A popular term used to describe zombies, or other kinds of undead beings. After all, they're dead, but they're still walking, so it's a handy name for those of us who aren't familiar with [[OurMonstersAreDifferent all the terminology]], or would prefer NotUsingTheZWord.

If you're seeing this page, it's likely you're actually trying to get to one of the following-

* ZombieApocalypse: What usually happens when the Walking Dead are involved.
* TheUndead in general
* ''ComicBook.TheWalkingDead'': An ongoing black and white Creator/ImageComics series that began in 2003 and is about zombies.
* ''Series.TheWalkingDead'': A television series based on the comic series above that began airing on Creator/{{AMC}} in 2010.
** ''Series.FearTheWalkingDead'': A spinoff/prequel/interquel series that began airing on AMC in 2015.
* A trilogy of prequel novels to ''The Walking Dead''.
** ''Literature.TheWalkingDeadRiseOfTheGovernor'': The tragic backstory of one of the series' [[BigBad big bads]].
** ''Literature.TheWalkingDeadTheRoadToWoodbury'': A young woman lives under the despotic reign of the Governor. Was released in October 2012.
** ''Literature.TheWalkingDeadFallOfTheGovernor'': The siege of the prison, and the downfall of the Governor, as witnessed by him.
* ''VideoGame.TheWalkingDead'': An episodic AdventureGame series by Creator/TelltaleGames set in the same universe as the graphic novel.
* ''VideoGame.TheWalkingDeadSurvivalInstinct'': A FirstPersonShooter video game by Creator/{{Activision}} set in the TV Show's continuity.
* ''The Walking Dead'' is also the title of a 1936 horror film starring Creator/BorisKarloff.