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[[caption-width-right:350:[-So Davros created the Daleks in his own image, and Davros said unto the Daleks, "EXTERMINATE!"-] ]]
[-[[caption-width-right:350:[[http://paulhanley.deviantart.com/art/Genesis-of-the-Daleks-265393389 Image]] by [[http://paulhanley.deviantart.com Paul Hanley.]]]]-]

->''"I gotta hand it to that Kurata, he really knows his monsters. Guess it takes one to know one."''
-->-- '''Ivan''', ''[[Anime/DigimonSavers Digimon Datasquad]]''

Every horde of monstrous {{mook}}s will be [[MonsterLord led by a powerful]] and [[UncannyValley (relatively)]] human-[[SculptedPhysique looking]] figure. If the mooks are already vaguely human, the leader will be downright ''[[CuteMonsterGirl gorg]][[ThePrettyGuysAreStronger eous]]''. There's no stated reason for the use of this trope, but it allows for the heroes to have someone in the enemy camp with whom they can interact, and a slavering monster does not make good drama (fear, revulsion, terror, yes. Drama? Not so much). Otherwise, they're essentially fighting an enemy with all the charisma of a wave of lava.

Frequently, the mooks are themselves incapable of organizing into a vast army. [[AlwaysChaoticEvil Those dirty monsters]] [[FantasticRacism can't do anything]] without a proper [[HumansAreSpecial HUMAN leading them!]] Subversively, they may turn out to have been GoodAllAlong and bullied by the BigBad into evil. BeautyEqualsGoodness on its ear, as it were.

ThePrettyGuysAreStronger is a SisterTrope. The analogue here is that the leader ([[SortingAlgorithmOfEvil who is the most powerful]]) looks the most human, and the weaker the subordinate, the more [[BeastMan wild]] or [[TheHeartless mindless]] they become. TheDragon and his lieutenants occupy a curious niche in all this: while they also benefit from this trope and, in fact, tend to look the most human on the villainous side, it's because they ''aren't'' so powerful as the leader. Confused? So are we. It does, however, tend to telegraph a HeelFaceTurn, though not always.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, evil members of good or neutral species are generally more monstrous than their good counterparts.

Contrast NotEvenHuman, where only the boss is a monster. Also related to the BishonenLine.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Aizen in ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'', though the hollows aren't much of monsters anymore, as his method of powering them up is to force them to cross the BishonenLine.
* In ''Anime/ElHazardTheMagnificentWorld'', Jinnai discovers that his talent is controlling the insect-like Bugrom. Even if not for him, their queen Diva is far more human-looking than the rest of the species.
* All the Zoanoids in ''Manga/{{Guyver}}'' are uniformly bestial in their GameFace forms, but Zoalords are quite a bit more human looking once transformed, with appealing OneWingedAngel[=/=]{{Sculpted Physique}}s.
* In ''Manga/InuYasha'', Naraku reassigns Kagura to command his army of flying worms.
* In ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' : Lordgenome, leader (and creator) of beastmen.
* Zeus from ''Manga/KingOfThorn''.
* Griffith after [[spoiler: his reincarnation]] in ''Manga/{{Berserk}}''. A beautiful knight in white shining armor, leading an army of Apostles. [[spoiler:He still has all the power of his Godhand incarnation as Femto, and can even [[OneWingedAngel take on Femto's sinister bat-winged form]] if he feels the need]].
* In ''Manga/WorldEmbryo'', the Coffin Princesses who direct the Kanshu (humans transformed into hideous monstrosities due to infected electromagnetic waves such as cell phone signals) look like cute young girls with second pair of ear-like extensions on the top of their heads. One of the Princesses, Neene, who looked like the protagonist beloved deceased aunt Amane, had manipulated said protagonist into protecting her until she matured into a {{Queen Bee}} and planned to destroy the entire world by absorbing the memories of the entire populace, nearly putting him through the {{Despair Event Horizon}}.
* ''Manga/{{Claymore}}'' reveals that the yoma are actually created by [[spoiler:the Organization which also controls the Claymore. The entire continent is just a testing grounds for them]].

