the dead. The strongest form of the [[HumanSacrifice ritualistic sacrifice]] practiced at Mt. Hikami involves a man marrying an already dead miko and then joining her in the sacrificial box she was placed in, which was then resubmerged in the [[HellGate night spring]] in order to appease it. [[spoiler: However the last miko candidate, Ouse, fell in love with a man while still alive and wanted to ''live'' with him rather than be together in death. This, and the fact that her lover had chosen to leave the mountain rather than stay with her, caused her ritual to fail and now she haunts the place desperately calling for someone to die with her.]] In the bad ending [[spoiler: Yuri, the protagonist, will choose to [[BittersweetEnding join Ouse to appease both their loneliness]].]]
-->[[spoiler: '''Ouse''']]:"[[YouAreNotAlone You are not alone]].
* In ''VideoGame/BatmanArkhamCity'', [[spoiler:this is the main goal of [[DeterminedWidow Harley]] [[DragonAscendant Quinn]], the title character of the DLC ''Harley Quinn's Revenge''. She wants revenge on Batman by making him suffer for unintentionally letting ComicBook/TheJoker die of the Titan disease, and at best she wants to [[DeathSeeker kill herself along with Batman]] so that she can be together with her Mr. J. in the afterlife. Unfortunately, by the end, her plans become foiled, turning the trope into "HerHeartWillGoOn".]]
** In ''[[VideoGame/BatmanArkhamKnight Arkham Knight]]'', [[spoiler:this is the implied fate of Mr. Freeze and [[TheLostLenore Nora]] in the ''Season of Infamy'' DLC, Nora is kidnapped by the militia as a bargaining chip against Freeze and is kept out of cryogenic stasis so long that she woke up. After Batman rescues her, she tells Freeze that she doesn't want him to keep trying to cure her disease if it's going to cost him his sanity, and she'd rather live out the few remaining days she has left. The two then leave Gotham and Freeze is shown shutting off his PoweredArmor that keeps his body at the sub-zero temperature he needs to stay alive, implying he plans to die with her]].
* In Xianghua's ending in ''[[VideoGame/SoulSeries Soul Calibur IV]]'', Kilik felt that it was his duty to [[HeroicSacrifice sacrifice himself and neutralise the two swords]], and wanted Xianghua to continue on and live a normal life. Xianghua had none of it.
-->'''Kilik:''' Thank you... Xianghua...\\
''The two disappeared together. The two powers forever rested in peace and never stirred again.''
* Happens twice in ''VideoGame/{{Transistor}}''. First when [[spoiler:Red finally reaches the Camerata's hideout, only to find that Grant [[DrivenToSuicide killed himself]] before she even arrived, and his partner Asher followed suit before she could actually get inside the room they were in.]] Second is [[spoiler:at the very end of the game, when Red is granted free reign to remake Cloudbank as she sees fit. But since everyone in Cloudbank except her is already gone, and even if she rebuilt the city it'd be nothing but a ghost town, she opts to impale herself on the Transistor instead so that she'll be processed and go to the Country with the Man in the Transistor.]]
* This is what happens with Anju and Kafei in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask'' if you manage to reunite them at the end of the 3 day cycle. The moon is just mere minutes away from crashing into the world and the couple tells Link that they'll greet the morning together. It's implied that the two know that the world is ending and they want to die together. The scene is doubly sad if you fail the side quest and see either Anju sitting in her room by herself, wondering if Kafei abandoned her or Kafei enter the empty room, musing about her wedding dress.
* Near the end of the storyline of ''VideoGame/MortalKombatX'', [[spoiler:some of the slain warriors from the previous game are freed from Shinnok's control, but Scorpion's [[RevengeBeforeReason actions]] inadvertently prevent Raiden from restoring most of them to life. However, the ending has the until-then StarCrossedLovers Liu Kang and Kitana ruling the Netherealm as Emperor and Empress. (Although, Liu Kang's Ladder ending suggests that this is ''not'' necessarily a good thing, as he might be a threat to other Realms later.)]]
* In ''VideoGame/TerraBattle'' Palpa sacrifices herself to power a machine so she can be with her true love who had made the same sacrifice earlier in her place.
* He spent the entirety of the first arc [[{{Necromantic}} trying to bring his wife back from the dead]] but world have destroyed the world in the process, this happens to the BigBad Malistaire in''VideoGame/{{Wizard101}}''. He seems comforted to begin to enter the spirit world when his wife's ghost comfort him. [[spoiler: His rage come back when he gets brought back as a {{Lich}} by the next Big Bad.]]
