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->''"If there must be a cat, do not, for the love of God, name it: Magnifi-cat or similar pun; Mr. Adjective-Anatomical-feature; with two or more words all starting with the same letter; or with any name plus the surname of the cat's owner."''
-->-- ''Literature/HowNotToWriteANovel''

Sometimes it's just not worth making up original names for animals. These are names that have been used forever in real life for (usually domesticated) animals, and carry over well for animal characters in fiction. Sometimes its an obvious {{pun}} or [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin description of the animal's appearance]]. Sometimes, the stock names are a more colorful way of referring to the animal's species: If you say "Fido," the reader will instantly understand that you're making an allusion to dogs in general, with no further context necessary.

For dogs and cats it seems like a new "stock" name is [[FormallyNamedPet "Mr." or "Mrs." something]]; Mr. Muggles (dog, ''Series/{{Heroes}}''), Mrs. Norris (cat, ''Literature/HarryPotter'').

The bottom line is, if you want an original name for a character, don't use these ones. Note that in RealLife, these names are very much a DeadHorseTrope; they'll only generally be used by small children (probably because they saw it on TV) or people who don't care one way or another about their pet having a cliché name. They certainly no longer show up in the lists of most popular pet names. ''But'', if you use the names correctly, people know immediately what kind of animal you mean.

Compare SpeciesSurname, ADogNamedDog, ALizardNamedLiz. See also StockAnimalDiet, for stereotyped animal food.

Since this is pretty much a {{Universal Trope|s}}, don't bother listing specific examples. But if you know of an interesting subversion, it's probably worth adding.


* Spot, Rover, Patch(es), Fido, Rex, Buster, Max, Sparky, [[ALizardNamedLiz Doug]].
** According to [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerberus#Etymology The Other Wiki]], the name of Cerberus (the three-headed guardian of the gates of Hell, in Myth/GreekMythology) may derive from an Indo-European root meaning "spotted". In which case, Hades, God of the Dead and Ruler of Hell, named his pet dog "Spot".
** WesternAnimation/HongKongPhooey had a cat named "Spot" (who was, of course, striped).
** An early ''TabletopGame/WarhammerFantasy'' campaign featured its own take on {{Theatre/Macbeth}} : The Tragedy of [=McDeath=]. Lady [=McDeath=] is a sorceress, and has a giant two-headed hellhound who can obey simple commands like attacking, fetching, and leaving the room. [[OutDamnedSpot No points awarded for guessing the command used to achieve that last effect or the dog's name.]]
* For female dogs: Queenie, Princess, Duchess, Lady, Ginger.
* For more aggressive dogs, Spike, Wolf, Fang, Killer, Butch.
** In the UK they're often named after boxers. Tyson in particular.
* For Scottish Terriers: Scotty.
* For German Shepherds: Ace.
* For poodles: Fifi (especially for French poodles), Mitzi.
* For collies: Lassie, Shep
* For small long-haired dogs: Fluffy
* For hounds: Blue.
* For Dalmatians: Pongo. ''Not'' [[TropeCodifier originally]] from ''Literature/TheHundredAndOneDalmatians''; it's a plot-point in the book that dalmatians tend to be called Pongo.
* For St. Bernards: Bernard, Bernie
* In the DeepSouth: Beauregard, particularly in WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes cartoons.
* In Japan: Pochi.[[note]]The dog from the VideoGame/YoshisIsland games is called "Poochy" in North America.[[/note]]
** The female leads in ''Manga/HeIsMyMaster'' have a pet named Pochi, who the male lead assumes to be a dog. It's actually an alligator.
* In France: Médor. (Pronounced May-Dohr)
* In Hungary: Morzsi, Bundás, Bodri
* In Finland: Halli (obsolete), Murre or Rekku (onomatopoetics), Musti ("Blackie", and "the" name)
* In Poland: Azor, Burek, Reks
* In Sweden: Karo, Fido, Rex.
* In Dutch: Max, Fikkie
* In Italy: Rex and Leo for male dogs, Laica and Luna for female dogs
* In Denmark: Fido, Trofast ("Loyal"), Charlie, Simba, Vaks ("Smart"/"Alert"), Rollo and King for male dogs (a former Danish pop group amusingly called themselves "Rollo and King"); Lady, Molly, Laika, Chili and Bailey for female dogs
* In Russia: Sharik for smaller dogs (means “small ball / small round thing”) and Barbos for bigger dogs
* In German: Hasso, Rex, Struppi ([[PunnyName from "struppig", which means "shaggy"]]) or Bello ([[PunnyName from "bellen", which means "to bark"]]). In older works: Nero or Sultan.
** ''Old Sultan'', one of Creator/TheBrothersGrimm's fairy tales, is the story of a toothless old dog.
** Ännchen in ''[[Theatre/DerFreischutz Der Freischütz]]'' tries to reassure Agathe with a story in which an apparent ghost turns out to be Nero, the guard-dog.
** Struppi is [[Franchise/{{Tintin}} Snowy's]] name in German.

