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[[caption-width-right:294:"[[Film/ShaolinSoccer NO MORE SOCCER!]]"]]

->'''Kids:''' Give us our ball back! Give us our ball back!\\
'''Biff Tannen:''' Oh, you mean this ball? Is this your ball? You want it back?\\
'''Kids:''' Yeah!\\
(''Biff throws the ball up onto a neighbor's roof, inaccessible to the kids'')\\
'''Biff Tannen:''' '''Well go get it!!''' Hahahaha!
-->-- ''Film/BackToTheFuture, Part 2''

In essence, this is about destroying property just because you can... even though there is ''nothing'' to gain from it. [[ForTheEvulz Being an asshole for the sake of being an asshole]].

A {{Jerkass}} character is walking down a sidewalk when he sees a group of young little kids playing with a ball, or a remote-controlled plane. He goes up to them all casual-like and feigns interest as they rave about their new favourite toy. Next thing you know though, TheBully either borrows the toy or takes it by force and then either breaks it, throws it on top of a roof or in a body of water, takes it for his own... whatever's the cruellest way he can think of to deprive the kids of their fun. After he does this, he walks away laughing at what he's done while the poor little kids cry or shout angrily at him, hopelessly unable to do anything to fix or retrieve their toy.

Of course, this can be the moment that the local {{Badass}} sees this happening and makes the Jerkass regret it by beating him up to the delight of the kids and/or making him retrieve the item or compensate for the loss.

This doesn't necessarily have to be exactly like that situation though; this trope applies to all types of jerkassery committed to all kinds of helpless people regarding their items. For example, when the Jerkass's co-worker just finished his project on a computer or whatever and is about to save it, the guy goes out of his way to pull the plug of his co-worker's computer, making the co-worker lose all his hard work.

A SubTrope of KickTheDog... or occasionally PokeThePoodle. SisterTrope to ForTheEvulz and EvilIsPetty.



[[folder:Anime And Manga]]
* This is how ''Anime/YuGiOh'' starts. Yugi is working on his [[ArtifactOfDoom puzzle]] when bullies Honda/Tristan and Jounichi/Joey start picking on him and playing KeepAway with it. Then Joey throws a piece of the puzzle into the pool.
* ''Manga/MutekiKanbanMusume'': Miki accuses longtime TheRival Megumi of letting the air out of Miki’s bicycle tires. [[BitchInSheepsClothing Megumi denies this in public]], [[TheBully but confesses only to Miki]].

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* ''WesternAnimation/DespicableMe'': Gru's EstablishingCharacterMoment is when he gives a young boy a balloon animal... and pops it with a pin. He ''sets up'' this trope just for fun.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* In ''Film/BackToTheFuture Part II'', Biff is leaving his grandma's house to get his car when he picks up a ball from a group of passing neighborhood kids. He dribbles the ball while he continues walking down the block even as the kids beg him to return it. Finally, Biff turns around, starts to hand the ball to them, then turns around and throws it onto the next house's roof, shouts "Go get it!", then continues on his way.
** In part 1, it is subverted when Marty takes the kid's scooter (purely out of desperation since Biff was chasing him) then turns it into a skateboard, making it ''way cooler''. After kicking some serious ass, he gives the cooler toy back to the kids. Done again in part II in 2015 when Marty takes a girl's hoverboard while being chased by Griff's gang. After the chase, Marty hands the hoverboard back to the girl, who tells him to keep it as she's got a larger Pit Bull (the type of hoverboard that Griff's gang was trying to use).
* ''Film/KungFuHustle'' has it when Sing stomps a football and says his first line: "NO MORE SOCCER!" It's a reference to the director's previous film ''Film/ShaolinSoccer''.
* Kiefer Sutherland's character does this with the boy's baseball cap in ''Film/StandByMe''.
* In ''Film/DennisTheMenace'', the fugitive/convict/whatever comes up to a kid and asks "Whatcha eatin', sport?" The kid replies, "Uh Appul (A apple)." Then the convict stabs the apple with his knife and pulls it out of the kid's hand. Then he proceeds to [[EnemyEatsYourLunch eat a bite in front of the crying child]].
* In ''Film/TheProfessional'', Stansfield steals a basketball from some kids on the street and when they complain states they should be in school anyway.
* In ''Film/KillerKlownsFromOuterSpace'', a group of bikers bully a little klown who arrives on a mini-bicyle by destroying it and laughing to each other. Except [[MuggingTheMonster the klown is a actually a vampiric extra-terrestrial monster]], so he decapitates the biker in question. The rest of the gang wisely take off after that.

[[folder: Jokes]]
* There is a Dutch group of jokes that revolves around the throwing of bikes on roofs. For example:
** Humour: throwing a bike on the roof.
** Baby humour: throwing a kid's bike on the roof.
** Racist humour: throwing black and brown bikes on the roof.

