An American sitcom that aired on NBC from [[TheNineties 1991 to 1993]], about a family (named [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin The Torkelsons]]) living in Pyramid Corners, Oklahoma. Deeply in debt after divorcing her husband, Millicent takes on a boarder to help make ends meet. Millicent has five children, but the one that recieved the most focus was the eldest, Dorothy Jane, a young dreamer who wishes for a better life.

Never a ratings success, NBC miraculously renewed the show for a second season, but it was given a ReTool, having the family move to Seattle so Millicent could work as a live-in nanny, with the show's name being changed to ''[[NewSeasonNewName Almost Home]]''. These changes didn't help the show much, and this time, NBC axed it. The series then played in reruns on the DisneyChannel for the rest of the decade.

!! ''TheTorkelsons'' and ''AlmostHome'' contain examples of the following tropes

* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: When the family moved to Seattle and the show's name changed to ''Almost Home'', Steven Floyd and Ruth Ann evidely got left behind in Oklahoma and were never spoken of again.
** As well as their boarder, Wesley Hodges. Justified in that he wasn't a family member, but rather just a tenant renting out the basement.
* CrackDefeat: Dorothy Jane Torkelson is in the finals of a contest whose winner will get to be a foreign exchange student in Paris. Her family situation gets high marks, and the judges do seem to like her... but still [[DiabolusExMachina loses anyway because the family in France wanted a boy]]. Thus making the finals [[ShaggyDogStory completely meaningless]] since there was only one boy out of the three finalists.
** Mind you, when Dorothy first meets said finalist, she pretty much says, "[[TemptingFate There's no way I'll lose to you]]" before getting concerned at the other finalist.
* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: The Torkelson's tenant Wesley Hodges is almost always referred to as "Boarder Hodges."
* GlobalIgnorance: In the first episode of ''Almost Home'', Molly mistakenly states that the Torkelsons are from Arkansas, only to be corrected by Gregory, leading to a ShoutOut.
* TheManInTheMoon: Dorothy Jane often sits outside her window talking about her various concerns with "The Man In The Moon" as a means of thinking out loud (the fact that it also served to keep the audience updated on what she was thinking was a nice bonus).
* NewSeasonNewName: As a result of the ReTool that also had the family ([[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome sans two of the kids]]) moving to Seattle, Washington.
* ShoutOut: What's the difference between Arkansas and Oklahoma? [[{{Oklahoma}} One's a musical.]]