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->''"There are eight million stories in the Naked City. And this is one of them."''
--> -- Tag line for the TV show ''Naked City''

The City: full of people, tall buildings, and limited parking ([[RockStarParking except for our heroes]]).

You're more likely to be the victim of a crime, so this is where most CrimeAndPunishmentSeries are set. When a {{Sitcom}} is set here, it tends to feature a younger, hipper crowd than the usual DomCom. People are also more cynical in The City, and the DeadpanSnarker abounds. There is also public transportation, which is a good place to get PostRobberyTrauma. Combine with a bit of {{dystopia}}n political corruption and a RoguesGallery of unrepentant lawbreakers, and it's the perfect place for the {{Superhero}} to set up shop.

In the land of television, The City is also full of really big apartments which even a twentysomething who's just starting out professionally [[FriendsRentControl can totally afford]].

A few cities have their own special quirks (especially ''Series/{{CSI}}'''s Las Vegas). For the most part, The City will feature sprawling central business districts, vibrant ethnic neighborhoods, industrial zones and decaying ghettos.

Note that the distinction between The City and {{Suburbia}} is not always clear-cut; many shows set in TheCity might deal more with the residential neighborhoods, making it feel like {{Suburbia}} with rowhouses (''Series/FullHouse'', ''Series/TheCosbyShow'', ''Series/FamilyMatters''). And sometimes the residential neighborhoods, while 100% within the city limits, will have detached single-family homes that aren't even rowhouses and look even more indistinguishable from the suburbs. The go-to city for this is Los Angeles due to its sprawling nature. At the other end of the spectrum, a show set officially in {{Suburbia}} may show an [[GeographicFlexibility assortment of local businesses, events, and institutions]] that you would typically only find in a city (''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'', ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''). However, these towns tend to be fictional; [[JustForFun/SeparateSimpsonsGeographyThing Springfield in particular]] tends to go from largish city to suburb depending on the needs of the episode.

The peculiar interplay of aspects of {{Suburbia}} and The City in the real-world city of Baltimore, Maryland (rural sensibilities + high population density = wacky crime) has made it a popular choice in recent years for CrimeAndPunishmentSeries (''Series/HomicideLifeOnTheStreet'', ''Series/TheWire''). While not primarily a cop show, police work typically figures into the B-plots of ''Series/JoanOfArcadia'', which is set in a fictionalized version of the real-life Baltimore suburb of Arcadia. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the [[Creator/DavidSimon Joss Whedon of detective/crime shows]] is a Baltimore native who wrote a number of non-fiction works that many of those shows are directly based on.
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