''The Meta Wars'' is a 2011 superhero novel by Joshua Bruckner. It deals with the Guardians of New York, a government-supported superhero law enforcement group, in an alternate Earth peopled with "Metahumans", men and women with superhuman powers. American Metahumans have been press-ganged into service to the government by the Metahuman Police Act of 1965, a controversial piece of legislation. When the story begins, tensions over Methuman political issues are running high and the Police Act has been contested by ex-government hero Nucleon, a charismatic prison fugitive. Led by the telepath Evermind, the Guardians oppose Nucleon and his followers even as their own misgivings about the program grow.

!!This novel provides examples of:
* CaptainPatriotic: Subverted with The Patriot, a twisted and cruel Captain America/Superman expy.
* CutLexLuthorACheck
* DefrostingIceQueen: Evermind.
* MilitarySuperhero
* PersonalityPowers
* RoguesGallery: Explored and lampshaded.
* SinglePowerSuperheroes
* SlaveToPR
* StockSuperpowers
* SuperheroesStaySingle: Subverted with Brick's backstory.
* SuperRegistrationAct
* SuperhumanTransfusion
* WorldsStrongestMan