->''"That's all, folks!"''
-->-- The {{Trope Namer|s}}, WesternAnimation/BoskoTheTalkInkKid, as you can see [[http://youtu.be/5kPhP3ZNw6A?t=7m44s here]].

In a nutshell, this is telling the audience the show is truly over. They can either wait for the next attraction or go home if that was the final one.

Often presented as TheStinger, but other times it's a stock message. In children's shows, it's often delivered in song. If they do it often enough, it's an EveryEpisodeEnding or CouchGag. In modern times, {{Vanity Plate}}s can serve the purpose.

Named for the line at the end of ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes'' shorts, that at some point was given to WesternAnimation/PorkyPig to say. (Which is why most usage of this particular line is rendered "[[SpeechImpediment Th-th-that's]] all, folks!")

Compare TheEnd, GameOverMan, SigningOffCatchPhrase. Often overlaps with ThankingTheViewer.

* The ending theme for ''Anime/NerimaDaikonBrothers'' is basically summed up as "Yeah, it matters to our characters, but we're just actors. Thanks for buying the DVD so we can get beer. Now watch the next episode!" [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiW8MZi8MbA&feature=related You can hear the dub version here]].
* The last episode of ''Anime/SDGundamForce'' has one of these. It first seems like another [[ShowWithinAShow Zako Zako Hour]], only this one is hosted by the titular Gundam Force. They give their thanks for watching the series to the very end, followed by a curtain call of every character who ever appeared.
-->'''Grappler:''' We're going to...
-->'''Destroyer:''' ...last...
-->'''Zapper:''' ...''Forever!''
* The Japanese dub for the final episode of ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'' had the show's entire cast sing the opening theme, and cheering after the song is over.
* The American dub for ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' had the "Pokerap" song have "That's all, folks!" spoken right after the final Pokemon being rapped.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In ''ComicBook/PrinceOfPersiaTheGraphicNovel'', the last page shows a bunch of peacock feathers fallen over a book, accompanied by the message (presumably from [[IntellectualAnimal Turul]]): "Book, like door, is for to be closed. Yaaahr."

* ''Film/KissKissBangBang'': The characters do this and even apologize for saying fuck so much.
* ''Film/FerrisBuellersDayOff'' has the title character emerging from the shower after the end credits, looking at the audience. "You're still here? It's over! Go home." Considering people were lured to stay through the credits because of Rooney's bus ride sequence, it can be considered a dirty trick on Creator/JohnHughes' part. The same footage of Ferris Bueller was used at the end of ''She's Having A Baby''.
** Parodied, naturally, in the {{Stinger}} for ''Film/{{Deadpool}}''. Deadpool steps out of the bathroom, wearing his mask, a t-shirt and a robe, saying, "You're still here? It's over! Go home. Oh, you were expecting a teaser for ''Deadpool 2''? Sorry, we don't have that kind of money. You were expecting maybe [[Film/IronMan Sam Jackson, in an eyepatch and a saucy little leather number?]] Go home!" He then turned around and announced that [[SequelHook Cable would be in the sequel]], and added, "And don't leave your trash lying around. That's a real dick move."
* Creator/BobHope did pretty much the same thing in one of his movies.
* Mr. Bean does this at the end of ''Film/{{Bean}}''.
* The Finnish film ''Kummeli Stories'' used this as an elaborate pseudo-BrickJoke: About halfway through the movie, a topless woman walks into the scene for no reason other than the fact that the movie wouldn't be complete without a pair of naked breasts, with the other characters promising "more titties after the credits". This continues into the actual credits, with "more titties after the credits" shown once or twice as a reminder... and after the credits finally finish, another character shows up, scolds the audience for being a bunch of perverts, and tells them to go home.
* At the end of ''Film/TheMuppetMovie'', Animal tells the audience to "Go home! Go home! Bye, bye!" In ''Film/TheMuppets'', the reprise of "Life's A Happy Song" has the line "The movie's almost over, it's time to say so long!" in it. At the end of the credits for ''Film/MuppetsMostWanted'', Fozzie shows up and says, "The movie's over, Ma. You can go home now." Possibly justified in that many fans of ''Series/TheMuppetShow'' may have sat through the closing credits, expecting a [[TheStinger Stinger]] of JustForFun/StatlerAndWaldorf having the last word.
* At the end of ''Film/LooneyTunesBackInAction'', Porky Pig attempts to deliver his famous catchphrase. Unfortunately for him, his stutter gets even worse than normal and after the lights go out he stops trying and, in an irritated tone, tells the audience to "Just go home, folks!"
* ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit?'' ended with Porky saying his line, followed by Tinkerbell blanking the screen with her wand, ''[[Series/WaltDisneyPresents Disneyland]]''-style. It also portrays Porky as just having come up with the line, when of course he would have been saying it for years by 1947.
* Also done after the end credits in ''Film/SpaceJam'' when Bugs Bunny says the line. Porky Pig shows up and protests, then Daffy Duck shows up saying it his way, then the five aliens pushed Daffy away and say the line, and finally, Michael Jordan pushes up the curtain saying, "Can I go home now?"
* Daffy Duck in ''Film/Gremlins2TheNewBatch'': "You're still here? Don't you people have homes?"
* Mike & the Bots returning after the final scene to actually riff on the credits of THEIR OWN MOVIE during the end credits of ''Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000TheMovie.'' Example: Crow - "Since we're thanking the whole entire world, I would like to thank this guy I know named Earl...thank you, Earl."
* ''Film/GetHimToTheGreek'' featured [[ItMakesSenseInContext the disembodied head of Sergio Roma]] saying, "Go home. Get the fuck outta this theater. Seriously."
* TheMovie of ''Film/TheProducers'' musical has a brief additional song at the end of the credits. Everybody (including Mel Brooks) tells you goodbye and get out.
* ''Film/ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld'' ends after the credits with a "The End" and sprite of Scott from [[VideoGame/ScottPilgrim the game]] jumping in and busting up the text.
* ''Film/KangarooJack'' parodied this at the end, with the title character appearing in the ''Looney Tunes'' bullseye, stammering "T-th-th-that's all, blokes!"
* In ''Film/OnTheTown'', every nightclub show in town ends with the song "That's All There Is, Folks."
* Music/JohnLennon's line at the very end of Music/TheBeatles' ''Film/LetItBe'' was humorous as well as bittersweet as the group was facing its demise: "I'd like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves, and I hope we passed the audition."

