'''''[=TV3=]''''' is an [[{{UsefulNotes/Ireland}} Irish]] privately owned television network. It launched on 20 September 1998, becoming the country's first commercial broadcaster and a competitor for state broadcaster {{RTE}}.

!!! [=TV3=]
-> The first and main television channel; it broadcasts a wide range of programming, relying heavily in its early years (and still now) on foreign shows. Notable original shows on this channel are:

* ''Tonight with Vincent Browne'': A news analysis, current affairs and politics programme that airs on Monday to Thursday nights and is hosted by the eponymous Vincent Browne. Browne is very well-known for being no-nonsense, [[DeadpanSnarker straight-talking]] and [[HotBlooded abrasive]] style, especially when dealing with politicians who [[Main/NonAnswer try and dodge]] his questions. He is famous for having caused various experienced politicians, such as Joan Burton and Conor Lenihan, to have embarrassing meltdowns live on air.
* ''The 5.30'': The news show that airs at [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin 5.30pm]]. Its rival is the Six One, on {{RTE}}.
* ''[=MidWeek=]''
* ''Midday'': A women's chat show at lunchtime.
* ''[=IrelandAM=]'' : A morning show which has a combination of interviews, news and traffic reports.

!!! [=3e=]
-> The second television channel, aimed at the 1535 age group. It replaced a previous channel, ''Channel 6'' in 2009.