->''Got my foot pinned to the floor''
->''You can feel the engines roar''
->''Got thunder in my hands''
->''I'm metal thrashing'' '''MAAAAAAAD!, YEAH!'''
-->[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcLXOTwZ5tA "Metal Thrashing Mad"]], Music/{{Anthrax}}

Primary Stylistic Influences:
+ SpeedMetal, NewWaveOfBritishHeavyMetal, HardcorePunk
Secondary Stylistic Influences:
+ Traditional HeavyMetal

'''Thrash metal''' is a sub-genre of HeavyMetal. Basically, it's a fusion of HardcorePunk and the music of the NewWaveOfBritishHeavyMetal (NWOBHM; you know, Music/JudasPriest, Music/IronMaiden). In slightly more detail, thrash metal, also known as "thrash", features very fast, riff-heavy guitar playing, and equally fast drumming.

Thrash metal began in the early eighties and was popularized mainly by the "Big Four" (Music/{{Metallica}}, Music/{{Megadeth}}, Music/{{Slayer}} and Music/{{Anthrax}}) as well as the three main bands of the Teutonic thrash metal scene in Germany ({{Music/Sodom}}, {{Music/Kreator}}, Destruction). By the 90s, its popularity began to wane as the genres it inspired (see below) began to overtake it in popularity, but it still had enough of a dedicated following to begin a "revival" of sorts in the 2000's (see the "New Blood" section). [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome In June of 2010, the Big Four of thrash metal played together on one stage for the first time ever in a historic concert tour in Europe.]]

Fellow metal genres DeathMetal, GrooveMetal and arguably BlackMetal evolved directly from thrash. Thrash metal evolved from SpeedMetal, and was instrumental in the creation of PowerMetal.

!!Bands typically described as thrash metal include:

'''Old Guard'''

American West Coast
* Music/DarkAngel (later material overlaps with ProgressiveMetal)
* Music/DeathAngel
* Defiance
* Devastation (later material overlaps with DeathMetal)
* Epidemic (also DeathMetal)
* Evildead
* [[Music/ExodusBand Exodus]]
* Music/{{Forbidden}}
* Gammacide
* Music/{{Heathen}}
* Music/{{Hirax}}
* Holy Terror
* [[Music/LaazRockit Lääz Rockit]]
* Music/{{Megadeth}}
* Music/{{Metallica}}
** 1984 - ''Music/RideTheLightning''
** 1986 - ''Music/MasterOfPuppets''
* Music/{{Possessed}} (considered an early innovator of death metal)
* Rigor Mortis
* Music/{{Sadus}}
* Music/{{Slayer}}
** 1986 - ''Music/ReignInBlood''
* Music/SuicidalTendencies (played crossover thrash from 1987 to either 1992 or 1994 depending on who you ask)
* Music/{{Testament}} (also DeathMetal on their mid-late 90s albums)
* Music/{{Tourniquet}} (also ProgressiveMetal and ChristianMetal)
* Music/{{Torture}}
* Ulysses Siren
* Viking
* Music/{{Violence}}
* Music/{{Watchtower}} (also ProgressiveMetal and PowerMetal)

American East Coast
* Music/{{Anthrax}}
** ''Music/AmongTheLiving'' (1987)
* Blood Feast
* Music/{{Carnivore}}
* Music/DirtyRottenImbeciles (later)
* Music/DemolitionHammer
* Music/HallowsEve
* Music/IcedEarth (later became PowerMetal)
* Meliah Rage
* [[Music/{{MOD}} M.O.D]]
* Music/NuclearAssault
* Music/{{Overkill}}
* Ripping Corpse (also DeathMetal)
* [[Music/{{StormtroopersOfDeath}} S.O.D.]]
* Terrahsphere (also ProgressiveMetal)
* Music/{{Toxik}} (also ProgressiveMetal, as well as PowerMetal on ''World Circus'')
* Wargasm
* Music/{{Whiplash}}