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* From ''Series/AllThat'':
-->"Hey Clavis! Wake up, the show's over."
--> "Oh yeah, kick it!"
* ''Series/TheTraceyUllmanShow'': "Go 'ome! Go 'ome!"
* ''Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus'' episode 33 ending.
-->''[Shot of seashore with waves breaking on beach. John Cleese walks on screen wearing an old Spanish soldier's costume]''\\
'''Cleese:''' Um, I'm sorry about the ... the, er, pause, only I'm afraid the show is a couple of minutes short this week. You know, sometimes the shows aren't really quite as er, long as they ought to be. ''[He looks around]'' Beautiful, isn't it. ''[He walks out of shot. Long pause - he walks back]'' Look there's not really a great deal of point in your, sort of hanging on at your end, because I'm afraid there aren't any more jokes or anything. ''[Walks out of shot. Scene continues for a while.]''
* From ''Just for Laughs'' and other programming under the banner: "MUMMY, IT'S OVER~!"
* ''Series/TheCarolBurnettShow'' OncePerEpisode:
-->''I'm so glad we had this time together''
-->''Just to have a laugh or sing a song''
-->''Seems we just get started and before you know it''
-->''Comes the time we have to say So Long.'' Goodnight everybody.
* ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' almost always ends with the cast on the stage waving goodbye as the GuestHost thanks the cast, musical guest, etc.
* ''Series/TheMickeyMouseClub'' had the "Now it's time to say goodbye to all our company" variation of its opening theme.
* ''Series/{{Roundhouse}}'': "Reprise the theme song and roll the credits!"
** One that was replaced in the series final episode by said at the ending: "Reprise the theme song and roll the re-runs!"
** ''Whenever my life gets me so down, I know I can go down...''
** The {{Trope Namer|s}} was namedropped by David Sidoni, doing a Porky Pig impression, at the end of a sketch where some of the cast members read "letters home from great wars" in cartoon voices.
* Nearly every episode of ''Series/TopGear'' ends with Jeremy Clarkson saying "And on that bombshell, it is time to end" or a variant thereof.
* The episode "Weekend Colonel" of ''Series/ThePhilSilversShow'' ends with Bilko, with Paparelli and the imposter, [[spoiler: in the guardhouse, having been finally busted by Colonel Hall,]] looking towards the camera, and Bilko uttering this phrase.
* The ''Series/{{MASH}}'' episode "There Is Nothing Like a Nurse": Klinger says this after the home movie of Frank's wedding runs out.
* The VanityPlate for Ronald Moore's company for ''Series/BattlestarGalactica2003''. Each one was different and usually wacky and violent, which resulted in a gradually increasing case of MoodWhiplash as the series progressed.
* The final episode of ''Series/{{Dinosaurs}}'': "This is Howard [[PunnyName Handupme]]. [[TearJerker/{{Dinosaurs}} Goodnight... Goodbye..."]]
* One episode of ''Series/TheMaryTylerMooreShow'' actually ended with Mary saying "Th-th-th-th-th-th-that's all, folks!"
* The VanityPlate for ''Series/{{Taxi}}'' producer John Charles Walters features a man heading for his apartment, grumbling as someone says, "Goodnight, Mr. Walters."
* The closing themes of some '50s sitcoms feature lyrics appropriate for the show's ending. Example, from ''Series/TheBeverlyHillbillies'':
-->"And now it's time to say goodbye to Jed and all his kin.\\
We sure would like to thank you folks for kindly droppin' in.\\
You're all invited back next week to this locality,\\
To have a heapin' helpin' of our hospitality.\\
Hillbilly, that is.\\
Set a spell. Take your shoes off.\\
Y'all come back now, y'hear?
* This is a common trend in preschool shows, but it really became popular in the 90's. Here are some examples:
** ''Series/BarneyAndFriends'' provides a particularly well-known example: "I love you, you love me…" [[MemeticMutation And you didn't read that, you sang it.]]
** ''Series/{{Teletubbies}}'' would end with "Time for Tubby Bye-bye". It mixes this trope with CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming, since the baby's head would shut down and have a rest herself. Though the Teletubbies really want to play some more...
--->'''The {{Narrator}}''': Bye-bye, Tinky Winky.\\
'''Tinky Winky''': Bye-bye.\\
'''The Narrator''': Bye-bye, Dipsy.\\
'''Dipsy''': Bye-bye.\\
'''The Narrator''': Bye-bye, Laa-Laa.\\
'''Laa-Laa''': Bye-bye.\\
'''The Narrator''': Bye-bye, Po.\\
'''Po''': Bye-bye.
** ''WesternAnimation/BluesClues'': "So long, but we'll just sing one more song!" Or if you were watching Joe's version in the final season - "Come on, help me say so long! Won't you help me sing the Goodbye Song? Bye! Buh-bye! See ya' lata'. Sweet potatuh!"
** ''Out Of The Box'' had a Goodbye Song as well.
** ''Series/BearInTheBigBlueHouse'' fans, sing along. "Hey, that was really fun, we hope you liked it too, seems like we've just begun, when suddenly we're through..."
* The final challenge of the 21st season of the U.S. version of ''Series/TheAmazingRace'' was for the racers to identify the phrases for hello and goodbye used by the Pit Stop greeters at each country they visited. They all took a long time because this was the one thing they didn't pay attention to.
* On the final episode of ''The Howdy Doody Show'', Clarabell the Clown [[SuddenlyVoiced spoke]] for the only time at the end of the show's final episode:
-->'''Clarabell''': Goodbye, kids.
* ''Series/HeeHaw'' had both a goodbye tune ''and'' a Loony Tunes-style CatchPhrase send-off.
-->''(before the credits)'' We love the time we spend with you\\
To share a song and a laugh or two\\
May your pleasures be many, your troubles be few...\\
'''Buck Owens:''' So long everybody!\\
'''Roy Clark:''' We'll see you next week on...\\
'''Everyone:''' HEE HAW!! ''(credits roll)''
-->''(after the credits)'' '''Cathy Baker:''' That's all!
* On ''The Lawrence Welk Show'', Music/LawrenceWelk's Musical Family would perform "Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen" during its syndicated run as its closing theme.
* On ''Series/MisterRogersNeighborhood'', Fred Rogers would sing ''It's Such a Good Feeling'' (and ''The Weekend Song'' on Friday episodes), After his closing song, He would remark "You make each day a special day, By just being yourself! There's only one person in the whole world like you, And just the way you are! I'll be back next time! Goodbye!"
* On ''Series/SesameStreet'', Different Sesame Street characters would announcer the sponsors (2 letters and 1 number) (For example: "Sesame Street has been sponsored by the letters L, and Z, and by the number 10!") After the credits, they would remark "Sesame Street is a production of The Children's Television Workshop!"
* In the PBS Kids game show, ''Series/WhereInTheWorldIsCarmenSandiego'', Host Greg Lee, a contestant (a gumshoe), and the audience would sign off by shouting "DO IT, ROCKAPELLA!"
* Subverted by GermanicDepressive "Bernd das Brot". He always desperately tries to convince the watcher to turn off the TV because he only wants to be alone in quietness. Needless to say, it doesn't work.