* Creator/MarvelComics seems to love this trope. Among others, you have the Subterraneans, led at times by the handsome ancient roman scientist, Tyrannus, and the ugly misshapen victorian-era explorer, Mole Man, the Trolls and Ice Giants of Asgard, who will often find themselves rallying behind such villains as Loki and the dark elf Malekith, and the Inhuman's subhuman slaves, the Alpha Primates, who are always a ready army for Maximus the Mad.
** On the non-villainous side, ''ComicBook/MonstersUnleashed'' introduces Kid Kaiju whose ability as an Inhuman is to summon monsters by drawing them. He's even able to use this ability to create ''new'' monsters in this way, bringing his own team of heroic kaiju into existence.
* In ''Camelot 3000'', the alien invaders are controlled by the human sorceress Morgan la Fay, who'd usurped the power of their HiveQueen.

[[folder:Fan Fiction]]
* This trope is used as an explanation for why advanced robots were outlawed between the ''VideoGame/MegaMan Classic'' and ''VideoGame/MegaManX'' series in [[http://forums.bobandgeorge.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=16332 The Prototype]]. After [[spoiler:Dr. Wily's death]], King takes control of the remaining robot master armies. The narrator notes that people were more or less okay with being attacked by killer robots because they knew that a human was in control of them, and it was something they could understand. But when a ''robot'' is in control, that scares the populace so much that they outlaw advanced robots like [[spoiler:the deceased]] Mega Man and Roll, at least until X is discovered.

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* The Coachman from ''Disney/{{Pinocchio}}'' is actually revealed to have large, ape-like monsters forcing young boys which the Coachman had turned into donkeys into crates headed for either the salt mines or the circus.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* In ''Franchise/StarTrek'', the Borg, being a HiveMind collective, didn't have a leader...until some writer decided to create the [[HiveQueen Borg Queen]], who fits this trope.
* The Wicked Witch of the West and her Flying Monkeys from ''Film/TheWizardOfOz''. Notable in that the monkeys were the first to cheer when the witch died, as they weren't serving her willingly. Subverted by the Winkies, who had the same green skin and long noses as the Witch herself; however, they were foreigners (with the witch even [[BreakingTheFourthWall turning to the audience]] in the stage adaptation and explaining that "Oh-Ee-Oh" is one of their native folk songs).
* The Goblin King from ''Film/{{Labyrinth}}'' is played by Music/DavidBowie; his subjects are played by UglyCute {{muppet}}s.
* ''Film/TheAvengers2012'' film has Loki and his alien army. Played with in that the army is a loan. Although [[spoiler:Thanos]] is still more humanoid-looking than the rank-and-file Chitauri grunts.
* Poison Ivy and Bane in ''Film/BatmanAndRobin'' might or might not be a subversion, depending on whether outward appearance matters. Both have been mutated by Venom, but Ivy still looks like a normal (and sexy!) human woman while Bane is a green-skinned, apelike monster.
* Anton Arcane spends most of ''Film/SwampThing'' as a handsome older man played by French actor Louis Jordan. This is a case of AdaptationalAttractiveness, as he quickly went from gnarled old man to grotesque zombie-like figure in the comics.

