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[[caption-width-right:298:[[Literature/{{Struwwelpeter}} Heinrich Hoffmann]] sends his condolences.]]

->''"Fate is like a caged gorilla. It will pelt you with dung if you mock it."''
-->--'''Warriv''', ''VideoGame/DiabloII''

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Some things [[BeCarefulWhatYouSay just shouldn't be said]], even in jest. [[DoNotTauntCthulhu Taunting a monster]] or {{bullying a dragon}} is likely to end badly. (MuggingTheMonster ''definitely'' will.) [[EvilGloating Monologuing]] will invariably give TheHero the time he needs to defeat you. And then there's this trope.

Tempting Fate is when a character says something that dares the universe into making things miserable for them, and the universe [[FinaglesLaw takes them up on the challenge]]. Oftentimes, the character is commenting on how they've hit RockBottom and how things couldn't possibly get any worse -- right before things ''do'' turn FromBadToWorse. Conversely, they may talk about how things are absolutely perfect, only for their world to come crashing down five seconds later. Also watch out for a GilliganCut.

And sometimes tempting fate can get downright ''lethal''. For example, that guy in every horror movie who tells his friends "I'll be right back" before wandering off by himself is most assuredly ''not'' going to be back. Or that guy in every war movie who shows [[FatalFamilyPhoto that picture of his family]] to the others and expresses his hope to get through this and make it back home to them, which all but ensures that he ''won't'' make it. Or that veteran cop in every action movie who's just a few days away from {{Retir|ony}}ement, and thus doomed to be gunned down in his final case. This particular variant of Tempting Fate is known as a DeathFlag.

The fate-tempting words may be followed up by a friend saying "''YouJustHadToSayIt!''"

For the supertropes to this, see TropeTelegraphing and BeCarefulWhatYouSay. Compare SchmuckBait, InstantlyProvenWrong, SpeakOfTheDevil, FamousLastWords. Contrast the GodzillaThreshold for where things really ''can't'' get any worse.

And don't forget the EvilOverlordList, either.


