->''"Who's the leader of the club''
->''That's made for you and me?''
->''M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E"''

One of the most famous {{variety show}}s in American history, ''The Mickey Mouse Club'' initially aired in 1955, and has since been reimagined several times.

The main show was made up of several sketches performed by the Mouseketeers. Throughout the show's run, several Mouseketeers have made it big, including AnnetteFunicello, JustinTimberlake, BritneySpears, ChristinaAguilera, and RyanGosling. Each day had a central theme, such as Music or the Circus. In addition, the original run had several serials, most famously one based on TheHardyBoys.

Like many classic Disney properties, the show was released as part of the Walt Disney Treasures line. One set includes the first week of the show, while subsequent sets included the serials ''Spin and Marty'', ''The Hardy Boys'', and ''Annette''.

The most recent revival ([[{{Retool}} retooled]] as ''MMC'' and produced for the DisneyChannel) ended in 1995.

Not to be confused with MickeyMouseClubhouse.
!!This show contained examples of:
* AnimatedCreditsOpening
* CouchGag: DonaldDuck ringing the gong in the original.
* EditedForSyndication: The original show was an hour long, but reruns were shortened to 30 minutes. Prior to the 1989 revival, this was the version seen first in syndication in 1977 and then on the DisneyChannel.
* GoKartingWithBowser: The opening shows Mickey celebrating with Pete and [[Literature/ThreeLittlePigs The Big Bad Wolf]].
* HonoraryUncle: According to Annette, Disney insisted the Mouseketeers call him Uncle Walt. Annette herself couldn't do it, because he was [[AFatherToHisMen too much of a father figure]].
* MsFanservice: Annette Funicello. No, seriously. Don't believe us? Look at [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6NatiMGTH4&feature=related this video]]. There's a reason that she got more fanmail than all other Mouseketeers combined. There's a reason she went on to have a few years extra at Disney than the others. [[RuleOfThree There's a reason]] that she later played in beach movies. [[RunningGag There's a reason]] every fifth comment on Website/YouTube videos featuring her say "I had a crush on Annette" or "Annette was my first crush". [[OverlyLongGag There's a reason]] she was nicknamed Annette "full of jello" back in the day.
* PantyShot: Pretty much averted by the girls in the original, in spite of the dances and skirt twirls they do. In the first revival, there were actually a couple.
* PieInTheFace
* RightWayWrongWayPair: In a series of shorts hosted by Jiminy Cricket about safety. Each episode ends with a contest between [[AudienceSurrogate "You"]] and "a common, ordinary fool". "You" follow all safety precautions and win, while the fool gets nothing but AmusingInjuries.
* SolemnEndingTheme: "Now it's time to say goodbye to all our company..."
* SpellingSong
* ThemeTuneRap: The 1989-1995 version

!!The serials contained:
* AlphaBitch: Laura from ''Annette'', played by Roberta Shore (Francheska from ''The Shaggy Dog'').
* ABoyAndHisDog: ''Corky and White Shadow''
* CountryMouse: Annette in her self-titled serial.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Laura from ''Annette''. She first accuses Annette of stealing her necklace, but when she's proven innocent, she apologizes and the two become friends.
* TomboyishName: Jet from ''Annette''
->''Now it's time to say goodbye''
->''to all our company...''
->''M-I-C (...you real soon!)''
->''K-E-Y (Why? because we like you!)''