A MixAndMatch of SpyDrama and OddCouple. Often is lighter in tone than the usual SpyDrama.
* BlackWidow and BuckyBarnes. Evident when Bucky took over as CaptainAmerica, but moreso in the ongoing ''Winter Soldier'' series.
* Michael and Nikita from ''Series/{{Nikita}}.''
* Chuck Bartowski and Sarah Walker from the television show ''{{Chuck}}.''
* ''ISpy''
* ''TheManFromUNCLE''
* ''Series/TheAvengers''
* [[spoiler: Spinelli's parents]] from ''WesternAnimation/{{Recess}}''
* ''Series/GetSmart'' is a parody of this genre (among other things).
* ''Series/ScarecrowAndMrsKing'' featured a particularly OddCouple, in which one was an experienced agent (Scarecrow, played by Bruce Boxleitner) and the other was Amanda King (played by Kate Jackson), a normal housewife complete with divorce, two kids, and live-in mother, who got involved in Scarecrow's spy hijinks in [[MeetCute an amusingly contrived setup]].
* Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable in ''KimPossible''.
* Adam and Fiona from ''{{Spooks}}'' actually were a SpyCouple, albeit in a darker toned drama. Until Fiona got killed by an annoyed Syrian. Adam [[spoiler: got blown up by an exploding car in the season seven opener]]
* [[HoYay Snake and Otacon]] from ''Franchise/MetalGear''.
* {{Mr and Mrs Smith}} a married couple that are both assassins, unknown to each other until they try to kill each other.
* [[YaoiGuys Otacon and Adamska]] in the later parts of FanFic/{{Stray}}.
* Carmen and Juni Cortez in ''SpyKids''. Also their parents, grandparents and the Giggles siblings.
* Michael Westen and Fiona Glennane in ''BurnNotice'' move in, out, and between this trope like it's nobody's business.
* {{Fillmore}} and Third, although they aren't particularly odd.
* Sasha Nein and Milla Vodello from VideoGame/{{Psychonauts}}. Is there any question why?
* Jane and Jeff Blue from ''Film/UndercoverBlues'', complete with their toddler daughter.
* TheContinentals: A steampunk murder, mystery, adventure webcomic set in post Jack the Ripper England where Continental Operative Jeffrey Tiffen Smythe and his gender bending partner the adventuress Lady Fiona Fiziwigg investigating a series of brutal "mangling" murders uncovers a tangled web of intrigue, adventure--And murder!!! Find it [[http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/The_Continentals here]].
* ''Series/{{Alias}}'' has alpha couple Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn, who are a heroic version. BetaCouple [[TheChessmaster Jack Bristow]] and [[HeelFaceRevolvingDoor Irina Derevko]] (Sydney's parents) are a different version - playing it straight at points in Season 2, and subverting it whenever Irina decided she was working for other people.
* Mary Pat Foley and Ed Foley in ''Cardinal Of The Kremlin.''
* The entire premise of ''Series/{{Undercovers}}''.
* Joan and Arthur Campbell in ''Series/{{Covert Affairs}}'', who are the BetaCouple to WillTheyOrWontThey couple Annie and Auggie.
** As of season three, Auggie and Annie have firmly hit this trope.
* Finn [=McMissile=] and Holley Shiftwell from ''{{Cars 2}}'' are merely partners, [[spoiler: though Holley in the end falls for Mater, who is made an honorary spy later on.]]
* Jane and Jefferson Blue of ''Film/UndercoverBlues''.
* Literature/TommyAndTuppence Beresford, who appeared in four of Creator/AgathaChristie's novels and one short story collection.
* Boris and Irina from ''[[TheQuestForKarla Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy]]'', though theirs is described as a common-law marriage and the former may or may not be aware of the latter's status.
* Cammie & Zach from ''TheGallagherGirls''
* In ''{{Belgariad}}'' sequel ''Mallorean'', Silk and Velvet become this, although not without Silk being dragged kicking and screaming into the DeconfirmedBachelor trope in the process. Still, they make far too good (and dangerously creative) team together and their fate is sealed (in fact, the Prophecy was adamant about them ending up together and seemed to feel Silk simply didn't know what was good for him without a little nudging).
* In the first two volumes of Literature/BelisariusSeries, both Belisarius and Antonina are engageing in espionage on opposite sides of the world.
* Ivan and Tej in ''Captain Vorpatrils Alliance'' have traces of this.
* ''Series/TheAmericans''


[[folder: Truth In Television ]]

* It has been known for the wives of {{CIA}} agents to assist their husbands on ops. In the dehumanizing eyes of [[TheSpymaster authority]], the wife is effectively an agent and the husband is TheHandler. With due allowances made for the mundane RealLife of espionage it can actually resemble this trope, not least if the couple are [[HappilyMarried close]]. However there is a dark side in that the unofficial status of CIA wives can give TheGovernment an excuse for ingratitude.
** This of course refers to situations when only one is officially employed. The record doesn't seem to show many cases where both are officially employed and used in a team though that does not mean it never happens (this is, after all, ''espionage'' we're talking about).
*** See [[http://www.amazon.com/Spies-Wives-Karen-L-Chiao/dp/0887393217 Spies Wives]] for more information:
** Additionally, the agent may be married to someone else who has government business, and they may support each other (if sometimes unwittingly) that way. [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valerie_Plame Valerie Plame]], for instance, is married to Joe Wilson, a career Foreign Service Officer.
* Of the ten Russian spies arrested in the USA in 2010, eight were married spy couples.
* Hu Simeng and Horst Gasde were a married couple in Berlin who acted as triple agents and played every agency in the area for fools.
* The authors of [[http://www.amazon.com/Company-Keep-Husband---Wife-ebook/dp/B004J4WMK4/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1317852583&sr=8-4 this ebook.]]
* Kenneth Benton Lisbon Chief of Station for MI6 and his wife Peggy helped in the managing of the famous "double-cross" network.