Theatresports is organised improvisational theatre, where teams of players perform brief 'games' for points. The games are all designed to provide a framework to allow the players' improvisional talents to shine. Developed by director Keith Johnstone in Calgary, Alberta, in 1977, he owns the copyright and trademark.

As seen on TV:

* Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway
* Series/ThankGodYoureHere
* [=ComedySportz=]
* Theatre/{{Theatresports}}, run during the 80s on the AustralianBroadcastingCorporation, launching the careers of AndrewDenton, GlennRobbins and ShaunMicaleff
* Series/FastAndLoose, short-lived BBC show from 2011 hosted by Hugh Dennis. The chief novelty was having one of the scenes done against a green screen- flat on the floor, so that performers have to wriggle across the floor to move around, but make it look like they are walking...

Actual Theatre:

* Celebrity Theatresports, part of the MelbourneComedyFestival.