* "Music/{{Elvis|Presley}} has left the building."
* Music/TheBeatles' ''Let It Be'' was the last album the group released, and John's final quip "I'd just like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves and hope we pass the audition" would certainly be bittersweet. But since ''Abbey Road'' was the last the group recorded, that distinction would go to the last line of "The End":
-->And in the end\\
The love you take\\
Is equal to the love you make.
* Music/PaulMcCartney has done this in recent concerts -- in one he held at Abbey Road (which might air on a Creator/{{PBS}} station near you), he wrote a song in front of the audience, and the lyrics included "That's all for now! You've got to go home!" (Done very sweetly and melodically.) Since Paul recently has been known to try to continue concerts after the mike has been turned off, a formalized goodbye is necessary.
* An ironic example by Music/{{Genesis}}, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-F_BRaK301A "That's All"]]. The song title is the final lyrics and the rest is instrumental until it fades out.
* Unusual example: the final song of the Music/TypeONegative album ''October Rust'' cuts off abruptly (after 10 minutes of epicness) and then the lead singer says "Well, that's about it. That's all we have. I hope it wasn't too disappointing. We will see you on tour. Until then, take it easy."
* Big And Rich's debut album ''Horse of a Different Color'' included a nearly minute-long goodbye after the last song which was obviously unscripted.
* Eric Idle and Neil Innes' "Rutland Weekend Times" has an instrumentalless finale which includes this couplet:
-->[The budget] is how much we've got to make you bleeders smile\\
And we've went and overspent it by a mile
** An alternate version has this couplet:
-->...We've overspent our budget, could not have\\
Now there's nothing left to make you buggers laugh.
* Music/JosephHaydn's Symphony No. 45 is known as the "Farewell" Symphony -- he and his musicians were kept at Prince Nikolaus Esterházy's summer palace much longer than expected, so at the end of the last movement, each musician stopped playing and left the stage, snuffing out their candle, until there were two violinists left. The prince got the hint and let them go the next day.
* ''Series/SesameStreet'''s sing-along/play-along cassettes from TheEighties invariably ended with a stern male narrator announcing: "The tape is over. Please press the STOP button. Push it now." If you still hadn't pushed it after that, you got Oscar the Grouch sarcastically yelling: "WILL YOU PUSH IT NOW ALREADY?!"
* Music/BlueOysterCult: The song "Shooting Shark" ends with, "Fourth time round is the last time round; I have nothing else to say." Likely a subversion as this song is about repeatedly breaking up and getting back together.
* A cappella novelty band ''Instant Sunshine'' had a song called ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVGfbk7y8Is#t=23m40s Fleeting Time Now Bids Us Go]]'', a song about how they had to stop singing now. The joke was that it slowly built to a grand chorus, after which one of the singers didn't get the hint and kept going.
* Music/BillyJoel's last album ends with the song, "Famous Last Words".
* Dan Wilson of Semisonic originally conceived "Closing Time" as a song specifically to end shows with. Even after it became a hit for the band, they continued to keep the song at the end of their setlist.
-->''Closing time -- Open all the doors and let you out into the world\\
Closing time -- Turn all of the lights on over every boy and every girl\\
Closing time -- One last call for alcohol, so finish your whiskey or beer\\
Closing time -- You don't have to go home but you can't stay here''
* Music/ColdChisel released "Saturday Night" in early 1984, three months after the band's first breakup. In the words of composer Don Walker: "The band I'd been in for ten years was breaking up. I think it's just a 'kissing all that goodbye and moving on into the unknown' song."
* The first ''WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}'' soundtrack, ''The First Almost Real Not Live CD (or Tape)'', has a RunningGag of D.W. trying to play "Crazy Bus" to no avail. At the very end, she succeeds, and when Arthur discovers this, D.W remarks "It's too late, the CD is over. Any moment now it will turn itself off..."
* SplitEnz's final album, "See Ya Round", was named for obvious reasons, after founder and lead singer Tim Finn left the group for a solo career.
* A [[OverlyLongGag hilariously extended]] one is heard at the end of Music/InsaneClownPosse's "3 Ring"; also doubles as a YouBastard gag.
-->'''Sideshow Barker:''' Well, that's it. I hope you're satisfied. I hope you had a good time, you fucking heartless bastards! You saw what you wanted, so grab your fucking kids, and that fat flop of shit wife of yours, and get the fuck out of our circus tent, you cold-hearted sons of bitches! You think ''they'' look fucked up? Just wait 'til I kick your fucking lips in a couple of times. You'll be sitting up here like a bitch, and we'll be laughing at ''your'' folded ass! They'll call you "Lumpy" after I done put knots all over your fucking forehead! Yeah! Hey - hey, little boy! Come here! How'd you like it if I tied your neck in a knot, you fucking little bitch? Come here! I'll shove that fucking corn dog up your ass! Get the fuck out of here! Show's fucking over! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, YOU FUCKING HEARTLESS BASTARDS!"

