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->'''Hunter:''' You have been found. You are dead. Just like your whore mother!\\
'''Dante:''' Whore mother? I don't know my mother, but if you're calling me a son of a bitch, you wouldn't be the first!
-->-- ''Videogame/DmCDevilMayCry''

A character whose mother is a sex worker -- if they're lucky, a HookerWithAHeartOfGold. The father was likely one of her many customers. Sometimes the character was merely raised in a brothel, without either of his/her parents working there, or being born of a SexSlave. Expect either {{Wangst}} or angst over their origin. More common amongst {{Anti Hero}}es than others.

[[BerserkButton Don't remind him]] of his origin too much, because in some languages this trope name [[YourMom is the worst insult possible]]. Some could take it more calmly, however, and give the insulter a good retort; others would just smash his face in, since EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas. This is also commonly used as a FreudianExcuse to explain why a character might be rather messed up; in some works of fiction, characters whose mothers were sex workers have a high rate of becoming {{Serial Killer}}s (although there's usually some other form of abuse involved as well).

For some reason, this character is almost AlwaysMale. If the character is a ''Daughter'' of a Whore, there's the additional baggage that she may be expected to follow in her mother's footsteps, which either [[TurnOutLikeHisFather the mother]] or [[FollowInMyFootsteps the daughter]] (or both) may be determined to avoid.

See also SingleMomStripper. This character may be a HeroicBastard, a BastardBastard, or anywhere in between; at the very least, he'll have DisappearedDad and LoserSonOfLoserDad issues to work through.

Suffice to say prostitutes and sex workers ''do'' get pregnant and do have offspring, all around the world. Any specific RealLife examples would thus be redundant.



[[folder: Anime and Manga ]]
* Alibaba from ''Manga/MagiLabyrinthOfMagic'' is revealed to be this, while his father is actually the king of Baldhad, making him a crown prince. His mother Anise didn't start as a sex worker and instead was a servant who had an affair with the King, and once this was discovered she was thrown out and forced to do this to care for herself and her son. Later, [[spoiler:Princess Kougyouku]]'s mother is also revealed to be a harlot too, which prompts her to ask Alibaba to be her friend.
* In ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'', [[spoiler: Roy Mustang's (foster)]] mother was revealed to be one Madame Christmas, proprietor of a brothel/pub. It's stated in one of the guidebooks that [[spoiler:she's really his aunt, his biological parents died when he was young]].
* Prince Seiliez from ''Manga/VampireGame''. This made him TheUnfavorite of his family's three adopted kids. [[spoiler:Thing is, though, this also makes him the only legitimate heir to the throne of his country - while his mother was a whore, his ''father'' was the king.]]
* ''Manga/SevenSeeds'' has Semimaru, whose mother was a night-worker and she didn't tell him who his father was, though he obviously wanted to know. Because he was the son of a prostitute, Semimaru was often bullied by other children that were egged on by their families.
* ''Manga/RurouniKenshin'':
** While one bad guy tries to play on Yahiko's supposed shame over his origin, he [[ShutUpHannibal defends his mother]] and doesn't seem ashamed at all. Quite the contrary, as Yahiko takes pride in that his mother did whatever she had to in order to raise him until it killed her (syphilis eventually did). This also works as an EstablishingCharacterMoment.
** Seta Soujiro exemplifies this trope straight, as his mother was TheMistress of a rich man. When his parents died, he was taken in by his evil paternal family (the old man's widow as well as his younger uncles and stepsiblings) and from there it went FromBadToWorse. [[spoiler: So much that he snapped and killed them all.]]
** In the sequel ''Ashitaro Zenka Ari'', Ashitaro's half-breed OnlyFriend Alan Inoue is ''very'' strongly implied to be the son of one of the prostitutes that "service" foreigners (especially Americans) in Japanese harbors. He not only has a MultiEthnicName, but has natural blond hair that he dyes black to avert being abused ''and'' he dreams of leaving Japan and go to America at the beginning. When the BigBad of ''Ashitaro Zenka Ari'' properly sees his blond hair, he lampshades the trope in a '''very''' cruel BreakingSpeech he deals to the [[BrokenTears tearful]] young man; Ashitaro defends Alan and tells the BigBad [[ShutUpHannibal to shut the fuck up and stop judging people for their origins]].
* Kai of ''Manga/PianoNoMori'' is the son of Reiko, who's explicitly shown to be a prostitute in the manga, and lives with her in the red light district at the start of the series. The anime movie, geared toward a more general audience, downplays this aspect.
* Mako "Nakama" Nakarai from ''Manga/{{Bokurano}}''. Her mother Miko is an ex-prostitute, now bar hostess (which in Japan is often considered as "dishonorable" as prostitution); Mako's been bullied all of her life because of this, but she nevertheless loves [[HookerWithAHeartOfGold Miko]] since otherwise [[GoodParents she's a genuinely good mom.]] [[spoiler: At some point, Mako tries to get into CompensatedDating to get the money she needs for a small goal she has, but is steered away from it since the guy she tries to get as her SugarDaddy is a friend of her mother]].
* Ryuuji Takasu from ''LightNovel/ToraDora'' is the illegitimate son of a beautiful bar hostess and a Yakuza. And he was born when his mom was, as much, [[TeenPregnancy 16-17 years old.]]
* Satellizer L. Bridgette, the lead female from from ''Manga/{{Freezing}}'', as the daughter of a nobleman and said nobleman's mistress.
* This is [[spoiler: Laertes Montague]]'s FreudianExcuse in ''Anime/{{Romeo x Juliet}}''. [[spoiler: His father was supposedly a Capulet noble whom could have taken his son and his prostitute mother out of poverty but didn't, causing the death of the latter as well as making the first an ''incedibly'' broken and bitter StreetUrchin. This provides a convinient FreudianExcuse for Montague's [[FromNobodyToNightmare murderous rise to power]], in which he [[SelfMadeMan works his way to the top of the rival clan]] and then massacres ''everyone'' in the Capulet group -- save for a two-year-old Juliet who barely manages to escape thanks to the family retainers.]]
* In Osamu Tezuka's ''Manga/ApollosSong'', Shogo's mother is a bar hostess who often sleeps with her customers, leading to [[PrimalScene many jarring moments]] in his childhood.
* According to ''Manga/SoulEater'' chapter 78, [[spoiler:Liz and Patti Thompson]] are an example of both this and ParentalAbandonment.
-->'''[[spoiler:Liz]]''': I hate the mother who abandoned [[spoiler:Patti]] and me... But I guess since she was the most beautiful whore in town... I should thank her for bearing two pretty girls...
* [[spoiler: Soichirou Ashida]] from Manga/SteppingOnRoses. [[spoiler: His mother was the concubine of a rich man, and that's why his family loathes so much.]]
* Manga/AttackOnTitan:
** [[spoiler: Historia Reiss]] was born to a domestic worker that became her master's mistress. The mother's resentment over the child's birth led to a neglectful and abusive relationship. Eventually, the mother was murdered to clean up loose ends.
** Likewise, [[spoiler:Levi's]] mother is implied to have been a sex worker whose brother Kenny sought her out because the rest of their family had been killed or forced into hiding, and once he found them he took the child she had with a client under his wing.
* In ''Literature/{{Gate}}'', Princess Piña Co Lada is the daughter of the Emperor and a concubine. She is acknowledged and holds a position as leader of the Rose-Order of Knights, but it is clear that her father doesn't really care about her that much.
* It's almost easier to list the characters in ''{{Manga/Gangsta}}'' who ''aren't'' this trope, as [[WretchedHive Ergastulum]] is home to many prostitutes, many of whom are [[FantasticRacism Twilights]] forced into the business because no one else will accept them, who in turn have Twilight children. Main characters Nicholas and Worrick actually bonded over their shared background, and the [[LittleMissBadass young head]] of the Cristiano family, Loretta, tells Alex (herself a former prostitute) that her mother was a prostitute who caught her father's eye and retired from the business prior to having so casually that it's apparently not a source of shame in that world.
* In ''{{LightNovel/Bakemonogatari}}'', while she doesn't appear to have been an ''actual'' prostitute, the fact that Tsubasa Hanekawa's birth mother had a reputation for promiscuity and gave birth to her [[TeenPregnancy when she was only 17]] means that Tsubasa gets the stigma attached to this trope and has no idea who her biological father is. The verbal abuse she gets from her step-parents (when they aren't outright [[ParentalNeglect ignoring her]]) is implied to be based around this.[[/folder]]

