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->''Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed''
-->-- Title of a '''Creator/RayBradbury''' story

It's said that eyes are the [[WindowsOfTheSoul window to the soul]], and in fiction, their color is often the first way to hint at a character's true nature. In particular, characters who have gold and yellow-colored eyes tend to have some form of supernatural origin or powers that place them above normal humans.

In the West, this tends to appear on supernatural characters who have feline or lupine traits, so, understandably, they're often accompanied by [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent werewolf-like powers]]. In Japan, this probably traces back to legends of ''{{kitsune}}'' (foxes) and their naturally golden eyes. It was said that a human possessed by a fox would gain gold eyes, and that [[HalfHumanHybrid a child born to a]] [[InterspeciesRomance fox and a human]] would possess them as well. Because ''kitsune'' were also shapeshifters, this often shows up when characters change their forms.

It is also found around the world in many other contexts: in tales of {{genie|InABottle}}s, witches, and other mythological beings, where they cannot hide their golden or two tone eye-colors in animal form.

In the sorting algorithm of "UhOhEyes", gold eyes fall one step below RedEyesTakeWarning, since it's entirely possible for the character to just be a {{trickster}} rather than evil. Gold eyes are also harder to distinguish from "normal"-colored eyes, and hence can add more of an element of surprise if TheReveal shows a character to be something other than what they initially appear to be.

A subtrope of TechnicolorEyes and MarkOfTheSupernatural. Compare YellowEyesOfSneakiness

'''It should be noted that this trope is NOT for characters who just have eyes of this color, but rather for when the color actually indicates the character is supernatural in nature. Please do not add characters who just happen to have eyes of this color without the proper reason behind it. If there are only mundane characters who have this eye color in the work (that aren't mistaken for supernatural because of it), the work does not use this trope.'''