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* The final ''ComicStrip/USAcres'' strip, seen [[http://www.platypuscomix.net/otherpeople2/cutsthecorn60.JPG here]]. Word for word.

* Done at the end of ''Pinball/SpaceJam,'' of course.
-->'''Porky Pig:''' Th-th-th-th-th-that's the end of the game, folks!

[[folder:Oral Tradition]]
* Armenian folk tales almost always end with some variant on the phrase "Three apples fell from heaven; one for the storyteller, one for the listener, and one for whoever pays good attention."

* ''[[Radio/TheGoonShow The Last Goon Show Of All]]'' included the following pair of announcements after the outro music.
-->'''Andrew Timothy''' (Announcer, to audience): Well, the recording is all right, so thank you for coming, ladies and gentlemen, and goodnight.[[note]]The reference to the recording being OK might seem paradoxical because they'd have to stop the tape in order to check it, but a second recording was made for transcription purposes and that's where the end tag came from.[[/note]]\\
'''Spike Milligan''' (performer): Now ''get out!''

* The lyrics to the last song in ''Film/TheProducers'' (as mentioned above) can be summarized as, "The show's over, leave!"
* The GenreSavvy cast of ''Theatre/{{Urinetown}}'': "That was our show!"
* ''Mass'': "The Mass is ended. Go in peace." (This is how the actual Catholic Mass usually ends.)
* Every version of ''Theatre/ForbiddenBroadway'' has ended with one of these, some longer than others.
* At the end of ''Theatre/{{Cabaret}}'', the Emcee (who introduced the show with "Willkommen -- Bienvenue -- Welcome") sings, "Auf wiedersehn! À bientôt!" The implied last word, "Goodbye!", is never sung (but sometimes spoken as he takes his final bow).
* The endings of the first two ''Series/{{Bottom}}'' Live stage shows used a large title card: "THAT'S IT. FUCK OFF."
* ''Theatre/TheSkinOfOurTeeth'' ends with Sabina, after repeating part of her opening speech, telling the audience to go home.
* ''Theatre/{{Pagliacci}}'' ends with [[spoiler:Nedda and Silvio]] being stabbed to death onstage and Tonio (or, in many productions, Canio) declaring "La commedia è finita" ("The comedy is over").
* When Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus played the Hollywood Bowl, they ended with a card on the big screen reading "THE END". After a few seconds, this was replaced with one reading "Now piss off!"
** Their very last performance in 2014 ended with a longer version of the same joke:
-->[[TearJerker Graham Chapman: 1941-1989]]
-->[[EndOfAnAge Monty Python: 1969-2014]]
-->[[MoodWhiplash Piss Off]]
* ''Theatre/OurTown'':
-->'''Stage Manager''': Eleven o'clock in Grover's Corners--You get a good rest, too. Good night.
* ''Theatre/ThePhantomOfTheOpera'': "You alone have made my song take flight/It's over now, the music of the night!"

