->''"I did children's theatre for three years, 1977-1979. We played at a school where three kids were killed in race riots that week. We entered the school under police escort. People threw bottles and debris at us on stage, but we continued our show about racism."''
-->--'''Stephen Tobolowsky'''

->''"I would not have so many scripts being driven by demographics. The play's the thing - not the 18-35 year old male age group."''
-->--'''Stephen Tobolowsky'''

'''Stephen Harold Tobolowsky''' is an incredibly prolific character actor. He is perhaps the patron saint of HeyItsThatGuy, having appeared in over 200 movies and TV episodes. He's perhaps best known for playing Ned Ryerson in ''Film/GroundhogDay'', and has been seen rather recently in ''Series/{{Glee}}'' as [[ActorAllusion Sandy Ryerson]]. He also appeared in ''Film/{{Memento}}'' as Sammy Jankis. He can currently be seen as a regular on ''Series/TheMindyProject''.

Stephen Tobolowsky is also a gifted storyteller, and has a storytelling {{Podcast}} called ''[[http://www.slashfilm.com/category/features/slashfilmcast/the-tobolowsky-files/ The Tobolowsky Files]]'' where he regales us with tales of life, love and the entertainment industry. These podcasts detail his emotional journeys through every aspect of Hollywood, while also recounting his personal relationships with friends, girlfriends, family and faith. They are often hilarious, heartwarming and tearjerking. You have been warned.
* ActorAllusion: [[Series/{{Glee}} Sandy Ryerson's]] last name is also that of Ned from ''Film/GroundhogDay''. This was intentional.
* {{Badass}}
** TookALevelInBadass: Remaining outwardly calm with a gun to his head in a grocery store and keeping the crazed gunman talking long enough for a SWAT team to swoop in for the rescue.
* BaldOfAwesome
* ButtMonkey: Poor guy has had some pretty rotten stuff happen to him. Some of the more unusual and prominent situations he's been pulled into include being held hostage at gunpoint, being almost murdered twice, and breaking his neck in five places in Iceland.
* DeadpanSnarker: When asked about the fact that he was almost murdered twice, he simply responded, "That's unusual."
* HeyItsThatGuy
* JewishAndNerdy
* MeanCharacterNiceActor
* PunchSpinGape: In the DVD commentary for ''Film/GroundhogDay'', the director claims that all he had planned for the scene in which Creator/BillMurray (playing Phil Conners) punches Tobolowski (playing Ned Ryerson) was just a simple faked punch. Toblowski, who admits he can be a LargeHam sometimes, turned it into a full-on spin-and-stare-directly-into-the-camera-then-fall maneuver in reaction to the punch. And did so on every single take they tried. Eventually, the director just [[ThrowItIn threw it in]].