* In a somewhat unsettling twist on this trope, one of Emperor Palpatine's soundbites from ''StarWarsBattlefront2015'' has him shouting "Die together, fools!" when the player uses the power "Chain Lightning", which targets a group of enemies who are stood close by one another.
* ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'': In the abandoned town of Minefield, you can find in one house a pair of skeletons lying on a bed cuddling, with some syringes of Med-X (basically the ''Fallout'' universe's equivalent of morphine) on the bedside cabinets. Where it goes from a TearJerker to outright unsettling is the next-door room, which is obviously a child's bedroom, there is no child-sized skeleton to be found. Where did the kid go? [[FridgeHorror What did the parents do?]]
* ''VideoGame/BeyondTwoSouls'':
** If Jodie convinces [[spoiler:Nathan]] to back down in the climax, he chooses to commit suicide instead and is then reunited with the souls of his dead wife and daughter before moving on to the Infraworld.
** This option is also available to [[spoiler:Jodie]] at the very end, where [[spoiler:she can choose to move into the afterlife so she won't be separated from Aiden.]]

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* [[MultipleEndings One]] of the endings of ''VisualNovel/SayaNoUta'' has [[spoiler:Saya and Fuminori]] end up like this. It is absolutely [[TearJerker heartwrenching]], the way that [[spoiler:Saya ignores her wounds (with Kouji still repeatedly delivering blows as she does so) and drags herself over to Fuminori's corpse so she can embrace him before slipping away herself]].
* Saber and Shirou finally get a proper happy ending in ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'''s [[UpdatedRerelease Realta Nua's]] [[RevisedEnding bonus ending of]] Fate. [[GuideDangIt To unlock it, you have to]] [[HundredPercentCompletion die every way possible, and finish all three routes, and get all five endings]]... but by doing so, you get what might well be the most SugarWiki/{{heartwarming|Moments}} scene in the whole game. Whether you like or dislike that Shirou and Saber's route was denied an alternate ending (unlike with "Unlimited Blade Works" or "Heaven's Feel" which gave genuine happy endings that didn't require this trope) this new ending manages to combine IWillWaitForYou, DiedHappilyEverAfter and Together in Death for an undeniably impressive effect.
* One of the ending in YuriGenre VisualNovel ''VisualNovel/AkaiIto'' had [[spoiler:Kei and Sakuya replacing Yumei in being the Ohashira, after Kei was fatally wounded by Nushi and Yumei decided that she can't live without her]].
* Sora and Takeshi in ''VisualNovel/{{Ever17}}'' get trapped in HIMMEL together after Takeshi refuses to escape without her. Takeshi makes a backup of her data, leading to a HopeSpot, but ultimately no rescue comes and they drown together.
* ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'':
** In the [[HumanSacrifice second twilight's]] requirement of "tear[ing] apart the two who are close" often winds up playing around with this trope. Probably the most notable one was actually an intentional aversion where Beatrice [[spoiler:erases Kanon's corpse particularly so he and Jessica can't be together in death]]. And in the process frames him for the entire thing. [[UnreliableNarrator Or Did She?]]
** The magic ending of the series plays this effect. [[spoiler:Battler takes Beatrice (and a gold ingot) with him, even though she thinks she won't be able to fit in the world outside Rokkenjima. When they are on the boat in the middle of the ocean, she asks him to close his eyes, kisses him... and jump into the sea with the 10kg ingot. Battler's response is to jump and drown with her, saying "I won't let you go" (in reality though, he somehow survives, and loses his memories after an accident on the land).]] Add [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFyzTtKNzYI this song]] to the scene, and you get a big fat TearJerker.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'':
** [[spoiler:Dorukan and Lirian]], with the twist that [[spoiler:rather than having gone to the afterlife, their souls are trapped in a gem in BigBad Xykon's pocket]].
--->'''[[spoiler:Lirian]]:''' No... not a prison. Not anymore.
** Non-romantic semi-example: [[spoiler:Miko and her horse, Windstriker]]. "Semi" because only one is dead, the other is merely stuck in the Celestial Realms. When she realizes that she is going to die and [[HeelFaceDoorSlam doesn't even have a chance of redemption]], she only asks if she'll be able to see him again. [[AlasPoorScrappy For her, that's good enough]].
** Another non-romantic example: [[spoiler:Roy finally gets to see his little brother again, who had been killed when one of their father's experiments with magic went awry, when he gets to the Celestial Realm after dying in his battle with Xykon.]] [[http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0496.html Then they play blocks together.]] It was quite the TearJerker / HeartwarmingMoment for many people.
