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[[caption-width-right:300:Contractual hijinx, [[Film/ANightAtTheOpera 1935]] (top) and [[Film/BrainDonors 1992]] (bottom)]]
->''"I thought ''Film/ChariotsOfFire'' was a remake of ''Film/BenHur'' with flamethrowers."''
-->-- '''Red Green''', ''Series/TheRedGreenShow''
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It has become common in the past few decades to make updated versions of older films. This can be done for several reasons: the director may be a fan of the original work, the studios may want to capitalize on nostalgia, or the writers may want to approach the original plot from a different angle[[note]]Cynics will complain that it's because writers are too lazy to come up with original stories, but [[TheRuleOfCautiousEditingJudgement main pages are not places for debate]][[/note]]. A movie is not a remake if it is based on the same source as an earlier film, such as the 1967 and 1998 versions of ''Doctor Doolittle'', which were both based on the book series, as well as the 1969 and 2010 versions of ''True Grit''.

A variation on TheRemake is the ForeignRemake, an [[CulturalTranslation English version of a foreign movie]]. It can be between any two countries, such as ''TheRing'', a Japanese film remade in the US.

The VideoGameRemake is a subtrope of this, as is TheFilmOfTheSeries.

TV shows can also be remade, but this is much rarer because of the tendency to instead make later series [[{{Revival}} part of the same continuity as the earlier ones]]. When a series ''is'' remade it is often a ContinuityReboot as well.

It should be noted that remakes have existed [[OlderThanTelevision almost as long as there have been movies]].

Not to be confused with the [[VideoGame/ResidentEvil REmake]], which is a specific example of a VideoGameRemake, or the 2006 SlasherMovie ''The Remake''.

Remakes are also similar to {{Continuity Reboot}}s, and there is occasionally some overlap. However, one of the key differences between a straight remake and a ContinuityReboot is that anything can be remade, but only a long-running series can be ''rebooted''. ReTool is also often congruent with both {{Continuity Reboot}}s and remakes.

The terms "remake" and "reimagining" are somewhat interchangeable and fall under the same [[Administrivia/TropesAreFlexible general heading]], but there is [[Administrivia/TheSameButMore a difference of degree]]. Reimaginings take more liberties with the original than remakes typically do, so billing a project as a reimagining is a signal that the audience should not expect it to closely follow the original.

A ToneShift will often be part of the Remake, especially if it's billed as a reimagining.


