A list of tropes related to {{Strategy Game}}s.

* ACommanderIsYou \\
Describing the different types of factions that appear in strategy games.
* AfterActionReport \\
A type of FanFiction for strategy games that involves a blow-by-blow description of a mission or campaign.
* AIGeneratedEconomy \\
The computer controls the economy of the game's world.
* AllSwordsAreTheSame \\
All weapons of a specific type will look and play exactly the same.
* AntiAir \\
An attack, weapon, munition, ability, etc. that is really effective against flying enemies.
* AntiArmor \\
An attack, weapon, munition, ability, etc. that is really effective against armored enemies.
* AntiCavalry \\
An attack, weapon, munition, ability, etc. that is really effective against mounted enemies.
* AntiInfantry \\
An attack, weapon, munition, ability, etc. that is really effective against enemies on foot.
* AntiStructure \\
An attack, weapon, munition, ability, etc. that is really effective against enemy structures.
* AntiVehicle \\
An attack, weapon, munition, ability, etc. that is really effective against enemy vehicles.
* ArbitraryHeadcountLimit \\
Arbitrary requirement that stops you from having too many characters in a party or unit.
* AreaOfEffect \\
Attacks that hit a wide area, rather than a specific target.
* ArmorPiercingAttack \\
An attack, weapon, or munition that rips through the armor or special [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe shield]] that your enemies wear.
* BaselessMission \\
A mission that does not provide you with a base in strategy games where bases are generally required.
* CivilWarcraft \\
A contrived battle where you fight your own side.
* ColourCodedArmies\\
Units are colour coded so the player can tell their units from the enemy's.
* ConstructAdditionalPylons \\
In RealTimeStrategy games, having to build a base to churn out units right on the battlefield.
* CommandAndConquerEconomy \\
Nothing ever gets built unless the player specifically orders it.
* CosmeticallyDifferentSides \\
Although both sides in a battle may be from vastly different technologies, their statistics and attacks will be exactly the same.
* CripplingOverspecialization \\
Units are so specialized that they are completely useless against units that fall outside their specialty.
* DamageIsFire \\
Whenever a structure is damaged, it's shown as being on fire.
* DefenselessTransports \\
For game balance, units that carry other units have no weapons of their own.
* DefogOfWar \\
Lessens the obscurity of FogOfWar.
* DualModeUnit \\
A unit that has two different functions that can be switched between.
* EasyCommunication \\
Once you issue an order, it will be carried out instantly without having to go through any channels.
* EasyLogistics \\
You don't need to worry about feeding your troops or keeping up supplies - that all happens automatically.
* EnemyExchangeProgram \\
Capture an enemy base, and churn out your own enemy units!
* FactionCalculus \\
Describing the different dynamics of a strategy game depending on the number of factions involved.
* FirewoodResources \\
Wood is always shown in bundles.
* FogOfWar \\
You can only see the parts of the map where you have units.
* GarrisonableStructures \\
Structures that allow units to take cover.
* GeoEffects \\
Terrain affects tactics.
* HardCodedHostility \\
A faction which cannot be negotiated with and is perpetually at war with every other faction.
* HeroMustSurvive \\
One of your units is a NPC that must not be allowed to die.
* HeroUnit \\
A ([[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking usually very powerful]]) unit that represents the PlayerCharacter or other important character in the game's storyline.
* HoldTheLine \\
A mission where you have to prevent the enemy completing their objective before time runs out.
* InstantMilitia \\
An option to convert your workers into basic fighters.
* MagicTool \\
A universal hand tool whose user can magically fix any machine or structure simply by waving it at the target from close range.
* NonEntityGeneral \\
The player is a general or commander in a strategy game who may not actually even exist.
* ProtectionMission \\
Protect a stationary object from enemy attack.
* ReinventingTheWheel \\
You need to purchase "upgrades" to capabilities in each campaign, even if your forces already had it in the last one.
* RidiculouslyFastConstruction \\
All buildings can be produced and military units trained in a ridiculously short amount of time.
* RiskStyleMap \\
A map which shows you delineated areas so you can choose which campaigns to wage.
* SeparateButIdentical \\
Some sub-factions are said to be different in composition, outlook etc., but really only differ in their color palette.
* SomeDexterityRequired \\
In the real-time variety, being able to issue commands to your units more efficiently gives you an edge.
* SplashDamageAbuse \\
Abusing an attack's SplashDamage or AreaOfEffect to get enhanced performance.
* StartingUnits \\
In strategy games, you sometimes have units at the start that you can't train or create more of.
* StopPokingMe \\
Clicking too often on a unit will make them insult or nag you.
* StrongFleshWeakSteel \\
It's easier to destroy something made of armored steel, like a tank, than to destroy an ostensibly flesh and blood character.
* SupportPower \\
The player receives support from things that are not included on the in-game map.
* TacticalRockPaperScissors \\
Strategy games divide your units into three types, each of which is strong and weak against each of the other types.
* TechTree \\
Strategy games let you research new abilities for your units.
* TurnBasedStrategyRealTimeCombat\\
The strategic level gameplay is turn-based but tactical engagements play out in real time.
* UnblockableAttack \\
An attack that always deals damage and can't be blocked or guarded (but in most cases ''may'' be dodged or interrupted instead).
* UnitsNotToScale \\
Infantrymen appear ridiculously large when compared to vehicles and buildings.
* VideoGameTime \\
Fake use of a time scale means that empires rise and fall in the time it takes to take the trash out.
* WeatherOfWar \\
Weather drastically affects units.
* WorkerUnit \\
A non-combatant unit dedicated to constructing buildings or gathering resources.
* YouHaveResearchedBreathing \\
Where you have to spend time researching things that should be patently obvious.
* YouRequireMoreVespeneGas \\
Strategy games make you gather resources.
** NoRecycling \\
You can't scavenge debris for usable materials.
** NotPlayingFairWithResources \\
AI players in are able to acquire resources faster than the player or don't need any resources at all.
** RefiningResources \\
You need to use "basic" resources to create "advanced" ones.
* ZergRush \\
Sending waves upon waves of cheap, weak units in order to overwhelm a more tech-aware enemy with sheer numbers.