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[[caption-width-right:350:Another victim of [[Film/AChristmasStory Soap Poisoning]]?]]

->'''Ralphie as Adult:''' ''(narrating)'' Over the years, I got to be quite a connoisseur of soap. My personal preference was for Lux, but I found Palmolive had a nice, piquant after-dinner flavor - heady, but with just a touch of mellow smoothness. ''(long pause)'' Lifebuoy, on the other hand...
->'''Ralphie:''' YECCHH!
-->-- ''Film/AChristmasStory''

A common punishment, mostly for children after they have said a dirty word or been caught telling lies, is to get their mouth washed out with soap. This often indicates a very conservative family, or a child who has been neglected and not taught "proper" language.

Starting to become ValuesDissonance to some folks in RealLife as of lately (although it used to be TruthInTelevision), but mostly always PlayedForLaughs in movies, television, etc.



* A recent [[http://www.spike.com/video-clips/f840d9/general-motors-gm-soap-in-your-mouth Super Bowl commercial]] showed a montage of kids with a bar of soap in their mouths for no apparent reason. Then we learn that the ad was for a new car with an automatic retracting roof. A kid says "holy [[CurseCutShort sh--!]]" when he sees it in action, hence the soap in the mouth.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Done in ''ComicBook/LuckyLuke'' by Ma Dalton to one of her foul-mouthed sons.
* In ''ComicBook/TheSmurfs'', Papa Smurf has a foul-mouthed Smurf brush his mouth with soap, but the resulting bubbles contain the same SymbolSwearing he was using before.
* ''{{ComicBook/Nextwave}}'': The Captain relates an incident back when he went by "Captain ☠☠☠☠" and introduced himself to Captain America. He later woke up in a dumpster with a bar of soap in his mouth.

[[folder:Comic Strips]]
* ''ComicStrip/JumpStart'' for [[http://www.gocomics.com/jumpstart/2011/12/16#mutable_727115 12-16-11]]. Marcy Cobb tells her husband Joe that she had to wash out their son Joseph's mouth for lying. Joe reminds her that washing out someone's mouth with soap is for cursing, not lying.
* Aunt Dolly does this to Wal after she hears him swearing at the livestock in an early ''ComicStrip/FootrotFlats'' strip.
* In one ''ComicStrip/DennisTheMenaceUS'' strip, Dennis comes outside, with bubbles coming out of his mouth, and he tells his friend that he was "right about that word."

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''WebVideo/SleepoverAtFluttershys'': Applejack subjects Apple Bloom to this when the latter uses one too many curse words. Then Applejack slips up herself, giving Apple Bloom an opportunity for revenge.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* In ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit'', the lead weasel is threatening Eddie to tell him where Roger is and to "cut the bullschtick". Eddie tells him to watch his mouth or he'll "wash your mouth out" and shoves a bar of soap into his mouth.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* ''Film/AChristmasStory'':
** Happens to Ralphie after he pulls a PrecisionFStrike. After sending him to bed, his mother sticks the soap in her own mouth, just to see what it tastes like. It also is mentioned in ''In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash'', the book on which the film is loosely based.
** When Creator/RogerEbert reviewed the movie he commented and confirmed most of Ralph's soap flavors. He also commented that the "nuclear option" when he was growing up was Lava (a pumice soap, used mostly by mechanics and such), "Lava was for words we didn't know yet."

* Joke: if a mute swears, [[SignLanguage does his mother wash his hands with soap]]?