[[folder:Straight remakes]]
* Believe it or not, the 1986 Creator/JohnWoo movie, ''Film/ABetterTomorrow'', the movie that kickstarted the HeroicBloodshed genre, was actually a remake of a 1967 Cantonese movie called ''Ying Xiong Ben Se'' or "Story of a Discharged Prisoner." Tsui Hark had been toying with the idea since his days in the TV business, but because of an overwhelming workload, Hark had to pass the directorial reins to Woo.
* The 1954 and 1976 versions of ''Film/AStarIsBorn'', respectively with Creator/JudyGarland and Creator/BarbraStreisand. The original film was from 1937 and starred Janet Gaynor. Interestingly, while all three have very similar concepts, they are all about stars in different industries (movie star in 1937, Broadway star in 1954, and rock star in 1976). There are talks of another remake, possibly starring Music/{{Beyonce}}.
* The 2005 version of ''Film/TheBadNewsBears''.
* The 1959 version of ''[[Film/BenHur Ben-Hur]]'' is a remake of the 1925 silent movie of the same name. They remade it again in 2016.
* Originally a novel, ''Literature/BrewstersMillions'' has been made and remade several times, the most famous being a 1985 version starring Creator/RichardPryor.
* The 2010 version of ''Film/{{Clash of the Titans|2010}}'' is a remake of the [[Film/ClashOfTheTitans1981 the 1981 film of the same name]].
* The [[Film/TheDayTheEarthStoodStill2008 2008]] version of ''[[Film/TheDayTheEarthStoodStill1951 The Day the Earth Stood Still]]''.
* ''Manga/{{Doraemon}}'' does this for newer audiences and to keep the series alive--with ArtEvolution (and, unfortunately, more censorship).
* The 2009 remake of ''Film/{{Fame}}''.
* ''Film/{{Flubber}}'' was a remake of a 1961 film called ''The Absent-Minded Professor''.
* [[Film/TheFly1986 The 1986 version]] of ''The Fly'' is a remake of [[Film/TheFly1958 the 1958 version]].
* The 1995 and [[Film/FreakyFriday2003 2003]] versions of ''Film/FreakyFriday''.
* The [[Film/FrightNight2011 2011 remake]] of ''Film/FrightNight1985''.
* The play ''Film/TheFrontPage'' by Hecht and [=MacArthur=] was first adapted into a movie in 1931, starring Adolphe Menjou and Pat [=O'Brien=]. Howard Hawks remade it in 1940 as ''Film/HisGirlFriday'' with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russel, gender-flipping the role of reporter Hildy Johnson. In 1974 Billy Wilder flipped Hildy Johnson's gender back to male in his screen adaptation with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. Then in 1988 Ted Kotcheff remade it for the satellite television age as ''SwitchingChannels'' with Burt Reynolds and Kathleen Turner, flipping Hildy back to female.
* WebOriginal/{{TvTomeAdventures}}, which ran from 2004-2007 on Newgrounds and [=Fireball20xl=], has recently gotten a remake named TOME, much to the surprise and satisfaction of fans.
* ''Film/HeavenCanWait1978'' was a remake of the 1941 film ''Film/HereComesMrJordan'', and itself was remade in 2001 as ''Film/DownToEarth''.
* ''Film/TheHousemaid2010'' was a remake of ''Film/TheHousemaid1960''.
* The 1999 version of ''[[Film/HouseOnHauntedHill1999 House on Haunted Hill]]''.
* In 1977, ''Film/ItsAWonderfulLife'' was remade as the MadeForTVMovie ''It Happened One Christmas'' with Marlo Thomas as a {{Gender Flip}}ped version of the Creator/JimmyStewart character.
* The 2010 version of ''Film/TheKarateKid''
* The [[Film/KingKong1976 1976]] and [[Film/KingKong2005 2005]] versions of ''Film/KingKong1933''.
** ''Film/MightyJoeYoung'' is also a friendlier remake of King Kong. Incidently, that movie was also remade in the 90's.
* An unusual triple threat: Leo [=McCarey=]'s ''Love Affair'' (1939), starring Creator/IreneDunne and Creator/CharlesBoyer was remade (by Leo [=McCarey=]) as ''An Affair to Remember'' (1957) with Deborah Kerr and Creator/CaryGrant, which was remade ''again'' (by a different director) as ''Love Affair'' (1994) with Annette Bening and Warren Beatty. Ironically, ''Film/AnAffairToRemember'' is regarded as the best of the three, which has led to a general assumption that ''An Affair to Remember'' [[OlderThanTheyThink was the original]].
* Many people don't realize that ''Film/TheMalteseFalcon'' (1941) was actually the third screen adaptation of [[Literature/TheMalteseFalcon the original Dashiell Hammett novel]].
* The 1956 film ''Film/TheManWhoKnewTooMuch'', directed by Creator/AlfredHitchcock is the remake of his own 1934 film with the same title.
* The 1994 remake of ''Film/MiracleOnThirtyFourthStreet''.
** There was also a 1955 remake for television, abridged to 45 minutes.
** There was also a 1973 remake for television, starring Sebastian Cabot and David Hartman.
* ''Film/{{Mogambo}}'' (1953), starring Creator/ClarkGable, was a remake of ''Film/RedDust'' (1932), also starring Clark Gable.
* [[Film/TheMummy1999 The 1999]] and [[Film/TheMummy2017 2017]] versions of ''Film/TheMummy1932''
* The 1996 version of ''Film/TheNuttyProfessor''.
* The 2001 version of ''Film/OceansEleven''.
* The 1998 version of ''Film/TheParentTrap''.
** The 1961 ''Parent Trap'' already was the third adaptation of the same book, Erich Kästner's ''Das doppelte Lottchen'', and thus can itself legitimately be described as a ForeignRemake.
* ''Film/Piranha3D'', the 2010 remake of ''Film/{{Piranha}}.
* The transition from silent films to talkies led to a rush of talking remakes of silent films. Late silent era film ''Film/SadieThompson'' (1928) was remade nearly identically in 1932 as ''Rain''.
* The 1983 version of ''Film/{{Scarface 1983}}'' is also a little better known than the 1932 version.
* The 2007 version of ''Sleuth''. Notable in that it kept one of the original leads, but in the opposite role.
* The 2004 remake of ''Film/TheStepfordWives'' (1975).
* The 1998 and 2009 versions of ''Film/TheTakingOfPelhamOneTwoThree''.
* The 1956 version of ''Film/TheTenCommandments'' is also a remake of the 1923 silent movie of the same name. Cecil B. [=DeMille=] directed both.
* The 1982 version of ''Film/TheThing1982'', which is also more loyal to the book (''Who Goes There?'') than the original film, ''Film/TheThingFromAnotherWorld''. The film got harsh reviews in its day, which is not surprising given how audiences had just been enchanted by ''Film/ETTheExtraTerrestrial'', and fans of the original not taking kindly to it. Now, [[VindicatedByHistory you'll be hard-pressed to a find a "Best/Scariest Horror Movie" list that doesn't include it.]]
* The 1939 ''Film/TheWizardOfOz'' was a remake of a version made in 1925, which also wasn't the first Oz film. There were ''two'' silent-era versions of Oz. The earliest one can be viewed [[http://www.archive.org/details/The_Wonderful_Wizard_of_Oz here]].
** In the 70's, we would have ''Film/TheWiz'' and later, Franchise/TheMuppets made their [[Film/TheMuppetsWizardOfOz own version]]. Both involved veteran Muppeteer [[Creator/FrankOz Frank]] [[MeaningfulName Oz]].
* Disney was to have released a motion-capture remake of ''WesternAnimation/YellowSubmarine'' in 2012 with Robert Zemeckis directing it, but it was scuttled after going over budget and Zemeckis' 2011 film ''WesternAnimation/MarsNeedsMoms'' tanking at the box office.
* Website/{{Cracked}} gives us [[http://www.cracked.com/article_17141_6-movie-remakes-that-missed-point.html this list of remakes that missed the point]].
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Frankenweenie}}'' was a 1984 short subject before it was remade in 2012 as a stop-motion animated feature.
* ''Film/DirtyRottenScoundrels'' is a 1988 remake of a 1964 film called ''Bedtime Story'', which starred Creator/DavidNiven and Creator/MarlonBrando in the roles later taken by Creator/MichaelCaine and Creator/SteveMartin.
* ''Film/BrainDonors'' is a modern remake ''nee'' retelling of Creator/TheMarxBrothers ''Film/ANightAtTheOpera'' -- the names and details have changed, but the broad strokes and RapidFireComedy remain intact.
* The 1969 film version of ''Theatre/CactusFlower'' was remade as ''Film/JustGoWithIt''.
* The 1978 UsefulNotes/{{Bollywood}} movie, ''Don'', has been remade a total of ''six'' times. In 1979, 1980, 1986, [[Bollywood/DonTheChaseBeginsAgain 2006]], 2007, and 2009.
* ''Film/NeverSayNeverAgain'' was a remake of ''Film/{{Thunderball}}''. Both starred Creator/SeanConnery as Film/JamesBond.
* The 1966 film, ''Gambit'' was remade in 2012 under [[Film/{{Gambit}} the same name]] with much the same plot.
* ''Film/{{Detour}}'' was remade in 1992 for a direct to VHS film and starred Tom Neal's son as well as Susanna Foster in her final film role.
* ''Film/Overboard2018'', the 2018 remake of [[Film/{{Overboard}} the 1987 film]].

