The munitions equivalent of the SuperPersistentPredator, [[HomingProjectile this heat-seeking or similarly guided missile]] just ''will not give up''. HighSpeedMissileDodge? It'll just come back for another try. Hide behind something? It'll [[{{Roboteching}} go around]]. Try to [[MisguidedMissile mess with its targeting]]? It's not fooled. You can't even outrun it, because it has truly boggling range. Basically, when a Super Persistent Missile is chasing you, the only things you can do are shoot it down or die.

HomingBoulders are supposedly ''unguided'' projectiles with this capability.

[[folder: Anime & Manga ]]
* ''Manga/FairyTail'' has those missiles that the [[HumongousMecha Doroma-anima]] fires at Natsu.

[[folder: Comic Books]]
* ComicBook/{{Darkseid}}'s Omega Beams work in this particular fashion, chasing after its targets until it reaches them.

[[folder: Film ]]
* The seeker torpedo that Jango Fett fires at Obi-Wan in ''Franchise/StarWars: Film/AttackOfTheClones''.
* A really persistent one in ''Film/HotShots'', later used by [[TheHero Topper]] himself to destroy Saddam Husseins Lair/Nuclear Plant.
* [[Film/BehindEnemyLines Behind Enemy Lines:]] Has a wonderful example of not one, but TWO missiles being launched on an F18 Super Hornet, and chasing it for almost four minutes. While it is certainly filled with drama, in real-life those missiles would've burned out after about 30 seconds. However, the launcher (an SA-13) does carry four such missiles, so it could've easily unloaded all four, but we only see two launched. However, given that the range of the system is only about 3 miles, one has to wonder why the protagonists didn't just dive for the deck and leave the area...

[[folder: Literature]]
* In the ''Franchise/HarryPotter'' series the sport Quidditch features two Bludgers, what amount to enchanted cannonballs that attempt to smash up any player in the vicinity. During a match against Slytherin in ''[[Literature/HarryPotterAndTheChamberOfSecrets Chamber of Secrets]]'' one of the Bludgers is tampered with, causing it to persistently seek out Harry in particular regardless of any obstacles.
* Missiles in the ''Literature/StarCarrier'' series are stated outright in the very first dogfight to be nearly impossible to shake with passive systems such as ECM or with a HighSpeedMissileDodge. They're flown by weak {{AI}}, use a huge variety of sensors to track targets, and can easily out-accelerate any fighter. The only viable countermeasure are active systems. Human and Turusch ships dump "sand" (granules of gravitically compressed lead) into space to serve as a physical barrier or shoot them down with energy weapons, and they're little threat to {{Beam Spam}}mers like the Sora, Slan, and [[spoiler:Sh'daar]].
* In FailSafe, the Soviets have a relatively slow air-air missile that's hard to shake and has a very long range.
* In the ''Literature/{{Rihannsu}}'' series the Romulans deploy a variant: it acts like a SuperPersistentMissile, but it's actually a warp-capable ''WaveMotionGun shot''. Thankfully the ''Enterprise'' managed to avoid getting hit long enough that by the time it impacted it had lost too much energy to cause more than some shield drain...

[[folder: Live Action TV ]]
* The bazookoid missiles from the ''Series/RedDwarf'' episode "Polymorph", which were actually locked in a room ''and kept flying around in there for a week'', until the heroes opened the door just in time for them to hit the Polymorph and kill it.
* An episode of ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'' featured a star ship sized missile intended to wipe out a planet. The ship/missile had on board weapons to wipe out any ship that tried to intercept it, and an AI system that compensated for any interference in its mission, including orders by its programer to deactivate. [[spoiler:And then it was hijacked by an enemy program, fooling its AI into thinking the "new" target was the normal one...]]
* In an episode of ''Series/DropTheDeadDonkey'', a character mentions Henry's story about seeing a missile pass his hotel window when he was reporting from a warzone. Dave claims that when Henry gets drunk, he starts claiming the missile acted like this, thereby getting even closer to the window. (And when he's ''really'' drunk, it was a super-smart missile that knocked on the window and asked for directions.)

