A display element showing the current disposition of the player. Invented in its most recognizable form by Creator/{{Infocom}}'s InteractiveFiction.

Typically, the StatusLine displays whichever are relevant of the player's score, state of health, ammunition, location, orientation and time remaining to complete the current task.

The display is almost always above (or at the top of) the MainWindow (though early {{FPS}}es are an exception). Sometimes it appears at the bottom of the main window. Some games even have it to side.[[note]]A few older games from the 1970s and 80s even have it as part of arcade cabinet itself, such as Monaco GP or Turbo; both by Creator/{{Sega}}, although VideoGame/SpyHunter has the status line for the weapons (and weapons van) under the monitor.[[/note]]. Many games even have two status lines, usually at the top and bottom, or at both sides. The status line(s) may even be part of the main window itself.

"The Status Line" was also the name of Infocom's newsletter, after a certain publication took issue with its original name, "The New VideoGame/{{Zork}} Times".