* Sassy, Fluffy, Whiskers, Max, [[WesternAnimation/FelixTheCat Felix]], Shadow, [[ALizardNamedLiz Kat]].
* In Japan: Tama. Usually (but not always) said "Tama" will be a calico.
** Tama from ''Manga/ChisSweetHome'', even though she is not calico.
*** A ''Anime/CodeGeass'' audio drama shows the Student Council debating what to name their new cat. Kallen (who's Japanese) insists that they have to name him Tama. (They name him Arthur.)
** Also "Mike" (mee-kay) after a well known manga, derived from "mikeneko", the Japanese word for calico cat.
* For tomcats: Tom.
* For tabby cats: Kitty
* For queens: Queenie.
* For white cats: Snowball.
** Subverted in ''TheSimpsons'' with a black cat named Snowball II. It was a replacement for a white cat named Snowball that was run over by a Chrysler.
* Tiger, whether striped or not.
** Subverted with ''Series/TheBradyBunch'' who have a dog named Tiger.
* Ginger for ginger cats.
** Cinnamon is also used for these types of cats, as well as cinnamon cats.
* Mittens or Boots for cats with white paws.
* Patches for calico or tortoiseshell cats.
* Smokey for grey or black cats, whether smoke patterned or not.
* Midnight for black cats.
* In France: Minou, Mistigri, Gribouille
* In Finland: Miiru (obsolete), Mirri ("the" name)
* In the UK: Tibbles/Tiddles.
** LampshadeHanging in ''Discworld/GoingPostal'': When Moist gets told the Post Office cat is called Tiddles, he refuses to believe it: "I thought it was just a joke name".
** Fun fact: "Tibbles" is a corrupted version of "Tybalt", the name of the Prince of Cats in the ''Literature/ReynardTheFox'' stories. Tabby is a related word. (Now you know why Mercutio repeatedly calls Juliet's cousin Tybalt "prince of cats" in ''Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet''.)
* In Malaysia: Comel is a very common name for cats, it means cute. Putih is another common name for white/mostly white cats.
* In Poland: Mruczek, Puszek
* In Norway: If the cat is grey, Gråpus, meaning [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin grey pussy.]]
* In Sweden: Misse, Mirre (or some very similar-sounding name).
** Kisse can be used for cats in general
* In Dutch: Minoe, Minoes
* In Hungary: Cirmi
* In Hebrew: Mitsi
* Cats belonging to scientists: [[UsefulNotes/SchrodingersCat Schrodinger]].
* Black cat in the UK: Lucky.
* In Russia: Murka/ (onomatopoeia for purring: “murrr”)
* In Germany: Miezi, Maunzi, Muschi (The last one even has the same [[DoubleEntendre double meaning]] as "Pussy" in English.)

* Bessie/Bossie, Clarabelle, Bella
* Elsie, after the mascot for Borden dairy products.
* Flower names, especially Buttercup or Daisy.
* In Hebrew: Edna
* In Finnish: Heluna, Mansikki, Muurikki (all "the" names); anything with the suffix -kki will be recognised as a cow (Tiistikki, Punikki etc.)
** Punikki may not be used that much actually, since it's a derogatory term used for the [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Guards_(Finland) Finnish Red Guard]] (and probably also the Russian Red Guard)
* In Denmark: Karen, Maren, Mathilde(Or just Thilde)
* In Poland: Krasula, Mućka
* In France: Marguerite
* In Hungary: Riska
* In Russia: Мilka (from “milaya” – darling/nice/sweet), and Zorka (little sunrise)
* For bulls: Toro
** Ferdinand for bulls in Spain, likely due to the popularity of the classic book, ''The Story of Ferdinand''.

