A collective of game reviewers formerly associated with Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses and Website/ScrewAttack. Led by Handsome Tom ([[RunningGag and 8 Bit Mickey!]]), the group also includes Classy Man Smiles, Cameraman Joe, Andy, Gregg, Dustin, and Perfect Liz. Can be found [[http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/bt/gameheroes here]] and [[http://thegameheroes.com/ here]].

On October 7, 2012, it was announced that The Game Heroes were retiring to move on to other things.

However, on February 22, 2014, The Game Heroes have announced that they are making a comeback.


* TheChick: Perfect Liz.
* HappilyMarried: Handsome Tom and Perfect Liz, who in October 2010 welcomed their [[http://yfrog.com/h34jdygj first child]].
* ShoutOut: "Handsome Tom" inspired by a character from ''Film/WaynesWorld''. Apparently by coincidence, it was also the name of a PerversePuppet enemy from ''Videogame/{{Earthbound}}''.
* {{Sidekick}}: Mickey to Tom in the Anniversary Brawl video.
** And then Tom to Mickey in ''WebVideo/{{Kickassia}}'' & ''WebVideo/SuburbanKnights''...