A genre of {{Casual Video Game}}s, where the almost AlwaysFemale hero is a woman doing stereotypically feminine tasks, such as serving food or changing babies' diapers. You must do the tasks as fast as possible, and usually you gain more points by chaining more and more actions together.

Compare RealTimeStrategy.
* The [[TropeMakers Trope Maker]] would be the decidedly non-feminine ''VideoGame/{{Tapper}}'', available in both Budweiser and [[FrothyMugsOfWater Root Beer]] versions.
* ''Videogame/DinerDash'' and its sequels/spinoffs/ripoffs.
* ''Cake Mania''
* ''VideoGame/PapaLouieArcade'', an entire series of games where the heroine, or hero, works to prepare food for patrons at the titular Papa Louie's franchise de jour ([[WordSequel Pancakeria, Pizzaria, Burgeria, Hot Doggeria, Taco Mia, Cupcakeria and more]]).
* ''VideoGame/CarrieTheCaregiver''
* ''VideoGame/MissManagement'', though it has more of a plot than most games in the series. Unsurprisingly it was created by the people who made ''Videogame/DinerDash''.
* ''Betty's Beer Bar'' (a case where the tasks are hardly feminine...)
* ''Snowy's Lunch Rush'', a rare instance where the hero is male. Other than that, it's still a [[FollowTheLeader pretty blatant "Diner Dash" clone]]...
* ''Sally's [[AlliterativeName Salon/Spa/Studio]]''. The spin-off ''Sally's Quick Clips'' is, like the ''Rush'' series below, a combination of this and a MatchThreeGame.
* ''Nanny Mania''
* ''DonaldDuck's Playground'' has Donald working in a toy store, on the railroad, at the airport and at the greengrocer's to earn money to buy fixtures for the titular playground.
* Despite the similarity of the names, the ''Rush'' series -- ''Burger Rush'', ''Coffee Rush'' et cetera -- are not ''Diner Dash'' clones but combine basic time management with elements from a MatchThreeGame -- in order to create the dishes to serve customers, you have to match certain items on the board.
* Burger Shop one and two, and eggo kitchen. They come with a little twist that instead of choosing decorartions, you choose the foodstuff. Two also added breakfast, lunch and dinner, which changes what each customer wants.
* The [[http://www.mcvideogame.com/ McVideoGame]] has this on the scale of a multinational corporation. [[CaptainObvious Guess which one.]]
* ''Series/HellsKitchen''. People expected a ''VideoGame/CookingMama'' kind of game, but no, it's a TimeManagementGame. With Ramsay's (censored) swearing to boot.
* ''VideoGame/{{Atelier Rorona|The Alchemist of Arland}}'' combines this with a turn based RPG. Basically you fill out work orders in a specified amount of time to prove your shop is still worthwhile to the kingdom and avoid eviction, and you have to balance buying materials or spending time to procure them from dungeons.
** ''VideoGame/{{Atelier Ayesha|The Alchemist Of Dusk}}'' applies a three year ([[InUniverseGameClock in-game]]) global time limit to the entire game. Traveling, gathering, synthesizing, even resting all use precious time, and you have to fit a conventional story-driven RPG into it. Running out of time abruptly gives you the bad ending.
* ''{{VideoGame/Delicious}}''
* ''VideoGame/RecettearAnItemShopsTale'' is half this, half DungeonCrawler.
* ''Fix It Up'' and its sequels take place in the world of auto repair and customization. The protagonist is female, though.
* ''Johnny's Payday Panic'' for the 3DS is a straight-forward example with five different types of shops that the titular Johnny can work at.
* ''VideoGame/LeisureSuitLarryMagnaCumLaude'': Among its collection of minigames is a straight-up {{Homage}} to ''Tapper''. When done while courting [[SoapboxSadie Charlotte]], it involves passing out fliers and catching paper airplanes; while courting the science teacher he feeds lab monkeys while catching their empty plates.