* According to WordOfGod, [[spoiler: RED Spy and BLU Sniper]] in ''Webcomic/CuantaVida''.
* The first panel of [[http://robotandghost.com/wp-content/gallery/2005/2005-03-10-Science.jpg this]] SimulatedComicProduct comic shows a young man next to his dead wife's tombstone, vowing he will use science to be re-united with her. The rest of the comic shows a montage of his scientific career, [[spoiler: older in each panel, until the last shows the same scene as the first, with two tombstones.]]
* Parodied in ''Webcomic/ButtlordGT'' after nearly everyone dies. "Awesome! All my friends are [[DeathIsASlapOnTheWrist dead and safe!]]"
* [[spoiler:Mandy and Grace]], two minor characters in ''[[Webcomic/WalkyVerse It's Walky!]]''
* Something of a recurring theme in Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}. [[spoiler:John and Vriska, Tavros and Vriska, Karkat and Terezi in two different alternate timelines, Karkat and Nepeta, Post-Scratch Rose and Dave, and John's Dad and Rose's Mom]] all end up this way.
* Parodied in ''Webcomic/{{Oglaf}}'' [[http://oglaf.com/survival/ here]].

[[folder:Web Original]]
* In the Website/{{Cracked}} short film [[http://www.cracked.com/video_18220_worst-second-date-ever.html "Worst Second Date Ever"]], the main character attempts to enter a suicide pact with a Hispanic maid he's dating, claiming that they're StarCrossedLovers. It doesn't go as he planned and it ends in a rather lighthearted note.
* He doesn't manage it (nope, his actual ending manages to be ''worse''), but Donnie [=DuPre=] from ''WebVideo/DemoReel'' might be one of the few characters who wants to die so he can be with his [[spoiler:dead mom]] rather than a dead partner. And while he [[DyingAlone dies alone]], at least Tacoma, Quinn, Rebecca and Carl fade away into nothing together.
* In WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic's ''Christmas Story II'' behind the scenes, Doug and Tamara say that during the couch scene, Hyper wanted to slit her and Critic's throats to preserve the moment.
* Wiki/SCPFoundation: [[http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1522 SCP-1522-1 and 1522-2]], When SCP-1522-2 is [[MoralEventHorizon heavily damaged by the GOC in an unprovoked missile strike]], 1522-1 goes on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge at ''Mach 4'' and [[RammingAlwaysWorks annihilates the GOC warship that attacked its mate.]] It returns to find its fellow ship unresponsive and sinking. [[PleaseWakeUp It desperately sails a pattern around SCP-1522-2 to try and raise it using advanced water-pressure techniques]], but does not succeed and 1522-2 sinks. [[HeroicBSOD It stops responding for seven hours.]] When approached by an SCP search-and-rescue helicopter, SCP-1522-1 lets of a single, loud, sustained blare of its foghorn in the ship version of a BigNo and [[DrivenToSuicide wills itself to fall apart and sink next to SCP-1522-2]]. Their remains were salvaged by the SCP Foundation and their rusting hulls now sit together on a beach in Svalbard.

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* In ''WesternAnimation/SpiderManTheAnimatedSeries,'' [[NeverSayDie of all]] [[FamilyFriendlyFirearms things]], [[spoiler:Mysterio's lover is an actress who was disfigured. She kidnaps Mary Jane for a body-swap, but Mysterio's body-switching machine turns out to not actually work - and never had. He'd been trying to give her hope. When she discovers this, she activates the SelfDestructMechanism because she'd rather die than not be beautiful. Spider-Man urges Mysterio to run, but Mysterio chooses to stay behind and die with her.]] No, they don't get better. In fact, though viewers still don't get the word "dead," there were none of the expected attempts to sweep it under the rug or make it OnlyMostlyDead - it even gets referenced later on.
* Presumably this was the logic for [[spoiler:Nox [[DrivenToSuicide killing himself]] on his late family's grave]] in the season one finale of ''WesternAnimation/{{Wakfu}}''. With [[DyingAlone no-one to bury him]], [[ShootTheShaggyDog his remains are blown away by the wind]].
* Happens to Ferdy the fox at the end of ''WesternAnimation/TheresGoodBoosTonight''. [[spoiler:He is shot by a hunter, only to come back to life as a ghost after [[WesternAnimation/CaspertheFriendlyGhost Casper]] mourns his death.]]
