September 19th be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, invented by Mark Summers and John Baur (or Captain Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket) of Albany, Oregon, and popularized via a column by DaveBarry. Basically, it's a day when one is supposed to [[TalkLikeAPirate talk]] (and [[DressedToPlunder dress]], and act) like a pirate. Why? Because Pirates are cool, and because it's fun. Baur and Summers have written several books about how to talk like a pirate, as well as increasing one's "piratitude." Basically, the awesomest silly holiday ever invented.

On rare occasions, such as in 2009, [=TLaPD=] and Rosh Hashanah fall on the same day, and are thus merged into International Talk Like a Jewish Pirate Day. Oy, me mateys! The Jewish calendar repeats every 19 years, so the next time this will happen will be 2028.

* BriefAccentImitation: As people toss in the random pirate bit.
* PirateTropes: Too many to list, go to the index.
* [[ This]] webcomic brings it up.
* ''VideoGame/KingdomOfLoathing'' celebrates this every year, with special monsters appearing randomly and messages in chat being periodically changed to something more "piratey".
* In an otherwise unrelated episode of ''WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}'', "S.W.E.A.T.", Binky talks like a pirate and says it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day. When he continues talking like a pirate the next day, Mr. Ratburn talls him to knock it off.
* Tom Smith has the FilkSong "Hey, It's Can(n)on!" which states that [[Literature/HarryPotter Hermione Granger]] has her birthday on September 19, and goes on to sing about Hermione as a PirateGirl.
* Playing the modern version of ''Videogame/SidMeiersPirates'' on September 19th causes everyone in the game, including governors and their daughters, to speak like pirates.
* [[Wiki/TVTropes This very wiki]] has a small [[SpecialEditionTitle logo change]] [[ to celebrate.]]