-->''[=TVTropes=] has officially [[JumpTheShark jumped the shark]], now that [=McGinley=] has his own article...''

'''Theodore Martin "Ted" [=McGinley=]''' (born 1958) is an American actor. His famous roles include Stan Gable in ''Film/RevengeOfTheNerds'' and Jefferson D'Arcy in ''Series/MarriedWithChildren''.

In television circles, [=McGinley=] is known as the "patron saint of [[JumpTheShark shark-jumping]]" by Jump The Shark founder Jon Hein, due to his historical tendency to join shows that are nearing the end of their runs. Bat-Mite even [[LampshadeHanging pointed that out]] when he used his powers to make [=McGinley=] replace [[{{Aquaman}} Aquaman's]] voice actor in the SeriesFinale of ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold''. However, his stint on ''Series/MarriedWithChildren'' subverted this, as ''Married...With Children'' didn't end until the 11th season[[note]]([=McGinley=] was [[EarlyBirdCameo first seen]] on the season four two-parter episode where Sam Kinison guest stars as Al's guardian angel who shows him what life would be like if he never married Peg, which shows Peg as a competent housewife married to a man named Warren Jablonsky, Bud as a gentleman, and Kelly as a virgin college student, but didn't officially join the cast until the season five episode where Marcy wakes up from a wild banker party and discovers that she married a man [[spoiler:who was in prison for selling time share at a toxic waste dump called Lake Chickamacomico -- which Al foolishly bought years ago]])[[/note]], and the series ended due to low ratings and ExecutiveMeddling via timeslot changes. It also didn't help that shows like ''The Simpsons'' and ''Martin'' were kicking ''Married...With Children'''s butt in terms of viewers.