It was there. The phrasing was ''perfect'', with a scansion, rhyme, and reason that would carry the idea forward into the ages.

Then the wiki ate it.

The technology failed. The screen came back all-white, or the dreaded "''could not find server''" message popped up. [[note]]If you get such a message from your browser, you are likely to be still able to save your data by just pressing the "''Back''" button - it should take back to the edit page with your post being intact. If this doesn't work, you can still try to save the data from the browser's memory, for example, with [=HxD=].[[/note]] You curse Tropers/{{Gus}}, Tropers/{{Janitor}}, Tropers/FastEddie, [[ Larry Roberts]], and all ISP's, everywhere, and Tropers/{{Seth}}, because somehow it ''must'' be Seth's fault. Cf. the dreaded DataVampires.

You resolve to always work the thing up in [[TropeDropper an application that can be saved on your PC]]. Again. Because the last four times you swore to do that ... it wasn't as bad as this one. ''This'' time you're serious!

See also TheDatabaseHatesMe.