The Rainbow Trilogy by Alex Sanchez follows three queer boys through their senior year of high school and the summer after. The books include ''Rainbow Boys'' (2001), ''Rainbow High'' (2003), and ''Rainbow Road'' (2005). Not to be confused with the [[VideoGame/MarioKart other Rainbow Road]].

!!'''This series provides an example of:'''

* AllGaysArePromiscuous
* AuthorTract: The books are loaded with GayAesop.
* BiTheWay: Jason claims to be bi, even though he dumped his girlfriend for Kyle after fantasizing about him while making out with his girlfriend
* CampGay: Nelson.
* CastFullOfGay: Most noticeable in the third book of the trilogy.
* CleaningUpRomanticLooseEnds: Nelson gets a boyfriend in the last book - some guy he just met in California, who just happened to dye his hair the same shade of pink.
* ComingOutStory: Jason and Kyle in the first book, various others in later books.
* GayAesop
* {{Gaydar}}: Nelson has mastered this.
* PowerTrio
** FreudianTrio: Nelson is the Id, Jason is the Ego, Kyle is the Superego.
* PromIsForStraightKids: In the second book.
* StraightGay: Kyle and Jason.
* TokenMinority: Jason is Hispanic.
* {{Transsexual}}: BJ, the transgender hitchiker in the third book.