The Pizza Cats Pantomime was a series of WebOriginal Radio Plays based on SamuraiPizzaCats. They were originally intended to be produced once a year, but so far only two have been released. The Original Pizza Cats Pantomime was a spoof of Cinderella, while the second Pantomime, ''Legend Of The Lamp'' was very much played as a straight SPC episode with heavy Aladdin references.

A third radio play was planned, which would have spoofed Jack And The Beanstalk.

!!Associated tropes

* AnAssKickingChristmas
* AnimalSuperheroes
* AntiVillain - The bad guys are played quite sympathetically.
* CreatorsPet - Would have been parodied in the third pantomime.
* EvenBetterSequel - ''Legend Of The Lamp''
* GoshdangItToHeck
* LemonyNarrator
* ShipTease - Speedy and Polly.
* ShoutOut - In Spades.
* SpoofAesop - AndKnowingIsHalfTheBattle!
* StableTimeLoop - in ''Legend Of The Lamp''. Guido: So since we were never super heroes, we still remember being super heroes to compensate for the hole in the fabric of time.
* SurroundedByIdiots - Big Cheese: I can't have ''one'' wicked scene without either of you blundering buzzards fouling it up!
* {{Vaporware}} - The third Pantomime was supposed to be released by Christmas 2008. The script was completed and almost all the voices were sent in, however due to constant recasting, delays and a lack of anyone to voice Polly it won't be going anywhere fast.