* "At least it isn't raining." -- CueTheRain. Alternatively, a worse type of weather will occur instead.
* "At least X isn't here to see this -- [[SpeakOfTheDevil X's cue to arrive]].
* "At least X still likes me." -- [[ConsolationBackfire Even X doesn't like him anymore.]]
* "But that's just a legend, right?" -- No, it isn't. [[AllMythsAreTrue It is very real.]] Oh, and it's [[RightBehindMe right behind you]], [[SwallowedWhole about to eat you]].
** In the same vein -- "There's no such thing as X!" -- Actually, [[SkepticismFailure there]] ''[[SkepticismFailure is]]'' [[SkepticismFailure such a thing as X]]. Oh, yeah, it's [[RightBehindMe right behind you]], [[SwallowedWhole about to eat you.]]
* "[[YouSaidYouWouldLetThemGo But you said you would let them/him/her/me go!]]" -- "[[YouWillBeSpared Yeah,]] [[AvertedTrope about that,]] [[ILied I lied.]]" [[UnhandThemVillain Or, if the person in question of being let go is being dangled off of a cliff of other high spot, then they will quite literally be "let go" by being dropped.]]
** Of course. But [[ExactWords I didn't promise]] my [[TheDragon friend]] here wouldn't kill them, did I?
* "[[LetsSplitUpGang I'll be right back.]]" -- No, you won't (unless you're an ImplacableMan or a {{Determinator}}, and [[RasputinianDeath sometimes not]] [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill even then]]). [[Series/GameOfThrones George R. R. Martin]] is particularly fond of this.
* "I think I can take him." -- [[TooDumbToLive No, you can't;]] [[CurbStompBattle so, enjoy the taste of that curb.]]
* "IfWeGetThroughThis..." -- At least one of you ''won't''.
* "It'll happen when pigs fly." -- CueTheFlyingPigs.
* "NothingCanSaveUsNow!" -- Cue the BigDamnHeroes/[[BadGuysDoTheDirtyWork Villains]].
* "NoOneCouldSurviveThat." -- Could, would and did.
** "Did we get them?" -- As with the previous example, no, you didn't.
* "NothingCanStopUsNow!" -- Can and will.
* "NothingExcitingEverHappensHere." -- Give it a minute.
* "ItWillNeverCatchOn." -- It will.
** "ThisIsGoingToBeHuge." -- [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]]. It will not normally, unless someone subsequently says the above. Alternately, if it ''is,'' it might fall right on top of you.
* "[[HopeSpot It's perfectly safe here[=/=]You'll be safe with us]]!" -- It's an UnsafeHaven.
* "ItsProbablyNothing." -- No, it's not: it's ''definitely'' something. Which is probably nasty, behind you and [[SwallowedWhole about to eat you]].
** Related, "It's just your/my imagination." -- It never is.
* "ItsQuietTooQuiet." -- It's about to get a whole lot louder.
* "[[RockBottom Things couldn't possibly get any worse.]]" -- Things go FromBadToWorse.
** The simplest way to invoke this is pairing it with the CueTheRain example above.
* "Things can get worse because ''X'' could always happen!" -- SpeakOfTheDevil.
* "ThisIsNoTimeToPanic!" -- ''Start'' Panicking / YouCanPanicNow.
* "This place isn't a mess..." -- CueTheFallingObject.
* "You don't have the guts!" -- [[ThreatBackfire Yes he/she does.]]
* "You cannot hurt/beat me!" -- [[CurbStompBattle Can and will.]] ''[[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown Badly.]]'' [[TheManyDeathsOfYou And in many more ways than you can even think of.]]
** Alternatively, you're right. ''They'' cannot hurt you. [[ExactWords Unfortunately]], that does ''not'' mean that [[TheLancer some]][[TheDragon one]] (or [[EldritchAbomination something]]) else won't.
* "You can't handle my powers!" -- Watch them NoSell your alleged "powers" without even flinching. Bonus points if ''you'' can't handle ''their'' powers, or even better, [[HoistByHisOwnPetard if they use yours against you]].
* "SheIsNotMyGirlfriend!" -- Way to give the fanbase [[ShipTease ideas]]. Oh, and by the way, [[RightBehindMe she's right behind you]]. And she's none too pleased to hear what you just said.
* "SmiteMeOMightySmiter!" -- Happy to oblige! (''[[UnsoundEffect SMITE]]!'')
* "WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong" -- Exactly what you ''don't'' want going wrong.
** And a common variation -- "How hard can it be?" -- A lot harder than you think.
* "Oh, come on, what are the chances of that happening? There's, like, [[MillionToOneChance a one in a million chance]]..."-- Bet on it happening.
* "You're gonna pay for that..." -- The most common response to ''this'' one (before [[ThreatBackfire the hero shows he doesn't believe it]]) is, [[ObligatoryJoke "Just send me the bill."]] DeadpanSnarker heroes ''[[UndeadHorseTrope never]]'' get tired of ''that'' one.