[[folder: Comic Books ]]
* ''ComicBook/{{Watchmen}}'':
** Rorschach developed a number of sexual hangups thanks to growing up around his mother's work. Well, that and [[AbusiveParents being beaten and verbally abused by his mother]], and bullied by other kids for his upbringing.
** About the only known instance of Rorschach showing mercy was when he refused to take revenge on his landlady for lying about him to the TV reporters. When he called her a whore she begged him not to say ''that'' in front of her children: "they... they don't know". He let the matter drop, after a short silence in which he may well have been thinking that at least she was a better mother than his.
** Laurie in ''ComicBook/BeforeWatchmen'' receives a watered-down version of this trope -- Sally's former career as a pinup/B-movie star/Tijuana Bible favorite is more intensely stigmatized and repellent to her teenage daughter, as well as more known, than if she had a SingleMomStripper. Her hangups about her mother [[ForegoneConclusion never really go away]], but the trauma of the sexual element is temporary.
* ''ComicBook/{{Blade}}'', at least the comic version. Spending a chunk of his childhood in a whore house didn't have any lasting affects on his psyche surprisingly. He has issues, but more from having his mom, father figure, childhood friends and girlfriend all murdered by vampires as he grew up. ''Comicbook/TheTombOfDracula'' actually has him console another character on her sexual insecurities.
* In the adults-only comic ''ComicBook/BettyByTheHour'', Betty's son Pepito qualifies.
* [[AntiHero John Difool]], the main character in ''ComicBook/TheIncal'' series by Creator/{{Moebius}} was born in the red light section of a [[CrapsackWorld soulless]] [[SingleBiomePlanet world-encompassing city]] in a [[{{Dystopia}} dystopian future]].
* Tommy Monaghan from ''ComicBook/{{Hitman}}'' was the son of a town whore back in Ireland. All her children were the offspring of one of her various clients all around town, who all treated her like dirt, but she took some small measure of revenge by giving them a name based on their father. This had disastrous consequences when she became pregnant with Tommy, who's father was a violent psychopath who decided to brutally murder her and her entire family for "sullying his good name", and followed her all the way to the U.S just to do that. She lived long enough to give birth to Tommy, then died of her injuries at a convent. As an adult, Tommy returns to Ireland and kills his monster of a father to avenge his mother and siblings.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In the ''{{Discworld}}'' works of Creator/AAPessimal, Rebecka Smith-Rhodes is a [[CatholicSchoolGirlsRule pupil]] at the Convent School of the Spiteful Sisterhood of Seven-Handed Sek. she reflects that her friends come from all families in all walks of life, and that she wouldn't be seeing the same mix of social backgrounds had she gone to the Assassins' School. She considers her friend Joyce, who is a perfectly normal, sensible, level-headed girl with no hang-ups or issues, and refelcts that while Joyce is from a single-parent family, her mother runs a clean happy home, Joyce and her sisters are well fed, well clothed, have more than one pair of shoes each, and are happy and loved. And that their mother works a very specialised night shift two or three times a week as a Seamstress. Bekki considers the morality of this and asks if it might be more ethical and moral somehow, than her own mother's profession of Assassin. After all, Bekki mused, clients of Joyce's mother get to walk away afterwards, feeling happier and healthier and refreshed...

