''The Open Racing Car Simulator'' (or simply ''TORCS'' as an abbreviation) is an open-source RacingGame, which as the title implies, is intended to be a simulation of racing cars. Stable Windows versions were first released in 2005.

TORCS' main draw is the ability to program new AI drivers from scratch from the ground up, as shown by the activity on the TORCS Racing Board [[http://www.berniw.org/trb/]], a forum allowing AI programmers to compete against each other in various races using the game as a medium.

!!!Tropes relevant to TORCS:

* ArtificialStupidity : The "Inferno" AI drivers before version 1.3 have a really bad tendency to go way too fast through corners, and have ''worse'' collision detection abilities the faster they go. Overlaps with DrivesLikeCrazy.
** The "BT"[[note]](short for Berniw's Tutorial - Berniw being the nickname for Bernhard Wymann, TORCS project lead)[[/note]] AI drivers will almost invariably stick to the middle of the road, causing them to be far slower than the "proper" Berniw AI drivers.
* BrandX : In all releases after 1.2.4 - all of the car names are simply things like "car2-trb1". Additionally, after 1.3.2, numerous cars sport sponsorship from "Software Engineering".
* CriticalExistenceFailure : Played straight. A car comes to a halt and is lifted away from the track if it suffers more than 10,000 damage.
* DrivingStick : The player can choose between auto and manual transmissions.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin : The title, duh.
* HitPoints : Every car has 10,000 of 'em.
* WronskiFeint : Easy to pull off against Inferno AI drivers in 1.2.4 and before, mainly because of their habit of going into corners way too hot.

''Speed Dreams'' (started off as TORCS-NG) is a "fork" of the TORCS project, which aims to be an improved "game". Notable features include several new classes of cars, improved AI, and improved graphics.

Much of the TORCS content is forwards-compatible with Speed Dreams given some changes to fit some of the new additions, but the basic architecture is practically identical.

!!! Tropes relevant to Speed Dreams:
In addition to the above, plus...

* AlliterativeName : A few of the AI drivers. Ami Akechi, Kaito Kinoshita, and May/Mai Maeda.
* ArtificialStupidity : Despite being faster than Simplix-type AI drivers, the USR-type AI drivers have a really bad tendency to cut corners even when it's unsafe (such as when passing) or impossible (into a wall).
* AuthorAvatar : The development team members are some of the AI opponents.
* BlandNameProduct : Like in TORCS, cars also have their names changed. However, unlike TORCS, the names are more "namey" (for example, car2-trb1 in TORCS is a Boxer TRB-RS in Speed Dreams).
* BrandX : Many cars are sponsored by "Freio" brand brakes.
** [[BilingualBonus Freio means "brakes" in Portuguese.]]
* ButNotTooForeign : [=TRB1=]-class AI driver Marcelo Takeda, a half-Japanese, half-Brazilian driver.
* CoolCar : Despite being bland-name replacements for actual cars, the majority of models are based on pretty cool cars (the Archer R-9 is based off of the Aston-Martin [=DBR9=] as an example)
* DummiedOut : In version 2.0 - the Cavallo 570S1 (a Ferrari 550 GT) was cut from release.
** 2.0 was supposed to ship with a network mode, but the development team member working on it left, thus the mode had to be dropped. Same with Career mode.
** From diving into the developers' SVN file repository, [[UsefulNotes/TwentyFourHoursOfLeMans Le Mans Prototypes]] were supposed to make an appearance in 2.1, but were cut due to the developer of them leaving.
* GratuitousJapanese : AI drivers Yuuki Kyousou and Yukie Tsuchigami.
** The Boxer [=TRB1=] cars driven by the USR AI drivers are littered with catchphrases of various anime characters on the right-hand side.
* IdolSinger : Yukie Tsuchigami, according to file data in the drivers' directory.
* {{Itasha}} : Sort of. In 1.4 there were a few anime-style liveries for the Cavallo 570S1, but these were cut from the 2.0 release.
* MultinationalTeam : The development team. To a lesser extent, some of the AI teams.
* ShoutOut : Particularly prominent in the Longday Series [=GT1=] skins.
** Nearly all of the cars have tire sidewalls referring to the Leek Spin meme.
** The Archer R-9 has two skins which directly reference Key Visual Arts' visual novels: a Gulf Racing-lookalike titled [[{{Kanon}} "Uguu"]] and a Jet Alliance lookalike with a title sponsor called [[VisualNovel/{{CLANNAD}} Dango Alliance]].
** If you look closely, all of the drivers are using [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Yuyu Co.]] brand seat belts and helmets.
*** Additionally, a few cars have "Turn 9 Studios" decals on them - most likely a friendly jab at Turn 10 Studios, developers of ForzaMotorsport.
** The "telemachi" skin for the Zentek Z7-R is a completely non-subtle reference to [[MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha Nanoha]].
** [[VideoGame/DreamCClub Dreamer's Club]], a sponsor for one of the Toro R-GT AI driver liveries, is a nod at Dream C Club.
** Some of the billboards on various tracks mention [[VideoGame/TheIdolmaster Amami]]-branded tires.
*** Continuing on the Idolmaster theme, the livery for USR AI drivers using the Zentek [=Z7-R=] is sponsored by 76''3'' Productions... which also doubles as a Touhou reference. [[note]](7-6-3, or "Namusan", part of a Buddhist chant, is also sometimes attributed to Byakuren Hijiri in the fandom.)[[/note]]
** Trackside billboards on Espie and Brondehach mention [[FinalFantasy Kupo]] brand brakes. Several cars also sport sponsorship decals from this company.
** [=NetKar=] also gets shouted out, in the form of an AI driver - Stefano Kudos (referencing the creator of [=NetKar=], Stefano "Kunos" Casillo).
** TORCS itself gets a shout-out in the form of a track name - "Espie" is named after a founder of the TORCS project, a Frenchman named Eric Espie. To top it off, the track takes place in France. To emphasize the TORCS reference even further, it's a remake of a track from TORCS.
* StealthPun + PunnyName : Emma Pergusa and Sophia de la Sarthe, girls named after real-world circuits (Enna-Pergusa and Circuit de la Sarthe, respectively). DummiedOut of the 2.0 release since they drove the Cavallo 570S1 mentioned above.
* StupidJetpackHitler + ThoseWackyNazis : Some of the few downloadable NPC drivers in ''Speed Dreams'' are named after real-life racing drivers of pre-[[UsefulNotes/WorldWarII WWII]] Grand Prix, like Rudolf Caracciola and Bernd Rosemeyer of UsefulNotes/NaziGermany. Their racing cars are also downloadable.