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[[caption-width-right:350:[[TasteTheRainbow They come in all sorts of styles]].]]

Nothing like good swimwear for the summer, or by the pool, or just to turn people's heads.

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* BarelyThereSwimwear[softreturn]Swimsuit that is so small, it's practically nudity.
* BeachEpisode[softreturn]An episode made mainly to have people in swimwear.
* DigitalBikini[softreturn]A bikini added in post-production to censor nudity.
* FanserviceModel[softreturn]A fashion model that wears swimsuits for photosessions.
* FlagBikini[softreturn]A flag design on a swimsuit.
* FurBikini[softreturn]A bikini made of fur, although not that practical for swimming.
* GoingFurASwim[softreturn]A swimsuit worn with a [[PrettyInMink fur garment]].
* ManInABikini[softreturn]Because a man wearing one is gross, or funny..
* NonNudeBathing[softreturn]Bath scenes where a character is not naked; sometimes swimsuits are a substitute.
* OldTimeyBathingSuit[softreturn]A swimsuit worn in the style of circa 1910.
* PoolScene[softreturn]People around a pool, of course wearing swimsuits.
* SchoolSwimsuit[softreturn]Swimsuits like school uniforms.
* SeashellBra[softreturn]Two seashells worn like a bikini.
* SlipperySwimsuit[softreturn]A swimsuit that comes off by accident in water.
* WalkingSwimsuitScene[softreturn]A character that wears a swimsuit all the time.