The real world sometimes intrudes into the world of storytelling. That's okay, though. Storytellers have got a fix for that. Several fixes, actually. This is usually known as "[[BlatantLies artistic license]]".

Listed are some of the methods used to massage factual events into ... something interesting.

See also the IgnoredIndex, InfauxmationDesk, InformationDesk, & TruthAndLies.

!!Going from most-factual to most-fanciful:

* RealLife
* As close to the truth as possible with available resources and information
** {{Documentary}}
++ NewsBroadcast (in theory)
* Minor aspects have been changed[[note]] Usually due to [[RealLifeWritesThePlot budget constraints or for legal reasons]], to allow for the RuleOfPerception, or to add minor amounts of drama[[/note]] but the important facts are unaltered.
** RomanAClef
*** BiographyAClef
++ TruthInTelevision
** FreakierThanFiction
** ViewerFriendlyInterface
** {{Dramatization}}
** {{Docudrama}}
* Major aspects have been altered or invented, but the core events and situation are true.
** BasedOnATrueStory (the typical usage of the term)
** DocuSoap
** RippedFromTheHeadlines
* Possess passing connection to reality
** VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory
** TwistingTheWords
*** ManipulativeEditing
** WorkedShoot
* Not [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial completely]] untrue
** InspiredBy
** QuoteMine
** DocumentaryOfLies
* Completely made up story featuring true things
++ RealityRetcon
* [[BlatantLies Allegedly true]]
** BasedOnAGreatBigLie
** {{Mockumentary}}