* In ''Literature/TheRunelords'', [[EvilOverlord Raj Ahten's]] mooks consist of ordinary humans backed up by enhanced humans and monstrous Nomen and Frowth Giants. Ahten himself is an androgynous, incredibly beautiful, and charismatic human. This is because he's taken so many [[FunctionalMagic endowments]] of glamour from his subjects, which ''force'' anyone who looks at him to percieve him as beautiful. [[spoiler: This effect is so powerful that it still works later in the series, when half his face has been burned off]].
* Vord from the ''Literature/CodexAlera'' series come in a wide variety of monstrous forms, but the queens are humanoid in shape and capable of speech.
* In ''Literature/TheChroniclesOfThomasCovenant'', [[GodOfEvil Lord Foul's]] minions include a wide variety of monstrous beings, but in his true form (or at least, the form he reverts to after Covenant's WildMagic injures and weakens him), Foul himself resembles a dignified, elderly human [[note]]In the default form Foul assumes when he's at full power, he looks more like a LivingShadow than anything, but still has a more generally humanoid appearance than most of his minions[[/note]].
* In ''Literature/TheWheelOfTime'', the Trollocs are an AlwaysChaoticEvil horde of beast-men. Their superiors are the Myrddraal, who look like pale-skinned, eerily graceful humans except for the fact that thay have [[EyelessFace smooth skin where eyes should be]]. ''Their'' commanders are the Forsaken, who are a group of actual humans (albeit very, very powerful [[FunctionalMagic channelers]]). Subverted in that the level ''above'' the Forsaken is occupied by the Dark One himself, who isn't remotely human and is somewhere in the general neighborhood of GodOfEvil, EldritchAbomination, and SentientCosmicForce.
* In the ''Literature/{{Corum}}'' series, Prince Gaynor the Damned plays this role. In the first trilogy, he leads an army of HalfHumanHybrids. The evil army in the second trilogy is even more unintelligent on its own and in need of intelligent human leadership, so it has both Prince Gaynor and the EvilSorcerer Calatin.
* Subverted in ''Literature/MemorySorrowAndThorn''. The local army of monsters is composed of Bukken (tunneling goblins), Hunen (hairy giants) and Norns (arctic dark elves), but appears to be acting on the orders of the human [[AntiVillain King Elias]] and his [[EvilChancellor advisor]], the also-human [[EvilSorcerer Pryrates]]. Except that the army is a loan from [[BigBad the Storm King]], an undead specter who was once a humanoid [[OurElvesAreBetter Sitha]] but is now a borderline-EldritchAbomination [[spoiler: and he always intended to backstab Elias and Pryrates, with his minions being full aware that their "service" to Elias is a temporary indulgence only]]. Of course, the main characters are all aware that the Storm King is the ultimate string-puller for most of the series- the trick is convincing ''everybody else'' that Elias is not, in fact, the BigBad ''du jour''.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/DoctorWho'':
** Davros and the Daleks. He only barely qualifies as "human", but at least you can have a conversation with him.
** Among other minor examples, the new-series episode "School Reunion" features Tony Head as the leader of a group of bat-like, flying aliens - he says he keeps a human-like body as a "personal preference".
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'': Angelus, the Mayor, Glory and the First [[ShapeshifterDefaultForm (usually)]] all looked more human than many of their servants. Also throw in Spike and Drucilla, Faith and Caleb as human-looking [[TheDragon dragons]].
** And while Adam definitely didn't look human, he had a woman behind him, his creator Maggie Walsh.
* ''Series/{{FarScape}}'': The human-looking Peacekeepers are considered the worst threat in the galaxy, with the exception of the Scarrans. Subverted by the fact that Scorpius is the only inhuman-looking Peacekeeper.
* ''Series/{{Babylon 5}}'': Mr. Morden as the face and mouthpiece of the Shadows.
* ''Series/{{Star Trek Voyager}}'': Once she joined forces with the Kazan, Seska would qualify (technically she looked Bajoran/Cardassian, but she still looked and thought more human than the Kazan).