* In the ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'' episode "May the Best Stan Win," Francine wants to be buried with Stan, but he apparently signed an agreement with the CIA to have his body made into a cyborg. [[TwoPersonLoveTriangle Things get weird when cyborg!Stan comes from the future, regretting his decision]]. The episode ends with a DistantFinale showing that Stan changes the future and is buried with her after all.
* On ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}},'' [[AntiVillain the Emir]] uses magic [[DeathTakesAHoliday to capture]] [[TheGrimReaper Anubis]] and tries to force him to resurrect his young son, who died in a car accident. Long story short, the episode ends with the Emir being buried in a collapsed pyramid, and [[TheHero Goliath]] says that if there is any justice in the universe, the father and son are together again.
* The ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeagueUnlimited'' episode "Shadow of the Hawk" ends with a shot of the mummies of [[ReincarnationRomance the first incarnations of Hawkman and Hawkgirl]] holding hands.
* In just one of the many TearJerker moments of ''WesternAnimation/TheAnimalsOfFarthingWood'', this happens to [[spoiler:the charming old hedgehog couple as they're crossing the motorway. The noise of the traffic proves too much for Mr. Hedgehog and he freezes in fear, and while Mrs. Hedgehog has time to escape the path of the oncoming lorry, she refuses to leave her husband behind.]]

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* [[http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/10/071017-turkey-lovers.html This]] pair of skeletons are speculated to be the oldest embracing couple, at about 8,100 years old. The couple pictured above is believed to be the second oldest.
* According to popular accounts, when it became clear that her revolution was doomed to failure, Boudica and her daughters drank poison and the Romans found them like this.
* Many of the bodies found at Pompeii and Herculaneum are intertwined like this. (Sometimes in couples, sometimes in large groups. Practically the whole city was Together in Death.)
* [[StarCrossedLovers A Muslim woman marries a Hindu man]]. [[http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/8109805.stm Their local council disagrees for religious reasons and threatens to kill them. They kill themselves first to not be separated.]] [[TearJerker Damn it.]]
* Thebes had a special military unit - 150 pairs of male lovers, known as the ''Sacred Band''. When Philipp of Macedon (father of UsefulNotes/AlexanderTheGreat) brought Greece to its knees in the Battle of Chaeronea, the band was slain. They were all found "Heaped upon one another", all were buried in the same place.
** Upon seeing their bodies, the same Philipp who had vanquished them is recorded as saying: "Perish any man who suspects that these men either did or suffered anything unseemly."
* Isidor Straus was the co-owner of Macy's, and a passenger on ''Titanic'', along with his wife, Ida. When the ship hit the iceberg, Ida refused to get into a lifeboat, telling her husband: "We have lived together for many years. Where you go, I go." They were last seen alive sitting together quietly on the boat deck.
** They're the elderly couple seen cuddling together in their bed in [[Film/{{Titanic1997}} the 1997 movie]] as their room gets filled with water, and a deleted scene shows Ida refusing to enter the lifeboat. See the Film example.
** They appear in almost every dramatization of the story, even the 1943 version made in Nazi Germany (which doesn't mention that they were Jewish).
* The famed lovers Heloise d'Argenteuil and scholar Peter Abelard ultimately were joined in one grave, her remains joining his when she died 30 years after he did.
* Admira Ismic and Bosko Brkic, a Bosnian Muslim and Orthodox Serb who were very much in love and dating since their teens. Then the Siege of Sarajevo happened. The couple tried to flee the city for Serbia, had a ceasefire brokered from all sides, and were still shot as they tried to cross a bridge. Bosko died instantly; Admira was wounded, but crawled over to his corpse so she could put her arm around him and die. For worse, nobody ''dared'' get the bodies for quite some time... it was ''days'' before they were finally retrieved and buried ([[TearJerker side by side]]).
* Remains were uncovered of a woman who had been buried with her hand resting on her dog's back.
** Dogs and cats whose owners die will sometimes refuse to eat or exercise, hoping to invoke this trope.
* [[http://www.katu.com/news/local/118655274.html A 60-year old man]] suffered a heart attack while trying to revive his 59 year old wife after she collapsed.
* Chand and Eng, the first surviving Siamese twins (being, in fact, from the eponymous Siam that the condition is named after). When an elderly Chang died in his sleep, the just as elderly Eng woke up and wrapped himself around his brother's corpse, verbally invoking this trope as the reason to refuse a surgery that would separate them. He finally died three hours later.