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Morgan Le Fay, the shape shifting fairy from the ''Manga/AhMyGoddess'' movie, is shown with golden eyes.
** In the manga Hild and Lind can both manifest these as part of their GameFace. It indicates that they are drawing on their full power rather than holding back as they usually do.
* ''Manga/{{ARIA}}'': Cait Sith qualifies here, being the King of Cats and all that.
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' has a couple of characters that fit the symbolism of golden eyes:
** Yoruichi and Komamura have golden eyes, reflecting their animal-connections. Yoruichi spends a lot of time transformed into the form of a black cat and Komamura is an anthropomorphic wolf.
** Hollows are human spirits who have lost their hearts and thus are often ruled by their desires and instincts. Hollows and Vizards (Shinigami with Hollow powers) using their masks usually have yellow eyes surrounded by black.
** Arrancar aren't supposed to have a second resureccion. Ulquiorra does. Not only is why a mystery, but the form changes the nature of his reiatsu so that it feels different to normal reiatsu. Unsurprisingly, his eyes change from green to gold to reflect the added mystery of this second form.
* The Kowloon Children in ''Manga/BlackBloodBrothers'' have gold irises and black scleras, as well as pointy ears and claws, making them seem more feral.
* Chrno/Chrono in ''Manga/ChronoCrusade'' has golden eyes while in his demon form, although, when he's in his more common, human-like form, they're {{red| eyes take warning}}. He's not evil, but obviously supernatural, and ''does'' have a bad temper when [[BerserkButton provoked]].
* In ''Manga/{{Claymore}}'', the titular "Silver-Eyed Witches" have them change color (and form HellishPupils) when they release a certain amount of their power. On occasion, a Claymore who's ''really'' pushing it will combine this with iris-only GlowingEyesOfDoom.
** Likewise, the demons they hunt (and have been [[DeadlyUpgrade implanted with]]) always have golden eyes.
* ''Anime/CodeGeass'':
** These appear on C.C., an [[{{Immortality}} immortal]] young woman who can [[SuperEmpowering grant a power known as 'geass']].
** There's [[EnsembleDarkhorse Jeremiah Gottwald]], who has ''[[StealthPun orange]]'' eyes. [[spoiler:Later on when he gets his HollywoodCyborg upgrade, his [[AntiMagic Geass-canceler]] eye is both cybernetic and green.]]
* ''Anime/DarkerThanBlack'' The aptly named Amber. Her remuneration is getting younger, and she has a limited ability to see the future.
* In ''Manga/DevilmanLady'', Jun's eyes changing from brown to gold signal her transformation into a Devilman.
* ''Manga/ExcelSaga'':
** Il Palazzo has yellow cat's eyes and though he's mostly just played as eccentric and crazy throughout most of the anime, in the manga, he's eventually shown to possess the power of teleportation, among other (far stranger) abilities.
** In the manga version, [[spoiler:Doctor Kabapu has the same eyes, which hints at the fact that they're both from [[{{Utopia}} a long-lost ancient civilization]].]]
* ''Webcomic/TowerOfGod'' has two golden-eyed main characters, 25th Baam and Rachel. A certain mystical connotation is there, as both are Irregulars, beings that broke into the Tower from outside, and their preceding Irregulars left a less than positive impression.
* ''Manga/{{InuYasha}}'': the known [[CanisMajor dog]]-{{Youkai}} of the show all have golden eyes: [[HalfHumanHybrid Inuyasha]], [[AloofBigBrother Sesshoumaru]], and [[AlmightyMom Sesshoumaru's mother]].
* In ''Anime/KidouTenshiAngelicLayer'', the Angel, Blanche, has yellow eyes, and her operator's partner's Angel, Shirahime, has red eyes. Both are some of the hardest opponents in the series, and two of three Angels to use [[SuperMode Hyper Mode]] (in the manga, only Blanche can use it).
* In ''Manga/BlackButler'', all shinigami have gold/green eyes, to the point seeing this eye color can be used as proof of being a current or former "god of death". All of them are fairly neutral in the anime and manga, but are shown to be very powerful when crossed.
** In the second anime season, demon butler Claude Faustus has them as well.
* ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha''
** The eyes of the {{Magitek}} [[SuperPrototype Type Zero cyborgs]] turn gold when they're using their cyborg abilities. Including [[spoiler:Subaru Nakajima]], at one point, just before she [[UnstoppableRage goes ballistic]].
** Fabia Crozelg of ''Manga/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaVivid'' is introduced as a True Witch, someone that's explicitly mentioned to use a far rarer form of magic from the standard mages of the setting. In addition to her devil {{familiar}}s, FlyingBroomstick, and RobeAndWizardHat, colored pages of the manga also show that she has golden eyes. It's also revealed that her ancestor [[spoiler:was a CatGirl]].
* Both Mikoto and Reito have these in ''Anime/MaiHime'', and while it's not too unusual for that world (where the heroine has red hair and ''purple'' eyes), later, it turns out that they are [[spoiler:a LaserGuidedTykeBomb and the object of DemonicPossession respectively]], as well as serving as an early clue that [[spoiler:they're brother and sister]].
* Ruri Hoshino in ''Anime/MartianSuccessorNadesico'' has these as part of her implied kinda-sorta ArtificialHuman background and general MysteriousWaif-iness.
* Similarly, for Coco of ''Manga/MermaidMelodyPichiPichiPitch'', yellow eyes are just a racial trait, as mermaids are ColourCodedForYourConvenience and those from different countries tend to have themed hair and eye colours. However, a DoubleSubversion occurs when this is used as a warning with orange-eyed ManBehindTheMan Sara: [[spoiler:she's a mermaid princess too]].
* In ''Anime/MobileSuitGundam00'', the eyes of [[TelepathicSpacemen Innovators]] and [[spoiler: their ArtificialHuman counterparts, the Innovades]] shine gold and exhibit a moving [[http://maruta.be/user_image/retorut2/IBrC1MVh.png weblike pattern]] when utilizing their [[PsychicPowers quantum brainwaves]]. Curiously, the Human Reform League's SuperSoldiers don't display this, despite also using quantum brainwaves. However, their eyes are a [[DownplayedTrope darker, more mundane gold by default]], without the glowing.
* Grings Kodai, the villain from the 13th movie ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'', has huge golden-yellow eyes, which serve to hint at his PsychicPowers which enable him to see into the future.
* Mytho from ''Anime/PrincessTutu'' has golden eyes. He's not evil, but he ''is'' supernatural--he's the Prince from a fairytale.
* Eiko Magami from ''Anime/ProjectAKo'' has amber-colored eyes. Her weirdness is evident right off the bat.
* ''Manga/RurouniKenshin'':
** Whenever Kenshin goes into "[[SuperpoweredEvilSide Battousai Mode]]", his eyes take on a yellowish hue, in contrast to their usual violet color, and at one point, this tells Kaoru what's going on instantly.
** His rival, Saito Hajime, however, is always shown with these. The historical, real person of Saito had brown eyes, but in ''Manga/RurouniKenshin'', these are used to tie him to UsefulNotes/TheShinsengumi, who were commonly referred to as the "Wolves of Mibu".
* ''Franchise/SailorMoon'':
** Sailor Galaxia (BigBad) has gold eyes to match her theme as the Golden Queen. Like several of the examples here, she's not evil so much as [[TheCorruption possessed]].
** In the opposite direction, Helios (gentle priest) has gold eyes, possibly to represent his position as [[spoiler:guardian of the Golden Crystal in the [[Anime/SailorMoon anime]] version, while Mamoru has it in the [[Manga/SailorMoon manga]]]].
** Naoko [[WhatCouldHaveBeen originally planned]] Minako's blue eyes to turn golden when transformed.
* ''Manga/{{Saiyuki}}'':
** In the manga, beings with golden eyes are labelled as heretics and are seen as dangerous enough for the PowersThatBe to lock them up or, at the very least, shackle them. [[{{Keet}} Son Goku]], [[TykeBomb War Prince Nataku]], and [[BigBad War Prince Homura]] all have golden eyes, though, in the latter's case, only one of them is golden.
** In the manga, Hakkai's youkai form has one golden eye, the other being a false one.
** In the manga, the people Hazel brought back from the dead have yellow eyes. They are perfectly normal and nice people post-resurrection unless [[spoiler:you happened to be a youkai.]]
* ''Anime/TenchiMuyo'':
** Ryoko has golden eyes, tying into the demonic/supernatural aspect of her character. Her name is even stated to mean "spirit caller" at one point. She's earned the FanNickname "Ol' Yellow Eyes" in some circles.
** Ryo-Ohki also has yellow eyes, both in her [[MixAndMatchCritters cabbit]] and humanoid forms.
* Viral in ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann''. WordOfGod says he's [[MixAndMatchCritters a cat/shark hybrid]], [[VoodooShark so it makes sense]].
* In ''Anime/SwordArtOnline'', Kirito's eyes will turn from dark grey to bright yellow in moments when his determination is at its peak [[spoiler:such as in the moments before felling Heathcliff, breaking through the World Tree's guardians, or landing a decisive blow on Death Gun]].
* When Bu-ling of ''Manga/TokyoMewMew'' transforms into Mew Pudding, her eyes turn yellow. Like [[RedEyesTakeWarning with Ichigo]], this doesn't mean she's evil, but she is playful and immature most of the time.
* ICreator/{{CLAMP}}'s series ''Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle''
** A [[OurVampiresAreDifferent vampires']] eyes go gold and slitted when they use their powers. One {{Doujinshi}} has that world's version of Fuuma comment on this by saying that he and his sort-of-love-interest Kamui "match" now, prompting Kamui to [[SlapSlapKiss throw him across the room]]. In the series proper, [[spoiler:Fai's remaining eye turns from blue to gold when he becomes a vampire.]]
** [[spoiler: Fai]] also goes a little further with this trope when [[spoiler: he gives up his remaining magic in Nihon to pay for Kurogane's [[ArtificialLimbs artificial arm]] and his remaining eye turns from [[OccultBlueEyes blue]] to permanent gold.]] It's his magic-less eye color and indicates his full transformation into a vampire.
* The wolves of ''Anime/WolfsRain'' all have amber/golden eyes in human form--except for Kiba, whose human form has pale blue eyes to denote his ChosenOne status.
* Fuuma's eyes in ''Manga/{{X1999}}'' are gold colored, and it's only after the WhamEpisode that we realize what this was hinting at. In the anime series, they're red, because the SpoilerOpening gave away the ''wham'' of the WhamEpisode right in the first episode.
* Judai (Jaden) in ''Anime/YuGiOhGX'' has golden eyes when his power as Haou/Supreme King awakens.
* Yoko Kurama in ''Manga/YuYuHakusho'' is a red-haired, green eyed young man in his human form, but as soon as he turns into his white-haired pretty boy alter ego, his eyes change color. Naturally enough, he's a ''kitsune''.
** Also, you know that Itsuki isn't [[TheReveal exactly a human psychic]] because of this trope and also because of his [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair hair color]]. [[spoiler:He's nowhere near a ''kitsune'', though; he's a shadow demon called a ''yaminade''.]]
** While [[spoiler:possessed by his demon ancestor]], Yusuke's eye color changes from their usual brown color to a gold color, at least in the anime.
** The creepy Elder Toguro. Though all his eyes represent is his demonic nature.
* In ''Manga/PetShopOfHorrors'', Count D has one golden eye, and his grandfather has both eyes being golden.
* Tiara's OneWingedAngel form in ''Anime/ShamanicPrincess'' has golden eyes ''with a black circumference in the middle''.
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'':
** Naruto himself acquires these later on - [[spoiler:when in Sage mode, his eyes turn golden, although they're slitted sideways.]] However, this has more to do with his affinity for toads, instead of the fox in his belly.
** Also Orochimaru, true to his snake-like appearance and nature.
* The heroine of the anime version of ''Anime/{{Witchblade}}'' gets these (with black scleras) when she accesses the eponymous ArtifactOfDoom's power.
* ''Manga/ZatchBell'' himself has wide, saucepan-sized yellow eyes, although, being a demon, it might be excusable. It might be more to indicate his affinity, [[ShockAndAwe Lightning]], as not all the Demons have Golden Eyes. Then again, it could be something else...
* Yukito, Sakura's crush in ''Manga/CardcaptorSakura'', has golden eyes behind his glasses and silver hair. These eyes are the first indication that there is more to him than he appears. [[spoiler:Yue, his true form, has silver eyes. The same applies to his counterpart, Ruby Moon.]]
* The Natsume family from ''Manga/NatsumesBookOfFriends'' seem to have this; both main character Takashi and his deceased grandmother Reiko had these (they're both very powerful in the seeing [[InvisibleToNormals Youkai]] department). At least one, and possibly both of them, were bullied with the name "Kitsune eyes" due to this.
* ''Anime/DragonballZ'':
** Zarbon, Frieza's {{bishonen}} right-hand man, has gold-colored eyes. He was able to shapeshift into a single second form, which resembled a large, wrinkly, reptilian ogre.
** GT also features Super Saiyan 4, which is preceeded by a transformation into a Super Oozaru form and has golden eyes once it's completed.
* Brandon Heat of ''VideoGame/{{Gungrave}}'', while, during his mortal life, he had light brown eyes and black hair, after being murdered and later resurrected as the necrolizer called Grave, he has yellow eyes and silver hair.
* Hilda in ''Anime/HolsPrinceOfTheSun'', due to [[spoiler:her [[DealWithTheDevil deal with Grunwald]]. However, she seems to retain them after Grunwald's defeat]].
* Divine and Kiryu from ''Anime/YuGiOh5Ds''. A psychic and Dark Signer, respectively. Divine's also a ManipulativeBastard, while Kiryu's just plain nuts.
* Medusa of ''Manga/SoulEater'' has these, likely to underline her connection to [[AnimalMotifs snakes]]. Death the Kid's eyes are ''not'' this, as in fact it is his [[SkunkStripe hair]] which indicates his [[HumanoidAbomination true nature]].
* Saralegui from ''LightNovel/KyoKaraMaoh''. He wears purple-tinted glasses to cover them, because having Gold Eyes [[spoiler:means he's part of a very-near extinct race (that was sealed away) with extraordinary powers]]. His eyes glow blue whenever he's giving someone a 'hint', aka trying to possess them to do his bidding.
* Tasuki of ''Manga/FushigiYuugi'', who is initially portrayed with more of a wolf motif. The kitsune qualities and shapeshifting are trademarks of his comrade, Chichiri.
* Ceres, the eponymous character of ''Manga/AyashiNoCeres'' has gold eyes, and is a ''Tennyo'', a type of Asian fairy. Whereas Aya, her descendant/alter-ego, does not.
* Krad of ''Manga/DNAngel'' is a case of CurtainsMatchTheWindow and is most definitely not human or a good guy.
* Miyu from ''Manga/VampirePrincessMiyu'' originally had brown eyes, but once she became a vampire, they became gold. She can still use magic to revert hem to their original brown to mix better with the crowd.
* Guilmon from ''Anime/DigimonTamers'' has a right to have yellow eyes, as he's a one-of-a-kind, fan-made Digimon, goes feral when sensing danger, and carries an [[SealedEvilInACan uber-destructive computer virus]] inside himself.
* Ayame Sohma from ''Manga/FruitsBasket'' has gold eyes, but this is justified as he's possessed by the spirit of the snake.
* In ''Manga/SaintSeiyaTheLostCanvas'', golden eyes ([[CurtainsMatchTheWindow and hair]]) are the trademark of Hypnos and his children, the Dream Gods ([[BlackSheep except for Oneiros]]). They're all pretty much supernatural -- and evil, with Hypnos serving as one of the primary antagonists of the manga's first half (arguably the BigBad for good part of it).
* Yuuichi Komura from ''VisualNovel/HiiroNoKakera'' has them. Not surprising considering he is descended from a {{Kitsune}}.
* The adopted Nightray brothers, Gilbert and Vincent, in ''Manga/PandoraHearts''. Gilbert [[spoiler:is a Baskerville, and almost became Glen's next host]], while Vincent combines this with RedEyesTakeWarning due to his heterochromia. [[spoiler:Both cause distortions in the world around them, due to having a connection to the power of the Abyss.]]
* Seine from ''Manga/HekikaiNoAion'' has greenish-gold eyes and is a 300 year old immortal girl who controls a black snake, who lives within her body called Aion.
* ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'': [[spoiler:Madoka's eyes turn from pink to gold when she ascends to godhood.]] In this case, it indicates that she's ''especially'' supernatural (the other magic-using characters have CurtainsMatchTheWindow eye colors).
* In the manga version of ''Manga/KamisamaKiss'' Tomoe has these (the anime changed them to purple). Of course, he's a {{Kitsune}} so it should come as no surprise he has them.
* The [[TheJuggernaut Armored Titan]], from ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'', matches this with GlowingEyesOfDoom, for striking effect. [[spoiler: Reiner is notably the only character with amber eyes, easily written off as brown eyes since he's the reliable TeamDad. However, it's one of the early hints of his true nature]].
* Okabe's gold eyes in ''VisualNovel/SteinsGate'' seem to have something to do with his "Reading Steiner," the unique ability to retain his original memories when the past gets rewritten. All other strange events in the show are science-based, but this one thing is left unexplained and is apparently magical.
* In the anime adaptation of ''Literature/FromTheNewWorld'', village leader Shisei Kaburagi has golden Main/ExoticEyeDesigns.
* In ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' Van Hohenheim and his sons Ed and Al Elric have gold eyes, technically that in and of itself isn't supernatural, it's just a feature of their ethnic group, but when you consider that said ethnicity [[spoiler: has been [[LastOfHisKind extinct]] for [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld hundreds of years]],]] it suggests something supernatural is going on.
* Hawk-Eye Mihawk from ''Series/OnePiece'' has golden-orange eyes like a raptor's, and while he's not a Devil Fruit user, there's something...off about him and his abilities, as if he's been tainted with death.
* The Seiryuu in ''Manga/YonaOfTheDawn'' who wield the power of the dragon's eyes. The current one Shin-ah usually hides them behind his mask.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Shapeshifter ComicBook/{{Mystique}} of the ''ComicBook/XMen'' series is often shown with yellow eyes. So is her son ComicBook/{{Nightcrawler}}. Mutant ComicBook/{{Sabretooth}} is sometimes drawn with them as well.
* The manipulative and often malevolent personification of Desire from ''Comicbook/TheSandman'' is described as having "eyes tawny and sharp as yellow wine."
* The main character of the indie comic book ''ComicBook/{{Finder}}'' has yellow eyes. He could be considered something of a trickster, being a nomadic "ninja do-gooder" in a largely city-bound world. (He also has an as-of-yet-unexplained HealingFactor.)
* Lioness in ''ComicBook/{{ATOM}}'' has yellow eyes thanks to her non-human heritage.
* Lucifer in ''ComicBook/{{Lucifer}}'' has golden eyes, maybe the most justified case conceivable, as he's about as human as every star in creation put together.
* ''ComicBook/SpiderMan'' villainess Paper Doll, a LoonyFan of celebrity Bobby Carr, has yellow pupils that are probably there just to make her extra creepy. Her main super-powers are the ability to flatten out her body, blend into her surroundings, "compress" her foes by enveloping them with herself, and administering lethal paper-cuts strong enough to slice through Spidey's webbing.
* ''Franchise/TheFlash'':
** Superhero Bart Allen (Impulse/Kid Flash II) has naturally golden eyes; this, along with his [[AnimeHair wild auburn hair]], serves as a character marker. He's a bit of a devil-may-care type (hence the codename), but his heart's undoubtedly in the right place.
** Probably inherited from his evil ancestor, Professor Zoom, arch-nemesis of [[Franchise/TheFlash the Flash]] family. The critical difference in depiction is their personalities (physically, they have the ''exact same eyes'', which is very unsettling, but that's it). Bart's joyful and friendly demeanour makes them bright like sunshine; Thawne is the exact opposite: his eyes burning like a raging wildfire - to the point where they sometimes turn [[RedEyesTakeWarning reddish-orange]]. Bart's eyes can also turn into that fiery-orange color as well, but only under extreme rage or stress - it's a signifier that he isn't [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} playing around]] [[BewareTheNiceOnes anymore]].
** His EvilTwin, [[CloningBlues Inertia]]. Thad can pull off some ''stunning'' impressions of Bart's emotional body language (and that includes the famed PuppyDogEyes as well) when the situation calls for it, but his eyes usually default to a sinister glow, as seen [[http://pics.livejournal.com/ladystarscream2/pic/00007yda here]].
* ''ComicBook/{{Elfquest}}'':
** Timmorn Yellow-Eyes has, obviously, yellow eyes, [[spoiler:which he got from his father, who was a wolf, his mother being an elfin shapechanger, making him basically a half-elf half-wolf whose form can fluctuate]].
** Rayek's is one of the few very magical Sun Folk. He possesses paralyzing and levitation powers [[spoiler:and later flight.]]
* Guilt [[ComicBook/IncredibleHulk Hulk]], one of Bruce Banner's many alternate personalities, and a purely malevolent one at that.
** The non-Banner ComicBook/{{Red Hulk}}s as well, partly because it's part of their "demonic" look, and partly because of their association with fire.
* In ''{{ComicBook/Violine}}'', Francois has these to indicate his mind reading powers. Violine has [[PurpleEyes violet]] ones in contrast.