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* Wrestling/PaulHeyman is the normal-sized handler of [[TheRedBaron "The Beast"]], Wrestling/BrockLesnar. Humorously, however, other WWE celebs often refer to Heyman himself as if he were a monster, calling him a "walrus" or a fat ogre.
* Paul Bearer may have been ghoulish-looking, but at least he wasn't a seven-foot-tall undead giant like Wrestling/TheUndertaker.
* The Great Khali tended to be managed by very small [[note]] by pro wrestling standards, anyway [[/note]] men, such as Khosrow Daivari or Ranjin Singh. Although Singh was arguably a subversion, because he was revealed to be Khali's non-handicapped brother.
* Armando Estrada (another relatively small man) managed "The Samoan Bulldozer" Umaga before embarking on an in-ring career of his own.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* The ''Literature/{{Dragonlance}}'' setting for ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons''. Each dragon army was made up of an assortment of monsters and led by a human(oid) Dragon Highlord.
* Averted in TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} with Genestealer cults. The genestealers start off looking human, then the next generation gets a few extra limbs or extending jaws, and so on, until purestrain genestealers, who look like like beefy [[Franchise/{{Alien}} xenomorphs]]. They're led by a Magus, who looks like a human with [[MyBrainIsBig a huge, veined cranium]], and a Patriach, a disgustingly obese, multilimbed monstrosity.

* ''Toys/{{Bionicle}}'''s Visorak horde, an army of {{Giant Spider}}s, are led by the humanoid Sidorak and Roodaka on behalf of the also-humanoid ([[ShapeShifting usually]]) Brotherhood of Makuta.

