[[caption-width:600:It's probably a TranslationConvention...]]

--> ''"Why is it that leaders of poor countries always resort to some form of kleptocracy? Is it because really all people would do so if in that position? Or is it because people are a really bad judge on good leadership?"''
--> -- 'Kleptarch'

[[ This Domain Is]] is a niche webcomic that mostly tackles the obscure. Recurring themes are vague ambient black metal bands, [[ dutch politicians]], advanced mathematics and works of sciencefiction. Note that the domain is not connected in any way to the content of the website. The webcomic is officially (still) unnamed.

Or well, comic? Essentially it could be a plot from aliens to take over the world, it provides no explanation of what it is, not even what the 'navigation' actually does, only where the links point to.

Generally the comics are single paneled with stick figure protagonists. Another curious characteristic is the author's fondness for the old languages, as is illustrated by the [[ usage of the 'æ'-symbol]]. Another common comictype is the [[ irc chat]] and the [[ graphs]]. The comics often flaunt with specialist knowledge and are generally half the time incomprehensionable even to the recurring reader but the comic makes up for this with its ridiculously high update frequency, making one wonder if the ridiculously crude art at some points is due to time pressure.


'''Tropes included in this webcomic:'''

* AuthorAvatar, often comics are interjected with notes directly addressing the reader in second person, some times they are funny, some times political.
* BeethovenWasAnAlienSpy, frequently puts real people into absurd positions that are mostly related to ancient prophecies.
* ContinuityNod. While there is no fixed storyline frequently older comics are assumed knowledge of, generally intertwining events into complex webs of chaos.
* ItsPopularNowItSucks: How the [[ ladder]]'s climbed
* ObscureReference, oh ''yes'', even once [[LampShade noted]] that indeed [[ it is quite unlikely that some one has a working knowledge of dog-Latin, web technologies, web controvorsies, the history regarding Fermat's Last theorem and a verbatim recall of the latter's exact famous words in Latin]]...
* {{Stereotype}}s, often racist such as that all French people are drunk and German people all engage in copro- and necrophilia.
* StickfigureComic, god it's drawn crap, especially the older ones.
* {{Tertiary Sexual Characteristics}}, subverted. Both males and females are composed of the same amount of stick detail, but are anatomically clearly different. The author's quick to [[LampShade note this]].