[[folder:Fan Fic]]
* Ashley [=McFly=] of ''FanFic/PrettyCurePerfumePreppy'' has slightly grayish-yellow eyes, which turn bright yellow with slitted cat-ish pupils when she becomes Leather Ashes.
* Subverted in ''A Soul's Songbook: Out of Print'', a fanfic of ''Manga/SoulEater''. As mentioned above, the shinigami of Soul Eater have Eyes of Gold, and, well, if you are a naturally amber-eyed human with dark hair, there are UnfortunateImplications involved in that. One of New London's gangsters ([[{{Gayngster}} who also falls into a completely different spelling of such]]) is a former sex slave of such coloring, but is completely human.
* Kainatrol from ''Fanfic/FutariWaPrettyCureBlueMoon''. She's got the animalistic connection (her MindControl powers are based upon the concept of an animal tamer), she likes to be on top of things, and, sympathetic backstory or not, she's the most evil of the QuirkyMinibossSquad. Since everyone on Earth (known as the Land of Legends) has their CurtainsMatchTheWindow, naturally, Seira has yellow eyes, too, as does [[spoiler:Kore by virtue of being Kainatrol's identical twin]]; neither is evil or even devious, however.
* In ''FanFic/UltimateReImaginings'', Joey's eyes turn amber because of his pyro kinesis activating. [[spoiler:Or at least that's what he ''thought''. As it is later revealed, he was really born with them and the ''brown'' eye color was fake.]]
* People with golden eyes are extremely rare in Midgard in ''Fanfic/WarriorsOfTheWorld'' and are highly skilled and talented in anything they choose to do. When activated by the person being in utmost danger, they give the person superhuman reflexes and a HealingFactor at the cost of heavy strain on the human body, which may lead to death by overexertion.
* The FauxAffablyEvil serpent Damballa in the ''FanFic/{{Horseshoes and Hand Grenades}}'' sidestory ''Month of Sundays'' sports this in his human form. Damballa also shows hints of him being a RealityWarper due to him transforming the Narumi Detective Agency into a large circus tent, [[spoiler: transforms ''three'' Kamen Riders into evil dolls]] and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking summons a "never-ending box of popcorn"]] to [[PassThePopcorn watch the festivities.]]
* Main/CreepyChild Aura from ''FanFic/DaughterOfTheSun'', who possesses a lot of knowledge and has the ability to see the future, is described as having pale gold eyes.
* In ''In the Cards'', one of the numerous fan retellings of the story of ''VideoGame/BaldursGate'' in written form, both the protagonist Zaerini and the antagonist Sarevok have golden eyes. This hints at their being siblings and mortal children of the god Bhaal and appears to be based on Sarevok's glowing yellow/gold eyes in the game (which both characters get here as GlowingEyesOfDoom).
* In ''Fanfic/ChildOfTheStorm'', Harry's eyes start flashing gold when he gets angry and do so with increasing frequency as the story goes on. At first, it appears to be either his Asgardian powers kicking or [[spoiler: the Phoenix Force]], but eventually resolves into being a sign that he's using his PsychicPowers. Either way, you want to step lightly around him when he does it. Especially as, after Chapter 44, it's occasionally accompanied by [[VoiceOfTheLegion 'a dangerous double harmonic']] which manages to shut ''the Weasley Twins'' up. Hermione comments on this and Harry himself finds it rather unnerving, indicating that he doesn't have any conscious control over it.
** After chapter 60, his eyes glow gold whenever he's about to do something big with his psychic abilities, though it's indicated that they don't necessarily have to and works as a sort of excess energy. Then, sometimes, they start burning golden-white, which generally means that he's about to try very hard to kill you.
* Kurosaki Karin gets these in the {{Manga/Bleach}} fanfic ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8222340/1/Chasing-the-Moon Chasing The Moon]]'' whenever she uses her bankai's ultimate technique. [[spoiler: The same thing happens with her sister, Kurosaki Yuzu, except with her, it's an example of Red Eyes, Take Warning.]]
* [[TheStoic Minato Arisato]] in ''Fanfic/ANecromancersWildCard'' has these instead of his regular gray eyes after he's resurrected by [[{{Necromancer}} Eucliwood Hellscythe]]. He isn't sure why his eye color changed, though.
* Harry inherited those in ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10964874/1/Dark-Dynasty Dark Dynasty]]'', as his father is the Dark One. They slightly glow when he uses magic, too.
* In ''Fanfic/TheKeysStandAlone: The Soft World'', Paul develops these after [[LightningCanDoAnything being struck by several bolts of lightning]]. They signify that he can now see magic and power sources. Eventually he learns to turn them on and off at will, which is fine with him because having “power sight” on all the time is incredibly distracting, and fine with the others because [[UncannyValley they make him look creepy]].