[[folder: Newspaper Comics ]]
* Happens a lot in ''ComicStrip/FoxTrot'' with Jason and Marcus' toy rockets. Even though the rockets are completely unguided, and in fact are supposed to go straight up.

[[folder: Video Games ]]
* The higher-end missiles from ''Frontier: VideoGame/{{Elite}} II'' and ''Frontier: First Encounters'' cannot be stopped by any kind of ECM. They still have only 60 seconds of fuel, but if you are in range, they WILL hit you.
* In ''{{Freelancer}}'', [[TheParalyzer Cruise Disruptor]] missiles have incredible range, blinding speed, and aren't fooled by chaff.
* The QAAM from the later ''AceCombat'' games is one of the only missiles in the game that can turn around, and is incredibly hard for the AI to dodge.
** They were ''literally'' impossible to dodge in ''VideoGame/AceCombat04ShatteredSkies'', making all boss fights laughably easy after you unlocked a plane equipped with them. Thank the skies the enemies never used them due to faulty AI. Ironically, the one thing (aside from you) that can dodge it in that installment is itself a missile. One that's persistent for a different reason entirely.
** [[CutscenePowerToTheMax Cutscene missiles]] do this too - in a zigzagged example, Bartlett gets shot down by a SAM even after performing tricks that would shed most other missiles in the series, after drawing it off of Edge.
* ''Ace Combat'''s SpiritualSuccessor, ''VideoGame/VectorThrust'' brings [=QAAMs=] back. Older models like the R-60 will just lead their targets for a higher chance of hitting, but more sophisticated models like the Japanese XAAM-5 will come back for one more pass if you manage to wriggle out of its sights.
* In ''VideoGame/EscapeVelocity'', it is all but impossible to avoid missiles without a Missile Jammer or a sufficiently thick asteroid field.
** Averted by contrast in its open-source clone ''VideoGame/{{Naev}}''. Missiles end up being more or less useless because you have to keep your nose pointed at the target long enough to get a lock before you can even fire, and if they miss they won't curve back around.
* ''Videogame/{{Worms}}'': A cutscene shows a worm outrunning a missile before it sniffs it back out in a cartoonish, dog-like fashion, the unfortunate worm gives up at this point.
* ''VideoGame/{{N}}'' features banks of missile launchers that fire nasty homing missiles that never stop trying to kill you, ever. In the event you get one to smash into a wall all you've achieved is having another one sent after you.
* [=SAMs=] in ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerTiberianSun''. They will chase your helicopters across the ''entire map'' and they ''will'' hit since you don't have time to land before they catch up with you.
* Occasionally occurs in ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'', but only visually. If you are on a high-speed flying mount, missile effects (magical and physical alike) are just about as fast as you, or even slightly slower. The damage itself always lands, but the graphic effect may end up chasing you for ages until you let it catch up to you.
** Not a missile per se, but you can buy Toy Zeppelins from the few toy vendors ingame. These are used for casual fun, and once thrown to other players, it leaves your inventory and appears in theirs (assuming they have enough space). The Toy Zeppelins are very possibly the most super-persistent "missiles" in gaming history, as they will follow you very slowly wherever you go - there have been cases where a Zeppelin has been thrown to a player, the player then teleports to another continent, and finds a Zeppelin approaching him four hours later.
* ''VideoGame/MarioKart'' has two variations on this... the Red Shell, which homes in directly on the next person ahead (and in later games, will maneuver itself through the course until it finds its target). It gets turned UpToEleven with the Blue/Spiny Shell, which fires relentlessly toward the leader with practically no way to stop it (and in later games causes a huge, blue explosion to damage nearby drivers as well)
* In ''VideoGame/RatchetAndClank'', as well as other games, some homing attacks can be dodged and others will keep coming until they hit something.
* Multiple enemies in the ''VideoGame/MegaMan'' series use these. It's made worse by the fact that some of them don't explode on contact, and will pester you until you shoot them down.