* Many old [=RPGs=] use this. Some examples include Garland from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyI'' and The Dragonlord from ''VideoGame/DragonQuestI''. Oftentimes, they'll eventually [[OneWingedAngel turn into monsters themselves]].
* ''VideoGame/StarcraftBroodWar'' has Kerrigan, the (human with shoulder-mounted extensible claws) leader of the insectoid Zerg after the Overmind's fall. Before she arrives however, the trope was averted: the Overmind [[EldritchAbomination couldn't look less like a humanoid]].
* ''VideoGame/{{Diablo}}'' subverts this trope with the Seven Great Evils: despite leading the LegionsOfHell, the Prime Evils and Lesser Evils don't look humanoid in any way themselves; it says something that the only one who look vaguely humanoid, Andariel, is a giant woman with claws and SpiderLimbs.
* While not human, Tabuu from ''[[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Super Smash Bros. Brawl]]'s'' Subspace Emissary mode.
* Magus from ''VideoGame/ChronoTrigger'', leading the [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Mystics/Fiends]].
* Ganondorf from ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'', but only when he's Ganondorf rather than Ganon. The other villains flip between doubly monstrous {{Eldritch Abomination}}s and humanoid[=/=]AmbiguouslyHuman demons or sorcerers who [[OneWingedAngel tend to transform into monsters at some point]].
** Ganondorf is also an example of the inversion, as he and Twinrova, by far the most evil members of the race, have inhuman green skin in contrast to the dark skin of all other Gerudo.
* {{Dracula}} in ''Franchise/{{Castlevania}}''.
* In ''VideoGame/FalloutTactics'', the army of [[DumbMuscle Super Mutants]] is lead by someone called Gamorin whom they revere. He turns out to be a renegade Brotherhood paladin.
* Possibly ''VideoGame/SuperPaperMario'' - Count Bleck [[spoiler:and Dimentio]] may or may not be human. It's ambiguous, but most others in the setting look ''far'' less human.
** Count Bleck is, in fact, [[spoiler:of the Tribe of Darkness]] (which is implied to be the same species as Merlon, or similar). [[spoiler:Dimentio]] isn't clear.
** A heroic example, the dominant species of the Mushroom Kingdom are the Toads, but Princess Peach Toadstool is a human.
* ''[[VideoGame/{{Warcraft}} Warcraft I]]'' averts this. In most fantasy series, orcs have to be led by a human to be a real threat, but orcs were able to bring humanity to its knees on their own without any human help. Even a [[CivilWarcraft civil war]] didn't stop them from victory.
** [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Blackmoore]] tried to do this with the orcs, but it backfired. Subverted with Lord Victor Nefarius, who had better success but was actually a black dragon in disguise.
** The Lich King might count, as he looks pretty much as he did in life, exept all pale and dead, while the common soldiers of the Scourge are skeletons, barely humanoid ghouls, and abominations stitched up from corpses. In fact, most of high ranking Scourge (exept the liches, who look like floating ghostly skeletons, and crypt lords, who are giant undead insects) look more human than their underlings, as the dark magic that sustains them also helps to preserve their bodies.
* The Locust Queen appears in ''[[VideoGame/GearsOfWar Gears of War 2]]''. [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] by Cole.
* Although Saren from ''Franchise/MassEffect'' isn't exactly a human, his species is generally treated as equivalent to human by the game. The [[MechaMooks geth]] that serve him are not.
** [[spoiler: Eventually subverted, as it's revealed that there's a [[ManBehindTheMan Giant Cthulhu Spaceship Behind The Turian]].]]
* ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'':
** This is the case in most games. The hordes of monstrous Heartless and Nobodies eventually turn out to be under the control of a being (or collective of beings) who look and act entirely human - but looks can be deceiving.
** [[VideoGame/KingdomHeartsBirthBySleep The Unversed]] are also under the control of [[spoiler: Vanitas, as they are incarnations of his feelings. Vanitas himself is under Xehanort's control as he is his master, although the exact degree of control he is under is [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder debatable]].]]
* In ''VideoGame/{{Prototype}}'', [[HiveQueen Elizabeth]] [[{{Plaguemaster}} Greene]] is the organizing force behind the infection; most of the monstrosities infecting Manhattan are under her direct command. She looks normal enough, but is essentially "burned out", with Greene being less of an independent personality than a personification of TheVirus. [[AxCrazy Alex]] [[VillainProtagonist Mercer]] suggests he could [[spoiler: take control of the infection after Greene's death, but he's more focused on killing them than leading them]].
** In ''VideoGame/{{Prototype 2}}'' [[spoiler: Alex becomes this to the ''new'' infection, which he causes.]]
* In ''VideoGame/GalaxiaChronicles'', [[BigBad H]][[NoNameGiven E]] is a noticeably ordinary-looking person (at least, what we see of HIM) compared to the biomechanical Siris, who he is collaborating with as part of [[RunningGag HIS]] EvilPlan. [[spoiler: At one point, HE and [[TheHero Maxx]] draw blood simultaneously after White Shell attacks the latter, implying that they share some kind of connection to each other, or that HE is possibly a future version of Maxx. The game never elaborates on it.]]
* Andross from ''VideoGame/StarFox'', although technically not human, was the closest to a human compared to the other characters, genetically speaking, and he was either directly responsible for the events of the series or manipulated the enemy into doing his bidding. In ''Star Fox: Farewell Beloved Falco'', Andross was resurrected via {{cloning|Blues}} by a rogue Cornerian officer. In ''VideoGame/StarFoxAdventures'', due to his hijacking the plot, he was implied to have manipulated Scales and the rest of the Sharpclaw army into doing his bidding. In ''VideoGame/StarFoxCommand'', it was implied that he was the one who created the main threat of the game, the Anglar Race. In fact, the only main villainous group never affiliated with Andross at all was the Aparoids.