* Subverted in ''Film/KingArthurLegendOfTheSword''. Arthur is told that he is the bastard son of a prostitute who died in childbirth. In reality, he is the lost son of the murdered King and Queen, and the rightful heir to the throne of England.
* Audrey (actually named Doris) in ''Film/AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore'' is by her own account the daughter of one.
* Brian in ''Film/MontyPythonsLifeOfBrian''. He also gets the bonus points. His father is a Roman he never knew.
* Heavily implied to be the case with Bill in ''Film/KillBill''. The only person who knows his whereabouts just happens to be [[ParentalSubstitute a pimp]] who apparently raises the sons of his prostitutes to become his enforcers. Totally explains the big age and appearance difference between Bill and his brother Budd as well as his penchant for getting women to do his dirty work for him. Snake Charmer indeed.
* Sonoko in ''Film/DoctorAkagi''.
* This is why Scott in ''Film/DayOfAnger'' is [[AllOfTheOtherReindeer mistreated]] by the whole town he lives in.
* Creator/MelGibson's character in ''Film/WhatWomenWant'' was the son of a Las Vegas ShowGirl of the Ostrich Feather variety, but still about the same story.
* Cheyenne in ''Film/OnceUponATimeInTheWest''.
* The title character of the 1961 Biblical epic ''Film/{{Barabbas}}''.
* Cosmo (Luis Guzmán) in ''WelcomeToCollinwood'' uses this insult as blistering abuse (he is Latino, after all), but after his death another character casually remarks that Cosmo's mother was of that profession.
* Someone tosses this in the face of Teri Hatcher's character in ''Heavens Prisoners'' (1996). She calmly replies that her mother was a good businesswoman.
* In ''Film/ThreeTenToYuma2007'', one of the robbers states Ben Wade to be the offspring of a hooker and makes the idiotic mistake of insulting dear old mom in front of him. Wade kills him and notes that [[EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas he loves her anyway]].
* The title character of Creator/RichardPryor's ''Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling'' is the son of a presumably married prostitute working in a whorehouse with her sisters. This is based on Pryor's own life, as his mother worked in the brothel that his grandmother operated.
* ''{{Film/Byzantium}}'': Eleanor, whose mother was a {{sex slave}}.
* Violet, the character played by Brooke Shields in ''Film/PrettyBaby''.
* ''{{Film/Sweetwater}}'': Sarah's former madam is revealed as also being her mother at the end of their conversation.
* The Austrian movie ''Hurensohn'' is about a teenage boy who discovers that his Yugoslavian mother is actually a sex worker.
* ''Or (My Treasure)'', an Israeli film about the title character and her mother, a prostitute. She later goes into the profession herself when her mother is growing too old for it and has been raped by a client. Her mother is implied to be very upset by this unsurprisingly, but says nothing.
* ''{{Film/Watchmen}}'': Just as in the comic book, Rorschach's mother was an abusive prostitute.