* If it's a bearcub, then Little Bear. This remains true, despite this name being heavily associated with the popular [[Literature/LittleBear book and television series]] by Maurice Sendak and Else Holmelund Minarik.
** If you don't want to allude to that series, Cubby.
* [[PunnyName Barry]].
* [[Toys/TeddyBear Teddy]]. Example: ''WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfTeddyRuxpin''.
* Bruin. (Dutch for "brown", originally from ''Literature/ReynardTheFox'').
* In Swedish: Nalle
** Same for Finnish, as well as variations of it, like Nallukka. Or being named after some famous fictional bear (like Nalle Puh from Winnie The Pooh, Bamse from the Swedish comic of the same name or Uppo-Nalle from the childrens book series of the same name).
* In Russia: Misha (nickname for Mikhail)
* In Hungary: Brumi, Dörmi (both imitating the bear's growling)

[[folder:Other Mammals]]
* '''Lions:''' Leo, Noble/Noble (from ''Literature/ReynardTheFox'')
** Originated from the constellation (or astrology sign if you prefer), or more simply, the Latin name.
** Elsa for lionesses.
*** Elsa from '' BornFree''.
** More recently, Simba (the Swahili word for lion).
** Variations of Lionheart are also common (especially if the lion is an actual king in-story) thanks to the famous English king Richard the Lionhearted.
* '''Rabbits:''' Whiskers, Binky, [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes Bugs]], [[Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit Roger]], Hoppy, [[Literature/{{Bambi}} Thumper]], [[Literature/TheTaleOfPeterRabbit Peter]], Bun-bun
* '''Goats:''' Nanny, Billy.
* '''Pigs:''' Hampton, Hamlet, and other variations on "ham." Also Sooie, particularly for sows.
** [[WesternAnimation/PorkyPig Porky]]
** In Russia: Borka (nickname for Boris and also because the term for male pig is borov)
** In Hungary: Röfi
* '''Raccoons:'''
** [[AddedAlliterativeAppeal Rascal]]. See also RascallyRaccoon. Sterling North's novel of the same name is the TropeNamer for this.
*** The third live-action television special based on Manga/DetectiveConan has Kogorou looking for a runaway raccoon called ''Pascal''. Every character told this for the first time remarks that Kogorou must be confused because raccoons are called Rascal. The name Pascal is actually a ChekhovsGun [[spoiler:to remind Shin'ichi of Pascal's law]].
** Bandit is also common, due to their markings around their eyes looking like a mask.
** Beyond that, they seem to be more prone to {{Alliterative Name}}s than almost any other species.
* '''Horses:''' Dobbin
** Silver, particularly when paired with the expression [[Radio/TheLoneRanger "Hi-ho!"]]
** Patches for a paint
** [[PunnyName Horace]]
** Spirit
* '''Foxes:''' Reynard (also from ''Literature/ReynardTheFox''), Todd, Tod.
** In Denmark, vixens are often called Rita, which is a ShoutOut to a popular Danish book series for little kids. Since people tend to assume that animals are male until the opposite has been proved, they generally call foxes "Mikkel", though (Danish equivalent of the Swedish "Mickel" and English "Michael").
** In Sweden, fictional male foxes are almost always named Mickel.
* '''Skunks:''' [[SmellySkunk Stinky]].
** Pepe, after ''WesternAnimation/PepeLePew'' in ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes''
** For a little irony, FloralThemeNaming is very popular with the females (and sometimes, males, Flower in ''Disney/{{Bambi}}'' being the UrExample).
* '''Hamsters:''' Hampton, Hammy, and other variations on "ham."
* '''Flying Squirrels:''' Momo, derived from "Momonga".
** Also Rocky.
* '''Apes and Monkeys:''' Bobo, Coco, Koko (after the gorilla who adopted kittens)
** '''Gorillas''' will [[Franchise/DonkeyKong have the last name, Kong, or a last name with the word]] ''Kong'' in it, based on ''Film/KingKong''
** In Hungary: Maki (despite that it also means "lemur")
** In Japan: Saru, the Japanese word for "monkey."
* '''Elephants:''' Jumbo (after the 19th century circus elephant), Dumbo (after the Disney movie ''Disney/{{Dumbo}}''), Pachy, Hannibal (after Carthagian general Hannibal Barco who crossed the Alps with elephants) If female, [[PunnyName Ella or Ellie]]. If male, Elliot.
* '''Kangaroos:''' Joey, Wally, Skippy (from the Australian TV series ''Series/SkippyTheBushKangaroo'' of the same name).
* '''Mice:''' Squeak, Cheese (and all its variations like Mozzarella and Gorgonzola), [[WesternAnimation/TomAndJerry Jerry]], [[WesternAnimation/MickeyMouse Mickey]]
* '''Dolphins:''' Flipper, after ''Series/{{Flipper}}''.
** '''Orcas''': Willy, thanks to ''Film/FreeWilly''.
* '''Deer:''' Bambi, after ''Disney/{{Bambi}}''.
* '''Otters:''' Tarka (after the famous novel ''Tarka The Otter'')
* '''Walruses''': Wally, Walter, names starting with "Wal-" in general.
** [[TheWalrusWasPaul Paul]], for those trying to be clever.
* '''Hippos''': Hyacinth, Hallie, Henrietta, and any other name starting with an "h."
* '''Moles''': Moe.
* '''Squirrels''': Chip (especially if it's a chipmunk), [[WesternAnimation/ChipAndDale Dale]], Nutty.
* '''Hedgehogs''': Spiny, [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Sonic]].
* '''Sheep''': Lammy, Dolly (like the one that was famously cloned), Mary (as in "Mary had a little lamb"...).