* Creator/JohnWoo's 1986 classic ''Film/ABetterTomorrow'' (which is itself a remake; see above) was remade in South Korea in 2010. Its Korean title is ''Mujeogja''.
* ''Film/AFistfulOfDollars'', a remake of the Japanese film ''Film/{{Yojimbo}}''.
** Which itself acquired two sequels, [[Film/TheGoodTheBadAndTheUgly one of which]] was later remade into the Korean ''Film/TheGoodTheBadTheWeird''.
* ''The Birdcage'', a remake of the French ''la Cage Aux Folles''
* The 2010 remake of the 2007 movie ''Film/DeathAtAFuneral''. Bizarrely unneeded, as the original came out not even three years before the film was made, has one of the same actors returning for the same character, and is exactly the same in every way except the characters are black.
* ''Film/TheDebt'', a 2011 remake of the 2007 Israeli film by the same name.
* ''Film/TheDeparted'', a remake of the Hong Kong movie ''Infernal Affairs''
* ''Film/DownAndOutInBeverlyHills'' was a remake of a French farce which translated is ''Boudu Saved From Drowning.''
* The 1998 American version of ''Film/{{Godzilla|1998}}''.
** The 2014 ''Film/{{Godzilla|2014}}'' remake by Legendary Pictures, supervised by Toho themselves.
* ''Jungle 2 Jungle'', a remake of the French film ''Un indien dans la ville''.
* ''Just Visiting'', a remake of the French film ''Les Visiteurs''.
* ''Film/KingKong1933'' has a few in Asia:
** ''Film/KingKongVsGodzilla'' is basically a remake of the original ''Kong'' for about 2/3 of the movie. The only difference is that he goes on to fight Godzilla and doesn't die in the end.
** There was a Japanese remake of ''King Kong'', which was the first {{Kaiju}} film. It was titled ''King Kong Appears in Edo''. Sadly, this movie is lost.
** ''The Mighty Peking Man'' from UsefulNotes/HongKong.
** There was a joint US/Korean production called ''A.P.E.'', which is famous for featuring the mom from ''Series/GrowingPains'' and a giant monkey giving the [[FlippingTheBird finger to the military.]]
** While not Asian, there is a Greek remake of ''King Kong'' as well.
* ''Film/LastManStanding'' is another remake of ''Film/{{Yojimbo}}''.
** And since it stars Creator/BruceWillis could probably be literally taken as [[DieHardOnAnX Die Hard]] [[JustForFun/XMeetsY meets Yojimbo.]]
* The 2010 film ''Film/LetMeIn'' is an American remake of the 2008 Swedish vampire film ''Film/LetTheRightOneIn''.
* ''[[Film/TheMagnificentSeven1960 The Magnificent Seven]]'' is a remake of the Japanese film ''Film/SevenSamurai'', which was then remade InSpace as ''Battle Beyond the Stars'', remade ''and'' computer animated as ''WesternAnimation/ABugsLife'', then remade ''yet again'' as the anime ''Samurai Seven''. This scenario is so prominent that it even spawned a trope, TheMagnificentSevenSamurai.
* ''Nightwatch'', a remake of the Danish film ''Nattevagten''.
* France's ''Le Grand Chemin'' (1987) was remade in America four years later as ''Paradise'' with Thora Birch and Elijah Wood.
* ''Film/{{Pathfinder}}'' is an American action remake of the Oscar-nominated Norwegian film ''Ofelas''.
* ''The Point of No Return'', a remake of the French film ''Nikita''.
* ''Quarantine'', a 2008 remake of the Spanish film ''Film/{{Rec}}'' (2007).
* ''The Ring'', a remake of the Japanese film ''Ringu''.
* ''Shall We Dance'', the 2004 American remake of the 1996 Japanese movie. Neither is related to the 1937 movie musical of the same title.
* ''Film/SomeLikeItHot'', an elaborated remake of the 1951 West German film ''Fanfaren der Liebe''.
* ''Film/{{Taxi}}'', the 2003 remake of the French original.
* ''Film/TrueLies'', a remake of the French film ''La Totale!''.
* ''Vanilla Sky'' was a remake of the Spanish ''Abre los Ojos''.
** With Creator/PenelopeCruz playing the same role in both movies!
* ''Welcome to Collinwood'', the 2002 remake of the Italian film ''I soliti ignoti'', with Creator/GeorgeClooney reprising [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tot%C3%B2 Totò's]] role. The same film was also remade earlier with Creator/LouisMalle's ''Film/{{Crackers|1984}}'' (1984).
* ''Film/TheWickerMan1973'' was remade in the States [[Film/TheWickerMan2006 in 2006]], with Creator/NicolasCage appearing in a bear suit.
* The David Fincher remake of ''Film/TheGirlWithTheDragonTattoo''.
* The seminal German expressionist 1920 film ''Film/TheCabinetOfDrCaligari'' was remade as a sound film in English in 2005 by David Lee Fisher with the same title. Many shots reproduced the distorted look of the 1920 version via greenscreen. (''Dr. Caligari'' is a 1989 erotic film with no other connection, and ''The Cabinet of Caligari'', 1962, used the name but is a completely different story.)

