''The Dinosaur Project'' is a 2012 found-footage film.

Set in the deepest, wildest throngs of the African jungle, ''The Dinosaur Project'' is an ambitious quest by a team of western explorers, hoping to find a water creature whose origins are rooted in myth and fantasy. The head of the expedition, an Franchise/IndianaJones type, has his plans for a successful trip spoiled though, after his helicopter is brought down by a flock of pterosaurs and to add to his troubles, he also has to look after his stowaway son, Luke. Luke is the film's main narrator; with an arsenal of personal cameras at his disposal, the young techno-geek captures every minute of this project, which becomes a lesson in survival. The team quickly discover that all is not well in the jungle, and encounter some extraordinary creatures, which civilization has presumed extinct for millions of years!

! The film includes the following tropes:
* EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs
* FoundFootageFilms
* ShoutOut: One of the dinosuars in the film is clearly based off the Dilophosaurus in ''JurassicPark'', frills and all.