* "WhatDoesThisButtonDo" -- Screw ''everything'' up or blow it sky high, that's what! DontTouchItYouIdiot!
* "WhoWouldBeStupidEnough to fall for that SchmuckBait?" -- Someone ''is'' (singular) or they ''are'' (plural). Bonus points if the [[SelfFulfillingProphecy speaker]] [[TrapIsTheOnlyOption fell]] [[StupidityIsTheOnlyOption for it]].
* "YouAndWhatArmy" -- [[VerbThis That army.]] And don't get us started on the CavalryOfTheDead or a BadassArmy on a ZergRush or an OneManArmy[=/=]PersonOfMassDestruction.
* "[[SmiteMeOMightySmiter May God strike me down]] if I'm lying/wrong!" -- Cue the BoltOfDivineRetribution.
* "I am not going to do what you just said!" -- [[GilliganCut Yes, you are.]]
* "You missed!" -- [[ExactlyWhatIAimedAt I wasn't aiming at you!]] Alternatively, the [[PrecisionGuidedBoomerang boomerang]] they just threw is about to pull a 180 and hit you in the back of the head.
* ThisCannotBe! -- It is, often followed immediately by a bad attack of CriticalExistenceFailure.
* "[[AndYourLittleDogToo I'll endanger your friends!]]" -- [[ThreatBackfire I don't like them, either.]]
* "IHaveYourWife!" -- YouCanKeepHer. In two days [[PityTheKidnapper you'll beg me to take her back]]. Alternatively, cue {{Unstoppable Rage}}-fueled RoaringRampageOfRescue.
* "I cannot believe that idiot bought the story I fed him!" -- [[RightBehindMe S/he is right behind you]] or at least [[EngineeredPublicConfession listening in on you]].
* "S/he looks like a total wimp!" -- S/he's a KillerRabbit, a BadassAdorable or a CuteBruiser. Or [[UpToEleven all three.]] Oh, yeah, and I forgot, [[RightBehindMe s/he is right behind you]]. [[BewareTheNiceOnes AND S/HE'S ABOUT TO]] [[PunctuatedForEmphasis MESS.]] [[OneWingedAngel YOU.]] [[PersonOfMassDestruction UP.]]
* "Let a ''real'' expert handle this." -- Famous last words of TheWorldsExpertOnGettingKilled.
* "YouWouldntShootMe!" -- [[BoomHeadshot *BOOM!*]] [[CallingYourAttacks Headshot!]] Alternatively, they don't have to; [[TechnicalPacifist there are plenty of methods they WOULD use]].
* "I'm [[{{Retirony}} going to retire]] after completing OneLastJob." -- Don't expect to survive the job.
* "I'm just breaking balls!" -- You're going to get your ass kicked if you keep up that mouth, if not whacked.
* "I AM INVINCIBLE!" -- [[NotSoInvincibleAfterAll Right up until you said that, maybe.]]
* "Noooo!! The [[MeaningfulName ICARUS XCII]] was supposed to fly FOREVEEEEER!!!!" -- With that name, really?? WhatDidYouExpectWhenYouNamedIt, [[WhatAnIdiot Dummy?]]
* "This time I cannot miss!" -- Not only will you miss, you'll probably be [[HoistByHisOwnPetard killed by your own weapon]].
* "[[HomeByChristmas We'll have this war won in time for Christmas.]]" -- It's going to take a ''lot'' longer than you planned, if you even manage to win at all.
* "With these {{Death Trap}}s and EliteMooks in my lair, it is fool-proof. [[EvilGloating The Heroes can never reach me!]] [[EvilLaugh Muahahahahahaha!]]" -- Cue DungeonBypass. That ill-advised laugh also means they are just about to knock on the throne room door.
* "[[MajorInjuryUnderreaction Was that supposed to]] ''[[MajorInjuryUnderreaction hurt,]]'' [[MajorInjuryUnderreaction little man?!]]" -- {{P|unchPunchPunchUhOh}}ray [[SeeYouInHell you're]] [[YouAreAlreadyDead right.]]
* "The enemy is retreating!" -- They're actually circling around to flank you or doing some other tactically nifty manoeuvre. Alternately, they're getting out of the way before [[AlwaysABiggerFish something worse shows up]]. Or, [[SchmuckBait leading you back into a massive ambush]]. Take your pick; it's all ending badly.
* "Over my dead body!" / "You'll have it when you pry it from my cold, dead, lifeless fingers!" / [[GoThroughMe "You'll have to kill me first!"]] -- [[Webcomic/TheOrderOftheStick Terms accepted.]] *shot*
* "Now its power is ''mine''!!!" -- Seconds later, the villain is killed by the ArtifactOfDoom... Or, it takes them over and their power belongs to it. Whichever or both.
* "{{No man|OfWomanBorn}} can defeat me!" -- [[SamusIsAGirl "I AM NO MAN!"]] *[[ActionGirl Cue the]] CurbStompBattle*
** Alternately, [[EldritchAbomination your foe isn't even human]], and you just gave it the perfect excuse to [[SwallowedWhole eat you alive]].
* "[[AllAccordingToPlan Everything is going as planned.]]" -- Cue the SpannerInTheWorks and your plans are going right down the drain.