[[folder:Remakes of foreign TV shows]]
* ''Series/AmericanIdol'' and its counterpart ''Canadian Idol'' are actually the US and Canadian versions of the hit British talent show, ''Pop Idol''. This applies to any other show with the title ''*Insert Nationality Here* Idol''.
* ''Cosby'' is a remake of the British television show ''Series/OneFootInTheGrave''.
* ''Series/TheKilling'' is a remake of the Danish series ''Series/{{Forbrydelsen}}'' (The Crime).
* ''Series/KingdomHospital'' was a remake of the Danish series ''Series/{{Riget}}''.
* ABC made ''Series/{{Life On Mars|2008}}'', another [[Series/LifeOnMars2006 BBC show]].
* NBC's ''Series/TheOfficeUS'' is the Americanized version of [[Series/TheOfficeUK the BBC series]]. Well at least it didn't end up like their ''Series/{{Coupling}}''...
* The American remake of ''Series/PrimeSuspect'', starring Maria Bello in the role originally played by Creator/HelenMirren.
* ''Series/SanfordAndSon'' was a remake of the British ''Series/SteptoeAndSon''.
* ''Snavely'' was an attempt to make an Americanized version of ''Series/FawltyTowers'' -- starring Harvey Korman, no less -- that died a quick and well-deserved death.
** There was another attempt to remake it with Bea Arthur as the gender-swapped version of Creator/JohnCleese's character.
** ''Series/TheGoldenPalace'' was a spinoff of ''Series/TheGoldenGirls'' and unofficially a remake of ''Fawlty Towers'' ''without'' Bea Arthur (except for a two episode guest arc).
* ''Series/ThreesCompany'' was based on the British ''Series/ManAboutTheHouse''.
** ''Series/TheRopers'' was based on the British ''Series/GeorgeAndMildred''.
** ''Series/ThreesACrowd'' was based on the British ''Series/RobinsNest''.
* ''Film/{{Traffic}}'' was originally an English TV miniseries, remade as a FilmOfTheSeries, which in turn was made into another US TV series.
* ''Series/TheUpperHand'' was a remake of ''Series/WhosTheBoss''.
* The Swedish series ''Series/{{Wallander}}'' was remade by Creator/TheBBC.
* ''Series/TheBridgeUS'' is an American remake of a Swedish-Norwegian joint production called ''Series/BronBroen'', which also received a British-French version, ''Series/TheTunnel''.
* ''Series/{{Homeland}}'' is an American remake of the Israeli ''Series/PrisonersOfWar''.
* ''Series/InTreatment'' is another American remake of an Israeli series with the same name.

