This is an index of people, places, things, and tropes that will ''almost always'' lead to [[ConflictBall conflict]], whether it be a FlameWar, BarBrawl, BlastOut, or even a full scale [[WarIsHell actual war.]]


[[folder: These Stock Characters and people are looking for trouble. ]]

* [[TorchesAndPitchforks Angry Mob]]: A bunch of people just waiting to have a fight
* BloodKnight: Someone who wants to fight at any cost.
* BoisterousBruiser: Someone who has no problem with fighting and is capable of doing so
* BountyHunter: He (or [[SamusIsAGirl she]]) is almost always around for a reason... and that reason [[Anime/CowboyBebop or the bounty hunters' zeal in going after it]] will ruin your establishment or your day...
* CompleteMonster: Someone who wants to hurt and kill people, often in the most horrifying and sadistic ways possible.
* DeathSeeker: Someone who wants to die at any cost, but not necessarily by their own hand.
* TheFundamentalist: Someone who wants you to believe and practice their belief, and only their belief.
* HeteronormativeCrusader: If you're anything but straight, this person will ruin your day at best and your life at worst.
* GirlWithPsychoWeapon: A living ChekhovsGun. Even though the weapon is rarely a gun.
* {{Jerkass}}: Someone who, through actions or attitude, can easily provoke a fight.
* KnightTemplar: When TheFundamentalist goes past screaming tirades into physical violence.
* LeakingCanOfEvil: A powerful imprisoned dark force that is still able to exert influence on people.
* LeeroyJenkins: Someone who charges into a situation and starts a chaotic, unplanned fight.
* LowerClassLout[=/=]ProudWarriorRaceGuy: A [[UnfortunateImplications stereotypical]] someone from a culture that celebrates violence and fighting.
* PowderKegCrowd: Slightly different from the AngryMob, but can become it with just the slightest spark...
* OmnicidalManiac: He (or she) wants to kill anything and everything.
* Organized criminals in general: When the GangBangers, TheMafia, TheMafiya, MurderInc, TheTriadsAndTheTongs, and/or the {{Yakuza}} (or even just TheFamilyForTheWholeFamily) show up, you know there's going to be trouble. And if they're all converging on one location, it's probably going to be a BlastOut ''at best.''
* SerialKiller: Someone who wants to kill people.
* SlobsVersusSnobs: When both sides of the tracks meet, they can come to blows.
* {{Troll}}: Starting fights is their raison d'etre, and forms of this behavior do exist off the Internet
* ViolentGlaswegian: Another [[UnfortunateImplications stereotypical]] someone who likes fighting and violence.


[[folder: This place is just bad news. ]]

* BadGuyBar: A place where troublemakers of various sorts congregate
* [[DinerBrawl Diners]]: Because why just have dinner when you can have a fight with dinner?
* The combination of CrapsackWorld and EmpathicEnvironment: Everyone feels like crap, and wants to take it out on someone else.
* WorldOfHam: You would barely survive in a place where everything is taken '''''[[SuddenlyShouting OVER]]''''' '''''[[NoIndoorVoice THE]]''''' '''''[[ChewingTheScenery TOP]]''''' '''''[[MilkingTheGiantCow AS]]''''' '''''[[HamToHamCombat POSSIBLE!!!!]]'''''
* WretchedHive: A lot of very bad people centered in one very bad place.
* ViceCity: A lot of very bad people and a lot of money circulating around one place.


[[folder: That thing looks dangerous. ]]

* AlcoholInducedIdiocy: Alcohol lowers inhibitions and increases aggressiveness.
* UsefulNotes/ArabIsraeliConflict: No one can touch this without starting a fight.
* BerserkButton: DontTouchItYouIdiot!
* Any ChekhovsGun: Why yes, they will be fired
* ContaminationSituation
* HatePlague: If someone (or some group of people) contracts this, fighting will ensue.
* HappyFunBall: Because someone will discover that it is nowhere near as innocent as it looks.
* InferredHolocaust: Yes, that war/natural disaster/plague/etc. killed [[AMillionIsAStatistic all those people]].
* MoralEventHorizon: Doing this means you are beyond any redemption or hope.
* UsefulNotes/MisplacedNationalism: Whenever this gets invoked online or offline, run for your life. Sometimes, literally.
* UsefulNotes/NuclearWeapons[=/=]NukeEm[=/=]nuclear weapons in general: if one ever gets set off, war (and TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt) will ensue
* [[BanOnPolitics Politics]]: There is a reason why it's banned or heavily restricted as a topic of discussion pretty much anywhere that it's not the only topic of discussion. Religion is very, very close to it. Combining the two will almost always lead to fights.
* ThePlague: A devastating disease can drive societies to chaos as people left and right drop like flies.
* PostPeakOil: Restricting modern society from one of the most, if not ''the'' most important substance can lead to a complete breakdown and collapse of it.
* SealedEvilInACan: Probably one of the very first examples. Opening it is not a good idea. And yet of course someone will...
* TerminallyDependentSociety: Society depends so much on a particular {{Phlebotinum}} or {{MacGuffin}} that not being able to use it or not having it anymore will cause (or at least majorly contribute to) the collapse of that society.


[[folder: Why did you have to [[Invoked Trope invoke that? ]]
* Any of the "All X are Y" tropes. This includes such tropes as AllGaysArePedophiles - stating straight belief in them around anyone who is part of the X group but not the Y group will almost always start a fight (or at least lead to very uncomfortable silence)
* AxesAtSchool: Unless it's a school of warfare (and even then sometimes) bringing a weapon into school will cause major trouble.
* CommieNazis: Conflate "Commies" and "Nazis" to a Russian who remembers how hard the Communists fought the Nazis (or to any other anti-fascist Communist or Marxist, specifically, Soviet Russia lost ''more'' civilians and soldiers and did ''more'' of the on the ground fighting of UsefulNotes/WorldWarII than the USA, and ''many'' anti-Fascist/anti-Nazi movements exist among Marxists), get anything from [[ArmorPiercingSlap slapped]] to a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown.
* FistOfRage: Something is making someone angry, and their clenched fist signals they may well be seeking vengeance.
* GunsInChurch: In some settings, and in MOST settings in RealLife, openly carrying or especially brandishing a firearm will lead to an arrest, a fight, or sudden death.
* MurderIsTheBestSolution: If someone decides to invoke this, of course there will be conflict.
* MyCountryRightOrWrong: Can start a war. Sometimes literally.
* ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight: One decides to set things right despite what the law says, even if it means killing someone to save another
** In fact, many Screw The Rules Trope involves this, whenever it's due to [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveConnections having connections]], [[ScrewTheRulesImBeautiful the looks]], and/or [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney the money]]. The worst one, someone who [[ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem actually make the them]].
* StayInTheKitchen: Invoking this to most women who don't believe in it will start a fight
* StrawmanPolitical: Invoking this will almost always start a fight
* UrbanHellscape: A look TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture, where the city is infested with violent criminals, and the police are either too ineffectual to stop them or can only do so by being that much more brutal.
* ViolenceIsTheOnlyOption: Obviously, if someone thinks this, there is going to be violence.