Space Voyage, also known as Space Voyage: a Paint Adventure is an illustrated suggestion game created by Bay12 Forums user Robocorn. It follows the exploits of TQ-01, An AcePilot, and TQ-02, [[{{TheEngineer}} An extremely skilled engineer]], as well as an extensive cast spanning multiple light years.

You can find the game [[ Here]]

!! This game provides examples of:
* AbnormalAmmo: [[ Muffins]]
* AlienCatnip: Yoghurt.
* AmbiguousGender: TQ-01 has equal Femenine and Masculine levels.
* AndIMustScream: TQ-666 traps himself in a mountain of tears after [[spoiler: Seeing the horror of the [[{{DreamLand}} Surrealm]] he created]]
* AIIsACrapshoot: Each and every single droid we have seen so far.
* BonusMaterial: [[ "Yogurt for the Yogurt God!"]]
* DreamLand: The Surrealm
* EnsembleDarkHorse: TQ-666
* {{Haiku/Haiku}}: TQ-666 speaks like this exclusively. Eventually [[spoiler: the voltrons start talking like this too]].
* HighOctaneNightmareFuel: [[spoiler:[[ Just look at what happens to]] [[ TQ-42]]]]
* PowerArmor: TQ-02 has a knack for building those, [[NoPlansNoPrototypeNoBackup even though he never knows exactly how he does it]]. [[spoiler:Eventually he makes Leeanne into one]]
* PsychicPowers: Alpha Rauthaz commands telekineses, and boy does she use it.
* TheStarscream: Gamma Magneta takes power after Alpha Rauthaz accidentally kills her patsy.
* VillainProtagonist: Alpha Rauthaz
* TheWoobie: TQ-666

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