A sketch show shown on BBC 3 that seems, at least, to have been trying to do something new and creative. The show's distinguishing features are:

* The lack of a fixed cast or characters with only the "Superhero Tryouts" judges being in every episode.
* Several sketches that are parodies of other things, such as Njarnia, a parody of both Narnia and Ikea.
* Attempting, with varying success to reach Pythonesque levels of surrealism.
* The use of some element of CGI in almost every scene.

Some of it is genuinely hilarious, especially those scenes with [[BrianBlessed CAPTAIN GOITIER]] of the Train Pirates, others can leave you feeling like the joke was on you.

Includes examples of:
* AreWeThereYet - A favourite line of the Most Annoying Creature Ever.
* [[BrianBlessed BRIAN BLESSED]] - As The Captain of "The Train Pirates"
* IncrediblyLamePun - Don't order Death by Chocolate.
* {{Ninja}} Vs {{Pirate}} - Vs Clowns
* APirate400YearsTooLate - "The Train Pirates", disenfranchised modern people who swapped their suits and briefcases for 17th century dress and cutlasses but took to the rails rather than the seas and rode aboard "The Whore of [[OneLondonThirtyThreeBoroughs Clapham]]" led by by Captain Goitier played by BrianBlessed.
* WeirdnessCensor - A woman's family and friends don't seem to notice that her latest boyfriend is a carnivorous dinosaur. Even when he starts eating people, it causes no more than slight social awkwardness.