Misc. American
* Music/{{Anacrusis}} (also ProgressiveMetal)
* Music/BodyCount
** ''[[Music/BodyCountAlbum Body Count]]'' (1992)
* Music/{{Exhorder}} (Mixed with GrooveMetal)
* Music/{{GWAR}}
* Incubus (also DeathMetal) (Not be confused with the [[Music/{{Incubus}} alternative rock band]]; currently, they are known as Opprobrium.)
* Intruder
* Music/MetalChurch
* Music/MorbidSaint
* Num Skull
* Thought Industry (also Progressive/Avant-Garde Metal)
* Music/JohnZorn: Eclectic composer who mixes many different musical genres in his work, including thrash metal
** ''Music/{{Spillane}}'' (1987)
** ''Music/{{Radio}}'' (1993)
** ''Music/MusicForChildren'' (1998)

Teutonic (German)
* Music/AngelDust (later became PowerMetal)
* Music/{{Assassin}}
* Music/AssortedHeap (also DeathMetal)
* Deathrow
* Music/{{Destruction}}
* Music/{{Despair}}
* Music/{{Exumer}}
* Music/HolyMoses
* Music/{{Kreator}}
* Music/LivingDeath
* Music/MekongDelta (also ProgressiveMetal)
* Music/{{Paradox}}, beginning with ''Heresy'' (formerly SpeedMetal)
* Music/{{Protector}} (also DeathMetal)
* Music/{{SDI}}
* Music/{{Sodom}} (started as BlackMetal and SpeedMetal, and experimented with DeathMetal once)
* Music/{{Tankard}}
* Music/{{Vendetta}}
* Music/ViolentForce

* Music/{{Attomica}}
* Claustrofobia
* Music/DorsalAtlantica
* Music/{{Executer}}
* Music/ExplicitHate
* Music/{{Holocausto}} (also BlackMetal)
* Music/{{Korzus}}
* Music/TheMist
* Music/{{Mutilator}} (also had elements of BlackMetal)
* Music/{{MX}}
* [[Music/{{Sarcofago}} Sarcófago]] (Mixed with BlackMetal and DeathMetal)
* Music/{{Sepultura}} before ''Chaos AD'' (mixed with DeathMetal and later became GrooveMetal; they became thrash again starting with ''Dante XXI'')
* Music/{{Soulfly}}, beginning with ''Dark Ages''
* Music/TortureSquad
* Music/{{Vulcano}} (also BlackMetal)

* Aggression
* Music/{{Annihilator}} (fused with SpeedMetal and ProgressiveMetal; later material mixed with GrooveMetal as well)
* Music/{{Anvil}} (YMMV, has more in common with HeavyMetal with PowerMetal touches)
* Music/DeadBrainCells
* Music/{{Exciter}} (though they may be SpeedMetal more than anything, they had elements of the genre)
* [[Music/InfernalMajesty Infernäl Mäjesty]] (death/thrash, later material fully overlapped with death metal)
* Music/{{Obliveon}} (also prog)
* Music/{{Razor}}
* Music/{{Sacrifice}}
* Music/{{Slaughter}} (punkish death/thrash band, not to be confused with the glam metal band)
* Music/{{Voivod}} (their first two albums were punk-thrash; from their third album onwards they added in ProgressiveMetal elements that eventually eclipsed their thrashier sound)

* Acid Reign
* Music/{{Amebix}} - Crust mixed with thrash
* Music/{{Deathwish}}
* Energetic Krusher
* Hydra Vein
* Music/{{Onslaught}}
* Music/{{Sabbat}}
* Music/{{Sacrilege}}
* Seventh Angel
* Music/{{Venom}} (Actually a heavy/speed metal band, but extremely influential to the genre)
* Music/{{Xentrix}}