[[folder:Film - Animated]]
* The Coachman from ''Disney/{{Pinocchio}}'', who works to turn boys into donkeys, apparently has large, bulging yellow eyes. They're most noticeable during the scene where he says "They'll never come back [[NightmareFace ...as BOYS!!!"]]
* Queen Tara, a Mother Nature-like figure who oversees the balance between growth and rot, from ''WesternAnimation/{{Epic}}''.
* The evil witch Madame Mim from ''Disney/{{The Sword in the Stone}}'' has yellow eyes and is the archrival of Merlin.

[[folder:Film - Live Action]]
* Any character deeply immersed in the Dark Side of the Force in the ''Film/StarWars'' movies. The irises become yellow-gold lined with red, the whites bloodshot, and their [[HellishPupils pupils small and reptilian]].
** Anakin Skywalker of ''StarWars'' [[Film/RevengeOfTheSith Episode III]], coinciding with his [[FaceHeelTurn descent into evil]]. In extended works it suggests that even as a cyborg his eyes are this way [[https://i.stack.imgur.com/qLSTX.jpg under his helmet]].
** Palpatine/Darth Sidious is always in control of his emotions, so they don't turn yellow unless he either wants them to or is about to kill you anyway.
*** His eyes are also quite bright compared to his [[EvilMakesYouUgly Dark Side-twisted face]], so in ''Revenge of the Sith'' this has the very creepy effect of making his eyes look bizarrely wide.
** Darth Maul was forged to be a weapon of hate and, as such, has sickly yellow eyes all the time.
** Dooku is supposed to be a gentlemanly figure, and tends to avoid fully immersing himself in the Dark Side. As such, he is never shown (in the movies) as having "Sith Eyes".
* In the live-action ''Manga/DeathNote'' movies, characters with Shinigami eyes have their eyes show up yellow when they use this power.
* In the film ''Film/{{Wolf}}'', yellow eyes are a sign that [[http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_SIUL8EbikTs/SwstN9_U8bI/AAAAAAAAAgw/Om7clqoIPmo/s1600/werewolf-wolf.jpg a character is turning into a werewolf]].
* ''Film/StarTrekVITheUndiscoveredCountry'' features a golden-eyed alien that really is a shapeshifter.
* Barbossa from ''Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanTheCurseOfTheBlackPearl''; his eyes look normal enough in the next two films, presumably since he's no longer under the curse.
* Mystique and Toad from ''Film/XMen1''. Also, Nightcrawler from [[Film/X2XMenUnited the sequel]] and Beast in [[Film/XMenFirstClass the prequel]] when [[spoiler:he uses a "cure" made out of Mystique's genes that gives him blue skin/fur and gold eyes.]]
* Tintin in the ''Film/{{Thunderbirds}}'' live-action film has these when she uses her psychic powers. Her evil uncle, who has the same powers, falls under RedEyesTakeWarning.
* Heimdall, the Asgardian sentry from the live-action ''Film/{{Thor}}'' film. Justified, seeing as how he's a sufficiently advanced alien and a God.
* When Regan is possessed by Pazuzu in ''Film/TheExorcist'', her eyes become yellow.
* In ''Film/{{Daybreakers}}'', gold eyes are one of symptoms of vampirism.
* Appears in the credits sequence of ''Film/GoldenEye'' (but not the film itself; the title KillSat is so named because the plaque that turns it on has an amber-like stone).
* Franchise/{{Godzilla}}, the massive, radioactive, mutant King of the Monsters, has orange-golden eyes in ''Film/{{Godzilla 2014}}''. It also provides some distinct ColorContrast against his charcoal grey hide.
* In ''Film/TheWolfman2010'', werewolves' eyes turn gold as part of their transformation.
* In ''Film/{{Priest 2011}}'', the vampire bad-guy Black Hat sports a fetching pair of yellow-gold eyes.
* In ''Film/EvilDead2013'', the Deadites cause their victim's eyes to turn yellow during possession.
* As the various news groups gather for a melee in ''Film/Anchorman2TheLegendContinues'', Mac Tannon shows up and turns into a "were-hyena." The first clue he's about to transform is the camera [[{{Zoom}} zooming in]] on his eyes as they turn mostly yellow.
* Stinger and his daughter from ''Film/JupiterAscending'' both have these, although they only appear gold for a moment when they do so. They appear to be from their partial bee DNA, apparently.
* In ''Film/TheShadow'' Lamont's eyes are gold whenever he is in his "Shadow" persona, or using his psychic powers.
* In ''Film/TheLastWitchHunter'', when witches perform magic, there's something like a second pupil opening in their normal one and it's gold rather than black.
* ''Film/TheDarkSideOfTheMoon'': Whenever someone is possessed by the devil, their eyes are always glowing bright yellow.
* ''Film/AngelHeart'': At the end when [[spoiler:Cypher/]]Satan is telling the truth to [[spoiler:Harry/]]Johnny, for a brief shot, his eyes change to yellow, at the point when he says that his soul belongs to him. A scene later, a baby is also seen with the same yellow eyes.