* Literature/SisterhoodSeries by Creator/FernMichaels: ''Collateral Damage'' has {{FBI}} director Elias Cummings threaten this sort of punishment to Daniel Winters for throwing four-letter words around.
* In ''Lucky You'' by Creator/CarlHiaasen, there's a white supremacist whose nice liberal parents once washed his mouth out for saying the N-word. Now he can be as racist as he pleases, but he can't bring himself to utter the N-word, much to the amusement of the other white supremacists.
* ''Literature/TheCatcherInTheRye'': Holden Caulfield tries asking Ward Stradlater if Stradlater gave Jane Gallagher the time. That, by the way, is ''old'' slang for having sex with someone. Stradlater responds "What a thing to say. Want me to wash your mouth out with soap?"
* In the ''Literature/HarryPotter'' series, casting the cleaning spell ''Scourgify'' on a human will result in their mouth being washed out with soap. James Potter used it this way on Snape in the "Snape's Worst Memory" flashback from ''[[Literature/HarryPotterAndTheOrderOfThePhoenix Order of the Phoenix]]''.
* The autobiography of Aileen Porter, ''Literature/PapaWasAPreacher'', tells about how she got her mouth scrubbed out with soap for saying "I'll be John Brown" within her father's hearing.
* In ''The Luck Uglies'', a children's fantasy novel by Paul Durham, the main character uses "pigshanks" as a curse word, but it's noted that her mother would wash her mouth out with soap if she ever heard her say it. The book has a glossary in the back of terms used within it. Regarding "pigshanks," it has only this to say: "A bad word. Use it, and your mother is likely to scrub your tongue with soap and a horse brush."
* ''Literature/HarrietTheSpy'': Harriet's mother threatens to do this when Harriet keeps using the word "damned."
* In ''[[Literature/TheKaneChronicles The Throne of Fire]]'', Carter Kane says that his sister Sadie called Apophis some names that if their grandmother heard them would cause her to wash Sadie's mouth out with soap for a year.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Used in ''Series/{{Dinosaurs}}'' when Baby learns rude words off the television. When Fran washes his mouth out, every time a bubble from his mouth pops it echoes the word.
* In the ''Series/UnitedStatesOfTara'', Alice, one of Tara's alters who is a 1950s housewife, invokes this trope after Kate gives her EthicalSlut rant. Alice follows through on the threat, driving Kate to get a job so she can move out (which becomes a major subplot for the next two seasons).
* During an episode of ''Series/{{Valerie}}'', one of the boys curses constantly until Valerie does this.
* Lois from ''Series/MalcolmInTheMiddle'' goes the extra mile by putting dish soap on a toothbrush and reaming out her sons' mouths with it.
* Happened several times on ''Series/YouCantDoThatOnTelevision''. One sketch had a kid get his mouth washed out with French soap for swearing in French. Another had a kid get his mouth washed out by his smoking parents for saying "Quit."
* ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'': Sean Spicer as played by Creator/MelissaMcCarthy attacked a reporter with [[WaterGunsAndBalloons a Super Soaker]] full of soap water to wash out his "filthy lying mouth".

* Referenced in the second verse of the Music/DosGringos track ''Jeremiah Weed'' after the narrator at a tender age told his parents of his life ambition to "fly the fucking F-16".
* In "The Life & Death Of Mr. Badmouth" from ''Music/UhHuhHer'', Music/PJHarvey tells her lover to "rinse his mouth out with soap".
* Cry Baby does this to herself in Music/MelanieMartinez's "Soap". She's gotten her heart broken by man and she washes her mouth with soap whenever she tells him she loves him.
-->''God I wish I never spoke. Guess I better wash my mouth out with soap.''