* Professor Hojo in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'' created the BigBad, Sephiroth, both naturally and artificially (Sephiroth was Hojo's birth son, and he was injected with Jenova's cells as an embryo), and was implied to have had some involvement in creating Deepground. In addition, it was also heavily implied that he manipulated Sephiroth into becoming evil, as well as concocting most of Sephiroth's plans (barring, of course, his choice of Cloud) with the intention of seeing the results of his experiment come into fruition (the intended results implied to be [[OmnicidalManiac the destruction of the planet]]), [[HijackedByGanon possessing]] Sephiroth shortly before the final battle (according to the Novellas), and later, doing it again digitally with the Tsviets (specifically, Weiss).
* Trema from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX2''.
%%* Ein in ''VideoGame/PokemonColosseum'', TheEvilGenius of the Cipher syndicate who created the Shadow Pokémon used by Cipher. He's the last and most powerful of the admins.
* Captain Syrup in ''[[VideoGame/WarioLand Wario Land 1 and 2]]'' who is the only other human member of the game's cast and the BigBad. Also possibly The Shake King in ''VideoGame/WarioLandShakeIt'', who while probably not quite human, looks a heck of a lot more so than any of other enemies in the game.
* One of the most common enemies in ''VideoGame/{{Illbleed}}'' are animate crash-test-dummies. Their leader, Dummyman, is not a dummy himself but rather a man in a costume, as can be glimpsed in the Killerman stage. He also doesn't fall apart when defeated like they do.
* Sigma from the ''VideoGame/MegaManX'' series tends to have animaloid Mavericks as his minions.
* The Architect from ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOriginsAwakening'', the "creator" and leader of the "awakened" darkspawn.
* ''VideoGame/TheSecretWorld'' has a few examples:
** In the Hell Dimensions, the main enemy demons (which look appropriately demonic and largely inhuman) are led by Eblis, a fallen angel shaped like a smooth, whitish humanlike being. In a less villainous version, your incursions into hell are to support a demonic rebellion led by a human called Wicker.
** In the first section of the game (On Solomon Island), you fight a number of zombies, giant bugs, ghosts, and such, but the main villain is the human looking Beaumont.
* The Ancestor from ''VideoGame/DarkestDungeon'' is directly responsible for almost every enemy you face, and the rest are probably his indirect fault as well. Brainwashing fishmen, demonic swinefolk, undead legions, parasitic fungus and vampirized aristocrat ex-pals were all brought about by his hand, and when the villagers complained he hired a group of bandits to keep them in line and gave the witnesses to the creatures he had created. The reason behind all this is he was bored and wanted eldritch power for a laugh. This being a CosmicHorrorStory, it all went wrong quite quickly. Unusually he is not the BigBad, as he killed himself after realizing what he had done and supports you via narration as you clean up his mess.
* The Vagans somehow got a hold of the Vajra Queen in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsBX'' and, thus, are behind most of the Vajra attacks in the game.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* A number of the Sparks from ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' have turned themselves into this due to being just as willing to experiment on themselves as they are other people and animals.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Notably averted with a lot of antagonists of the WesternAnimation/{{Ben 10}} franchise; most notably, the protagonist ArchEnemy, Vilgax, is a GalacticConqueror leading an army of MechaMooks. When he himself shows up, turns out he is a {{Cthulhumanoid}} taller than any of Ben's forms. He doesn't even look normal by ''his own species' standards'', thanks to various genetic and mechanical enhancements.
** Played straight with Doctor Animo, a perfectly human-looking MadScientist who relies on mutated animals as his minions.
** Averted again with the Lubracas in ''WesternAnimation/Ben10UltimateAlien'', who are led by [[EldritchAbomination Diagon]].
* ''WesternAnimation/GeneratorRex'': [[BigBad Van Kleiss]] is the leader of Abyssus, a realm populated with [=EVOs=], the series' local mutants. All [=EVOs=] under his commands look more or less monstrous (the only one to have relatively human appearance are [[DarkActionGirl Breach]] and [[TokenGoodTeammate Circe]], and even then the former looks a bit deformed while the latter eventually had HighHeelFaceTurn). Van Kleiss himself, on the other hand, looks perfectly human, his only deformation being [[RedRightHand his hand]]. Doesn't prevent him from being a sicker bastard than all his minions put together.
* In Book 2 of ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'', [[spoiler: Unalaq can turn spirits dark and command them, although he himself is working for a [[GodOfEvil Vaatu]], who is an AnimalisticAbomination. Eventually, they merge together.]]
* As [[IneffectualSympatheticVillain incompetent as he usually seems]], Duke Igthorn from ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfTheGummiBears'' somehow manages to get a bunch of dimwitted brutish ogres, all of them twice his size, to do what he says.
* Subverted on ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond'' by Abel Cuvier, who runs a gang of aggressive teenage hoodlums who have been "spliced" (mutated with DNA from various dangerous animals). Cuvier is spliced himself, and looks only slightly less grotesque than his young charges. An even greater subversion occurs at the episode's climax, when he takes an ''enormous'' dose of DNA and fights Batman as a gigantic amoeba-like thing.