* In the ''Literature/HamishX'' trilogy, Hamish actually has said eyes because [[spoiler:he is a cyborg]].
* ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'':
** The all-powerful {{Tykebomb}} in the novel ''Sourcery'' had gold eyes. They even started turning brown when he began a HeelFaceTurn.
** In addition, there was Windle Poons as an undead. "His eyes! Like gimlets!"
* The Fool from Robin Hobb's ''Literature/TawnyMan'' trilogy starts out as an albino, but gradually turns gold. Not just his eyes, his hair and skin as well.
* Abaddon of ''Literature/BlackLegion'' has gold eyes. He claims that it's because he's been staring in the light of Astronomicon (supernatural navigation beacon) for too long.
* A. J. Crowley from ''Literature/GoodOmens'' has yellow eyes, which he usually hides behind [[CoolShades sunglasses]]. Crowley's eyes are explicitly intended to be snakelike rather than feline or lupine. This is because Crowley was the snake in the Garden of Eden. Yes, ''that'' snake.
* Perrin in ''Literature/TheWheelOfTime'' series got yellow eyes after unlocking his [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent crazy wolf powers]]. He came to be known as Goldeneyes in honor of this trait, and it's taken as a good luck sign by his followers, and as a mark of evil by his enemies.
* Naturally enough, possessed by Gold-Eye from Creator/GarthNix's ''Literature/ShadesChildren''. In his case, they only indicate his supernatural ability -- precognitive power -- rather than any sinister nature.
* The ''Literature/SwordOfTruth'' novels featured a creature called a screeling; hideously efficient killing machines, they were all but invincible unless you happened to have very dangerous magic on hand. They had golden eyes, so prominent that there was, in fact, a poem about them.
* In the ''Literature/SagaOfRecluce'' series of books, humans had many physical markers that hinted at particular power. Extremely powerful chaos mages (mostly fire-users) had gold eyes.
* ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'':
** The Cullens and all [[VegetarianVampire vegetarian]] [[OurVampiresAreDifferent vampires]] in the series have gold-colored eyes when they've recently eaten and black when they are hungry. Less finicky vampires [[RedEyesTakeWarning don't]].
** In ''Breaking Dawn'', it is said that 'true' werewolves (called Children of the Moon) are distinguishable from the shape-shifters by having "yellow" eyes.
* In ''Literature/CoyoteBlue'' by Creator/ChristopherMoore, Coyote, Anubis, and their 'children' (Sam and Minty Fresh, respectively) all have golden eyes to denote their supernaturality.
* The alien children in ''Literature/TheMidwichCuckoos'' by Creator/JohnWyndham.
* The villain in Dennis Wheatley's ''The Haunting of Toby Jugg'' is a satanist with yellow eyes.
* In the ''Literature/MalusDarkblade'' series, among the Dark Elves, gold or brass-coloured eyes are seen as a sign of Khaine's favour. Mmalus tells T'zarkan to give him a pair so he can enter Har Ganeth without arousing suspicion (since those considered to lack Khaine's favour in that city tend to end up as a sacrifice to him).
* Raistlin Majere from the ''Literature/{{Dragonlance}}'' series has gold eyes with hourglass-shaped pupils. They're a curse applied to him by the Wizards' Conclave because they thought he lacked sympathy; they cause him to see the effects of time on everything and everyone.
* Major characters in two of Caitlin R. Kiernan's novels have eyes of gold. Though to be [[ShownTheirWork perfectly accurate]], they are both described as having ''yellow'' eyes and not gold.
** [[HairTriggerTemper Narcissa Snow]] in ''Low Red Moon'', as well as the child she helped to birth [[spoiler:(or is she?)]], Emmie Silvey.
** Emmie appears in the related follow-up novel, ''Daughter of Hounds'', which also describes the ''[[Creator/HPLovecraft ghul]]'' as occasionally possessing this eyecolor (which is [[JustifiedTrope not unreasonable]], as they are [[PettingZooPeople fairly]] canine in appearance).
* In Patricia Briggs' ''Literature/MercyThompson'' universe, when a werewolf starts to change from human to wolf, the eyes are one of the first body parts to change. Watching their eyes is one way to tell who's in control in there. Since most wolves have yellow eyes, most of the werewolves' eyes will brighten to gold. One character has blue eyes in wolf form, and her eyes turn from brown to blue when her wolf starts to come out.
* In Creator/RobinMcKinley's ''Literature/TheBlueSword'' and its prequels, the eyes of people with ''kelar'' turn gold when they get angry or use their magic (the two occasions are often related). Also, when they fall in love. And it's dangerous to look in their eyes when they're gold, unless you have the ''kelar'' yourself. Kinda awkward for lovers without it.
* In Lee Lightner's ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' Literature/SpaceWolf novel ''Wolf's Honour'', having your eyes turn golden is the first physical sign that [[TheCorruption you are turning into a wolf-like creature]], the ''wulfen''.
* In ''Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians'':
** [[spoiler:Luke]]'s irises turn gold after his body is possessed by Kronos.
** [[LightIsNotGood Hyperion]], Titan of Light and the East, also has golden eyes, but his burn bright "like miniature suns".
** In SequelSeries ''Literature/TheHeroesOfOlympus'', Hazel has gold eyes to reflect the fact she represents the "power of wealth and riches" side of her father Pluto's powers.
** Jason's eyes temporarily turn gold when he almost dies from observing Hera's true form.
** And [[spoiler:Percy's, Jason's, and Leo's]] eyes turn gold when being [[DemonicPossession possessed]] by the eidolons.
* In Lois [=McMaster=] Bujold's latest series, ''Literature/TheSharingKnife'', the Lakewalkers have metallic eye colors running the gamut between silver and gold. [[spoiler:This is a marker of their magical heritage, their descent from the sorcerer-kings who first loosed [[EldritchAbomination malices]] on the world.]]
* Shapeshifters in the Literature/KateDaniels universe have their eyes change from human to animal when they're upset or losing control. Kate often refers to Curran's eyes as molten gold or fiery yellow when he's angry.
* In the world of ''Literature/BlackJewels'', the three long-lived races have gold eyes. Most often described are those of Daemon Sadi, who is described from the start as resembling felines.
* In ''Master of the Five Magics'' by Creator/LyndonHardy, the "sorcerer's eye" is a mysterious magical item in the form of a crystal sphere, in which a single closed eye is seen to float unsupported. When in use, the eye within the sphere opens, revealing its golden iris.
* In ''Literature/TheChildThief'', staying on Avalon long enough to absorb the magic in the food etc. would cause one's eyes to turn golden.
* Lizzy of the web-novel ''Literature/{{Domina}}'' has this. In this book, it's not an impossible eye color, but it is noted as odd, and no one is quite sure if it comes from the [[BioAugmentation toy maker]]. Although she does have supernatural powers (though it hasn't been revealed exactly ''what'' powers), she does subvert the "predatory" aspect.
* Within the ''Literature/TheDestroyer'' novels, golden eyes are used almost universally to hint that someone is Korean (almost always narrated with a note that Koreans are the only Asian race with golden eyes), usually right before it's revealed they have some connection to the mystic art of Sinanju.
* In Creator/DevonMonk's ''Literature/MagicToTheBone'', Zayvion has brown eyes with flecks of gold -- [[EyeColorChange until he leaves the magic grid]], whereupon they are brown. When he drives back, his eyes turn pure gold with only flecks of brown.
* Ultimately subverted in ''Literature/DoctrineOfLabyrinths''. Felix starts the story as the only person he or anyone else knows with a yellow eye, and he's such a powerful wizard that most superstitious people are afraid of his eyes (the other being blue of either the [[CreepyBlueEyes creepy]] or [[OccultBlueEyes occult]] variety). Turns out where his mother comes from, people just have yellow eyes.
* In Creator/SarahAHoyt's ''Literature/DrawOneInTheDark'', the yellow eyes show that the [[spoiler:police officer]] is the same as the shape-shifting lions that aided their escape.
* In ''Literature/WarmBodies'', Julie's eyes turn from blue to gold after she and R [[spoiler:cure his zombieism though ThePowerOfLove]].
* Titania in ''Literature/TerraMirumChronicles'', fitting a queen of the Fae.
%% * ''Literature/TheHouseOfNight'': Kalona and, as of Burned, [[spoiler: Rephaim]].
%% * The Dark Casters in ''Literature/TheCasterChronicles''.
* Earl Shackleford, the effective head of Literature/MonsterHunterInternational, normally has blue eyes, but the emergence of his werewolf form changes them to gold.
* In ''{{Literature/Moonflowers}}'', Ned Song is cursed into the form of a white wolf. Most humans mistake him for a wolfdog and are constantly unnerved by his yellow eyes. The Lady of Scales, a Chinese spirit who helps Ned out later on, has a face veil that obscures everything but her [[BodyPaint red face-paint]] and her golden eyes.
* ''JourneyToChaos'': Kasile's golden eye color reflects her divine heritage.
* In the ''Literature/DetectiveInspectorChen'' series:
** Demonic vice cop Zhu Irzh has gold eyes.
** Another character has yellow eyes when in natural lighting, but under fluorescent lights they turn gold. (And she wasn't wearing contacts.)
* As with the movies, it's common with Sith characters in ''Literature/StarWarsLegends''. Jacen Solo is a notable example, after he became Darth Caedus.
* Literature/JirelOfJoiry has yellow eyes, sometimes said to be "blazing".
* The Children of the Forest in ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' are described having large, golden cat-eyes. Subverted in that this is the most common color; the especially special Children are born with red or green eyes, and possess the greensight.
* In TabletopGames/ForgottenRealms, Gromph Baenre, Archmage of the drow city Menzoberranzan, used to have gold eyes himself. It came to help when he identified his first daughter, who had the same eye color. And when I say "used to have," he [[{{Squick}} had to replace them]] for a [[RedEyesTakeWarning new pair]].
* ''Literature/TheSwamplingKing'': The magical Windwalkers who created the Peaks have gold eyes, like an eagle, which are impossible to mistake for anything else. [[spoiler:The fact that a ''swampling'' has Windwalker eyes is a huge deal that overturns centuries of religious dogma... which is why the church works to cover it up]].
* ''Literature/ReleaseThatWitch'': When Ashes awakened to her magical SuperStrength ability, she gained distinctive, glowing yellow eyes.
* [[PlayingWithFire Aidan]] in ''Literature/ANetOfDawnAndBones'' has amber eyes, described by Church as "scary, scary eyes", inherited from his FallenAngel father [[TheDreaded Aariel]]. He originally had brown eyes until his TraumaticSuperpowerAwakening.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* In the Hallmark miniseries ''Series/TheTenthKingdom'', Wolf's eyes change to a feral yellowish-gold when his animalistic side comes out.
* All vampires in ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' and ''Series/{{Angel}}'' have gold eyes when in GameFace.
** Buffy herself has (quite different) gold eyes when the gang use an enjoining spell to infuse her with all their combined abilities.
* The angel in Series/{{Constantine}} has strikingly golden eyes.
* In the ''Series/DeathNote'' drama, the Shinigami eyes are portrayed as gold. In the anime, they were red.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'': In [[Recap/DoctorWhoS26E4Survival "Survival"]], people under the malign influence of the Cheetah Planet acquired golden, cat-like eyes. This included the Master and Ace. The Master's subsequent incarnation (in the [[MadeForTVMovie TV Movie]]) had golden GlowingEyesOfDoom, which may have been related to this, or his being a CGI snake for a while, or something else.
* ''Series/TheFades'' has the [[OurGhostsAreDifferent Fade]] Polus and his followers. This signifies both that they have powers beyond those of normal Fades and that the characters have pronounced animalistic sides, as the source of these powers is [[ImAHumanitarian eating human flesh]].
* ''Series/ForeverKnight'': The vampires have shining gold eyes in [[GameFace vamp-face]].
* In ''Series/KamenRiderDenO'', every time Ryotaro is possessed by Kintaros, his eyes become yellow.
* The titular character of ''Series/{{Merlin 2008}}'' has blue eyes, but they glow gold when he does magic, as do those of anyone who uses magic, including Morgana, Morgause, Gaius, Alice and creatures such as the Manticore and the Dragon.
* When Yuki gives a RevealingHug to Alex on ''Series/MythQuest'', she reveals her identity as the Japanese snow demon Yuki-Onna by showing these.
* ''Series/OnceUponATime'': [[spoiler:Red Riding Hood]] gains gold eyes when in or transforming into [[TheBigBadWolf wolf form]].
* In ''Series/{{Sanctuary}}'', Henry's eyes turning yellow is one of the first indications that his [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent transformation into a werewolf]] has been triggered and are usually the very last to disappear when he changes back. On one occasion, he manages to tap into his werewolf side and use its strength to escape a [[TheyWouldCutYouUp holding cell]]. He remains completely human throughout this, except for a glowing pair of these.
* In ''Series/{{Smallville}}'', the [[SuperStrength super strong]] and highly bloodthirsty PhantomZone escapee Aldar has gold eyes.
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'':
** The appropriately named BigBad, "Yellow Eyes", otherwise known as Azazel or the Demon. Also notably, in that he is the only demon known to have yellow eyes.
** In certain light, [[spoiler:Gabriel's eyes are a light golden/amber color as well. Being that he's an all-powerful Archangel and spent time as the trickster god Loki, Richard Speight Jr.'s natural eye color worked wonderfully.]]
** One of Azazel's "Special Children" [[spoiler:Jake]]'s eyes briefly flash yellow when he comes into his power. Given that Azazel fed the children his blood when they were infants, this makes perfect sense.
** In Season 12, it's revealed that [[spoiler: yellow eyes are the mark of a Prince of Hell. The first demons to be created after Lilith, made to act as generals of Hell's armies. Azazel was just one of ''four'', and the others are fully alive, if [[RetiredMonster retired]]]].
* On ''Series/TeenWolf'', the default eye color werewolves have when they change is gold. Eyes that glow blue are a sign that the werewolf possessing them has killed an innocent, except for [[MonsterLord Alphas]], whose eyes are always [[RedEyesTakeWarning red]] whether they have killed or not.
** Shapeshifters, such as kitsune, tend to have fiery, red-golden eyes when using their powers.
* ''Series/{{Wolfblood}}'': When any Wolfblood gets close to transforming into a wolf their eyes turn yellow and their [[TaintedVeins veins turn black]].
* In ''Series/TheXFiles'' season 1, the [[PickyPeopleEater liver-eating]] mutant Eugene Victor Tooms' eyes sometimes were a bright yellow-green. (The color of bile, appropriately.)
* In ''Series/PennyDreadful'', FrankensteinsMonster, aka "Caliban" or "John Clare", has golden irises. This is probably an allusion to the original novel's reference to the Creature having yellow eyes, although that was probably implying jaundiced whites instead.