[[folder:TV shows remade as movies]] (TheFilmOfTheSeries)
* The 2007 version of ''Film/AlvinAndTheChipmunks'', along with its [[JustForPun Squeakquel]], and Chipwrecked, and The Road Chip.
* There is talk of an upcoming ''Anime/CowboyBebop'' movie. It is set to star [[spoiler:Keanu Reeves. May God have mercy on us all.]]
** Cowboy Ted at his Matrix?
* The two Peter Cushing Series/DoctorWho films of the mid-1960s are remakes of TV scripts (''The Daleks'' and ''The Dalek Invasion of Earth''), one of the many reasons they aren't canon.
* The 2005 version of ''Film/TheDukesOfHazzard''.
* The 1993 version of ''Film/TheFugitive''.
* The [[Film/GetSmart 2008 version]] of ''Series/GetSmart''.
* The 2005 version of ''The Honeymooners''.
* ''Film/KamenRiderTheFirst'', a 2005 remake of the original ''Series/KamenRider''. Followed in 2007 by ''Film/KamenRiderTheNext'', a remake of ''Series/KamenRiderV3''.
* ''[[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Rebuild of Evangelion]]'' began like this, but after the first film, it ended up becoming an AlternateContinuity instead.
* The 1978 mini-series version of ''Series/PenniesFromHeaven'' with BobHoskins remade as a film in 1981 with Creator/SteveMartin.
* The 2008 version of ''Film/SpeedRacer'', a LiveActionAdaptation.
* The 1979-[[Film/StarTrek 2009]] versions of ''Franchise/StarTrek''.
* The ''Film/TransformersFilmSeries''.