* David Wingrove's ''Literature/ChungKuo'' has Stefan Lehmann, the son of a woman who has been a concubine to many different men
* ''[[EmbarrassingFirstName Whoreson]]'', [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin obviously]].
* Apropos of everything, ''Literature/SirAproposOfNothing''.
* Phèdre from ''Literature/KushielsLegacy'' describes herself as a "whore's unwanted get." Less of a stigma about the "whore" part than is usual with this trope, because prostitution is a sacred calling in Terre d'Ange culture and women don't conceive unless they want to (she was also married to Phèdre's father). If anything, the fact that Phèdre's mother deserted her is really more shameful.
* Cosette from ''Literature/LesMiserables'' is the illegitimate ''daughter'' of Fantine and a man who abandoned her. After her birth her mother became a prostitute and Cosette never explicitly finds out her mother's story.
** Inspector Javert was born in a prison-he says his mother was a UsefulNotes/{{Roma|ni}} FortuneTeller and his father was a galley slave. It's entirely possible his mom was turning tricks. In any case, even if he's not a SonOfAWhore, he's still a Son of Criminals, which is quite a big FreudianExcuse.
* Mary Brown's medieval fantasy novel ''Pigs Don't Fly'' has the rather memorable opening line "My mother was the village whore and I loved her very much." Obviously, the heroine has fewer issues with her mother's profession than most characters of this sort do.
* The protagonist of John Burdett's ''Bangkok'' novels is the son of a Thai prostitute who works her way up to becoming the madam of her own brothel. The protagonist is a cop who also works part-time as an organizer/benevolent pimp in his mother's business.
* The Protagonist in ''Literature/{{Nightfall}}'' is also the son of a whore. When asked for a Patronymic after he's caught, he replied he has none for he's no man's son.
* ''Literature/{{Sharpe}}'': Richard Sharpe fits this trope exactly. In his own words on the miniseries, "I was born in a whorehouse and hope to die in the army." Total badass.
* [[spoiler:No. 72]] of Creator/ChuckPalahniuk's ''Snuff'' [[spoiler:thinks he's the son of porn queen Cassie Wright. Turns out it was her assistant.]]
* In ''Literature/{{Barrayar}}'' Sergeant Bothari reveals that his mother was a whore. Cordelia is unsurprised by this (Betan, you know), but expresses outrage when Bothari reveals that his mother used to sell him to her clients.
* Cal and Niko, from the ''Literature/CalLeandros'' series. Their mother [[PosthumousCharacter Sophia]] was a GoldDigger of the worst sort, abusive, violent and [[TheAlcoholic an alcoholic]] and made no attempt to hide that she thought of Cal as a monster. He usually pretends to not care much, but when, in ''Deathwish'', Cherish accidentally calls him a whoreson, Cal takes it personally, assuming his heritage is obvious even to outsiders.
* Brutus in Conn Iggulden's ''Literature/{{Emperor}}'' series. Though if memory serves, his mother became a prostitute after he was born. Still, she pretty much abandoned him in order to pursuit that career, so that ought to be pretty scarring.
* Daine, in ''Literature/TheImmortals'' series. While her mother isn't a ''whore'', it is implied throughout the series that she was rather loose, sexually. (Daine says at one point, "Ma had a lot of men friends" or something similar.) Daine's real sore point, however, is in her last name: Sarrasri - meaning "Sara's daughter" in Daine's home country; it's a statement that Daine's mother never married, and Daine doesn't find out who her father is until halfway through the last book. There are several quiet hints scattered throughout the earlier books, though, that Daine's father is [[spoiler: at least a minor god. Not just anyone can get a badger god to watch over their kid, after all.]] It turns out that Daine's father is [[spoiler:a god of the hunt from her home region - which rather neatly explains just ''why'' she's so filled with Wild Magic that animals see her as one of their own.]]
* Fergus from ''Literature/{{Outlander}}'' is one of these-- raised in a brothel, unsure of which of the girls there was his mother. It's strongly implied (and shown, once) that male customers also took advantage of him, simply because he was there.
* Otto Stahl, the AntiHero protagonist of the [=WW2=] action-comedy novels by Leo Kessler.
* One of the secondary protagonists from Creator/AnneMcCaffrey and Creator/SMStirling's ''Literature/TheCityWhoFought'' describes himself as "the son of a pimp and dockside whore."
* [[Literature/TheRiftwarCycle Riftwar's]] Jimmy The Hand. His father was [[spoiler: the Upright Man]], which Jimmy wasn't supposed to ever know, but eventually found out or figured out on his own.
* In one of the ''Literature/CircleOfMagic'' books, there is a serial killer killing performers and dumping them in highly-respected places, which really causes problems because of that city's superstitions about death. It turns out the killer was the son of a whore and a noble.
** The little we hear about Briar's mother implies that she may have been a prostitute. In ''Street Magic'', he remarks that if she'd had magic (i.e., a way to earn a living), "she wouldn't have been out late the night she got killed."
* Shakur of ''Literature/TheSovereignStone'' trilogy is this; with the addition of his mother ''allowing her clients to pay for his services when he was a young boy''. Perhaps one of the only examples of actually pitying a bad character for a horrific background.
* Felix and Mildmay of ''Literature/DoctrineOfLabyrinths'', though technically she didn't become a prostitute until after Felix's birth. But she ''was'' a bit... free with her affections even then. Neither knows who their either of their fathers is, it never becomes a plot point despite Felix's remarkably strong magical abilities, and neither particularly cares.
* Newt from ''Literature/LonesomeDove'' was the son of the town's 'sporting woman', Maggie.
* Bones from the ''Literature/NightHuntress'' books was the son of a prostitute, and was raised by the madam of the bordello. He grew up to adopt the profession himself, since he had no family connections for a respectable career and he turned out to be rather good at bedsport.
--> "You bastard!"
--> "Since the day I was born."
* Scarpa from ''Literature/TheTamuli'' is stated to be the child of an Arjuni whore and a Styric renegade [[spoiler:who happens to be Zalasta, the guy running the mortal side of the bad guys.]]
* John the Savage in ''Literature/BraveNewWorld'' was an outcast among his peers because he was born to a stranded outsider woman who offended the locals with her [[FreeLoveFuture open sexual mores]]. In this case, however, he was conceived before he wound up there and knows who his father is.
* Drefan Rahl in the ''Literature/SwordOfTruth'' series.
* The protagonist of the Chinese classic ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duke_of_Mount_Deer Duke of Mount Deer]]'' (adapted countless times into movies and serials), Wei Xiaobao, rises through a series of misadventures from the mere son of a whore (one adaptation even shows an altar to ''seven men'' suspected of being his father) to the chief confidante and best friend to the Emperor himself.
* Molly Bolt, the protagonist of Rita Mae Brown's ''Literature/RubyfruitJungle'', finds out from her adopted mother that she's the daughter of local whore during an argument:
-->"You ain't so fine as you think you are, and you ain't mine neither. And I don't want you now that I know what you're about. Wanna know who you are, smartypants? You're Ruby Drollinger's bastard, that's who you are. Now let's see you put your nose in the air.
-->"Who's Ruby Drollinger?"
-->"Your real mother, that's who and she was a slut, you hear me, Miss Molly? A common, dirty slut who'd lay with a dog if it shook its ass right."
* In ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'', there's a minor character named Satin who was raised in a brothel in Oldtown. It's heavily implied that he worked there, too. Robert is also stated to have scored illegitimate children with prostitutes.
** The series also has a female example in the form of Obara Sand, whose mother was also an Oldtown whore. But as she is one of the Dornish prince's brother's acknowledged bastards (and lives pretty well in the Dornish palace), she doesn't seem too bothered by it.
** The prequel novella ''[[Literature/TalesOfDunkAndEgg The Mystery Knight]]'' features Ser Glendon Ball, the son of a camp follower who slept with famed war hero Quentyn Ball the night before his death. Glendon's mother brought him up to believe he's Quentyn's son, but the chivalry of Westeros point out to him repeatedly that his mother very probably slept with a dozen other men as well.
* [[Literature/BelisariusSeries Belisarius' stepson]] Photius started his life as this, and when he was [[AChildShallLeadThem formally adopted by]] Empress Theodora this aspect of his status did not in fact change.
