Tenchi Solution is a fanspeak term in some anime fandoms and this very wiki. It is named after the various endings of the harem anime ''Anime/TenchiMuyo'', and refers to three different romantic resolution plots:

* MarryThemAll: The trope most people are talking about when they say Tenchi Solution. TheProtagonist solves the problem of figuring out which love interest they like more by choosing all of them.
* NoRomanticResolution: StatusQuoIsGod. There may be an occasional DayInTheLimelight episode with a bit of ShipTease, but the TheProtagonist is going to equivocate until the cows come home. The romance equivalent of AndTheAdventureContinues.
* DumpThemAll: TheProtagonist ''walks away'' from the harem by remaining a CelibateHero (with ''no'' intention of choosing any girl, and they know this), or picking a girl [[DarkHorseVictory outside the harem]].

Note that through the magic of AlternateContinuity, different versions of Tenchi have chosen ''each'' of these solutions.

All {{wick}}s to this page should be changed to point to whichever particular resolution they refer to.