''Those Annoying Post Bros'' is a comic written and illustrated by Matt Howarth, which ran from 1985 to 1998.

It follows the adventures of brothers Ron and Russ Post, who fall largely under the VillainProtagonist umbrella. Other characters include Savage Henry, various Caroline clones, Cthulu, Jeri the arms dealer, Hiroshima the Nuclear Goddess, and Boche.

Ron and Russ (along with most other inhabitants of Bugtown) possess the ability to travel between dimensions.

The brothers' names and original appearances were based on Ron and Russell Mael of the band {{Sparks}}. Howarth's Post Bros and Savage Henry comics often feature guest appearances by various musicians, such as Conrad Schnitzler, {{The Residents}}, {{Yello}}, Nash the Slash, etc.

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* AxCrazy - both of the Post brothers, but Ron especially. Other characters have shades of this.
* CityOfAdventure - Bugtown
* CloudCuckooLander - Henry, most of the time