[[folder:Pro Wrestling]]
* Wrestling/{{Ivory}} actually tried to do this to Wrestling/{{T|erriPoch}}ori during their [[GarbageWrestler hardcore]] [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/wwf-wm.html WWE Women's Title]] match on the September 6, 1999, ''Raw'' as they started the match in the bathroom and proceeded to fight through the shower.[[note]][[FridgeBrilliance Her name is "Ivory," after all.]][[/note]].
* Wrestling/PaulHeyman came off on the receiving end of this when Wrestling/{{Rhyno}} lost a "Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap" match to Wrestling/JohnCena, all the while in a Sharpshooter courtesy of Wrestling/ChrisBenoit.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The response to the player swearing in ''VideoGame/TheVeryBigCaveAdventure'':
--> You are in the Swear Box.
--> It is a bare room with neither windows nor doors.
--> In one corner is a washstand and a cake of soap.
--> You know what to do.
* Part of Code Talker's backstory in ''[[VideoGame/MetalGearSolidVThePhantomPain Metal Gear Solid V]]''; at the [[BoardingSchoolOfHorrors Indian boarding school]] he was sent to as a child, this was the punishment for the students speaking their native tongue.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* In ''Webcomic/KnightsOfBuenaVista'', Dick gives his PlayerCharacter a flaw of thinking his pet can talk. His character thinks his pet said something horrible about a princess, and said he was going to do this to his pet.
* Played straight when a Bear orders it in ''Webcomic/CityOfDream''. Which leads to TalkingWithSigns.
* ''Webcomic/{{Narbonic}}'': Helen's mother punished her daughter for saying the "g-word" (No, she wasn't swearing in Russian or Polish -- as a CardCarryingVillain, Helen Senior finds the word "good" obscene and dirty).
* In one ''Webcomic/BobAndGeorge'' subcomic ''Jailhouse Blues'', Mega Man is fighting the foul-mouthed Yo Mamma Man and recalls how his mother always threatened to do this if he swore. Mega Man uses this as inspiration to use his Hypno Soap weapon to defeat Yo Mamma Man, but not before wondering how he knew that since he never had a mother.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Used in the WebVideo/{{Smosh}} episode "If Cartoons Were Real". The ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' parody has Stan's mouth being washed with soap.
* What Sam gets when he say "Fuck you!" to his bosses in ''WebVideo/LooneyTunesIntroBloopers''.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Pictured above, Goofy's son ([[WesternAnimation/GoofTroop no, the other one]]) in the WesternAnimation/{{Classic Disney Short|s}} ''Fathers are People''.
* Another WesternAnimation/{{Classic Disney Short|s}} ''The Practical Pig'': A lie detector uses this on the Big Bad Wolf.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}}'': In "Roll Over, Beethoven", Yakko, Wakko and Dot do this to Beethoven after he describes himself as a 'pianist'.
* Elmyra does this to Brain every time she thinks he is swearing (when he is actually just indulging in SesquipedalianLoquaciousness) in ''WesternAnimation/PinkyElmyraAndTheBrain''.
* ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'': In "That's What She Said", Hank washes out the foul mouth of a new employee with soap. It should be noted that he's still making filthy jokes right up until Hank starts scrubbin'. To be fair though, he absolutely deserved it. He spent the whole episode harassing the employees by telling dirty jokes and grabbing their bottoms to the point where they were too afraid to stand up. Even Strickland admits he didn't find his ways to be funny.
* In an episode of ''WesternAnimation/TomAndJerry'', Jerry does this to Tom after he lies about being sick to his owner (when in reality he just didn't want to go outside on a rainy day). Not that anyone can blame Tom, mind you. The owner had also threatened Tom with that punishment.
* ''WesternAnimation/MagillaGorilla'' was occasionally a victim of this punishment for "lying". ({{Cassandra Truth}}s, actually).
* ''WesternAnimation/CowAndChicken'': The HalloweenEpisode featured the Red Guy (impersonating WesternAnimation/SpaceGhost and hosting his Coast-to-Coast show) trying to use this on Chicken, albeit he initially thought it was "soup" punishment until Chicken corrected him.
** In an episode where [[ItMakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext Chicken was confused with a duck]], while on trial, the lawyer trying to prove Chicken is...a chicken, shows some slideshows from Chicken's childhood, including one that stole the Goofy joke with "Chicken's first word".
* ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'' episode "Curses" had the Mayor of Townsville summon Ms. Bellum to do this to the girls when they said the swear word they learned from Professor Utonium in front of him. In addition, the girls later use this punishment on the giant potty-mouthed monster after learning that it is unacceptable for children to swear. But Buttercup still uses the word at the end, so when the girls do their normal poses during SoOnceAgainTheDayIsSaved, she's the only one not posing, instead looking grumpy and having her mouth washed with soap.
* In the MissingEpisode of ''WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory'', "Rude Removal", Dexter accidentally creates evil versions of himself and Dee Dee who spout [[ClusterFBomb swear-filled rants]] in front of their mom. When the regular versions trap them and feel like all's well, they spot Mom with a large bar of soap waiting to wash their mouths out.
-->'''Dexter:''' [[OhCrap Oh]] [[PrecisionFStrike shit.]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow'' episode "I Was a Teenage Stimpy", Ren shoves the whole bar in Stimpy's mouth when he mouths off at him.
* In an episode of ''WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}}'', when Angelica uses a swear word, her mother asked Didi if she should use this as a solution. She then asked her if she should use toothpaste as a substitute if soap was too toxic.
* In Disney's ''WesternAnimation/TheWuzzles'', Crock threatens to do this to Flizard in the first episode "Bulls of a Feather" after Flizard talks about getting work.
* ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'': Mother Mae-Eye does to Starfire after Starfire breaks her conditioning and attempts to tell the other Titans what Mother is really doing in "Mother Mae-Eye".
* The ''WesternAnimation/WildWestCowboysOfMooMesa'' episode "Another Fine Mesa" had Lilli Bovine mention that she'd like to wash out Sheriff Terrorbull's mouth with soap.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSylvesterAndTweetyMysteries'' episode "Moscow Side Story" had Tweety inform Sylvester that Granny would wash his mouth out with soap after hearing the cat say "bolshoi".
* In the ''WesternAnimation/{{Bonkers}}'' episode "Imagine That", Bonkers D. Bobcat washes Lucky Piquel's mouth with soap after he reads aloud toon graffiti of [[InformedObscenity a tree, a mailbox, and a book]].

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Wiki/TheOtherWiki has [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washing_out_mouth_with_soap an article]] about the topic. The practice has been around since at least the 1800s and a number of actual cases are noted in the article, with a note that it may not be advisable, due to potential health consequences.
* Creator/RoaldDahl recorded witnessing an instance of this at his boarding school in his autobiographical book ''Boy''. However, the punishment wasn't for swearing, but for snoring. The nurse got fed up with a snoring kid, and started piling soap shavings in his open mouth, until he awoke in a panic choking on the soap bubbles. Yeah, [[BoardingSchoolOfHorrors Roald Dahl did not have a pleasant school experience]].
* A common joke for parents that still use the practice (after having gone through Ralphie's version as kids) is that their offspring should be happy they use ''liquid'' soap instead of a bar, since the latter could leave soap shavings between the teeth while the former is (relatively) easy to rinse out.
* Some parents use hot sauce or some other spicy condiment to tame their offspring's potty mouths instead.