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Cruelly used at the end of ''VideoGame/Sly2BandOfThieves''. After the credits roll, the player is told, "Well. That's it. You've seen everything. You win. Go outside." What's cruel about this is [[spoiler: the game ended with a SuddenDownerEnding, with Bentley crippled, Murray's van lost, and the gang disbanded]].
* ''VideoGame/TheSecretOfMonkeyIsland'' ends with a message telling the player to turn off the computer and go to sleep. The VideoGameRemake instead says [[SequelHook Guybrush Threepwood Will Return]]. The original version of ''VideoGame/MonkeyIsland2LeChucksRevenge'' ends with a (very) long list of suggestions for what to do now that you've completed the game. ''VideoGame/EscapeFromMonkeyIsland'' did this again by showing an error message after the credits, telling the player to stop slacking off and get back to work. This was eventually removed via a patch, because anyone playing the game in the first place would be there to ''play'', not to ''work''.
* ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' does this with The End screen. A no-brainer usually, really, but with the series' tendency to hide extra endings after the initial ending cutscene and credits, The End screen is the only consistently sure way to tell that it's really safe to turn the game off without the fear of missing something. Even then, it's not a sure thing. Some of them play a version of the Prelude (you know, that theme with the up-and-down arpeggios) a minute or so ''after'' the music stops and "The End" appears, a theme which can't be heard at any other point. Most people miss it unless they happen to leave the game running.
* ''VideoGame/SuperMario64'': "Thank a-you so a-much for-a playing my game!"
* Just before the prompt to save NewGamePlus data, both ''VideoGame/{{Persona 3}}'' ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{Persona 5}}'' put the word "Fin" on the last freeze frame. [[spoiler:Aigis holding the MC's dying body]] in ''3'' and the main character looking at a picture of him and his friends in ''4''.
* The shower scene at the end of ''VideoGame/TombRaiderII''.
--> '''Lara:''' Don't you think you've seen enough? *shoots the player with a shotgun*
* ''[=McDonald's TreasureLand=] Adventure'', after the credits, has a group picture of Ronald and his friends bidding the player goodbye.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd: Th-th-th-th-th-th-th-that's all, fucks!
* WebAnimation/{{Strong Bad Email}}s almost all end with an off-screen printer printing and spitting out a page at the top of the screen with the link to email Strong Bad. (As of Email #202, it's been replaced with a Windows-style pop-up message to go with his new "paperless" setup.) Though it's not always the real end of the video...
** "No, there's no {{Easter Egg}}s. I'm not up to it. Go-... go away."
** He ends every episode of WebAnimation/TeenGirlSquad with "IT'S OVER!!!" (Which, again, may or may not actually be true.)
* The WebAnimation/{{Animutation}} [[http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/cnb "Chocolate Niblet Beans"]] ends with Handy from ''WesternAnimation/TheTick'' saying "Well, kids, that's all you get! That's it! READ A BOOK!"
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARPmOwpyzLQ I hope I introduced you to a good comic you haven't read before]], then the author invites everyone to tell him why his top 10 list is wrong and what comics he should have been reading all this time.
* WebVideo/{{Phelous}} decides to be a MetaGuy "one last time" with a final breech of the fourth wall to thank the viewers before [[spoiler:[[GoIntoTheLight going into the light]]]].