[[folder:Myth and Legend]]
* Shape-shifters in legend, especially {{Genie| In A Bottle}}s, witches, and the like, are frequently tipped off by golden (or two-tone) eyes, which they cannot hide even in animal form. Mythical creatures with Deadly Gaze may have golden eyes as well. Shapeshifter Mystique from ''X-Men'' probably got her golden eyes from this variant of the tradition, making this Trope possibly Older Than Print.
* The Celtic Púca/Pooka stands out as a notable example. A shapeshifting hobgoblin, one of TheFairFolk, Pookas can take on any number of animal forms, but their eyes are always a telltale colour, typically goat-yellow. Far less commonly, they are said to have otherworldly red, green, or blue eyes instead of yellow.
* In Myth/ClassicalMythology, Circe and her niece Medea had Golden Eyes. They were the daughter and granddaughter, respectively, of the Greek god of the Sun, Helios. His children were often associated with sorcery, and apparently they all inherited his flashing eyes.If this indeed was an inheritable trait, then one could speculate that Aeetes (Helios' son and Medea's father, of Golden Fleece fame), Pasiphae (Helios' daughter and Medea's aunt, Minotaur's mother) and Ariadne (Pasiphae's daughter) had Golden Eyes as well.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'':
** 3.5 edition, or at least the TabletopGame/ForgottenRealms campaign setting, mentions yellow eyes as a sign of celestial (angelic) descent, which usually corresponds to [[CharacterAlignment good alignments]].
** 4E extends gold eyes (along with {{red| eyes take warning}} ones) to the Dragonborn and Tiefling player races, with no indication of their CharacterAlignment (although Tieflings are generally considered a "[[DarkIsNotEvil dark]]" race)
* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'': As a Space Wolf inches closer to being overtaken by the Curse of the Wulfen and degenerating into a feral monster, his eyes turn a shade of gold.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Exalted}}'':
** Harmonious Jade picked up a set after taking the Second Breath as a Solar. (Before then, she had some absolutely gorgeous shining blue eyes.)
** Also, all Sidereal Exalted Chosen of Journeys get yellow eyes as a sign of their station. With starry sky inside the iris, stars themselves tinted yellow as well.
* ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'': Vampires of Innistrad's Markov line have, in a variation, golden sclera and black everything else.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/FireEmblem'':
** Micaiah from ''VideoGame/FireEmblemRadiantDawn'' has gold eyes. She is known for her ability to predict future events, and later [[spoiler:turns out to be descended from the Heron Tribe and the true Apostle of the Begnion Empire. And the avatar of a goddess of chaos.]]
** In ''VideoGame/FireEmblemTheBlazingBlade'', [[spoiler:every [[ArtificialHuman morph]] Nergal creates has gold eyes, along with other common unusual - for the series - traits like [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair jet-black hair]], which hints at their inhuman nature.]]
--> '''Leila:''' ''“His eyes glow golden… You can’t miss them. They seem…inhuman.”''
* ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'':
** Golden or bright orange eyes are associated with TheHeartless and, by extension, the power of darkness - the only Heartless not to have yellow eyes are the small number that [[TheFaceless don't have visible faces]].
** Every incarnation of [[BigBad Xehanort]] has them, as do his CoDragons Saix and Xigbar. Terra's eyes turn yellow at the end of the ''Birth by Sleep'' trailer, foreshadowing what happens to him. [[spoiler:In Saix and Xigbar's case, the eyes are a sign that they've been infected with Xehanort's darkness, turning them into yet more hosts.]]
** Vanitas has these under his mask due to being MadeOfEvil, and so does [[spoiler: Ven]] when Vanitas possesses him.
** [=DiZ=] / Ansem the Wise has orange eyes in both his disguised state (which looks like Xehanort in a red mask) and as his regular self.
* It's never directly commented on, but Alvin and Jude are the only two characters in ''VideoGame/TalesOfXillia'' with gold eyes. [[spoiler: This makes it an inversion of the trope, as both Jude and Alvin are of Elympian descent.]]
* ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei'' has a few examples:
** In ''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIIINocturne'', the Demi-Fiend's eyes change from grayish to gold when he's given demonic powers, and they begin to glow (and his body ''darken'') when he unleashes powerful physical attacks (most likely, this would happen with spells as well, but they all use the same generic casting animation, so...). [[spoiler:His eyes get bumped up a rank to {{red| eyes take warning}}]] if the player makes it all the way through the [[BonusDungeon Labyrinth of Amala]] and has the [[LouisCypher Old Man in the Wheelchair]] unlock the full extent of his demonic power [[DealWithTheDevil at the cost of his human soul]].
** ''[[Franchise/ShinMegamiTenseiPersona Persona]]'':
*** Velvet Room assistants [[VideoGame/Persona3 Elizabeth, Theodore]], [[VideoGame/Persona4 Margaret]], [[VideoGame/Persona5 Justine, and Caroline]] are AmbiguouslyHuman siblings of enigmatic origin who all have golden eyes and immense supernatural power.
*** In ''VideoGame/Persona2'', BigBad Nyarlathotep tends to go for gold eyes and a slit pupils when he's in human form. The Shadow Selves of the main protagonists also sport yellow eyes, a sign of their supernatural origins.
*** In ''VideoGame/Persona3'', secondary antagonist Takaya Sakaki is a fairly powerful Persona user who's the only human character to have gold eyes.
*** In ''VideoGame/Persona4'' and ''VideoGame/Persona5'', all Shadow Selves have gold eyes in their human form, as do humans possessed by their Shadows. Additionally, all of the main character's Personas have gold eyes, assuming they're visible.
* ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls''
** This is a trait of the Dremora in ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIVOblivion Oblivion]]'', an intelligent race of [[OurDemonsAreDifferent lesser Daedra]] who are most commonly found in the service of [[DestroyerDeity Mehrunes Dagon]] as his LegionsOfHell. (Other games give them [[RedEyesTakeWarning red]] or [[BlackEyesOfEvil black]] eyes instead.)
** Golden GlowingEyes are a trait of [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Vampires]], as revealed in ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Skyrim]]'''s ''Dawnguard'' DLC. It's implied that this is a trait which is InvisibleToNormals, and can only be seen by certain other supernatural beings (such as the [[PlayerCharacter Dragonborn]], who has a draconic [[OurAngelsAreDifferent Aedric]] soul).
* ''VideoGame/{{Warcraft}}'':
** The universe features the night elves who normally have completely silver eyes (entirely silver, as they have no visible pupils). Those who had golden eyes were considered to be destined for great things, the most notable being Illidan Stormrage and Queen Azshara. Ironically enough, both of them ended up as villains.
** Nonetheless, in ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'', it's divided along gender lines: male Night Elves have golden eyes, female Night Elves have silver eyes, and that's that. The encyclopedia on the website mentions that, in truth, supernatural gold eyes are merely a sign of druidic potential, and as the druids only recently opened their ranks to women, they are more common in males...[[FridgeLogic which really makes no sense when you think about it]].
** And then there's druids. Malfurion Stormrage, the twin brother of Illidan, was born with silver eyes, but while practicing druidism over many centuries, his eyes turned gold, as seen [[http://www.wowwiki.com/World_of_Warcraft:_Stormrage here]].
** And despite their potential for it, neither Azshara nor Illidan became druids. Illidan started on that path, but his own impatience and disdain for it (druids at the time were not greatly appreciated in Night Elf society) caused Cenarius to deem him unworthy of personal tutelage. Being ordered to learn from Malfurion, who was also still an apprentice at the time, was the last straw for Illidan.
* Dark Jedi in the ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'' series, especially Darth Revan, have yellow eyes (see the ''Franchise/StarWars'' example under Film, above). The player character can have them as well, if she/he goes over to the Dark Side. There's an awesome, but understated, moment where you get a close-up of them while you and [[spoiler:Bastilla]] are tricking the Republic.
** This was influenced by Emperor Palpatine, who also gained them when his face became corrupted by the Dark Side (in [[{{Retcon}} some continuities]]).
* ''VideoGame/LandsOfLore'' has a scene where the shapeshifting main villain masquerades as one of the player's allies. The only way to detect her (except trial and error) is by her eyes, which stay yellow regardless of form.
* Both Morrigan and her mother, "[[TheDreaded The Witch of the Wilds]]", Flemeth have gold eyes in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins''. Morrigan being a powerful mage like her mother and Flemeth heavily implied to not even be human. They also both happen to be shapeshifters with Flemeth able to take the form of a high dragon. Flemeth's other known daughter has the same eyes. ''VideoGame/DragonAgeInquisition'' introduces another group of people with gold eyes. Abelas and his followers are [[spoiler:ancient elves who guard a temple venerating Mythal, the elven goddess of love, motherhood, and justice.]] They all have the exact same eye color as Flemeth and her daughters. [[spoiler:Given [[PhysicalGod later revelations]] about Flemeth, it appears that gold eyes indicate a person with a direct connection to Mythal.]]
* Ultimecia in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII'' has gold eyes in addition to her various {{Power Tattoo}}s and other physical signs of being a Sorceress. Edea, who [[spoiler:inherits Ultimecia's powers and is possessed by her]], also has gold eyes while in possession of her Sorceress Powers. Does not happen to [[spoiler:Rinoa]] when controlled by Adel or Ultimecia, however.
* Chaos in Dirge of Cerberus has yellow/gold eyes. It noticeably picks out the demon from Vincent, and tells the player that a major level up in power terms just happened.
* [[OurGeniesAreDifferent Shamir Shamazzle]] in ''VideoGame/KingsQuestVIHeirTodayGoneTomorrow'' has golden eyes, in all of his many forms. This helps the player identify him... just in case the various strangers encouraging the protagonist to do strange/dangerous/crazy things weren't obvious enough.
* Adelle from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsA2'' has yellow/golden eyes, [[spoiler:and she was part of "The Gifted, a group of people with extraordinary powers such as living for a long time. It is unknown if her yellow eyes have to do with the Gifted or not]].
* Sho Minamimoto from ''VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou'', fitting the bill of the trope as a [[CrazyAwesome delightfully]] power-hungry sociopath who [[OneWingedAngel shapeshifts into a lion]].
* In ''[[VideoGame/TheSims The Sims 2]]'', werewolves have yellow eyes; interestingly, so do plant-sims.
** In ''VideoGame/TheSims3'', werewolves have golden eyes.
* Vampires in ''Website/GaiaOnline'' have yellow eyes when they're about to do something badass; otherwise, they're pale gray with HellishPupils. PsychoForHire Zhivago apparently has this effect going constantly.
* The character Slayer from ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear XX'' has golden eyes. This makes sense, since he is a vampire.
* In ''VideoGame/QuestForGloryIV'', all vampires have pupilless golden eyes.
* In ''VideoGame/XenoGears'', ArtificialHuman Emeralda Kasim has [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair green hair]] and gold eyes. Kind of a dead giveaway that she's not normal..
* Gulcasa and Emilia in ''VideoGame/YggdraUnion'' and [[VideoGame/YggdraUnison its]] [[VideoGame/BlazeUnion spinoffs]] have golden and bright yellow eyes respectively. They're the descendants of a demon god.
* In the original ''VideoGame/{{Doom}}'' games, whenever you pick up an invulnerability sphere or use the god mode cheat, the Marine's eyes turn solid gold.
* In contrast to most other demons in the ''Franchise/{{Disgaea}}'' series, [[VideoGame/Disgaea4APromiseUnforgotten Fenrich]] the [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent werewolf]] has gold eyes.
* ''VideoGame/DiabloIII'':
** The Demon Hunter sports a glowing pair of these when she has a hood on, signifiying someone who has stared into the soul of a demon without going mad.
** [[spoiler:The mortal Tyrael sports a pair of these, signifying his former angelic status]].
** [[spoiler:Leah also sports a very creepy pair of these after her body is taken over by Diablo as the Prime Evil]].
* Ahri the Nine-Tailed Fox from ''VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends'' has golden eyes and is... well... [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin a Nine-Tailed Fox]] ([[FantasticFoxes a Korean-styled gumiho to be precise]]).
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII2'': Combines this with ProphetEyes; whenever Yeul and/or Serah have a vision, their eyes glow gold with the symbol of Etro over the pupil for the duration.
* In the ''Franchise/MassEffect'' games, one can identify Harbinger, the first, biggest, and most powerful [[EldritchAbomination Reaper]] by the fact that his "eyes" are gold instead of red. In addition, the Collectors he controls erupt with glowing golden eyes, along with taking on a skin texture resembling golden magma, when he possesses them.
* In a cross of this and ElectronicEyes, the title character of ''VideoGame/GoldeneyeRogueAgent'' has a cybernetic yellow eye.
* In ''VideoGame/GoldenSun: The Lost Age'', yellow eyes are apparently normal in Lemuria, a city-state of Adepts with extraordinary longevity. One of the [=NPCs=] in Madra talks about Piers's eyes during his imprisonment there.
** This trope is far more pronounced at the very end of ''VideoGame/GoldenSunDarkDawn''. [[spoiler: Matthew's eyes glow golden while he and Sveta are SharingABody, and after the Apollo Lens goes off all of the beastmen in the blast zone have Supernatural Gold ''Everything''.]]
* [[spoiler: Avalon]], the BigBad of ''[[VideoGame/LegendOfLegaia Legaia II: Duel Saga]]'', has these. Originally known as simply "Gold Eyes" in his first appearance, you later learn that he is a [[spoiler:Star Shaper, a being who can manipulate the Source Forge, the beacon of creation.]] He is also a Mystic, and wields the Origin [[spoiler:Igohl, the Supreme Origin said to be of (nearly) infinite power.]]
* Everything from ''VideoGame/GearsOfWar'' when infected by Imulsion. When something is completely black, has golden eyes and explodes after death, you know that something is wrong...
* Lilith in ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands 2}}'' has golden irises which glow when she triggers her Siren powers. It's not clear if the golden eyes are precisely due to being a Siren, though, as Maya, Commandant Steele, and [[spoiler: Angel]] all have blue eyes.
* Antasma has these in ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiDreamTeam'', as do many of the ghosts in ''VideoGame/LuigisMansion''. Of course, neither are the kind of character whose eyes need to be used as a way to tell that they're evil, the rest of their appearance makes it blatantly obvious regardless.
* The Little Sisters in the ''VideoGame/BioShock'' games have these as a side effect of the ADAM slug in their bodies. Their eyes return to normal when it's removed.
* In ''VideoGame/AgarestSenki'', Lavinia of the third generation party members sports these, along with being a DarkSkinnedRedHead, to showcase the fact that she's a NonHumanHumanoidHybrid who takes after her dark elf parent. If the protagonist, Thoma, chooses her to be his wife, then Duran, the protagonist of the fourth generation, inherits them from her.
* ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}''
** [[LandSeaSky Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza,]] a trio of [[TimeAbyss ancient]] OlympusMons [[WeatherManipulation with control over the weather]] [[note]] [[MakingASplash Kyogre]] summons rain, [[DishingOutDirt Grou]][[PlayingWithFire don]] summons intense sunlight and [[OurDragonsAreDifferent Ray]][[BlowYouAway quaza]] acts as their mediator, with its [[SuperMode Mega Evolution]] summoning strong winds [[/note]] debuting in [[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire the third generation]] all have yellow eyes.
** ''VideoGame/PokemonSunAndMoon'': [[spoiler: [[BigBad Lusamine]] briefly gains these while [[FusionDance fused to a]] [[EldritchAbomination Nihilego.]] ]]