[[folder:TV shows remade as TV shows]]
* The 2003 miniseries and 2004-2009 version of ''Series/{{Battlestar Galactica|2003}}''.
* The 2007 version of ''Bionic Woman''.
* The 2011 version of ''Charlie's Angels''.
* The 2000-2001 version of ''The Fugitive''.
* ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED'' of 2002-03 was admittedly a remake of the original ''Anime/MobileSuitGundam'' from 1979.
* The 2010 version of ''Series/HawaiiFive0''.
* The 2007 version of ''Series/PoliceCameraAction'', although that was probably due to a RoleEndingMisdemeanor
* The 2009 BritCom ''Reggie Perrin'', a remake of the 1970s BritCom ''Series/TheFallAndRiseOfReginaldPerrin''.
* The [[http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/21321230 2015 version]] of ''Series/{{Thunderbirds}}''.
* The 2011 version of ''{{Thundercats}}''.
* The 1992 version of ''Series/TheTomorrowPeople1973''
* ''Series/{{V 2009}}'', the 2009 version of the 80s ''Series/{{V 1983}}''.
* A good chunk of Hispanic {{Soap Opera}}s are either remakes of previous soaps (TV or radio) or adaptations of famous romantic books. One example who combine both is the famed "Corazón Salvaje" (title translates to ''Savage Heart''), who began as a romantic novel, then was adapted as a soap in TheSixties, then later as a movie in TheSeventies, and then again as a soap in TheNineties who unusually for the trope was claimed as the better version of them all.
** Sadly, they remade it again in 2009, and ruined it again.
* Game shows do this all the time. The best ones came during the '70s and '80s, where ''The Match Game'' became ''Match Game '7x'', ''The Price Is Right'' evolved into ''The (New) Price Is Right'', ''Pyramid'' kept climbing in dollar amounts, and ''Password'' would become ''Password Plus'' and later ''Super Password''. There were numerous "Same shows, new hosts" examples as well, such as ''Family Feud'' (Richard Dawson, then Ray Combs) and ''Card Sharks'' (Jim Perry, then Bob Eubanks). More recent revivals tend to fall a bit flat by comparison (''Match Game '98'' with Michael Burger, ''Card Sharks '01''...just, ''Card Sharks '01'', ''Family Feud'' with pretty much everyone since Ray Combs -- even an aged Richard Dawson -- until John O'Hurley came along, and ''Pyramid'' with Donny Osmond).
** On the other hand, GSN's remake of Lingo (hosted by Chuck Woolery) was actually superior to the original.
** Same show, different name: ''Shenanigans'' (1960, local Los Angeles TV) became ''Video Village'' (1960) then became ''Shenanigans'' again (1964), ''P.D.Q.'' (1965) became ''Baffle'' (1973), ''Second Chance'' (1977) became ''Press Your Luck'' (1983), and ''Shoot For The Stars'' (1977) became ''Double Talk'' (1986).

[[folder: Pinball remakes]]
* Creator/{{Gottlieb}}'s 1975 ''Pinball/ElDorado'' was remade nine years later as ''El Dorado: City of Gold''.
* Creator/{{Bally}}'s classic electro-mechanical ''Pinball/{{Fireball}}'' pinball was remade as a solid-state game fourteen years later as ''Fireball Classic'', with revised rules, updated artwork, and changes to some of the game hardware.
* ''Pinball/FirepowerII'' was a remake of ''Pinball/{{Firepower}}'', with only minor changes to the original rules and layout.
* In 2014, Creator/SternPinball announced a remake of their ''[[Pinball/IronManStern Iron Man]]'' game. "Iron Man Pro Vault Edition", adds LED lighting, updated cabinet construction, and molded one-piece playfield figures.