* ''Literature/InDeath''
** Series star Eve Dallas is the DaughterOfAWhore, and really lost the parent lottery all around. Her mother was an awful person who hated her, and her father planned to sell her. Her name is a LineOfSightName from the [=DCFS=]-equivalent that found her, because her progenitors (hard to call ''them'' parents) never ''gave'' her one.
** John Blue from ''Visions In Death''. His mother was a hooker who abused him, and when he got older and refused to give him anything in her will, he responded by raping and murdering her, and then raping and murdering women who resembled his mother.
* [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Talos, Hunter of the One Soul]] [[Literature/NightLords and prophet of the VIII legion]] is in his own words, the son of a [[TurnOutLikeHisFather hereditary]] [[InTheBlood murderer]] and an [[SexSlave indentured]] [[TeenPregnancy teenage]] [[HookerWithAHeartOfGold prostitute]]. He averts most of the baggage associated with the trope, and generally shows little emotion at in [[IncrediblyLamePun relation]] to his paternity. However, a dream flashback shows he genuinely cared for his mother, [[UsedToBeASweetKid at least as a child]].
* In ''Iron Dawn'', the villain is the son of a small-town prostitute and the heir to the throne of Egypt. Unusual in that it's the ''latter'' connection that led to his being spoiled rotten, as prostitution wasn't as demonized in ancient Egypt as today; his half-brother and chief henchman plays it straight, having been forced to work in the brothel from an early age.
* In ''Literature/{{Gone}}'' there's Sanjit, although in the one mention we've got of his mother he doesn't really seem to mind it.
** Hinted at with Drake. Diana asks, "What is it with you and [[StrawMisogynist hating women,]] by the way? Found out your mother was a whore?" Drake then gets so enraged that he whips Diana to the point of fainting.
* A huge theme in ''Literature/EastOfEden'' is that [[spoiler:Aron and Cal]] are this trope. [[spoiler:They've been told that their mother is dead. Cal finds out the truth, but he keeps the knowledge hidden from Aron, since he know his brother wouldn't be able to take the news. In a moment of fury, he leads Aron to the brothel to meet their mother, effectively breaking him]].
* The unnamed son of Belle Watling [[spoiler:and Rhett Butler]] in ''Rhett Butler's People''.
* Sunny [=McCreary=] in ''My Godawful Life'', a parody of MiseryLit. His mother was a quadriplegic so he was forced to move her limbs for her to give the punter the impression that she was enjoying it.
* Waln from ''Literature/WolfsHeadWolfsHeart'' is a prostitute's son. The thing he seems to hate most is that his mother named him Walnut (he insists on going by Waln), and has never told him why.
* Amos of ''Literature/TheExpanse'', as he reveals in ''Caliban's War''.
* There are two kinds of prostitute in the world of ''Literature/ABrothersPrice''. There are whores, women who sexually pleasure other women for money, and there are the much less fortunate [[SexSlave crib captives]], men who for whatever reason - usually they [[DefiledForever lost their virginities]] and/or are popularly thought to have sexually transmitted diseases - could not get married and were sold to "cribs" and kept drugged. Women without the [[UnableToSupportAWife resources for a husband]] pay the crib owners for nights with different men, trying to get pregnant. Most women without much in the way of land ownership have crib fathers, making them this trope, and it isn't seen as shameful. Cira mentions that she [[BiTheWay had a lover]] whose mother was a whore and who must have gone to the cribs, making that unnamed woman technically double this trope.
* The title character of Creator/JacquelineWilson's [[Literature/TheStoryofTracyBeaker Tracy Beaker]] series is implied to be this. Although Tracy believes that her mother, Carly, is a Hollywood movie star, it is clear to an adult reader that the latter is actually a pornographic actress. Tracy does eventually learn that Carly is neither famous nor in Hollywood, but as she is only ten, she [[InnocentInaccurate still does not realize the "pornographic" part of her mother's career.]]
* In Creator/StevenPerry's ''Literature/MatadorSeries'', there are several:
** Dirisha, one of the Matadors, is the daughter of a whore from [[WretchedHive planet]] 313-C, commonly known as [=OhShit=] (the first thing most people say when they see it). She ran away rather than follow in the family trade. She's rather matter-of-fact about her background, but it does inform her personality (specifically her cynicism about love) and determination that she will never be another person's belonging.
** Markus Jefferson Wall is the son of an Albino Exotic, a mutant strain of humans who were genetically designed to be the ultimate sex object (including the ability to consciously control their pheromones to enhance or diminish sexual attraction in the people around them). Most Exotics become sex workers of some nature; the only real difference is how high up the ladder from street whore to HighClassCallGirl they end up. Markus's mother was on one of the lowest rungs. Markus was expected to also take up the trade, but murdered the pimp and ran away instead. He has completely disguised his Exotic background, (although he still occasionally uses the pheromones and charisma he gets from it,) and is deeply upset when Khadaji lets him know that he knows about it.
** Juete and Veate, respectively Khadaji's true love, and her daughter by him, who pairs off with Saval Bork. Both of them are Albino Exotics, fully aware of what that means, and are quite matter-of-fact about it. Juete was an exotic dancer and sometimes HighClassCallGirl. Her position (and Khadaji's financial support) made it possible for Veate to stay out of the sex trade completely.
* In Lilian Lee's novel ''Farewell My Concubine'', main character Douzi/Cheng Dieyi is the son of a prostitute who, after seeing a performance by a group of boys from an opera training school, puts her son in the school in the hope that he might have a better future there. The other students initially treat him as an outcast because of his mother's profession.
* In ''Literature/TheLarkAndTheWren'', while her mother wasn't a whore, Rune ''was'' born out of wedlock. Despite Stara claiming to be a [[FalseWidow widow]], the village figured out the truth, and because Stara acts like a loose woman, several teenage boys have told Rune that she is the daughter of a whore/slut and will end up one herself.
* Swedish writer Vibeke Olsson gives us a subverted example with Onesimus, a poor slave boy in the ancient Roman empire. his mother was a prostitute for some twenty years, but she was sold away from the brothel before Onesimus was conceived. And thus, she technically wasn't a whore anymore.
* ''Creator/SimonaAhrnstedt'' does this with Markus Järv, who's the male protagonist in her novel "Betvingade". His mother was thrown out of her home when she became pregnant without being married, and that gave her no choice but to become a prostitute.
* The official story behind the eponymous villain's ancestry in ''Literature/{{Brokenclaw}}'', is that his father was a Chinese trader who was captured by Native Americans and later made part of them, with him as a result. The rumours indicate that he was an illegimate child of a Chinese tailor and a prostitute. Literature/JamesBond uses the knowledge of latter to insult him as he is about to be fed to the guy's pet wolves.
* In ''Literature/JonathanStrangeAndMrNorrell'', a character tries to insult Childermass by calling him "whoreson." Childermass simply shrugs it off, commenting "Better a whoreson than a thief."
* Dimitri from ''Literature/VampireAcademy'' is a minor example, since the dhampir women who end up single mothers (blood-whores, as they're called) genuinely thought that the Moroi guys they slept with loved them.
* From ''Literature/AlmostNight'', Stella's mother is a prostitute. The whole reason the plot happens is because she has to move away so that her mother can open a legal brothel.
* ''Literature/FiftyShadesOfGrey'': Christan Grey's biological mother was a drug addicted prostitute who committed suicide when he was four because her pimp was abusive.
* In the ''Literature/MalazanBookOfTheFallen'', Koryk grew up in a whore house, although it's not specified if his mother worked there, merely implied. What he took away from it was that innocence is sacred, as the whores used to try to protect the children growing up among them, and a deep dislike for priests and religion, as the local priests used to make a show of stoning any sex worker they came upon on holy days.

