In science fiction, when a space-faring race has no planet/asteroid etc to call home, and lives solely in space craft, they may be space nomads. Note that to be a true example of this trope the people in question have to actually move around once in a while (ie: be nomadic). If they're just living on a space station that is, well, stationary, then it's not a true example of this trope. The craft where these people live may form part of a {{Space Navy}} or {{Standard SciFi Fleet}}, and/or may be huge {{Planet Spaceship}}s which may in turn cause moments of {{Thats No Moon}} for characters in the story.

In real life, there are whole groups of "Sea Gypsies" such as the Bajau people, and so this trope can fit well if {{Space is an Ocean}}. The Space Nomads may be all that's left of the {{Precursors}}, in which case it's likely they suffered some sort of {{Gotterdammerung}} but obviously weren't fully wiped out. Space Nomads commonly appear in {{Space Opera}}s. The Space Nomads may be running away from something, trying to reach their homeland or even a new home, - so they need not intend to be nomadic forever, but they are still a whole group of people on a very long journey.


* The Bentusi and the Vagyr from the ''VideoGame/{{Homeworld}}'' series, as well as the Hiigarans (the protagonists) during the first game. In Homeworld 2 the Hiigarans had [[spoiler: settled down on Hiigara and reclaimed their empire]] and so no longer count as a race of Space Nomads.
* The remnants of the humans from the 12 colonies in ''[[BattleStarGalacticaReimagined the reimagined Battlestar Galactica TV series]]''.
* The Voth and the Varro from ''Franchise/{{Star Trek}}''. The USS Voyager doesn't count though, since the crew isn't a race, and the rest of the Federation are based on planets back home in the Alpha Quadrant.
* The Vasari from ''VideoGame/{{Sins of a Solar Empire}}'' who only briefly take over planets to strip them of resources before leaving again. If you play as the Vasari Loyalists this is even reflected in the game mechanics where you can move all your planet based facilities such as resource gathering, research and ship-building onto your capital ships and become a fully mobile force.
* Craftworld Eldar from ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' became this after the core worlds of their empire were destroyed by a huge cataclysm (the hedonism of the Eldar gave birth to a new Chaos God called Slaanesh who likes to eat Eldar souls), but not the Dark Eldar who live in a city called Commoragh in a the hyperspace of the webway, or the Eldar Exodites who have re-colonised new planets.
** The Demiurg also, who are [[{{Expy}} expies]] of the Bentusi.
* The Quarians from ''Franchise/MassEffect'' are a perfect example of this trope. They're even based on the real-life UsefulNotes/{{Romani}} people (gypsies), who were historically a nomadic folk that migrated from India to Europe.
* Some humans become this in ''WesternAnimation/TitanAE'' after Earth is destroyed.
* To a lesser extent, the Reavers from ''Series/{{Firefly}}''.
* The aliens from ''Film/IndependenceDay'' are like sentient space locusts.