This is an index of people, places, things, and tropes that will ''almost always'' lead to [[ConflictBall conflict]], whether it be a FlameWar, BarBrawl, BlastOut, or even a full scale [[WarIsHell actual war.]]


[[folder: These Stock Characters and people are looking for trouble. ]]

* [[TorchesAndPitchforks Angry Mob]]: A bunch of people just waiting to have a fight
* BloodKnight: Someone who wants to fight at any cost.
* BoisterousBruiser: Someone who has no problem with fighting and is capable of doing so
* BountyHunter: He (or [[SamusIsAGirl she]]) is almost always around for a reason... and that reason [[Anime/CowboyBebop or the bounty hunters' zeal in going after it]] will ruin your establishment or your day...
* CompleteMonster: Someone who wants to hurt and kill people, often in the most horrifying and sadistic ways possible.
* DeathSeeker: Someone who wants to die at any cost, but not necessarily by their own hand.
* TheFundamentalist: Someone who wants you to believe and practice their belief, and only their belief.
* HeteronormativeCrusader: If you're anything but straight, this person will ruin your day at best and your life at worst.
* GirlWithPsychoWeapon: A living ChekhovsGun. Even though the weapon is rarely a gun.
* {{Jerkass}}: Someone who, through actions or attitude, can easily provoke a fight.
* KnightTemplar: When TheFundamentalist goes past screaming tirades into physical violence.
* LeakingCanOfEvil: A powerful imprisoned dark force that is still able to exert influence on people.
* LeeroyJenkins: Someone who charges into a situation and starts a chaotic, unplanned fight.
* LowerClassLout[=/=]ProudWarriorRaceGuy: A [[UnfortunateImplications stereotypical]] someone from a culture that celebrates violence and fighting.
* PowderKegCrowd: Slightly different from the AngryMob, but can become it with just the slightest spark...
* OmnicidalManiac: He (or she) wants to kill anything and everything.
* Organized criminals in general: When the GangBangers, TheMafia, TheMafiya, MurderInc, TheTriadsAndTheTongs, and/or the {{Yakuza}} (or even just TheFamilyForTheWholeFamily) show up, you know there's going to be trouble. And if they're all converging on one location, it's probably going to be a BlastOut ''at best.''
* SerialKiller: Someone who wants to kill people.
* SlobsVersusSnobs: When both sides of the tracks meet, they can come to blows.
* {{Troll}}: Starting fights is their raison d'etre, and forms of this behavior do exist off the Internet
* ViolentGlaswegian: Another [[UnfortunateImplications stereotypical]] someone who likes fighting and violence.


[[folder: This place is just bad news. ]]

* BadGuyBar: A place where troublemakers of various sorts congregate
* [[DinerBrawl Diners]]: Because why just have dinner when you can have a fight with dinner?
* The combination of CrapsackWorld and EmpathicEnvironment: Everyone feels like crap, and wants to take it out on someone else.
* WorldOfHam: You would barely survive in a place where everything is taken '''''[[SuddenlyShouting OVER]]''''' '''''[[NoIndoorVoice THE]]''''' '''''[[ChewingTheScenery TOP]]''''' '''''[[MilkingTheGiantCow AS]]''''' '''''[[HamToHamCombat POSSIBLE!!!!]]'''''
* WretchedHive: A lot of very bad people centered in one very bad place.
* ViceCity: A lot of very bad people and a lot of money circulating around one place.


[[folder: That thing looks dangerous. ]]

* AlcoholInducedIdiocy: Alcohol lowers inhibitions and increases aggressiveness.
* UsefulNotes/ArabIsraeliConflict: No one can touch this without starting a fight.
* BerserkButton: DontTouchItYouIdiot!
* Any ChekhovsGun: Why yes, they will be fired
* ContaminationSituation
* HatePlague: If someone (or some group of people) contracts this, fighting will ensue.
* HappyFunBall: Because someone will discover that it is nowhere near as innocent as it looks.
* UsefulNotes/MisplacedNationalism: Whenever this gets invoked online or offline, run for your life. Sometimes, literally.
* UsefulNotes/NuclearWeapons[=/=]NukeEm[=/=]nuclear weapons in general: if one ever gets set off, war (and TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt) will ensue
* [[BanOnPolitics Politics]]: There is a reason why it's banned or heavily restricted as a topic of discussion pretty much anywhere that it's not the only topic of discussion. Religion is very, very close to it. Combining the two will almost always lead to fights.
* ThePlague: A devastating disease can drive societies to chaos as people left and right drop like flies.
* PostPeakOil: Restricting modern society from one of the most, if not ''the'' most important substance can lead to a complete breakdown and collapse of it.
* SealedEvilInACan: Probably one of the very first examples. Opening it is not a good idea. And yet of course someone will...


[[folder: Why did you have to [[Invoked Trope invoke that? ]]
* Any of the "All X are Y" tropes. This includes such tropes as AllGaysArePedophiles - stating straight belief in them around anyone who is part of the X group but not the Y group will almost always start a fight (or at least lead to very uncomfortable silence)
* AxesAtSchool: Unless it's a school of warfare (and even then sometimes) bringing a weapon into school will cause major trouble.
* CommieNazis: Conflate "Commies" and "Nazis" to a Russian who remembers how hard the Communists fought the Nazis (or to any other anti-fascist Communist or Marxist, specifically, Soviet Russia lost ''more'' civilians and soldiers and did ''more'' of the on the ground fighting of WorldWarII than the USA, and ''many'' anti-Fascist/anti-Nazi movements exist among Marxists), get anything from [[ArmorPiercingSlap slapped]] to a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown.
* FistOfRage: Something is making someone angry, and their clenched fist signals they may well be seeking vengeance.
* GunsInChurch: In some settings, and in MOST settings in RealLife, openly carrying or especially brandishing a firearm will lead to an arrest, a fight, or sudden death.
* MurderIsTheBestSolution: If someone decides to invoke this, of course there will be conflict.
* ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight: One decides to set things right despite what the law says, even if it means killing someone to save another
** In fact, many Screw The Rules Trope involves this, whenever it's due to [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveConnections having connections]], [[ScrewTheRulesImBeautiful the looks]], and/or [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney the money]]. The worst one, someone who [[ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem actually make the them]].
* StayInTheKitchen: Invoking this to most women who don't believe in it will start a fight
* StrawmanPolitical: Invoking this will almost always start a fight
* ViolenceIsTheOnlyOption: Obviously, if someone thinks this, there is going to be violence.