[[folder: Live-Action Television ]]
%%* ''Series/{{Sharpe}}'': Richard Sharpe. Sgt. Harper's son might or might not count. %% Zero Context. Please provide context before uncommenting
* Dick Whitman in ''Series/MadMen''. [[spoiler:Also known as... Don Draper.]] His birth mom, a prostitute hired by his father, actually died in childbirth. His alcoholic dad followed a few years later, leaving him in the care of his stern stepmother. She remarried a brothel manager, where he spent a good chunk of his childhood and even lost his virginity to one of the girls.
* Jin of ''Series/{{Lost}}''. It's unclear if he knows. But when Sun spoke to her, she made it very clear that if Jin were to ever find out his mother was alive, she wouldn't be for long.
* Patsy's mother from ''Series/AbsolutelyFabulous'' was a self-absorbed bohemian who was prone to mood swings and treated Patsy like a a hindrance to be dismissed or swept away, never caring enough to find out who her biological father was. Very little is made of her sex life, but the fact that she's ''abusive enough to make Patsy look sympathetic'' is no small feat.
* In one episode of ''Series/{{NCIS}}'', a serial killer's FreudianExcuse was that his mother was a prostitute. [[spoiler: She was his first victim. When he was a teenager.]]
* Connor from ''Series/{{Angel}},'' technically. Darla was a prostitute dying of syphilis (and not the [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer funny kind]]) in Colonial Virginia when The Master (not [[Series/DoctorWho that one]]) turned her. Of course, by the time he was born Darla had been a mass murdering psychotic Vampire for a couple centuries, so her previous occupation probably rated low on his list of concerns.
* According to the ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' book ''Go Ask Malice,'' [[DarkActionGirl Faith's]] mom did some hooker work. Faith's father was not a customer. He was a convicted murderer who rotted in prison since Faith's childhood. [[ParentalSubstitute No wonder she preferred]] [[FamilyValuesVillain the Mayor]].
* On ''Series/DarkAngel'', Max compares the surrogate mothers paid by Manticore to carry her and the other X5s to term to "working girls."
* Buck Wilmington of ''Series/TheMagnificentSeven'' is entirely angst-free about it; it just makes him even fonder of prostitutes [[ChivalrousPervert than he would be otherwise]]. (And god help you if you mistreat one in his presence.)
* Charlie from ''Series/ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia.'' He seems to be pretty oblivious to this until Mac explains to him what all of those "Santas" were at his house for on Christmas. [[UnstoppableRage He doesn't react pretty well]] when he sees Santa at the mall. [[spoiler:There's a good chance that Frank, one of her customers, is his father]].
* Karen, the adopted daughter of UsefulNotes/VietnamWar vet Boonie on ''Series/ChinaBeach'', is actually the daughter of KC Koloski, the [[HookerWithAHeartOfGold base tramp]] back in Vietnam, and Lt. Col. Mac Miller, one of KC's main customers.
* Pops up from time to time in ''Series/CriminalMinds'', given the association of this trope with [[SerialKiller serial killers]]. Two prominent examples are Frank and [[FreudianExcuse The Prince of Darkness]].
* Jimmy Darmody in ''Series/BoardwalkEmpire''. Gets really squicky when you factor in that Gillian was ''fourteen'' when she had him, Nucky was the one who pimped her out, and that his father is [[spoiler:the Commodore (who had to have been in his ''sixties'' even then]]. And no, [[BerserkButton you should not say a single ill word about his mother]].
* Implied to be Vicky Pollard's situation in ''Series/LittleBritain''. When Vicky discovers that she is pregnant, the doctor asks her to be chaperoned to her first scan, to which Vicky says that she isn't going to take Shelly with her because "she's a [[ReallyGetsAround slag]]". The doctor recommends her mother but it turns out that Shelly ''is'' Vicky's mother.
* La Croix's daughter Divia in ''Series/ForeverKnight''. It's not stated explicitly, but can be inferred based on dialogue with a little knowledge of Roman customs of the time (first century AD).
* An episode of ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' called "Heart Of Gold" is about the crew protecting a brothel from a man wanting to kidnap his unborn child. As the battle is going on the "whore" gives birth. Once the man is captured she goes out to show him his son, looks him in the face, and puts the man down with one shot.
* In ''Series/{{Being Human|UK}}'', Hal claims he was both in a brothel and never knew which of the six prostitutes was his mother. As each of them died due to illness, violence or old age; he mourned each of them as if they were his mother.
* One killer on ''Series/{{CSI}}'' was the son of a hooker. When she brought in a John, he was forced to hide under the bed while she worked. Watching her perfectly painted toenails hang over the edge of the bed was what gave birth to his trademark foot fetish later in life.
* Possibly Trigger on ''Series/OnlyFoolsAndHorses'', whose birth certificate states his father as "some soldiers."
* A variation in ''{{The Feast of All Saints}}''. Cecile, mother of main character Marcel and his younger sister Marie, isn't actually a prostitute. However, Marie does view the practice of ''placage'' (formalized relationships between white men and women of color) with disdain since she thinks of it as being owned by the man, like a slave. When Cecile tries to force Marie into ''placage'' to help the family financially, Marie realizes that her mother is completely willing to sell her (literally AND figuratively) and says she has the "soul of a whore."
* Toral, the illegitimate son of Duras who first appeared in the ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' two-part episode "Redemption", was spoken of disparagingly by Gowron as likely being found in "a harlot's bedchamber".
* In the ''Series/EmeraldCity'' episode [[Recap/EmeraldCityS1E3MistressNewMistress "Mistress - New - Mistress"]], Anna is dismayed to learn her mother was one of the prostitutes in West's brothel. It seems the Wizard was a favorite client, though West claims he isn't her father.
* ''Series/{{Taboo}}'': Daughter of a whore, but it turns out that Winter is actually Helga's daughter. She's also a mulatto, which makes her a double pariah in conservative Regency England. She gets along fine with James though, ''because'' of his connection to the paranormal.
* Played with on ''Series/MurdochMysteries''. Constable Crabtree was a foundling raised by a preacher and several "aunts" - all of them prostitutes who the preacher housed in order to keep them safe.

