''Some celebrities allow their reputation to become so bizarre that any story about them is believable. These celebrities have entered The Tyson Zone.''

The term was created by commentator [[TheSportsGuy Bill Simmons]] in "honor" of heavyweight boxer [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Mike Tyson]]. Examples of Tysonic behavior include offering a zoo handler money to box a gorilla, threatening to eat an opponent's children[[note]]referring to future opponent Lennox Lewis, even though Lewis did not have any children at the time[[/note]], biting said opponent in the ring, biting off part of the ear of ''another'' opponent[[note]]Evander Holyfield[[/note]], saying you're ready to "fight {{Jesus}}", or blowing $300 million on [[HookersAndBlow hookers, cocaine]] [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and an enormous collection of]] [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments pigeons]].[[note]]The man loves the birds. [[Film/TheHangover (Also a tiger, apparently.)]] Even before boxing.[[/note]] And yes, Tyson did ''all'' of these things ''and more''.

Ideally, the nuttiness should be sustained for years. Continual craziness, ideally manifesting in a number of different forms, is required for someone to truly enter the Zone.

The subject must be famous. Being crazy in your house is one thing; being crazy on national television is a whole different story.

Related Tropes:
* AllMenArePerverts[=/=]AllWomenAreLustful: The easiest way for somebody to enter the Zone is with a bizarre/violent sex life. If nothing is known, salacious rumors will do. (But often, simply an extramarital affair isn't enough. To really stand out from the pack, you need prostitutes, handcuffs, [[NakedPeopleAreFunny public nudity]] - the whole schmeer.)
* AxCrazy: Some of the best occupants of the Tyson Zone are shining examples of this trope.
* MemeticMolester: Or any other "{{Memetic|Mutation}}" trope, but this one seems to fit the most.
* PoesLaw: Same principle. A celebrity who enters the Tyson Zone for religious fundamentalism would be a straight example of both tropes.
* WeirdnessMagnet: Not all who enter the Tyson Zone are crazy in their own right. Sometimes, the strange things just follow them.



[[folder: Fan Fiction ]]

* Deliberately invoked by Harry in ''FanFic/HarryPotterAndTheMethodsOfRationality'', in which it is defied, inverted played with, and deconstructed.
** Harry himself develops a reputation at Hogwarts for being able to do ''anything'' with his trademark finger snap, but that comes to bite him in the ass when [[spoiler:Lesath Lestrange, certain that he can do anything, ''went on his knees and begged Harry to release his mother Bellatrix Black from Azkaban'']]. He makes sure that The Daily Prophet releases absolutely ridiculous rumors about him, ''so that no one ever believes what the papers say about him anymore''. He [[spoiler:scares a Dementor in front of the Wizengamot]], and they take it in stride, because he's The Boy-Who-Lived and it fits story logic. Well, ''most'' of them do.
** Draco Malfoy ''cannot'' do a good deed without everyone thinking he is plotting something nefarious.
** Dumbledore's ObfuscatingInsanity confuses people as to whether he's sane pretending to be insane, or insane pretending to be sane pretending to be insane. He may or may not have used ObfuscatingEvil on the Death Eater faction to stop them from taking people's families hostage, but now they think Dumbledore isn't above stooping to any low. But people still have trouble believing that he's set fire to a chicken. Defense Professors have had such a terrible record over the last decades that ''any'' accusation against them is plausible... which is why the teachers ''don't'' want to hear them, because they don't want to have to fire the professors mid-year; this is for the sake of their students' education.


[[folder: Live Action TV ]]

* The Stig from ''Series/TopGear'' is often hyped this way in-show. This does include his other relatives.
* ''Series/ThirtyRock'''s Tracy Jordan not only draws this image (he has admitted that some of the things people think about him aren't true), but actively cultivates it. On one occasion, he gets a (washable) facial tattoo because he's afraid a magazine article will lead people to believe that he's normal.
* RichHall jokingly suggested one episode that ''{{QI}}'' had got to the opposite of this stage- that Fry could say anything in his capacity as host and the public would believe it to be true.


[[folder: Stand Up Comedy ]]

* Invoked by JohnOliver in one of his routines, where he talks about encountering Tyson in Las Vegas and realising that he really should go to bed now - this being the purpose of Mike Tyson: to let you know when you're about to go too far and should instead go home. Oliver theorieses that deploying Mike Tyson might be a more effective means of dispersing riots than tear gas.
** JohnOliver again discusses this in his HBO show ''Last Week Tonight'', where he notes that Iraqi terrorist group ISIS has become so insane that people will believe anything about them.


[[folder: Tabletop Games ]]

* In ''TabletopGame/UnhallowedMetropolis'', the only reliable way to cultivate a ControversyProofImage is to become a BlackSheep. After this point, more scandals aren't going to damage your reputation any.


[[folder: Western Animation ]]

* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'': Eric Cartman is the poster child for this trope in a fictional setting starting with season 5. Acknowledged and played with in a twisted manner in season 15's "1%".


[[folder: Other ]]

* The TropeNamer is of course TheSportsGuy Bill Simmons, who in his initial post included a list of other celebrities besides Tyson who, in his opinion, qualified for the Zone. %%Please note: Not a Real Life Example. This is about a use in a work, Bill Simmons' column/whatever it is he does now at Grantland.
## [[UsefulNotes/NationalBasketballAssociation Dennis Rodman]]
## [[Series/TheApprentice Omarosa]]
## Music/CourtneyLove
## Music/RKelly
## Landon from ''TheRealWorld''
## Najeh Davenport
## Suge Knight
## [[Music/PublicEnemy Flava Flav]]
## Brigitte Nielsen
## [[Music/FiftyCent Anyone in G-Unit]]
## Music/BillyJoel
## Andy Dick
## Creator/LindsayLohan
## Lindsay Lohan's dad
## Anna Nicole Smith
## Margot Kidder
## Tara Reid
## Music/LilJon
## Gary Busey
## [[UsefulNotes/AmericanFootball Ricky Williams]]
## [[UsefulNotes/NationalBasketballAssociation The late Bison Dele]]
## Liza Minnelli
## Creator/ParisHilton
## Music/ChristinaAguilera
## Henry Winkler
** Simmons occasionally lists new members; most notable of these is Creator/CharlieSheen, whose antics around 2011 led many of Simmons' readers to call for the Tyson Zone to be renamed the Sheen Zone (or something to that effect). Simmons entertained the idea, but decided that as crazy as Sheen was, Tyson was still crazier.