-->'''Eng:''' "He's my brother. We've been together even from before we were born. [[DeathByDespair I won't live without him!]]"
** Similarly, there was a case of Juraci and Nadir Climerio de Oliveria, a pair of conjoined twins in Brazil. They were PolarOppositeTwins, and each controlled half of their mostly-shared body much like the Hensel twins. [[IllGirl Nadir was less healthy than Juraci]] as a general rule; when she had a lung infection at age 16, and a separation would have saved Juraci but ensured Nadir's death, Juraci wouldn't hear of it, saying that she would rather die with her sister. Once Nadir died anyway, and Juraci knew she would die as well, [[{{Determinator}} she still didn't change her mind]], and according to their father, [[FaceDeathWithDignity showed no fear.]] She died ten minutes after Nadir.
* BuckminsterFuller's wife was comatose and dying of cancer in a hospital. While visiting her, he exclaimed, "She is squeezing my hand!", before having a heart attack and dying. His wife died 36 hours later. They are buried together.
* Reportedly, Joe [=DiMaggio=]'s final words were "I'll finally get to see [[MarilynMonroe Marilyn]]."
** Similar were James Stewart's final words, "I'm going to be with Gloria." Gloria being his wife who'd died three years prior.
* Interestingly for a man so frequently associated with hate, UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler and Eva Braun actually committed suicide together. In Hitler's case a major factor was the fact that the war was lost, but Eva had no real reason to kill herself beyond complete devotion to him.
** This also happened with one of Hitler's most loyal officers, Joseph Goebbels. His wife Magda asked him to shoot her through the head. Goebbels did so and then promptly shot himself as well.
*** Goebbels also poisoned his own six children just before.
** A non-romantic example is Hitler's generals Hans Krebs and Wilhelm Burgdorf, who reportedly committed suicide together the day immediately after Hitler and Eva died.
* This is from a eulogy written close to two thousand years ago: "Amyntor, Philip's son... died holding his shield over a wounded friend."
* Nick and Mary Yankovic, the parents of Music/WeirdAlYankovic, died together in their sleep due to accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. [[http://www.weirdal.com/msg.htm Al has said that he took some comfort in knowing that neither one of them ever had to live without the other. They'd been married for 55 years]].
* This is the idea behind the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sealing_%28Mormonism%29 Temple Sealing]] ceremony in the LDS Church; such a marriage is not "until death do us part" but "for time and all eternity".
** Joseph Smith and his older brother, Hyrum, were murdered not two minutes apart by a mob. John Taylor, who was wounded in the attack, later wrote of them, "...In life they were not divided, and in death they were not separated!" (''Doctrine and Covenants'' Section 135 verse 3)
* Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Duchess Sophie had to endure numerous social slights throughout their fourteen-year, and [[HappilyMarried exceptionally close and loving, marriage]], due to [[UptownGirl Sophie's "lower" social station]] (though of old Bohemian noble stock, she lacked the requisite ancestry for equal marriage to a member of the Habsburg imperial family). They were assassinated literally alongside each other in Sarajevo on 28th June 1914, laid out side by side and entombed in adjoining sarcophagi; the Latin motto carved on the tombs is a variant of Taylor's comment on Joseph and Hyrum Smith (see above).
** The true irony is that the reason Sophie came to Sarajevo was because, due to her "lower" status, she was not allowed to appear with her husband at social events. As he was there for a military review, she would be permitted to sit with him publicly. Had he been attending any other event, she would not have been there at all.
* Calamity Jane, at her request, is said to have been buried next to the body of Wild Bill, who died almost 30 years prior.
* This is the general idea for most married couples that are subsequently buried in side-by-side graves; or sometimes the same burial plot.
* Musician Music/JohnnyCash died a mere four months after his wife June Carter died. Though the official cause of death was "complications from diabetes," many people who were close to him claim he had simply lost his will to live.
* Similar to the above, while Creator/VincentPrice's death was ruled out to be lung cancer, close friends claimed that the death of his third wife, two years prior, was a major contribution.
* In his last testament the philosopher Aristotle asked that his long dead wife's bones be buried with his body, 'as was her wish'.
* On May 19, 1987, Dr. Alice Sheldon, known to the world as science fiction author James Tiptree, Jr., shot her husband Huntington and herself. Both had severe health issues. They had long had an agreement to do this if life became too difficult, and she left clear messages. After shooting Hunt, Alice wrapped her own head in a towel before shooting herself.