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Again, WesternAnimation/PorkyPig is the {{Trope Namer|s}}, even though WesternAnimation/BoskoTheTalkInkKid by all accounts [[OlderThanTheyThink beat him to that line by several years.]]
** After 1946, Porky was replaced with the title phrase being written out in script.
** Spoofed in movies like ''Film/Gremlins2TheNewBatch'' and ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit''.
** And on TV, [[GenreSavvy Bat-Mite]] in ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold'' ended every appearance of his this way. The final time was (despite the show being LighterAndSofter) a somewhat depressing moment of poetic justice. [[spoiler: Bat-Mite is basically Mxyzpltk with MediumAwareness. In the series finale, he alters reality so the show will [[JumpingTheShark jump the shark]] and get cancelled so a DarkerAndEdgier series can take its place - which means the in-universe reality will disappear. The heroes fight to get things back to normal... but the show is cancelled anyway. However, similarly fourth-wall-proof Ambush Bug, who had helped the heroes try to save their reality, reminds Bat-Mite that he's part of the fiction - and a DarkerAndEdgier show has no place for a wacky character like Bat-Mite, so he will cease to exist as well. When Bat-Mite, who initially responded with a ThisCannotBe, is disappearing piece by piece and finally accepts his end, he says "I guess it can." He turns to the screen and does the classic wave, saying "That's all, folks." At this point, the part of Porky Pig's body that shows through the IrisOut hole in ''Looney Tunes''' "That's All, Folks" sequences - his head and one arm - is all of Bat-Mite that still exists. He then fades forever - it's deserved, but ''damn.'']]
** A cartoon-focused episode of ''WesternAnimation/{{Beetlejuice}}'' ends with the title character in an IrisOut saying, "That's it, kids!"
** On the ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' episode "Reincarnation", with Bender saying "Th-th-th-that's all you get, jerks!"
** It should be noted that Bosko and Buddy would say the line, as would Porky's original co-star Beans the Cat. Two WesternAnimation/BugsBunny shorts also featured a variation with Bugs in which he'd appear in place of Porky and say "And dat's de end!"
** And even earlier in the early years of the Warner Bros. animation unit, when Foxy, a [[CaptainErsatz conspicuous lookalike]] of WesternAnimation/MickeyMouse, pops up at the end of the Merrie Melodies shorts he starred in, saying "[[OlderThanTheyThink So Long, Folks!]]"
** In the 1960s, they stopped using the "That's all, folks!" phrase altogether at the end of cartoons, and now ended with a black background logo with an abstract modernized WB logo and the byline "A WARNER BROS CARTOON" (with the "OO" bouncing up and down) to a weird version of the closing theme.
** The 1990s short "Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers" (a riff on ''Film/InvasionOfTheBodySnatchers'') ends with a scary, LimitedAnimation version of Porky attempting to say the line, but Bugs kicks him out and places the real Porky in the drum. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5D-hBerPlqU Take a look here.]]
** Said by the Ghost of William Shakespeare in "Mysterious Phenomena of the Unexplained: The Taming of the Screwball" in a Shakespearean style. "That, my dear folks, will be all."
** From 1934 to 1936, the Merrie Melodies films ended with a jester standing in front of the titles on a stage saying "That's all, folks!" The self-writing script began in 1936 with Friz Freleng's ''I Wanna Play House.'' ''Looney Tunes'' would do this (starting with Tex Avery's ''Golddiggers Of '36'') for a year before using Porky in a drum.
** ''WesternAnimation/TheLooneyTunesShow'' continued the tradition with various characters saying the line, though in their own special way.
* ''WesternAnimation/TinyToonAdventures'' and ''WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}}'', true to their roots would have different characters give one of these at the end of the closing credits. ''Tiny Toons'' from their multicolored rings, and ''Animaniacs'' from the Warners' Watertower.
** Yakko of ''Animaniacs'' ostensibly had one in "Goodnight, everybody!", but this was most often used as an attempt to cut away from a DoubleEntendre or GettingCrapPastTheRadar.
** Slappy Squirrel had her own sign-off for her shorts--"Now ''that's''--comedy!"--which was established in-universe to be the same one she used in her heyday as a Warner Bros. cartoon star.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Histeria}}!'', the SpiritualSuccessor to the above two, didn't do it the same way, but its episodes often ended with scenes in which the characters said "see you next time" and shouted out the show's name. (Sometimes, though, there'd be one last 15-second skit right before the credits.)
* ''WesternAnimation/TheCritic'': "Excuse me, sir, the show's over." Jay's response is a CouchGag.
* Cosmo tries to do this at the end of ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'' special "WesternAnimation/ChannelChasers". The background was rectangular rather than circular.