** Alternately, they ''are'' going as planned... [[OutGambitted just not the way]] ''[[OutGambitted you]]'' [[OutGambitted planned]].
** Alternately, they ''are'' going the way ''you'' planned... better, even... [[GoneHorriblyRight unfortunately, that is NOT a good thing]].
*** [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor Especially if what you wanted when making the earlier plan contradicts what you want now]].
* "IWishedYouWereDead" or [[RhetoricalRequestBlunder another]] [[PartingWordsRegret variant]]. -- BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor because when it happens [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone it will be your biggest regret.]]
* "YouHaveNoChanceToSurvive!" -- They do; you probably don't.
* "I can't WAIT to meet them! They're my greatest heroes!" -- Prepare to have [[BrokenPedestal that pedestal dashed from a great height]].
** Or, less commonly, you just won't get to meet them.
* "There is no one else here" -- Cue someone entering the scene, possibly to kill you. Alternatively, you're about to find out ''why'' nobody else is there.
* Going into SarcasmMode for any reason -- the person your sarcastic snark was aimed at is SarcasmBlind, causing them to do exactly what you didn't want them to do.
* "[[BlasphemousBoast God Himself could not stop this from happening!]]" -- God loves a challenge; something ''will'' stop it at the worst moment possible.
* "IsThatTheBestYouCanDo" -- Nope, not by a looong shot.
* "Oh, it's you." -- At the NastyParty, you'll end up dead.
* "You wouldn't dare!" -- [[ThreatBackfire Would, could, and will.]]
* "I'd like to see you try it!" -- They'll do much more than "try".
* "Who's gonna make me?" -- This threat usually makes someone even ''more'' inclined to make you.
* "No matter what happens, don't do this." -- [[ForbiddenFruit The person always will.]] Unless, of course, [[ForbiddenChekhovsGun you later need them to for some reason]], in which case your previous instructions not to will be followed rigidly.
* "Yeah, right! You're crazy!" -- The [[CassandraTruth person wasn't crazy]] and [[TooDumbToLive you should have listened]].
* "I've got you all figured out." -- Nope. More like ''you're'' about to fall victim to a KansasCityShuffle and/or you're blind to CharacterDevelopment since you last met, what's actually BeneathTheMask, the possibility of ObfuscatingStupidity or just HiddenDepths. Whoops.
* "The boss will surely fire you for this mess!" -- The boss will instantly fall in love with the "mess", promote its creator and reprimand you for not thinking of it sooner. Or the boss will fire ''you'' for it instead.
** Alternatively, the boss dislikes the mess but ''less so'' than the [[TheComplainerIsAlwaysWrong snitch who told him about it]] and gets reprimanded for "not being a team player."
* "I/We/They won't make that mistake again!" -- Oh yes you/they will.
* "We didn't need that loser anyways!" -- Turns out you ''did'', and you've [[DividedWeFall set yourself up for failure]] by getting rid of him/her. Alternatively, if you're saying it to his/her face, ([[SpeakOfTheDevil or if (s)he's eavesdropping]]).
* "I won't get [serious disease that's going around] because I got vaccinated last year/I'm the healthiest X in the world/I'm BornLucky/I never get sick/I come from a family line that never gets [disease]/I'm invincible/I have magic" -- you ''will'' [[SickEpisode get the illness]], and if it doesn't kill you it will at least make your talents void.
** A variant: "I'm not sick, it's just allergies", or "I'm not seriously ill, it's DefinitelyJustACold" -- even if you truly believe this and are not in denial, you probably are sick and it will come back to bite you.
* "X isn't invincible! I can beat X!" -- No you can't.
* "I can take care of myself!" -- You are now the bad guy's next target.
* "That was easy!" -- Hope you're prepared for the incoming EliteMook, final form, or second wave.
* "The volcano won't erupt, it's been dormant for centuries" -- [[ChekhovsVolcano it will erupt.]]
* "I've got him right where I want him!" -- Actually, he's got ''you'' right where he wants you.
* "I practically got away with this crime!" -- The [[LaserGuidedKarma laser will hit]] faster than you think, and even if it misses [[KarmaHoudiniWarranty that doesn't mean it would keep missing]] and if it does hit after a long time of being a KarmaHoudini it is often a long HumiliationConga.
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