* In TheSeventies, Creator/YukioMishima tried to pull a pro-UsefulNotes/ImperialJapan coup with his personal army (the ''Tatenokai''), and when this failed he went through {{seppuku}}. His NumberTwo, Masakatsu Morita, had already said he was willing to follow Mishima in death; predictably, once Mishima was dead, he commited {{seppuku}} as well.
* UpToEleven: Scandinavia has had a long tradition of family graves. As cremation has become more commonplace due to shortage of cemetary lands, family graves can contain urns of several ''generations''.
* Oichi, the younger sister of UsefulNotes/OdaNobunaga, died next to her second husband Shibata Katsuie in the flames of [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitanosho_Castle Kitanosho Castle]]. Katsuie was about to commit {{seppuku}} after losing the Battle of Shizugatake and having Kitanosho rodeated by enemy forces, so he asked Oichi to flee with her daughters from her former marriage to the already dead Azai Nagamasa; Oichi sent the daughters to safety but stayed with Katsuie, so they went down together.
* [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huisheng Aisin-Gioro Huisheng]] was a Chinese noblewoman daughter of Pujie (the younger brother of [[Film/TheLastEmperor Puyi, the Last Emperor of China]]) and a Japanese woman. In 1943, she was sent to Japan to live with her maternal grandparents and study there. She eventually met fellow student Ōkubo Takemichi, son of a railway executive... but [[ParentalMarriageVeto her mother strongly opposed]], as Huisheng was considered as [[ArrangedMarriage a potential bride]] for future Emperor Akihito. The StarCrossedLovers disappeared on 4 December 1957 and were found dead on Mount Amagi; Huisheng was found wearing a gold ring on her finger, laid with her head cradled in Ōkubo's left arm, while Ōkubo held a pistol in his right hand. Above their heads was a twisted piece of tissue paper containing snips of their hair and fingernails – an element in the ritual of a Japanese love suicide. Huisheng and Ōkubo's ashes were interred together at Ōkubo's father's request.
* The Romanian Revolution culminated in dictator [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicolae_Ceau%C8%99escu Nicolae Ceaușescu]] and his wife Elena being executed together via firing squad.
* Another tragic variation with [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sullivan_brothers the Sullivan brothers]] in UsefulNotes/WorldWarII. The five siblings were so fiercely loyal to each other that they refused to be split up after joining the Navy and were posted together to the USS ''Juneau''. Unfortunately, ''Juneau'' was torpedoed at Guadalcanal, broke in two, and sank in seconds. The remaining vessels in the area believed that NoOneCouldSurviveThat and retreated to avoid further torpedo attacks from the Japanese. When they finally found the few remaining survivors some eight days later, reports indicated that the three middle sons had died instantly in the explosion, while the youngest had survived the initial blast but later drowned. The eldest was supposedly delirious from sodium poisoning, falling off the life raft before rescue arrived, [[NeverFoundTheBody his body never found]], but some of the survivors suggest that he was so grief-stricken at the loss of his younger brothers that he [[DrivenToSuicide deliberately went over the side]] so that the Sullivan brothers would never be separated. There may be some truth to the story--when the Navy christened two vessels in honor of the Sullivans, both ships carried the motto "We Stick Together."
* On December 27, 2016, Creator/CarrieFisher died of a heart attack. Her mother, Creator/DebbieReynolds, suffered a fatal stroke the next day and died that same night. According to her son Todd Fisher, her last words were, "I want to be with Carrie."
* When Mao's widow [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiang_Qing Jiang "Madame Mao" Qing]] hung herself, she left a note where she denounced the corruption of the Cultural Revolution and finished with her desire to be reunited with Mao in the afterlife.
-->"Chairman, your student and fighter is coming to see you!"
* Allegedly invoked by Napoleon as he visited his dying friend, General Duroc, who had been eviscerated by a cannonball (the exchange was actually invented by his official newspaper, ''Le Moniteur'', though Napoleon encouraged its use for the sake of his own legend):
-->'''Napoleon:''' Duroc, there is another life! You will wait for me there, and we will be reunited one day!\\
'''Duroc:''' Yes, Sire, but it will be in thirty years, once you have triumphed over our enemies and fulfilled our homeland's hopes...
* Vincent Van Gogh, the famous painter and his younger brother Theodorus "Theo" Van Gogh [[https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Vincent_van_Gogh#/media/File%3AGraves_of_Vincent_and_Théodore_Van_Gogh.jpg were buried together.]] Theo was the unfailing financial and emotional support for Vincent, and ''went to pieces'' after his older brother died.