-->'''Cosmo''': Th-Th-Th Th-Th-Th- Th-Th-Th-
-->'''Wanda''': Cosmo? What's wrong?
-->'''Cosmo''': (Shivering) Nothing. Its just really cold in here.
* ''Madeline'':
-->"And she turned off the light...\\
and closed the door...\\
and that's all there is...\\
there isn't anymore."
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' gives Eric Cartman one of these [[MoodWhiplash right]] [[MoodDissonance after]] [[spoiler:he [[MoralEventHorizon feeds a boy his own parents ground into chili]] [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking (and got his favorite band to say he wasn't cool)]] [[DisproportionateRetribution since he got ripped off for $16.12]]]].
* Hugo does this at the end of ''Disney/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame'' where he says "Goodnight Everybody!"
* One episode of ''WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy'' had Double D [[BreakingTheFourthWall request for a "iris out" to end the episode,]] having tired of Eddy's stupidity for the day. TheMovie, after the credits, ended with [[spoiler:Jonny asking the question [[BreakingTheFourthWall "What movie?"]], after Plank "tells" him its too late to exact his revenge since the movie ([[GrandFinale and in turn, the series]]) is over]].
* ''WesternAnimation/MuppetBabies'': "Gooooooooo bye-bye!" *laughs*
* At the end of ''Disney/{{Aladdin}}'', when the final Walt Disney Pictures logo appears, [[Creator/RobinWilliams the Genie]] actually tells the viewers that the film is over and then bids them all goodbye.
* The ending of ''Disney/TheAristocats''. And yes, it's those two dogs that attacked Edgar the butler twice in the film that tell us that the film is over.
* At the end of ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory2'', we see one of the tour guide {{Franchise/Barbie}} dolls telling the viewer, "Buh-bye now!" Of course, if you stick around to watch her tell people good-bye, she eventually stops and complains about how tired she is of having to do it.
* The Mexican policeman from the [[WesternAnimation/AmericanDad Underdog Productions]] [[VanityPlate logo.]]
* At the end of ''WesternAnimation/KingSizeCanary'', the cat and mouse are now both the size of planets due to them consuming a magic potion that can turn them into giants. However, at the end of the short, the bottle containing said potion is now empty, and therefore the cat and mouse cannot change back and as a result the mouse tells the viewers that they actually have to end the picture because of this.
* At the end of the credits of ''WesternAnimation/FindingNemo'', [[AlluringAnglerfish the Anglerfish]] appears one last time, only for it to be eaten up by a smaller fish, who swims away to end the movie. Its [[DuelingMovies counterpart]] ''WesternAnimation/SharkTale'' ends with Ms. Sanchez the weaverfish telling everyone to go home because "it's past your bedtime."
* Every episode of ''WesternAnimation/KaBlam'' ends with Henry and June saying goodbye to the audience, and then the show's announcer going, "Join us again next time, same ''[=KaBlam=]'' time, same ''[=KaBlam=]'' network!".
* "We're saying goodbye to WesternAnimation/{{Muzzy|InGondoland}}, we're saying goodbye to you!"
* The ShowWithinAShow "Mary Moo Cow" on ''WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}'' usually ends its episode with Mary saying goodbye in some way. In the episode featuring "The Love Ducks", the narrator says "Goodbye, Love Ducks!" and the ducks sing "Quack, quack, quack!" as they fly away into the clouds.
* ''WesternAnimation/CelebrityDeathmatch'' would usually end with Johnny Gomez saying, "Good fight, goodnight."
* WesternAnimation/MickeyMouse would usually do some variation at the end of ''WesternAnimation/HouseOfMouse''. He even said "That's all, folks!" in one episode before catching himself.
* The last words (If including the end credit songs as well as dialogue) of the ''WesternAnimation/{{Daria}}'' TV Movie GrandFinale, ''Is It College Yet?'' came from the second song of the ending credits, "Time to Go" by Supergrass (TV version only; the DVD releases have replaced it due to music rights).
-->''[[TearJerker Thanks to everyone and everything you've done, but now it's time to go]]''
* The ending to the final episode of ''WesternAnimation/{{Doug}}'' (the Disney episodes) had Doug calling out to the audience, "Bye, everyone! It's been fun!"
* ''Series/TheSuperMarioBrosSuperShow'': "Until next time, everybody... DO THE MARIO!"
* The ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'' sketch "8 Carrot" has ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes'' characters parody ''Film/EightMile''. [[WesternAnimation/PorkyPig DJ Bacon Bits]] ends the segment with "That's all, [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitches]]."
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons.'' Done twice on [[ShowWithinAShow The Krusty the Klown Show]]. The first was when Sideshow Bob hosted and sang Music/ColePorter's "Every Time We Say Goodbye". Another time Krusty sang "We've had lots and lots and lots and lots of fun, but now the time has come... to go. If this old clown was found dead in his bed tomorrow, I'd be in heaven, still doing this show!''