* In ''VideoGame/EveOnline'', missiles fired at you within their engine range always hit, even if they have to engage in {{Roboteching}} maneuvers to do so. You can reduce their damage to practically nil depending on the size of your ship (larger missiles are less effective against smaller ships), the speed at which your ship moves, and its signature size, but the only way to generate a clean miss is to get outside the missile's maximum range.
* Missiles in the ''[[Videogame/{{X}} X-Universe]]'' will ''always'' continue to pursue their targets, so long as they have fuel [[CaptainObvious and they're not dumbfire]]. The only way to stop a missile is to shoot it down or outrun it. Missile Frigates fire especially long-ranged missiles which are RoboTeching, [[RecursiveAmmo recursive]], and will target new enemies upon the destruction of their original target; which can lead to fighter craft spinning around wildly, attempting to avoid the hundreds of missiles spinning around them furiously and attempting to out-turn the fighter.
* The exploding spiky balls thrown by Vores in ''VideoGame/QuakeI'' will continually follow you quite smartly no matter how far you run away, since they're programmed to have a slight delay before changing their path when the target changes direction, a SimpleYetAwesome gimmick that ensures it'll be able to turn most corners. The only way to escape it is by legging it far away from a corner you just turned while it's still a ways away. Sounds easy? Well, they travel just ''slightly'' faster than you can run...
* ''VideoGame/TotalAnnihilation''. Especially noticeable if you fly a super-fast spy plane over the top of a bunch of enemy anti-air units: their missiles will chase after you halfway across the map.
* ''VideoGame/{{Dota 2}}'' features the BunglingInventor Gyrocopter's homing missile--a comically large bomb with a fuse that doggedly tracks its target. It picks up speed and hurts more the faster it goes.
* ''VideoGame/GodEaterBurst'' has the Quadriga series of enemies -- they look like tanks and can fire missiles, including a homing death bullet. At first, the attack can be dodged, but when the Tezcatlipoca comes marching in, you can only defend. The game kindly places a missile warhead over the head of the targeted player, warning you that the Tezcatlipoca wants you dead and now is the time to hit the guard button.
* ''VideoGame/StarTrekBridgeCommander'' has the Kessok Positron Missile. Once it has a target lock, it will track you forever, even if you turn invisible. The only way to escape is to warp out of the system.
* The Homing Pidgit Bills in ''VideoGame/{{Something}}''. They're featured in Hell Ship in the Sky and they will always aim for Mario's position, no matter what. Later on in the level, Spikitus start throwing them.
* ''VideoGame/StarTrekOnline'' plays this oddly, as whether or not a given torpedo hits the target is predetermined by the RNG when it's fired. So you can have one torpedo fired at an [[FragileSpeedster escort]] or SpaceFighter follow its every maneuver until it hits the range cutoff, and then aim your next shot at a ''stationary target'' and have it randomly careen off into space.
* The spiny ("blue") shells from ''VideoGame/MarioKart'', once fired, will always hit something, though that something varies by the particular game. In some, they'll unerringly hit the race leader. In others, they'll unerringly hit whoever was race leader ''at the time the shell was launched''. It's possible, with an extremely well-timed shunt, to dodge them in ''Double Dash'', but it's difficult to the point of being functionally impossible.

[[folder: Western Animation ]]
* Happens to WesternAnimation/{{Wile E Coyote|and the Roadrunner}}, ''a lot''.
* In the ''DastardlyAndMuttleyInTheirFlyingMachines'' episode "Follow That Feather", the Vulture Squadron used a feather-seeking missile to pursue the pigeon.
* In ''WesternAnimation/SupermanTheAnimatedSeries,'' Mr. Mxyzptlk turns ''himself'' into a Super Persistent Missile (with a kryptonite warhead) to chase down Superman. Superman leads him on a merry chase, causing Mxy's smoke contrail to write his own name in the sky, backwards, twice (which Mr. Mxyzptlk agreed to leave forever if done).
* In ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'', Darksied's Omega Beam will NOT stop following its target (they will even change directions at a corner) until they hit something, which will almost always be the intended victim.
* In ''WesternAnimation/SWATKats'', the Metalikats once fired "The Relentless Missile" at the hero's jet eventually they do get rid of it by useing a decoy while turning off their engines.