* In his introduction story in Louis Sachar's ''WaysideSchool'' series, a kid named Terrence kept kicking all the balls over the fence while saying things like "Shut up, Dixie cup." Eventually he complained that there was nothing left to kick, at which point Louis the yard teacher kicked ''him'' over the fence.
* In ''Literature/ThePigman,'' thieving {{Jerkass}} Norton smashes the titular Pigman's collection of ceramic pigs, looking for valuables. John beats the crap out of him for it.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* In the ''AreYouAfraidOfTheDark'' episode "The Tale of the Dark Music", a bully takes a kid's bike and throws it onto the street where it gets run over by a passing bus.
* ''Series/{{Mash}}'': BJ and Hawkeye were feuding with Charles - he was playing his French horn, annoying them, so they refused to shower until he stopped. Eventually the rest of the camp ganged up on BJ and Hawk and hosed them down. Charles watched this with delight... until someone took away his French horn, laid it on the ground, and ran over it with a jeep. This is a rare example of Charles being the victim rather than the snob.
* ''TheYoungOnes'': This trope could almost be called "The Vyvyan", because he has this as his MO. He routinely destroys not only his housemates' possessions, and those of anyone he comes into contact with, but also ''[[UpToEleven his own.]]'' All just for the fun of it. Of course, if your parents had saddled you with a name like "Vyvyan"...
* ''Billy Webb's Amazing Story'' inverted this: the bike put the bully up there.
* ''Series/{{Sharpe}}'' has both a hero and a villain destroying each other's stuff.
** "Sharpe's Enemy": Richard Sharpe gets heartbroken [[spoiler:because his spouse was killed by his mortal enemy]] and in utter frustration, he destroys a French spy's glasses. He came to demand that the British surrender. It might have been partly PercussiveTherapy, but the spy was a jerk ass and had it coming. Nothing to gain from it, except it was a good way of showing the FrenchJerk who the alpha dog is.
** In "Sharpe's Honour", the jerkass spy plans an elaborate revenge because Sharpe's chosen men and the British army defeated the French in a battle that he thought was an easy French victory. After series of misfortunes, Sharpe ends up caught by the French. The spy smashes Sharpe's telescope that he received from Wellington himself. Nice try doing your revenge and trying to break Sharpe, jerk spy, but it was a bad idea. [[spoiler:Sharpe used one broken piece as a weapon and it helped him to escape.]]
* One scene in ''Series/GrangeHill'' spinoff ''Tucker's Luck'' shows thug Passmore putting his bovver boot through the protagonists' ghetto blaster as a mindlessly destructive alternative to simply switching it off.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In Yuuko's chapter of ''EfAFairyTaleOfTheTwo'', bullies do this with Yuuko's indoor shoes, hiding them on top of the lockers, which causes her to have to go around all day in her socks. [[spoiler:Eventually subverted -- Yuuko hid them up there herself to create the illusion that she was being bullied, so that she could better manipulate Yuu.]]
* In ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 2}}'', you can break a kid's toy in a small sidequest. You even get ExperiencePoints for teaching him that "life is cruel and unfair".
** Much later, VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas lets you rescue a little slave girl's teddy bear and hand it to her. Or tear it in half in front of her, because... ''because''.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''TheSimpsons'': Bart & Nelson are with Millhouse in the park, watching him play with his remote control plane and are thoroughly bored.
-->'''Bart''': Milhouse, this is boring. Make it crash or something.
-->'''Milhouse''': Perfectly level flying is the supreme challenge of the scale model pilot.
-->''Nelson takes the remote and gives a more spectacular stunt. ... it finally ends its trip crashing on the roof of a mysterious old house.''
** Another, though this time subverted, example from the show is when Mr. Burns does this simply out of curiosity, but he's so old and decrepit that "[[http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/like_taking_candy_from_a_baby taking candy from a baby]]" is not as easy as he had thought.
* In the ''[[TheRenAndStimpyShow Ren and Stimpy]]'' short "Sven Hoek", Stimpy and Ren's equally [[TheDitz moronic]] cousin, Sven, are seen playing their favourite board game, [[SchmuckBait Don't Whiz on the Electric Fence]], which indeed has an actual [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin electric fence]]. When Ren comes home from work, he finds they've also, in their idiocy, destroyed his most precious belongings. In the midst of a psychotic rant [[CutHisHeartOutWithASpoon outlining the terrible things he has planned for them]], Ren discovers the board game, and asks tauntingly, "Do you like this game? Do you really, ''really'' like this game?" and proceeds to take a leak on it. The resulting short generates an explosion that literally blows them all straight to Hell, where the Devil cheerfully [[FingerWag admonishes them]] with "So, you whizzed on the electric fence, didn't ya?"
* ''WesternAnimation/AquaTeenHungerForce''. Whenever Meatwad gets something, anything, Shake destroys it. Eventually, Shake is reduced to burning holes in Meatwad's carpet, the only thing he has left.
** This backfires on him in "Video Ouija". Shake commits suicide just so he can haunt Meatwad through the titular Video Ouija game, but by this time Meatwad has grown bored of it, leaving Shake stuck as a ghost caring for a perpetually crying ghost baby.
** In "Reedickyoulus" Shake microwaved Meatwad's kitten and then, forgetting he already killed Meatwad's kitten, microwaved his own kitten mistaking it for Meatwad's.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}}'': Angelica has kicked several of Tommy's balls into the other side of the yard with the bull dog in it.
** In "The Trial", Angelica broke Tommy's clown lamp because she thought it was ugly.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' episode, "[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS3E4OneBadApple One Bad Apple]]" has a variant of this when Applebloom's cousin, Babs Seed, defensively joins in Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon's taunt of the CMC and tries to up the ante by kicking their float. In doing so, she inadvertently destroys it and Babs, although surprised, then feels that she has to play along and rub it in to keep her facade up.
* Several episodes of ''Animation/TheRabbitWithTheCheckeredEars'' in which Mozdony plays the role of TheBully involve him taking other characters' possessions simply because he can, and the title character intervening to restore them to their rightful owners.
** "The Borrowed Stroller" involves Kriszta borrowing a doll's stroller from a friend in exchange for letting her walk her dog. Mozdony is in the same park as Kriszta, and decides to help himself to the stroller while her back is turned and use it as a go-kart.
** At the beginning of "Whose House is This?", Kriszta and Kistöfi make a Wendy-house out of a giant cardboard box in Kriszta's front garden. Mozdony happens to walk past the front gate and decides to climb in the house himself; his sheer size means there is no room inside for the other two, and he rebuffs their attempts to get him out again.