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Creator/MelBlanc's [[http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/76/Mel_Blanc_4-15-05.JPG tombstone]].
* Standard bar or pub line at closing time: "This is the last call. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here." There was even a pop song with lyrics almost exactly like the above ("Closing Time" by Semisonic).
* [[UsefulNotes/MicrosoftWindows Windows 95]], upon being shut down, would "end" on a blank screen except for the message "It is now safe to turn off your computer." Newer versions of Windows also would do the same, if run on [=PCs=] that cannot just turn themselves off instead of waiting for the user.
* Certain phones on Virgin Mobile service, such as the Kyocera Jax, print "BYE" to the screen when turned off.
* Virtually all data transmission standards specify "End of Stream" or functionally similar code. Data that, for whatever reason, comes after such code are treated as though they don't exist.
* Many electronics with front screen displays, such as stereos or DVD players say "Goodbye" or some variant on the display when they are turned off.
* During the days of analog TV transmission, closedowns for the night would usually be announced several minutes beforehand. This has since become redundant with the advent of 24-7 broadcasting and digital transmission. The switch from analog to digital [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTUDSG8L5Jw#t=38 also doubled]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvGkE6azzWQ#t=1m04s as a form]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=us3_aCFOV08&feature=related of this]], as well as an EndOfAnAge of sorts.
* “That’s all folks!” was used as the final slogan for the Blockbuster video service, once the biggest movie rental chain in the United States.
* [=AMC=] Theatres has [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64RDdqrGShA end bumpers]] played at the very end of movies in their theaters, saying the viewer should sign up for [=AMC=] Stubs, before adding "Now go home already!".

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