[[folder:Other Animals]]
* '''Goldfish:''' Goldie.
* '''Parrots:''' Polly and its variations (Paulie, etc.)
** In France, Coco.
** Pete.
** Einstein for African Grey parrots in particular.
** In Hungary: Pityuka, Gyurika
** In Denmark: Poppedreng.
* '''Turtles:''' [[PunnyName Sheldon, Shelby, or Shelly]], [[IronicNickname Speedy]].
** In France: Caroline
* '''Non-Parrot Birds: ''' Pete or Petey. [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes Tweety]].
** In Denmark: Piphans (especially canaries and similar birds, though it can also be applied to parrots).
* '''Pythons:''' Frequently called [[Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus Monty]] by people trying to be funny. That is, "frequently" as far as anything related to keeping snakes can be called frequent.
* '''Ducks:''' Ducky, Quacker, Quacky, [[WesternAnimation/DonaldDuck Donald]], [[WesternAnimation/DaffyDuck Daffy]]
* '''Sharks:''' Jaws, after ''Film/{{Jaws}}''. Bruce too, as that was said shark's nickname.
* '''Roosters:''' Chanticleer, Canteclaer (after the rooster from the ''Literature/ReynardTheFox'' stories)
* '''Bees:''' Buzzbee, Beatrice, or any other punny name playing on "bee"
* '''Crows:''' In Japan, crows are commonly called Kankuro.
* '''Buzzards''': [[ALizardNamedLiz Buzz]], like in [[WesternAnimation/WoodyWoodpecker Buzz Buzzard]]
* '''Lizards''': [[ALizardNamedLiz Liz]], Lizzie or Liza. Jade if the lizard is green.
** '''Chameleons''': [[ALizardNamedLiz Leon]], like [[VideoGame/StarFox Leon Powalski]] and [[VideoGame/ViewtifulJoe Cameo Leon]]
* '''Octopuses (Octopii?)''': Octavio, or its diminutive: Otto. Octavia for females.
** In Japan, a PunnyName including either "tako" (octopus) or "hachi" (eight)

* Whiskers for anything with whiskers.
* Blackie for anything black.
* Tripod for any quadruped missing one of its legs.
* Stripes for anything with stripes.
* "Lucky" for an animal missing either a leg or an eye.
* Snowball for anything white.
* Fluffy for anything with fur.