[[folder: Unusual/parodic remakes]]
* A common practice for [[TheAbridgedSeries abridgers]], who usually look back on their early videos poorly and decide to make new versions of them (count on it being [[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness episode 1]] at the least). This has occurred with ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries'', ''WebVideo/PokemonTheBridgedSeries'' and ''WebVideo/SgtFrogAbridged'', and whole series remakes occurred with ''WebVideo/CodeGeassTheAbridgedSeries'' and ''WebVideo/CodeMENT''.
* ''Film/{{Airplane}}!'': The plot and much of the "straight" dialogue were taken from ''Zero Hour!''. Here's [[http://www.rogermwilcox.com/zero_hour.html the dialog script]], so you can see for yourself. The lines that also appear in ''Airplane!'' are in boldface.
* Someone remade the opening song of ''WesternAnimation/AGoofyMovie'' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OABeWNqZph4 in live action]]. And it is awesome.
* Don Bluth's 1997 ''WesternAnimation/{{Anastasia}}'' is officially a {{Disneyfication}}[=/fantasticization=] of [[{{Film/Anastasia}} the 1956 Ingrid Bergman film]] (itself a play adaptation).
** Fox specifically presented him with a list of works they owned the rights to that he could adapt. It boiled down to this or ''My Fair Lady''.
* The novel ''Literature/BeauGeste'' was adapted to film in 1926, 1939 and 1966. In 1977 a parody titled ''The Last Remake of Beau Geste'' was made. The title became not entirely true because BBC made a television version in 1982.
* For more non-TV or movie examples, we have Fanfic/TheCalvinverse:
** Both ''Fanfic/CalvinAndHobbesTheMovie'' and ''Fanfic/CalvinAndHobbesIILostAtSea'' got rewritten versions years after their original release, since they were {{Old Shame}}s for the authors.
** The first episode of ''Fanfic/CalvinAndHobbesTheSeries'' became another OldShame for the author when he was older, and when he was contacted for use of it in a fanfiction-based play, he decided to rewrite it entirely and release it to the public in Season 3's bonus chapter.
* ''Last Man Standing'' is a remake of a remake, being a remake of a ''Fistful of Dollars'' which was a remake of ''Yojimbo''
* ''My Little Unicorn: Starfleet Magic'' is an ongoing remastered version of ''[[Fanfic/MyLittleUnicorn My Little Unicorn: Believing Is Magic]]''. Besides minor changes regarding obvious narrative flaws, not much has really changed at all.
* Non [=TV/Movie=] example: The [[Toys/{{Nerf}} NERF N-Strike elite series]] is mostly made of remakes of previous blasters. Compare the [[http://nerf.wikia.com/wiki/Firestrike_(N-Strike_Elite) Firestrike]] to the [[http://nerf.wikia.com/wiki/Nite_Finder_EX-3 Nite Finder]], or the [[http://nerf.wikia.com/wiki/Strongarm_(N-Strike_Elite) Strongarm]] to the [[http://nerf.wikia.com/wiki/Maverick_REV-6 Maverick]]
* In the eighth season of ''Series/{{Psych}}'', the makers saw fit to remake a ''first season'' episode.
* Gus Van Sant's ''Psycho'' was, save for a gratuitous scene of Mister Bates... [[ADateWithRosiePalms misterbating]] ([[JustForPun sorry]]), and a couple scattered lines of dialogue, a shot-for-shot remake of the Hitchcock original.
* If you'll believe it, a group of teenagers did a shot-for-shot remake of ''Film/RaidersOfTheLostArk'' in the 80s. It's really awesome.
* The movie ''State Fair'' got [[Film/StateFair a 1945 musical remake]], with songs by Creator/RodgersAndHammerstein. The musical itself was remade in 1962.
* See the entire {{Film}} section of RecursiveAdaptation.
** Notable ones include ''Franchise/{{Dragnet}}'' (1987) and ''Series/TheBradyBunch Movie'' (1995).
* Technically, the ''Literature/{{Valhalla}}'' books are an adaptation of a movie that doesn't exist yet. Ari Bach is a filmmaker, and he's talked about [[http://facts-i-just-made-up.tumblr.com/post/128230849808/what-you-cant-imagine using the books to reshape the way movies are seen and presented.]]
* For the CD release of ''Music/PacManFever,'' Buckner and Garcia were not allowed to access their original recordings from 1982, and Sony Music refused to release the original album on CD. Therefore, the band had to redo all of the songs with modern sound-alike recordings. With the remake of "Mousetrap", the band had to make use of StockSoundEffects of a cat, mouse, dog, and bird since there wasn't a functioning ''VideoGame/MouseTrap'' arcade game machine around at the time of the recording.