Japanese[[note]]Most Japanese metal bands tend to change styles fairly easily, between members or even between different songs on an album. So ''dedicated'' thrash-only bands are few and far between, but almost any Japanese PowerMetal or SpeedMetal band will dip into ThrashMetal at points, and most of them have stuck with it for a while or incorporated it into their main concept.[[/note]]:
* Music/{{Abigail}}
* Music/{{Anthem}} - has taken some detours into thrash, though it primarily falls under PowerMetal or traditional HeavyMetal.
* Music/{{Barbatos}} (Mixed with black metal, side project of Abigail)
* [[Music/MasakiYamada Flatbacker/EZO]] - probably ''the'' first well-known Japanese thrash band. Its singer would join Loudness, below, during its thrashiest period.
* Music/{{Gargoyle}} - A thrash metal band with [[AvantGardeMetal experimental]] tendencies.
* King's-Evil
* Music/{{Loudness}} depending on the era, though 1991-93 is ''the'' thrash era, with 2010-12 coming up soon after. Also known for the ProtestSong component of thrash, being well-known for left-leaning and social libertarian political messages.
* Narcotic Greed
* Negarobo
* Ritual Carnage
* Music/{{Sabbat}} - One the best known dedicated thrash metal bands from Japan. Incorporates black metal influences.
* Music/XJapan, during its days as "X" until around the mid-1990's, combined thrash with HairMetal, SpeedMetal and ProgressiveMetal

* Music/{{Artillery}} (Danish)
* Music/{{Aspid}} (Russian)
* Music/{{Coroner}} (Swiss) (also ProgressiveMetal)
* Music/CelticFrost (Swiss) (Also BlackMetal and DeathMetal)
* Music/{{Criminal}} (Chilean)
* Cyclone (Belgian)
* Flames (Greek)
* Music/{{Hexenhaus}} (Swedish)
* Music/HobbsAngelOfDeath (Australian)
* Invocator (Danish)
* Music/{{Mandator}} (Dutch)
* Music/MortalSin (Australian)
* Necrosis (Chilean)
* Poltergeist (Swiss)
* Shah (Russian)
* Stone (Finnish)

