->''"Television tastes funny."''
-->--'''Cheese''', ''WesternAnimation/FostersHomeForImaginaryFriends''

''All about the medium of television, its sub-categories, and TV-specific tropes that cross those divisions. See also {{Formats}}.''

Television "TV" is traditionally viewed on a television set, though these days people can catch up on their favorite programs via computer and mobile devices. Commercially available since [[TheTwenties the 1920s]] (though television as we know it today dates from 1936, as the result of the invention of a key component by Vladimir Zworykin of RCA)[[note]]Both the first experimental {{videophone}} service, and the world's oldest TV channel (BBC One), started in this year[[/note]], but only really catching on in [[TheFifties the 1950s]], home televisions were big, heavy, and limited to a 4:3 aspect ratio until after the TurnOfTheMillennium when light, flat, widescreen [=TVs=] became the standard.

[[CaptainObvious Television is what the TV in our name stands for]][[note]]but we're not just about TV[[/note]]. But you probably already knew that.
* AdBumpers - Short clips used for station identification
* AdBreakDoubleTake - Having a scene appearing at the break repeated after the commercial
* AdoredByTheNetwork - A show given special treatment or attention
* AmericanTelevisionStations - How the United States got Television
* ANSIStandardBroadcastTVSchedule - What US stations typically broadcast
* AppointmentTelevision - TV show so good you reschedule your life around it
* AutomobileOpening - Show opening involves someone driving
* UsefulNotes/BeerCommercials - There's something unusual about beer commercials
* {{Cancellation}} - When a network chooses to stop funding further shows
* ChannelHop - A show moves from one network to another or from one local station to another
* ColorWash - Strange changes to the color pallette
* DirectedByCastMember - A member of the cast decides to get their feet wet by directing an episode of the show
* EditedForSyndication - Changes made when a network show or motion picture is placed in syndicated distribution
* EmergencyBroadcast - means of providing serious warnings to the public
* ExcuseQuestion - A test or skill question used to prevent a contest from being declared a lottery
* FakeVideoCameraView - View of what supposedly is someone video recording something
* FirstRunSyndication - New episodes of a series sold to individual stations as apposed to being premiered on a network.
* FiveYearPlan - Length of time after which a show can be sold in syndication
* FridayNightDeathSlot - An undesirable scheduling spot
* IconicLogo - An image that immediately identifies the advertising campaign or product
* LongRunners - Shows running 10 years or longer
* LongRunnerCastTurnover - The initial cast of a show is completely different from the one it ends with
* MarathonRunning - Multiple episodes run back-to-back
* NetworkDecay - Networks whose supposed purpose was a certain type of show, that have started to add unrelated material
* NewContentCountdownClock - Onscreen clock to advise viewers of the start of some special or new program
* NoHoperRepeat - Show put in as a sacrifice against some extremely popular program on a different network
* NotScreenedForCritics - a movie that was not advance shown to critics; often a red flag that it's not very good
* OnceASeason - A concept that is repeated every season of the show
* OncePerEpisode - A kind of RunningGag that is repeated in every episode
* OnlyBarelyRenewed - Show that is just barely important enough for the network to renew it, but usually isn't important enough to stick around long after
* OutOfOrder - Showing a series in a different order than it was written
* PrimeTime - Most important part of a network schedule
* UsefulNotes/{{Ratings}} - How many viewers a show has
* RatingsStunt - Unusual event intended to increase ratings
* {{Rerun}} - a rebroadcast of a program
* SagaSell (OpeningNarration) - Short monolog at beginning of show that explains what is happening
* SafeHarbor - removal of broadcast content restrictions between 10pm and 6am
* ScrewedByTheNetwork - intentional sabotage of a series
* SecondSeasonDownfall - shows that don't have anything left by the second season
* ShortRunInPeru - Some shows are run earlier in countries other than the one they are made for
* ShortRunners - Shows that were cancelled really quickly, sometimes after 1 episode
* ShowOfTheseus - A show no longer having any relationship to what it was when it started
* {{Sweeps}} - The period when ratings set advertising rates
* {{Syndication}} - Shows sold directly to individual stations
* TimeshiftChannel - Supplementary channel run one or more hours later than the regular program feed
* Magazine/TVGuide - The original program listing magazine, and information about TV during the 1950s-1980s
* UnCanceled - a show is cancelled, then something happens and it's restored to the schedule
* VoiceoverClipShow - Footage having little or no connection except for the (off-screen) announcer
* {{Watershed}} - Time in the evening when it's okay to run content which is targeted more towards adult audiences
* WebVideo - Television made available over the Internet
* WrapItUp - A miniseries or movie intended to tie up the loose ends if a series is cancelled
* YourTelevisionHatesYou - An InUniverse trope about television
* Website/YouTube - A huge video sharing website

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