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TertiarySexualCharacteristics occurs when stereotypical female elements are added to a character to demonstrate she is a woman. If you have a [[PacMan yellow circle]], and you stick a bow on it, you instantly recognize the circle is a girl.

StockCostumeTraits is that concept, except as related to characteristics or professions rather than gender. You add some costume element onto a character, and that is the visual signal they have adopted that characteristic. For example, if the circle has a pipe and deerstalker hat, we know the circle is a [[SherlockHolmes detective]]; if it wears a monocle and top hat, we understand that yellow circle belongs to [[HighClassGlass high society]].

Most of these are {{Dead Horse Trope}}s by now. Closely related to HollywoodDressCode, but approached from a different perspective. See ClothesMakeTheLegend for a similar idea, but related to one specific character.

Compare ExpositoryHairstyles, when a character's hair is used to indicate personality, background, or other traits. See also HatShop, which analyzes the connotations of headgear.
!!Tropes with their own pages:

* '''Burglar''': BlatantBurglar -- Black and white striped shirt and domino mask or ski mask.
* '''Doctor''': DressedToHeal -- [[LabcoatOfScienceAndMedicine White lab coat]], head mirror, stethoscope.
* '''Explorer''': ExplorerOutfit -- Pith helmet and khakis.
* '''Extreme Poverty''': BankruptcyBarrel -- Naked, except for a barrel.
* '''Formal Tough Guy (Bodyguard/Professional Assassins)''': BadassInANiceSuit -- Tux or business suit (often with sunglasses).
* '''Flapper''': TheFlapper -- Loose, low-waist knee-length dress, [[TwentiesBobHaircut bobbed hair]], [[NiceHat cloche hats]] (casual wear) or decorated headbands (formal wear). Style is mostly ArtDeco.
* '''French Maid''': FrenchMaidOutfit -- Black dress with lacy white trim.
* '''Ghost''': BedsheetGhost -- Plain white ghost.
* '''Pimp''': PimpDuds -- Ridiculously oversized hat and bulky fur coat or brightly colored suit.
* '''Pirate''': DressedToPlunder -- Some combination of eyepatches, {{Hook Hand}}s, peg-legs, tricorner hats, breeches, bandanas, and a PirateParrot.
* '''Rich/High Society''': (male) HighClassGlass -- Top hat, monocle, tuxedo; (female) -- a PimpedOutDress
* '''Viking''': HornyVikings -- Horned helm and beard.
* '''Wizard''': RobeAndWizardHat -- Robe and a wizard hat. Naturally.
!!Other examples:

* '''AmateurSleuth''': A pipe and a deerstalker hat; [[SherlockHomage thank]] SherlockHolmes.
* '''Artist''': Beret
* '''Astronaut''': Puffy white moon-landing style spacesuit. Possibly blue shuttle-style jumpsuit with patches in a more realistic work.
* '''Beatnik''': Black turtleneck, CoolShades, beret, goatee.
* '''Bodyguard, CIA, or government agent''': Sunglasses, [[BadassInANiceSuit a black suit and tie]], possibly an earpiece.
* '''Biker''': Spiky helmet, leather jacket, leather or denim pants, spiky combat boots, tattoos, sunglasses and facial hair.
* '''Butler''': Men's formal daywear, generally a [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morning_dress morning suit]].
* '''Court Jester''': Multicolored outfit, with a multi-pointed [[HappyHarlequinHat jester hat]] with bells on the ends.
* '''Clown''': Puffy one-piece jumpsuit with pompon buttons, oversized shoes, cone-shaped hat, and a big red nose.
* '''DiscoDan''': Dapper suit, usually mostly in white. (This was being parodied as early as 1980, in ''{{Airplane}}'')
* '''Disc Jockey (DJ)''': A pair of headphones and the optional CoolShades.
* '''Farmer''': Gingham and overalls.
* '''Fairy Tale Princess''': [[ErmineCapeEffect Large poofy gown]] of [[PrincessesPreferPink pink]], [[TrueBlueFemininity blue]], or [[GracefulLadiesLikePurple purple]] and [[CoolCrown a sparkly tiara.]]
* '''Gangster''': (old style) Fedora and zoot suits; (new style) Hoodies, and saggy jeans.
* '''HardboiledDetective''': A fedora and BadassLongcoat; in FilmNoir, they're usually wearing a tie, a white button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and suspenders.
* '''Hippie''': Tie-dyed clothing and headband. Long hair. Beard on the men.
* '''Janitor''': A jumpsuit or boilersuit.
* '''Judge''': Black robe and gavel. Powdered wig in Commonwealth nations.
* '''Knight''': Suit of [[KnightInShiningArmor full plate armor]], visored helmet with or without tassel on top.
* '''Leprechaun''': Bright green clothing, usually appearing to be from the late 18th or early 19th centuries.
* '''MadScientist''': White lab coat; goggles and EinsteinHair optional.
* '''Magician''': White tie and tails or tuxedo, often with a cape, white gloves, a slick handlebar mustache or an imperial beard, a white-tipped baton, and a black top hat with a bunny in it. Often there will be star and/or moon designs incorporated.
* '''Maid''': [[{{Meido}} Stereotypical maid uniform]]; FrenchMaid-style optional.
* '''Medieval Executioner''': [[InTheHood Dons a black hood]] that covers the head partially or whole. Wields either an axe, sword or a noose.
* '''Mime''': Striped shirt, white face with heavy rouge, beret.
* '''{{Ninja}}''': Black kabuki stagehand outfit with face-concealing mask and/or headband.
* '''Nurse:''' White dress and nurse hat with a [[UsefulNotes/TheRedCross red cross]] on it.
* '''Pilot''': Goggles over a leather cap, generally with a scarf and a leather bomber jacket.
* '''Policeman''' (the ThemeParkVersion): Laughably outdated "bobby"-style uniform, complete with cylindrical blue hat. Often will have a "Prussian"-style mustache, too.
* '''ProfessionalWrestling''': ''Lucha libre''-style mask, colorful cape and tights, and UnderwearOfPower. (Never mind that, except for the underwear, most American wrestlers don't dress like this.)
* '''Punk / Emo''': Dyed messy hair, black printed t-shirts, body piercings, tattoos.
* '''Reporter''': A button-down with sleeves rolled up, tie at half-mast, and fedora with a card stuck in the band that says "media" or "press"; cigar optional.
* '''Spy''': Fedora, BadassLongcoat, and sunglasses, although that's a DeadHorseTrope by now. SpyCatsuit is more modern. James Bond-esque spies prefer a TuxedoAndMartini.
* '''Soldier''': [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M81_Woodland Woodland camouflage patterned]] [=BDUs=], black or brown combat boots, metal WWII style combat helmet. May have a [[BadassBandolier bandolier]] with grenades or cartridges draped across their chest or shoulder.
* '''{{Superhero}}''': The stereotype is a cape [[note]]So much so we named the trope about a stereotypical superhero "TheCape"[[/note]], spandex, and underwear on the outside. May have a [[HeroicBuild good physique]].
* '''Surfer''': Long blond hair, tanned skin, CoolShades, lotioned nose, cowrie-shell necklace, and baggy shorts.
* '''Teacher''' (male): Tweedy jacket with patches on elbows, glasses.
* '''Teacher/Librarian''' (female): Severe long dark dress, hair in tight bun, glasses.
* '''Televangelist''': Ice-cream suit.
* '''{{Transvestite}}''': Fishnets, high heels, corset (Optional), a noticeable amount of make up, jewelry of some sort (usually a necklace or earrings) and often (but not always), a dress.
* '''ValleyGirl''': Garishly colorful clothing, often vaguely "punk" in appearance.
* '''Venetian gondola drivers''': A flat straw hat and striped shirt.
* '''Witch''': Pointy black hat, black dress, warts. Green skin optional.