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'':
** In the "Heaven's Feel" route of the game, when [[spoiler:Saber]] is possessed by [[spoiler:Sakura]], she gains these as part of her SuperpoweredEvilSide.
** In the ''LightNovel/FateZero'' novels, she gains similar golden eyes after her extreme despair and duress defeating Berserker[[spoiler:/Lancelot]] and being meters away from her goal (seen in the last image [[http://livedoor.3.blogimg.jp/insidears/imgs/b/9/b9948578.jpg here]]). It is implied to be a result of her dragon side flaring up due to stress; it seems Saber could go Alter on her own in the right situation.
* ''VisualNovel/JunipersKnot'': The girl has golden eyes and green hair to signify her nature as a powerful demon, in contrast to the human boy who is rather plain and has hair and eyes found in ordinary humans.
* The vampire Arcueid in ''VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}}'' has {{red eyes| take warning}}, but she's more of a ditsy good guy than anything else. When they turn ''gold'', however, it's time to run. When her irises turn gold and the scleras of her eyes turn red, you're already dead. [[spoiler:And, just for yet another level of OhCrap, there's when her eyes return to being merely gold, her hair grows out, and her attitude turns cold and haughty, to indicate that she's not really Arcueid at all, anymore; someone else has taken over.]]
* Dlanor A. Knox from ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'' has these. She's the High Inquisitor of the Eiserne Jungfrau, the 7th District Repentance Agency of the Great Court of Heaven, whose job it is to hunt down "heretics". She uses two swords, the Red Key and the Blue Key, which allows her to use [[LanguageOfTruth Red and Blue truths]].
* Poet from ''VideoGame/PopNMusic'' has bright yellow eyes (golden orange in her alternate colors). This is rather unusual, as her, ah, supernatural origin would be pretty obvious without it.
* Nageki from ''VisualNovel/HatofulBoyfriend'' has bright yellow eyes in his human portrait, unlike his actual form as a dark-eyed mourning dove. [[spoiler: He turns out to be a ghost.]]
* Graves from ''VisualNovel/HustleCat'' has MismatchedEyes, with his left being gold. He wasn't born with it; his eye changed colour from blue to gold when he first transformed into a facsimile of his cat, who had heterochromia.
* Mackenzie Hunt in ''VisualNovel/HavenfallIsForLovers'' has green eyes which turn bright gold when her true nature as a werewolf is showing.