* In Music/RandyTravis's ''Three Wooden Crosses'', it turns out that [[spoiler:the preacher telling the story to his congregation is the son of the hooker who survived the crash, who read the Bible that the preacher who died gave her to him]].
* OC Smith's ''Son of Hickory Hollow's Tramp''.
* Music/{{Metallica}} music video for [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOibtqWo6z4 Turn the page]] features a much-abused stripper and her daughter as the main characters. [[spoiler: The video's TwistEnding is that she's ''also'' a whore.]]
* In the Dear Hunter's Acts I, II and III, the eponymous Dear Hunter was the son of one Ms. Terri, a whore, and one of her patrons.
* Music/FrankZappa's ''Idiot Bastard Son'', whose mother's a hooker somewhere in LA.
* The titular character of the Music/{{Queen}} song "Great King Rat" is this according to the lyrics.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* [[Wrestling/DeanAmbrose Jon Moxley]] is this, and its an important part of his backstory/psyche. His rival Wrestling/JimmyJacobs has scathingly said, "You've said your mother is a whore... I can only assume you were named for what your father was."

[[folder:Religion and Mythology]]
* Jephthah, one of the Biblical judges. His original band of soldiers were also various kinds of social outcasts, but prove remarkably effective against the invading Philistines because of {{God}}'s favor.
* The prophet Hosea married a prostitute, who notably did ''not'' give up her profession, making the parentage of her children dodgy at best. (For the record, God [[ArrangedMarriage ordained the marriage]] to make a point about His relationship to Israel even as they "whored" themselves out to other gods.)
* According to the New Testament, Boaz, the son of Salmon, was the son of a woman named Rahab, presumably the reformed prostitute from the Book of Joshua. (Jewish tradition, however, says that Rahab married Joshua.)
* Possibly Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. The most well-known story is that they were [[RaisedByWolves raised by a she-wolf]] as infants, but many think that their foster mother may have been a human prostitute, since the word used to describe their adoptive mother in the earliest versions could have meant either "she-wolf" or "prostitute" in context.
* Myth/HinduMythology: The ''Chandogya Upanishad'' relates that the sage Satyakama Jabala was the son of the whore Jabala, who did not know who Satyakama's father was. As a child inherits the caste of the father, this meant that Satyakama did not know his own caste. When Satyakama wished to study the sacred knowledge, although only Brahmins are allowed to study the Veda, Jabala advises him to call himself Satyakama Jabala (Satyakama son of Jabala), which conceals that Jabala is a woman. When Satyakama goes to the teacher Haridrumata, Haridrumata asks from what family he came. Satyakama replies that his mother had been a prostitute and does not know who his father is, and that therefore she has advised him to call himself Satyakama Jabala. To which Haridrumata replies that only a Brahmin could have told the truth so openly, and therefore agrees to teach Satyakama.

* The Engineer in ''Theatre/MissSaigon''. Turns out he began his career as a pimp as a child, helping his mother find customers.
** Tam, Kim and Chris's son, come to that.
* Aldonza in ''Theatre/ManOfLaMancha''.
-->And, of course, there's my father. I'm told that young ladies
-->Can point to their fathers with maidenly pride.
-->Mine was a regiment, here for one hour;
-->I can't even tell you which side!
* The trope name is actually used in the opening lines of ''Theatre/{{Hamilton}}'' [[note]]Note, however, that as far as we know Rachel Faucette - Hamilton's mother - only committed adultery with James Hamilton, Sr. That didn't stop her husband from suing her on the charge of "whoring with everyone".[[/note]]:
--> How does a bastard, orphan
--> son of a whore and a Scotsman
--> dropped into the middle of a
--> forgotten spot in the Caribbean
--> by Providence, impoverished, in squalor
--> grow up to be a hero and a scholar?