'''New Blood'''
* Angelus Apatrida
* Music/AustrianDeathMachine (side project of Tim Lambesis, known for his work with Music/AsILayDying)
* Music/AvengerOfBlood
* Music/{{Barbatos}}
* Bio-Cancer (also DeathMetal)
* Black Fast (also ProgressiveMetal)
* Music/BodyCount (kind of; they started in the 1990's)
** ''[[Music/BodyCountAlbum Body Count]]'' (1992)
* Music/BondedByBlood
* Music/BulletForMyValentine (Mixed with Metalcore)
* Chronosphere
* Music/{{Dekapitator}} (sort of, they got their start in the late nineties)
* Music/{{Demiricous}}
* Music/DiamondPlate
* Droid (also ProgressiveMetal)
* Music/{{Evile}}
* Music/{{Fastkill}} - an example of straight up thrash from Japan.
* Music/FueledByFire
* Music/GamaBomb
* Music/{{Ghoul}}
* Harlott
* Music/{{Havok}}
* Music/{{Hexen}}
* Hypnosia (another late-nineties band)
* Music/LazarusAD (mixed with GrooveMetal)
* Music/LichKing
* Lost Society
* Music/MachineHead (also GrooveMetal; although they've been around since 1992 and occasionally put thrash influences in their early albums, it wasn't until 2007's ''The Blackening'' that they truly became a thrash metal band)
* Music/ManticRitual
* Music/{{Mastery}}
* Music/MercilessDeath
* Music/{{Ministry}} (From ''Houses of the Molé'' onward, mixed with IndustrialMetal)[[note]]An interesting case, as while they had been around for as long as the old guard, they only started playing thrash late in their career)[[/note]]
* Music/MunicipalWaste
* Nekromantheon (mixed with black metal)
* Music/{{Nervosa}}
* Noisem (also DeathMetal)
* Phylactery
* Music/{{Power Trip}}
* Music/{{Profanator}}
* Music/{{Razormaze}}
* Music/{{Revocation}} (half thrash, half TechnicalDeathMetal)
* Ripper
* Music/SavageMessiah (also PowerMetal)
* Music/ShadowsFall (between ''The War Within'' and ''Retribution'', mixed with {{Metalcore}})
* Music/{{Skeletonwitch}} (mixed with BlackMetal)
* Music/{{Skelteria}}
* Music/SuicidalAngels
* Music/{{Susperia}}
* Music/SystemOfADown (more GenreBusting than anything, but very strongly influenced by it)
* Music/{{Sylosis}} (fused with MelodicDeathMetal and ProgressiveMetal)
* Music/{{Tantara}}
* Tremonti (mixed with PostGrunge and GrooveMetal)
* Music/ToxicHolocaust (also BlackMetal)
* Music/{{Trivium}} (mixed with {{Metalcore}})
* Music/{{Vektor}} (also ProgressiveMetal)
* Music/{{Warbringer}}
* Music/{{Wastelander}}
!!Tropes common in this genre are:
* DarkerAndEdgier: Compared to its direct progenitor SpeedMetal.
** Within thrash metal, the Teutonic scene is the DarkerAndEdgier counterpart to the US scene.
* EpicRiff: Being one of the most riff driven genres of music, these are pretty common.
* FandomRivalry: While most thrash fans are perfectly content to listen to, both, Music/{{Metallica}} and Music/{{Megadeth}}, certain fans still argue about which band is better, which song is originally written by which bands, etc. Notable in that the bands themselves were far from friendly with each other for a long time.
* FollowTheLeader: While there were several thrash metal bands willing to take their own spin on thrash metal in its heyday, the genre had more than its fair share of copycat bands that record labels were more than willing to sign because of its popularity, no matter how unoriginal or uninspired (much like what happened with it's hated enemy, HairMetal). This happened again with the 2000's revival, with many bands happy to just imitate bands like Music/{{Slayer}}, [[Music/ExodusBand Exodus]], Music/{{Anthrax}}, etc., without adding anything new to it.
* GatewaySeries: Music/{{Metallica}} is one for thrash, and often to classic metal as a whole. Music/{{Slayer}} and the "big three" German bands (Music/{{Kreator}} especially) tend to be this for harsher thrash and often to extreme metal as a whole.
* GenreKiller: Thrash never "died" as such, but the rise of newer sub-genres (some of which were directly influenced by thrash), and the fact that some of the bigger bands in the genre underwent stylistic changes, lead to the genre's waning popularity in the 90s.
* GenreRelaunch: While there were still bands playing thrash metal throughout the 1990's and early 2000's, the genre suddenly saw a surge in popularity in the mid-2000's, mainly thanks to Municipal Waste. Labels such as Earache and Nuclear Blast capitalized on this, and by the end of the decade there were several well known acts playing "retro-thrash."
* {{Gorn}}: Not used as much as death metal, but still occasionally used, most famously by Slayer and some German thrash bands.
* HarshVocals: Used mainly by Teutonic thrash bands, but occasionally heard in bands from other scenes as well.
* LighterAndSofter: Lyrically, crossover thrash bands tend to be this compared to regular thrash bands, and many songs tend to be more humorous in nature, but they may be just as fast and intense musically, and sometimes more so.
* MetalScream: Often more of the operatic or snarling variety.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: Generally ranges from 8-10 (ten being more rare). Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax are mostly an 8, Slayer and Testament are mostly a 9, and bands such as Demolition Hammer and Warbringer go to level 10.
* PowerBallad: "Semi-ballads" are pretty common, especially on earlier albums.
* ProtestSong: Being influenced by HardcorePunk, political songs show up frequently in thrash.
* RatedMForManly: Just try to deny it, whether you're a fan of the genre or not.
** This is evidenced by the joke "What has 2,000 legs and 2 breasts? The audience at a thrash metal concert."
* RockMeAmadeus: The genre has a huge emphasis on fast yet highly melodic shredding, though not as much as its sister genre, PowerMetal.
* RockMeAsmodeus: A common theme among the more extreme bands, most prominently Music/{{Slayer}}.
* TropeCodifier: Music/{{Metallica}} for more melodic or traditional thrash and Music/{{Slayer}} for the more extreme side of thrash. Music/SuicidalTendencies and Music/DirtyRottenImbeciles are this for crossover thrash.
* TropeMaker: It's not exactly clear who should get credit for playing the first thrash song, but it's generally agreed that [[Music/{{Metallica}} Metallica's]] ''Kill 'Em All'' is the first thrash album. Venom's ''Welcome to Hell'' is a possible UrExample.
* UrExample: Music/BlackSabbath's song "Symptom of the Universe" and Music/JudasPriest's song "Dissident Aggressor" (which was later covered by Slayer) are often brought up when discussing what the earliest traces of thrash might be.
** "Stone Cold Crazy" by Music/{{Queen}} has frequently been dubbed the first thrash song.