Delmar von Reinhardt is a proud novice in the Emperor's personal, apolitical knight order, the Reiksguard. His training - mainly marked by conflict between the Reiklanders[[note]]novices from the Reikland province[[/note]] and the Provincials [[note]]novices from the other provinces[[/note]] - is almost done. As he and his friends - most notably Siebriecht von Matz, a seemingly arrogant Provincial with a shady uncle - ready themselves to graduate from the order, rumors of a deployment to the south to crush a goblin outbreak spread. Griesmeyer, a veteran knight and a close friend of Delmar's martyred knight father, confirms this.

But even before they take their oaths, problems appear. The disappearance of a Provincial novice - and his secret meeting with Siebrecht days later - sets an air of tension between the Reiklanders and the Provincials. Also, Siebrecht suddenly starts to despise the Reiksguard. Delmar learns that all is not what it seems - his mother hates Griesmeyer, his father's supposed friend - and the young knight sets out to learn the truth about his father's death in battle.