->''"No mere mortal can resist... the e-vil of the Thriller!"''
-->-- '''Creator/VincentPrice''', Music/MichaelJackson's "Music/{{Thriller}}"

A thriller is a genre in visual media and literature which focuses on action, fast pacing, tension, and suspense. The [[RuleOfDrama conflicts]] are usually between desperate heroes and powerful antagonists who outmatch them by a large margin. Frequent location changes, [[RaceAgainstTheClock time shortage]], and {{Cliffhanger}}s are extremely common.

Thrillers can overlap with almost any other genre. They are more defined by their plot and devices than by their content. They can be identified by [[ShapedLikeItself the thrills]] the work gives to the reader or viewer.

Modern incarnations of [=Thrillers=] seem to overlap more and more often with the {{Horror}} and ScienceFiction genres, leading to a misclassification of all Thrillers as being Horror, Science Fiction, or both.

Not to be confused with either the Music/MichaelJackson [[Music/{{Thriller}} album]] or the old Creator/BorisKarloff-hosted [[Series/{{Thriller}} anthology series]], nor yet the 1970s British anthology series. Although the Michael Jackson music video ''does'' slightly fit in.
* Main/ConspiracyThriller
** Main/BritishConspiracyThriller
* Main/PsychologicalThriller
* Main/SpyFiction
* Main/GeniusThriller
!!{{Trope}}s often associated with the genre
* {{Cliffhanger}}
** WhatCliffhanger
* MadLibThrillerTitle
* TheReveal
** TheUnReveal
* TitleIn: Used to make sure the audience doesn't get confused by frequent location changes.

[[folder: Anime and Manga]]
* ''Anime/{{Canaan}}''
* ''Manga/{{Dlive}}''
* ''Anime/{{Kagewani}}'', overlapping with horror.
* ''Manga/{{Monster}}'', overlapping with horror.
* ''Manga/UntilDeathDoUsPart''
* ''Manga/YamiNoAegis''

[[folder: Film]]
* ''Film/Berserk1967''
* ''Film/{{Criminal}}''
* ''Film/TwentyTwoBullets''--overlapping with Action.
* ''Film/TwentyEightDaysLater'', overlapping with Horror.
* ''Film/TheBlackDahlia''
* ''Film/TheBourneSeries'', overlapping with Action.
* ''Film/{{Brake}}''
* ''Film/{{Buried}}''
* ''Film/{{Circle}}''
* ''Film/ColdComesTheNight'', a crime thriller.
* ''Film/ColdSweat''
* ''Film/TheConspiracy'', overlapping with Horror.
* ''Film/TheDarkKnightTrilogy'' is a [=Thriller=] mixed with superhero and [[FilmNoir neo-noir]]. Each of the movies qualifies in different ways:
** ''Film/BatmanBegins'' fits this genre in the second half of the movie, as the first half focused on Batman's origins.
** ''Film/TheDarkKnight'' is a crime [=Thriller=] throughout the whole movie.
** ''Film/TheDarkKnightRises'' is a [=Thriller=] mixed with DisasterMovie elements.
* ''Film/{{Everly}}''-overlapping with action.
* ''Film/ExMachina'', overlapping with Science-Fiction.
* ''Film/{{Femme Fatale|2002}}''
* ''Film/TheGift2015'' a psychological thriller
* ''Film/HardCandy''
* ''Film/TheHuntForRedOctober''
* ''Film/JacobsLadder'', overlapping with horror.
* ''Film/JacksBack'', overlapping with SupernaturalThriller.
* ''Franchise/JurassicPark'', overlapping with Horror and Science Fiction.
* ''Film/LaColonia'': Overlaps with historical drama.
* ''Film/TheLittleGirlWhoLivesDownTheLane''
* ''Film/ALonelyPlaceToDie''
* ''Film/KindergartenCop'', overlapping with comedy.
* ''Film/MoneyMonster''
* ''{{Film/Nerve}}''
* ''Film/NoEscape''
* ''Film/NoTearsForTheDead''
* ''Film/TheCall''
* ''Film/TheMatrix'', overlapping with Cyberpunk.
* ''Film/OpenGrave'', overlapping with Horror.
* ''Film/PerfectAssassins'', overlapping with Action and Mystery
* ''Film/PokerNight''
* ''Film/ThePresidentsLastBang''
* ''Film/ThePurge'', overlapping with Horror and Science Fiction.
** ''Film/ThePurgeAnarchy''
** ''Film/ThePurgeElectionYear''
* ''Film/TheQuiet''
* ''Film/{{Quick}}''
* ''Film/TheRoommate''
* ''Film/ReservoirDogs'', overlapping with Crime And Punishment.
* ''Film/RunawayJury'', overlapping with Crime and Punishment, and LawProcedural.
* ''Film/{{Film/Shiri}}''
* ''Film/{{Shooter}}''
* ''Film/ShutIn'', overlapping with Horror.
* ''TheSilenceOfTheLambs'', overlapping with Horror.
* ''Film/TheSixthSense''
* ''Film/SkinTrade'', overlapping with Action.
* ''Film/{{Sleepers}}''
* ''Film/{{Split}}''
* ''Film/StrangersOnATrain''
* ''Film/{{Surveillance}}''
* ''Film/{{Targets}}''
* ''Film/TiesThatBind2006'', overlapping with Drama.
* ''Film/TiesThatBind2010'', overlapping with Mystery and Crime.
* ''Film/TheTransporter'', overlapping with Action.
* ''Film/{{Unbreakable}}''
* ''Film/TheGuest'' , overlapping with Mystery and Action.
* ''Film/{{Stay}}''
* ''Film/YouthOfTheBeast''
* ''Film/ApartmentZero''

[[folder: LiveActionTV]]
* ''Series/{{Cleverman}}''
* ''Series/{{Colony}}'', overlapping with drama and science fiction
* ''Series/{{Deutschland 83}}'', overlapping with spy fiction.
* ''Series/{{Fauda}}''
* ''Series/KamenRiderAmazons'', overlapping with speculative fiction.
* ''Series/LockedUp'', overlapping with prison drama.
* ''Series/{{Medici}}'': overlapping with historical fiction.
* ''Series/{{Scandal}}'', overlapping with politics and drama.
* ''Series/{{Spotless}}''
* ''Series/TheManInTheHighCastle''
* ''Series/{{Six}}''
* ''Series/{{Tyrant}}''

* ''WebVideo/TheHire''

[[folder: VideoGames]]
* ''VisualNovel/FourTwoEightFuusasaretaShibuyaDe''
* ''VideoGames/GodsWillBeWatching'', a [[PointAndClickGame Point And Click]] thriller with some ScienceFiction elements.