[[folder: Video Games ]]
* The late Johnny Winter from ''VideoGame/HeavyRain'' applies. Before his death it's implied he constantly stood up for his mom when her profession was brought up. [[spoiler:In one of the epilogues, his mother avenges him]]
* [[VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins Zevran's]] past has him raised in the brothel until sold to the Crows.
* ''VideoGame/RedDeadRedemption'': John Marston and his son Jack are both this, but it doesn't have any Negative effects on either. Heck, Jack's mother is actually a pretty nice person.
** Though the accuracy of it regarding Jack is debatable, since by then, his mom and dad had settled down and she had given up the trade.
** It's still used as a taunt by the Bureau toward Marston though.
--> '''John Marston''': Son of a whore.
--> '''Edgar Ross''': As I recall, it is ''you'' who is the son of a whore, Marston.
* According to [[AllThereInTheManual supplementary materials]], Nero of ''VideoGame/DevilMayCry4'' is the son of a prostitute and Dante's twin brother Vergil.
* Drirr from ''VideoGame/{{Albion}}''. He doesn't like to talk about his past for this reason until he gets to know the protagonist better, but that's about all it ever amounts to.
* Implied in ''VideoGame/SilentHillShatteredMemories'', as the dressing room in the brothel has children's crayon drawings hanging on the walls. Upon examining them, Harry muses, "Everyone loves their kids."
* Vernon Roche, King Foltest's spymaster/special forces commander, is one of these in ''VideoGame/TheWitcher2AssassinsOfKings''. [[BerserkButton Call him "whoreson" at your own risk]].
** Of course, that doesn't stop him from [[HypocriticalHumor calling others "whoreson"]] at every opportunity.
* In ''{{VideoGame/Dishonored}}'', Slackjaw, leader of the Bottler's gang, was raised by prostitutes and born illegitimate, implying this trope. [[spoiler:Your sentient PDA notifies you that he's royalty and doesn't know it]].
* {{Implied}} in ''Videogame/{{Psychonauts}},'' with the campers' [[CharacterBlog fake social media accounts]]. Elton, a wimpy boy who wears a sailor's hat, says that his father died at sea, but his mother often receives visits from other sailors who are paying their respects...at the "special hotel for all ladies" where they live. Elton is usually instructed to practice his accordion in the closet during such visits.
* ''Two'' of [[PlayerCharacter Saori's]] potential love interests in ''VisualNovel/ShallWeDateNinjaShadow'' were mothered by prostitutes, were bullied and harassed due to their "muddled" origins, and have developed lots of emotional/mental issues as a result. One of them is Saori's fellow Vigilante [[spoiler: Yuzuki Hirano]] (who for worse [[spoiler: has come to [[HeManWomanHater distrust all women]] since he can't forgive his mother for leaving him]]) and the other is [[spoiler: Tsubaki Kusunoki]] (who [[spoiler: is the son of a rich Dutch man, meaning he ''also'' was subjected to HalfBreedDiscrimination]]).

* Bernadette in ''Webcomic/{{Flipside}}'', which is ironic because her girlfriend can best be described as a nymphomaniac.
* Junuka from ''Webcomic/FarToTheNorth''. It's one of the reasons he comes across as something of a HeroicBastard even though he's part of a gang of slavers.
* Geilein in ''Webcomic/{{Garanos}}'', who herself is a prostitute. She's not ashamed of it, and seems to genuinely enjoy her profession.
* Two examples from ''Webcomic/QuestionableContent'':
** Faye has a short FreakOut when she realizes one of her Civil-War-era ancestors was a whore, rather than Faye's preferred interpretation, that she was [[PirateGirl a pirate]]. (The point of commonality? A [[IncrediblyLamePun "boarded by se(a)men"]] joke.) Dora tries to calm her down by pointing out that "it ''is'' TheOldestProfession -- statistically, we probably ''all'' are".
** Marten's mother is a successful fetish model. He says it's not weird to him, but it's still ''very'' awkward whenever she comes to visit.
* {{Webcomic/Terinu}} was of the "raised in a whorehouse" variety, albeit a PG-13 "Gentleman's Cabaret". The pirate the club owed to tithe dropped him off there as an infant, and he was raised there until he was eight by the cabaret's bookkeeper, [[MamaBear who regarded him]] as her own son.
* Oscar in ''{{Webcomic/Sister Claire}}'' was raised by Sabine, whom she called Maman, a {{transgender}} HookerWithAHeartOfGold who shelters the downtrodden in her home. Additionally, it's implied Oscar's biological mother may have been one too and her father is none other than [[spoiler:the King of Thronum Mare, with all that's known about her mother at this point being that she was ''not'' the King's legal wife.]]

[[folder: Web Original ]]
* David Wong in ''Literature/JohnDiesAtTheEnd''.
* Joff in ''Literature/{{Addergoole}}''.
* In ''Roleplay/OverlordAscendant'' the main Alex is the daughter of a prostitute and a non-human client. She has absolutely no problems with this, nor with the expectation that she was to enter the "family business". Her father was eventually revealed to be the Dragon who guards the treasury of a nearby city, who is apologetic for not being there for her growing up.
* ''Creator/TeamFourStar gives us Giuseppes' son in ''WebVideo/FinalFantasyVIIMachinabridged.

[[folder: Western Animation ]]
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'': Cartman's mom is a dirty slut. Not normally in the sense that she charges for sex, she just really gets around. [[spoiler: Cartman's real father was one of the Denver Broncos, something the town covered up]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'':
** Homer Simpson's half-brother, Herb Powell, had a mom who worked at a carnival and did things Grampa Simpson's wife never did (i.e., have sex for money). When Grampa found out that he had a son with the carnie lady, Herb was given up for adoption and Grampa moved on, marrying Homer's mom (who knew about Grampa's affair with the carnie lady) and promised Grampa never to tell Homer about it. [[CaptainObvious It didn't work]].
** Frank Grimes, Jr., who tried to kill Homer to avenge his father's death. When Homer expresses surprise at the fact that [[EmbarrassingNickname Grimey]] had a child, he replies "My father happened to like hookers, okay?"
** Jimbo may also fall under this category.
** Nelson as well, though in his case, his parents were actually married, but his father left to buy cigarettes several years ago but never came back.
* [[spoiler:Joe, the bully]] from ''WesternAnimation/MoralOrel''. He's glad to meet his mother, [[spoiler: Nurse Bendy]] though, as his father was too old to be a good parent and he didn't get along with his PromotionToParent older sister. The episode where they reunite ends with them bonding ([[ItMakesSenseInContext by sticking their tongues out at each other]]) and a cameo in the final episode shows them skating together.
* Skwisgaar Skwigelf from ''WesternAnimation/{{Metalocalypse}}''. Sadly, his mother seems to be lacking the heart of gold.
* ''WesternAnimation/ThePJs'': Walter Burkett was raised in a whorehouse. One episode has Thurgood telling a scary story about Red Moley, "the bastard son of a thousand maniacs", and Walter takes offense.
--> '''Walter''': Thurgood! I told you about my childhood in confidence!
* ''WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButthead'' claim each of their mothers are sluts.
** In one episode, Beavis specifies that his mother isn't a whore, she's a slut because she doesnt charge for it.