* Black Mage of ''WebComic/EightBitTheater'', like Richard, is a psychotic wizard. His eyes are the only part of his face not obscured by his NiceHat, which is [[NightmareFace a very good thing]].
* In ''WebComics/TheAdventuresOfDrMcNinja'', Sparklelord the anthropomorphic magic unicorn has featureless golden eyes, with no irises or pupils. The first time he's shown in this form, they're more "yellow GlowingEyes", later more like "orbs of gold". When he appears as a regular unicorn in a dream, perhaps his original form before he was "corrupted", he has more normal eyes. [[ItMakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext In his form as a motorcycle]], the headlights get treated rather like glowing gold eyes, too.
* The four main characters' of ''Webcomic/CryHavoc'' eyes change to golden when they transform into [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent werewolves]]. Their eyes also fluctuate between their natural color and yellow when in human form and stressed or excited.
* In ''Webcomic/{{Inverloch}}'', Lei'ella, Kayn'dar, and other "Severed" elves have white hair and golden eyes. This is an inversion: instead of being powerful or tricksters, Severed elves are mortal and can't use magic, essentially being BroughtDownToNormal.
* Richard from ''Webcomic/LookingForGroup'' has yellow/gold eyes and is probably one of the most powerful, destructive, and evil warlocks/beings/forces in the comic's entire world and/or universe. He's also insane. And undead. And hundreds of years old.
* Miho [[spoiler:and later Yuki]] is shown to have them in ''Webcomic/{{MegaTokyo}}'', so supernatural that they can even [[SplashOfColor occasionally override the fact that MegaTokyo is a black-and-white comic]]. They indicate MagicalGirl status.
* Laurin Shattersmith in ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'' usually has black eyes, like everyone else in the comic, but they turn bright gold when she uses her PsychicPowers.
* In ''Webcomic/{{Pandect}}'', Aces (animals who have been given human bodies and minds) have yellow eyes if their animal species has them. The protagonist, Prince Fleance, is a melanistic leopard and has gold eyes with slit pupils in human form.
* In ''Webcomic/{{Plume}}'', guardian spirit Corrick has glowing gold eyes, which flash even brighter when he's using his powers.
* In ''Webcomic/SatanAndMe'', Satan's irises are orange and yellow or gold.
* Werewolves in ''Webcomic/{{Sorcery 101}}'' have yellow eyes. It is also suspected to be the case in [[spoiler:''Strange Someone''.]]
* ''Webcomic/TheSwordInterval'': Protagonist Fall Barros was [[TouchedByVorlons Touched By]] the BigBad when she was twelve, and left abnormal in ways not fully understood yet, the most visible sign being her glowing golden eyes.
* ''Webcomic/SlightlyDamned''
** Rhea has yellow gold colored eyes and is [[spoiler:a [[DivineParentage descendant]] of the [[DishingOutDirt earth guardian]] [[PhysicalGod Moku the snake]] and can use extremely powerful magic when she is reconnected to the bloodline.]] According to her [[spoiler:[[ArchnemesisDad evil dad]] Moonshade]] she [[FamilyEyeResemblance inherited]] her eyes from [[spoiler:her mother which he refers to as "eyes like the sun".]]
** Some demons have yellow or orange colored eyes and they are all naturally magical beings, in fact yellow seems to be one of the most common demon eye colors next to [[RedEyesTakeWarning red]].
* Clifford the werewolf/animal person (yes, that's his name, yes, he's heard it all) from ''Webcomic/WildeLife'' has golden irises, which usually go unnoticed until you look at them in darker environments where they [[GlowingEyes glow.]]

[[folder:Web Originals]]
* In ''Literature/VoidDomain'', Rex Zagan [[spoiler: one of the seventy-two pillars of Hell]] has golden eyes.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/AngelsFriends'' Sulfus and Kabale have these and are notorious trickster devils.
* In ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' and its SequelSeries ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'', it is common for anyone of the Fire Nation royal family to have vibrantly golden eyes. Thanks to SuperpowerfulGenetics, their family tends to produce powerful firebenders - that their ancestry includes [[spoiler: a previous Avatar]] doesn't hurt.
* Takanuva, Toa of Light has yellow eyes in ''WesternAnimation/{{Bionicle}}: Mask of Light'', representing [[CaptainObvious his light-based powers]]. His first toy also came with yellow eyes, though later incarnations changed them to lime green.
* Timber Wolf from the ''WesternAnimation/LegionOfSuperheroes'' cartoon series has these eyes (gold sclera, red pupils) as a result of his father's experiments on him that turned him into a werewolf-like being. They turn red when he's using his enhanced senses [[SuperPoweredEvilSide but start running when they become bloodshot]]. His eye colour when he was human remains unknown.
* Sunil Nevla the mongoose from ''WesternAnimation/LittlestPetShop2012'' has these; he can even [[HypnoticEyes hypnotise people]] with them.
* ''WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime'',
** Almost every Transformer has either blue or red eyes, depending on their faction, though they can change if they're under the influence of a special fuel. The exception seems to Predaking, who has golden eyes. Seeing how he's a miracle of science, a being cloned from the ancient remains of Predacon bones, he may fall under this trope.
** There's also Nemesis Prime, another miracle of Science, this one built by humans using a few salvaged Transformer parts and energon.
** Breakdown's an interesting case as he's one of the only characters who has golden colored optics yet isn't of any different origin. However [[spoiler:when he's salvaged and reworked into CYLAS]] the trope is played straight with the golden eyes in particular being given a lot more emphasis to show how unnatural and disturbing the beast is, especially with one of the eyes being crude patch job.
* Stella from ''WesternAnimation/WinxClub'', who has sun-based powers and her color motifs are mostly yellow and orange. She also has [[CurtainsMatchTheWindows gold hair to match]]

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